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Reaction in a sentence

He waited for a reaction.
It was a fatal reaction.
I saw his reaction for.
I laughed at his reaction.
So far his reaction had.
His reaction was too late.
I had the same reaction.

My first reaction was to.
He waited for her reaction.
It was an unusual reaction.
This finally got a reaction.
I want to see his reaction.
First, a reaction low forms.
What would be his reaction?
Life is action and reaction.
He liked getting a reaction.
I turned to see her reaction.
It was a knee-jerk reaction.
He showed no reaction to that.
His first reaction every time.
It created a weird reaction.
And what was his reaction?
His sadism needed a reaction.
His reaction was hard to read.
Nancy grinned at his reaction.
It's starting a chain reaction.
He found her reaction curious.
Maybe the reaction is due to.
Her reaction to him was weird.
There was no reaction from Tom.
There is an opposite reaction.
My first reaction was disbelief.
It was an instinctive reaction.
It's always a strong reaction.
Wolfe and Santi had no reaction.
Tuskar frowned at her reaction.
He didn’t wait for a reaction.
Every action causes a reaction.
The reaction of the crowd and.

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