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Answer in a sentence

1. And he had no answer.
2. No one has an answer.
3. She had to answer it.
4. But I knew the answer.
5. And the answer is no.
6. But I know the answer.
7. But he did not answer.

8. She did not answer him.
9. So, here is my answer.
10. Then the answer is no.
11. The man did not answer.
12. She did not answer me.
13. He gave her an answer.
14. See if you can answer.
15. I didn't have an answer.
16. No answer in five days.
17. He still did not answer.
18. I begged for an answer.
19. Yet I cannot answer it.
20. Your love is the answer.
21. I wish I had the answer.
22. The chief did not answer.
23. The answer is very basic.
24. His smile was her answer.
25. She smiled for an answer.
26. Jake must be the answer.
27. There must be an answer.
28. She nodded for an answer.
29. Look for the answer in.
31. She will have to answer.
32. And there was the answer.
33. But my answer was ready.
34. What would your answer.
35. The answer had to be yes.
1. It was God answering my.
2. Why is he not answering?
3. She gave no answering smile.
4. He was a long time answering.
5. Well, he began answering me.
6. Her answering service came on.
7. Without answering, he was gone.
8. She stood still, not answering.
9. Now the sod was answering back.
10. Ned bowed without answering him.
11. Paul played on without answering.
12. Answering questions may or may.
13. He gazed at her without answering.
14. The answering service came on.
15. Valeriya but she wasn't answering.
16. He was a long time answering that.
17. She shook her head, not answering.
18. Sam here, he said, answering.
19. Anton took a beat before answering.
20. Far-away answering horns were heard.
21. The ads and the answering machine.
22. You’re not answering my question.
23. I was just answering the questions.
24. Repentance is the way to answering.
25. Laino just looked without answering.
26. It’s on the answering machine.
27. She stumbled away without answering.
28. Without answering, she sighed deeply.
29. Instead of answering, I concentrated.
30. Even his answering service is female.
31. Arnold hesitated before answering her.
32. Abby rose suddenly, without answering.
33. The messages on the answering machine.
34. Henry hesitated before answering her.
35. But her answering grin is infectious.
36. His answering smile was slow and sexy.
37. But that is not really answering the.
38. I left the house without answering him.
39. We are used to answering many at once.
40. No answering greeting came back to me.
1. It was Ma who answered.
2. Yes? he answered at once.
3. When I had answered the.
4. When it was answered he.
5. He answered yes to both.
6. If you had answered that.
7. Kirk answered it, McCoy.
8. He answered straight away.
9. God answered both prayers.
10. Aaron and Moses answered:.
11. Gogoi answered hesitantly.
12. No more voice answered her.
13. Jake answered immediately.
14. His prayers were answered.
15. Sarah answered him softly.
16. In a way, I answered.
17. Deeper shouts answered him.
18. I answered as best I could.
19. She answered his question.
20. Why what? he answered.
21. Brock nodded as he answered.
22. Kareem answered some, but.
23. Jesus answered and said.
24. A silent glare answered her.
25. A moment later she answered.
26. Here I am, he answered.
27. You haven’t answered me.
28. Hola, answered the man.
29. I didn’t, I answered.
30. He never answered my prayer.
31. A servant answered the door.
32. She still never answered.
33. Some, yes, answered Dr.
34. David, his wife answered.
35. It truthfully answered the.
36. She answered me with silence.
37. His wife answered the phone.
38. Not yet, Wren answered.
39. She answered on the second.
40. She answered by shrugging too.
1. Only God has the answers.
2. But Apollo has no answers.
3. The answers are the same.
4. The only answers to her.
5. I am sure he answers my.
6. God answers to all names.
7. He had no answers for us.
8. The agency answers to no.
9. With the answers you seek.
10. And still with no answers.
11. But again, no one answers.
12. Answers the answer to the.
13. One word answers are best.
14. Some of the answers were:.
15. What if his wife answers?
16. For their answers I cannot.
17. I don’t have the answers.
18. Of course you want answers.
19. God, I have all the answers.
20. Could do with a few answers.
21. The answers are within you.
22. But she gave him no answers.
23. I need to know some answers.
24. Lex answers, To the hotel.
25. Now they all wanted answers.
26. I have the answers, not men.
27. I hope you get your answers.
28. The answers died with Grant.
29. I AM the one with the answers.
30. I do not have the answers.
31. Maybe he has some answers.
32. But are the answers for us -.
33. No its not, I want answers.
34. There are a good many answers.
35. Q: Does it find the answers?
36. She hated his succinct answers.
37. I hope he has all the answers.
38. She answers without looking up.
39. He answers it in verses 11-24.
40. He answers on the second ring.

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