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    1. He had long since decided to abandon all methods that purported to achieve anything, anywhere, at any time at all and he seemed to be getting along just fine

    2. From verse 4, of the purported Epistle of Paul the

    3. My question is: was he there during his inception? Shouldn"t we at least consider the words of his purported grandmother?

    4. intercepted by a vessel purported to be the CSS Shenandoah on March 30

    5. Wealth, in whatever manner acquired or however abundant, is never entirely our own; that is to say, an individual‘s (purported) wealth is oftentimes contingent upon a government‘s need for Revenue

    6. The Iliad (the destruction of Troy) is purported to have been written some time in the middle of the eleventh century BC

    7. The third is called simply “Elohist” and is purported to be the most ancient of the three sources which represented the traditions that the Hebrews carried with them on their sojourn into Egypt and largely forgotten during their long stay

    8. Many behaviors that are purported to lead to distressing consequences have a time lapse long enough to cause doubt as to the origin of the end results

    9. Why would he have felt the need to include this advisory within his writings? He was born a scant thirty years after the Council of Nicaea had canonized the works chosen from the many that purported to truthfully convey the Christian message

    10. It was purported to be an instrument of learning, aimed at

    1. How many times have I heard that this is a message to the Jewish religion? How many times have I heard that Jesus cursing the religion of men? Jesus was cursing all religion! Anything that would purport to bring you close to God by hiding the fruit instead of letting it be open before all is a false religion

    2. Anything that would purport to give you peace with God through tradition or doing is a false religion

    3. The purport of all this enthusiasm was echoed in their cry: ''Prempeh! Prempeh! Your fetish has proved too strong for the white man! No power on earth can prevail against thee!”

    4. 30 Such was the purport of the king's letter

    5. Purport (to convey to the mind)

    6. The purport of their charge was that the Jews kept them away from the ordinances of the law

    7. 30 Such was the purport of the king's letter

    8. Others purport to stimulate the liver, causing it to metabolize fat at a higher rate

    9. 4 To James Zebedee, this Sunday was a day of perplexity and profound confusion; he could not grasp the purport of what was going on; he could not comprehend the Master's purpose in permitting this wild acclaim and then in refusing to say a word to the people when they arrived at the temple

    10. themselves the principal enemies of the interests they purport to serve

    1. highly-polished translucent stones purporting to ensure that the bearer

    2. When they, as envoys, arrived in England, they immediately began to work in their own interests, selling concessions to which they had no right, and forging documents purporting to come from King Prempeh himself

    3. Now he was sure that this new guy was not who he was purporting to be

    4. Indeed, if Thorne were behind this seemingly ridiculous scheme that Dahms was purporting, then they would definitely not want Thorne to know what had happened this evening aboard the destroyers

    5. How could someone purporting to represent the Balance suggest such a thing? Manfred made a mental note to consider Dammar’s deeper motivations later

    6. He attempts to do this by purporting to having identified a Bible code that reveals future historical events, by finding words such as ‘Hitler’ and the ‘September 11th World Trade Tower Attack’ in the letters of a particular sequence of words in the Bible

    7. Doctor Raymond Moody author of “Life after Life” (1975, 1988), said after interviewing thousands of people from unrelated cultures and countries purporting to have experienced near death experiences their stories of their “near death experiences” (NDE) were very similar which included experiences of viewing bright shafts of light, and unconditional love and compassion

    8. But those purporting to adjust an administration to the laws of equality

    9. But those purporting to adjust an administration to the laws of equality

    10. But those purporting to adjust an administration to the laws of equality

    1. Any system that purports to explain everything (Marxism?) will in reality explain nothing

    2. Then we have Marx, whose main claim to fame was to dictate the end of history by asserting that man is the product of his machines and not vice versa, conveniently forgetting that any system that purports to explain everything, in reality explains nothing

    3. purports to place restrictions on use of the U

    4. Consider some of the questions that arise if neuroscience totally rejects metaphysics as its cutting edge purports to do

    5. horse is a computer program that purports to do one thing but actually takes other unseen

    6. experiential marker whose meaning purports to lead to a goal, but when followed does not, we

    7. of the truths he so cleverly purports

    8. purports to comprehend some of the mismatches in risk and return throughout the years,

    9. news on the Internet, and even a paper that purports to report on the

    10. , killing), can that act then be any less an evil than that which it purports to end? No, it can not!

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    Synonyms for "purport"

    drift purport intent spirit aim propose purpose claim indicate intend profess signify express imply design gist implication import intention

    "purport" definitions

    the intended meaning of a communication

    the pervading meaning or tenor

    have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming

    propose or intend