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Retort in a sentence | retort example sentences

  1. In coals, was her retort.
  2. The retort is found in itself.
  3. Oh, sure, Sonia would retort.
  4. She sealed that retort with a grin.
  5. The others nodded at her snappy retort.

  6. Then, as always, came the sharp retort:.
  7. They can justly retort, thou are the man.
  8. There was a hint of jealousy in the retort.
  9. He turned to retort, but she'd already gone.
  10. Batistuta had a retort, but bit his tongue.
  11. Maybe, replied Fish with a hard retort.
  12. Laughs were heard at her anger, at her retort.
  13. Soon a fine powder precipitated into a retort.
  14. Thus retort the defenders of the existing order.
  15. She looked ready with a retort but Sarah cut in.

  16. But this retort did not benefit Pyotr Petrovitch.
  17. She gave him a hooded eye, but no retort for that.
  18. Before Jasper could retort, their father sat down.
  19. This time it was serious, and Ebira did not retort.
  20. Where are you? came a faint retort on the wind.
  21. Gabriel did not answer for his retort had heated him.
  22. Still, she knew she could not say anything in retort.
  23. That’s where you’re wrong Hubert wanted to retort.
  24. When only ‘sweet nothings’, his mouth would retort.
  25. She opened her mouth to retort but Calvin was quicker.

