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Retort in a sentence

Banerjee you retort back.
Oh, sure, Sonia would retort.
This comment earned the retort.
She sealed that retort with a grin.
"Are you not?" was the fierce retort.
The others nodded at her snappy retort.
"How do you do that?" He said in retort.

Then, as always, came the sharp retort:.
’ Jean smiled at the retort and began.
They can justly retort, thou are the man.
There was a hint of jealousy in the retort.
she explained, brushing off the retort.
Batistuta had a retort, but bit his tongue.
He turned to retort, but she'd already gone.
Before she could retort he turned to Sarah.
Maybe, replied Fish with a hard retort.
Laughs were heard at her anger, at her retort.
Soon a fine powder precipitated into a retort.
steam and fill the retort with water to cool it.
She looked ready with a retort but Sarah cut in.
But this retort did not benefit Pyotr Petrovitch.
Will ye not retort against me? he said.
‘Well!’ Bob clapped his hands, a loud retort.
Before Jasper could retort, their father sat down.
She gave him a hooded eye, but no retort for that.
This time it was serious, and Ebira did not retort.
Gabriel did not answer for his retort had heated him.
Adu smiled thinly before calmly retorting:.
hypocrisy being offended at my calling you an idiot, then retorting with the worst.
It does not wear out because of the much retorting and its wonders do never come to an end.
Stung to the quick by Vivek’s audacity, while the man in Gautam felt like retorting, the businessman in him sought to humor him even more.
Duncan, who understood the Mohican to allude to the fatal rifle of the scout, bent forward in earnest observation of the effect it might produce on the conquerors; but the chief was content with simply retorting:.
His mom retorted.
"Humph!" he retorted.
The brave retorted.
He quickly retorted.
She retorted angrily.
retorted the small voice.
"Bullshit," he retorted.
"He was fat," I retorted.
"PC me arse!" he retorted.
Star retorted angrily.
Celina retorted with.
"I was!" Melissa retorted.
" "Oh Will," retorted Zach.
Elenir retorted fondly.
"Yeah, right," he retorted.
"True," retorted the priest.
Not him, she retorted.
"For fun," retorted the man.
Not true! she retorted.
Oh no, Sir! retorted 762.
Reeve retorted, glaring.
I know it, Penn retorted.
"You would," retorted George.
"You're Bonnie," he retorted.
Oh, yeah, Sally retorted.
"No female," Grindel retorted.
Is it true? he retorted.
Nangong Ping angrily retorted.
my ass! he finally retorted.
"I AM grateful," retorted Mary.
Ludwig retorted with a grin:.
Two Guineas, Coxtart retorts.
He retorts trying to hold back his grin.
Those are the retorts, Uncle Carl explained.
They’d be safer in the UAI? Devon retorts.
At best you would be a medusa, Thurlis retorts.
workers no longer worked the cannery’s lines and retorts.
‘Everyone will know now, won’t they?’ retorts Reeves.
So you should be familiar with the process, he retorts.
we let the steam out of the retorts, we could heat the dryers.
The Great Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho Retorts his Opposers.
· The Great Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho Retorts his Opposers.
40- The Great Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho Retorts his Opposers.
38) The Great Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho Retorts his Opposers.
Scathing retorts, insulting barbs, the subtle diss—she had a repertory.
The commanding Somali angrily retorts in Arabic, ‘Shut up you two and let me think.
Everyone knows who their parents are, Jacob retorts, but he’s not looking at Eugene.
There were more shots, the sharp, short barks of the bikers’ guns answered by deeper retorts from the SUVs.
A Fern so false; whose smile was not a smile, whose laugh was not a laugh and whose retorts to questions were meaningless.
Hey, it didn’t rank alongside Oscar Wilde in the Top Ten Retorts of All Time, but it sure pissed off Crow, and that was the main thing.
"I own books, yes, and chemical retorts and a skeleton that was once a man, and a permanent pass to the London Historical and Scientific Museum-".
doubly anxious to appear refined and feared to show their temper or make retorts in They were so lately come from nothing and so uncertain of themselves they were.
However, he kept his temper, though with great difficulty, suited his retorts to his company and his supposed character, and did his best not to overstep the limits of good taste.
"Well, I guess Maureen skipped the part in the Book of Huldras that explains how a Huldra can appropriate lives, or maybe you just could not stay focused enough on the lesson to learn that part," Olaf retorts.
Berndt has the grace to look shamefaced as I turn to him in feigned astonishment, but retorts in kind to his friend, protesting that it wasn’t his fault if Joris had made that assumption; it was just that he hadn’t corrected him.
By this means they had found that she was living here again; her mother was scolded for "harbouring" her; sharp retorts had ensued from Joan, who had independently offered to leave at once; she had been taken at her word; and here was the result.
On the occasion when the fires under the first set of retorts in their shed had glowed far into the night she did not retire to rest on the rough cadre set up for her in the as yet bare frame-house till she had seen the first spongy lump of silver yielded to the hazards of the world by the dark depths of the Gould Concession; she had laid her unmercenary hands, with an eagerness that made them tremble, upon the first silver ingot turned out still warm from the mould; and by her imaginative estimate of its power she endowed that lump of metal with a justificative conception, as though it were not a mere fact, but something far-reaching and impalpable, like the true expression of an emotion or the emergence of a principle.

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retort comeback counter rejoinder replication return riposte rejoin repay