  26. But I never come later than the others! I retort.
  27. It is hardly necessary to retort to this last argument.
  28. I wanted to give some quick-witted retort to this, but.
  29. Minho started to retort, but Newt elbowed him in the gut.
  30. Which could be caused by a lot of things, I retort.
  31. She had caught him totally off guard and he had no retort.
  32. The walls of the Valley of Fire blazed in retort to the.
  33. She’s in the ground, he shouted as his first retort.
  34. How should we retort? they asked, in some perplexity.
  35. So my retort is Yes, I think the idea of a square is an.
  36. Duchairn began a hot retort, then made himself shut his mouth.
  37. There came a cracking retort and not knowing whether it came.
  38. A smart retort surfaced amidst it all, but she stopped herself.
  39. Sam was just about to retort when there was a noise at the door.
  40. Hilderich withheld a more inflammatory retort and simply said:.
  41. He was still discomposed by the girl's bitter and sudden retort.
  42. And? It came out in a sharp retort, his eyes darkening with.
  43. Although the Duke heard Shinaé’s retort he knew better than to.
  44. I know, she countered, equally sharply as his previous retort.
  45. The stinging retort hurt Brock but he kept silent as Grey continued.
  46. It was the first time I'd seen him unable to think up a witty retort.
  47. Ebira's eyes turned dark with anger, but she did not retort this time.
  48. Before Casey could retort, the door opened, and the general approached.
  49. She was about to retort but something checked the words on her tongue.
  50. Desa wanted to come back with a snide retort like, 'at least I have some.
  51. So my retort is Yes, I think the idea of a square is an excellent one.
  52. The valley shook with the retort as huge holes were torn into their ranks.
  53. Marianne was going to retort, but she remembered her promises, and forbore.
  54. He shrugged helplessly as she dragged him away before Lizzie could retort.
  55. What do you want? Holly forced her witty retort back down her throat.
  56. Retort back saying that you will not worry since it is none of your business.
  57. The wives of coal merchants instantly retort that their fathers kept coachmen.
  58. Doenitz� angry retort shook Canaris: even for Laplante, that was quite a feat.
  59. But the meek Father's words had little effect and even provoked a mocking retort.
  60. Retort back saying that then he need not worry since it is none of his business.
  61. John clicks out of the phone before I have a chance to question, retort or agree.
  62. He found himself subject to a barrage of gentle kicks from both sides in retort.
  63. Terese’s retort was that, It is madness to allow this disease to spread again.
  64. Frida’s retort made young Marie laugh just as she had swallowed her water ration.
  65. The butler shook his head at this retort, half amused and half concerned about his.
  66. She kept silent because the retort on her lips would probably really get her killed.
  67. His sister made an angry retort casting a slur on my motive for learning Afrikaans.
  68. He had not been told about such a directive from Ho Chi Minh and had no retort ready.
  69. We’re in a one-hundred-story abandoned building with some Dauntless, I retort.
  70. The incubation of insurrections gives the retort to the premeditation of coups d'etat.
  71. Spocks retort went unnoticed, as a laughing waitress appeared with a bowl of soapy water.
  72. On being told of this feat my father's retort was: 'were you playing the blind school?'.
  73. Hemmingsworth smiled at her retort, then showed her four trucks and a jeep waiting nearby.
  74. And with that Retort I turn’d and began applying Attar of Roses to my Breasts and Thighs.
  75. This was not Tdeshi, Tdeshi would have had a retort that would have turned her into a bug.
  76. Weve all heard the sad tale of the chemist who lost an argument because he had no retort.
  77. She blinked, caught off guard by this retort; and then she suddenly guffawed, throwing her.
  78. I’m not in love with you now, am I? was her abrupt retort to many males, whereupon.
  79. The retort was a harsh one, but it attained its mark with the directness of a point of steel.
  80. Hawley's mouth, Bulstrode felt that he should answer, and that his answer would be a retort.
  81. From the look that came over my husband’s face at my passionate retort, I would guess that he.
  82. That such happiness is a façade, was the retort of the brains, the most miserable people I knew.
  83. Before I could retort he ducked inside and I was suddenly left alone in the whispering desertscape.
  84. Alicia opened her mouth to retort, but Tiffany beat her, And you can tell that to your friends too.
  85. I gripped the rope railing hard and was about to retort with something, when gratefully he moved off.
  86. Jeeter shook has head, but a gravelly voice from the door of the nearby workshop cut short his retort.
  87. Why did he not just say something if he was that angry? Then at least she would be allowed to retort!.
  88. Her hands came up to cover her eyes as she awaited the loud retort to go off when he pulled the trigger.
  89. The retort was instantaneous from ZJ, Right, you were a Hippy, right? You’re old enough to be a Hippy.
  90. It went off with a sharp retort that made every bird in the wood take to the air in a mad flapping of wings.
  91. She was about to retort something rude at him, when she noticed that something else had caught his attention.
  92. Before Ludwig could have had the chance to retort in a manner unbecoming of a doctor, Olufemi suddenly cut in:.
  93. That was all a lie, I said, my voice coming out in a sob instead of in the sharp retort I would have liked.
  94. As the noblewomen around giggled at that retort, Nancy stared into Louis’ eyes while giving him her warmest smile.
  95. The sharpness of her retort drew the attention of the small group huddled by the man she had tried and failed to kill.
  96. I sensed I was supposed to know straight off who Tony Lawrence was and therefore to respond with some familiar retort.
  97. Mark grinned as he nocked another arrow, and had opened his mouth to offer a playful retort, when Grakonexikaldoron Spoke.
  98. Karim gave a curt reply in Russian, which the soldier returned with an even Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner curter retort.
  99. He had intended to leave his comments there, but quickly resumed as soon as he saw the Breton’s mouth fly open for retort.
  100. She only had bare toes because we made her take off her shoes' was David’s mild retort as he went back into his magazine.
  1. Adu smiled thinly before calmly retorting:.
  2. They have borne the calamities of war without retorting them on its authors.
  3. It does not wear out because of the much retorting and its wonders do never come to an end.
  4. Stung to the quick by Vivek’s audacity, while the man in Gautam felt like retorting, the businessman in him sought to humor him even more.
  5. Duncan, who understood the Mohican to allude to the fatal rifle of the scout, bent forward in earnest observation of the effect it might produce on the conquerors; but the chief was content with simply retorting:.
  6. My ideas have frequently been repeated in a compressed form, and, instead of retorting to them, it was added that it was nothing but cosmopolitanism, as though this word "cosmopolitanism" unanswerably overthrew all my arguments.
  1. I know it, Penn retorted.
  2. Oh no, Sir! retorted 762.
  3. Is it true? he retorted.
  4. Ludwig retorted with a grin:.
  5. Of course not, I retorted.
  6. Elizabeth, retorted with a sneer.
  7. Our own people? I retorted.
  8. What do you care? I retorted.
  9. No, I don’t, Beth retorted.
  10. The library, sir! he retorted.
  11. What? the defiant ZJ retorted.
  12. How would I know? She retorted.
  13. Shut your face, retorted Alfie.
  14. And is it working? he retorted.
  15. Rex retorted with an air of authority.
  16. I highly doubt that, I retorted.
  17. I just do my job, Brie retorted.
  18. They're the worst, she retorted.
  19. I need him obedient, she retorted.
  20. Pip," he retorted; "keep to the record.
  21. Excuse me, my man, retorted Chuck.
  22. Leave me be, woman, Stub retorted.
  23. Oh yes, you did lie! she retorted.
  24. How would I know? retorted Oberon.
  25. All right, all right, he retorted.
  26. Yeah, the dead one! Alcor retorted.
  27. After I do yours first, I retorted.
  28. Now would I do that? Myra retorted.
  29. You keep saying that, he retorted.
  30. The sign said a dollar, I retorted.
  31. No, he was not, Captain, I retorted.
  32. He has too much to eat, retorted Mr.
  33. You don’t know that, she retorted.
  34. I would rather die, Takina retorted.
  35. When is the time coming? He retorted.
  36. He does not eat humans, she retorted.
  37. He’s a flasher, the wizard retorted.
  38. I was not! I retorted, scowling at him.
  39. What if she had? retorted the merchant.
  40. He retorted that his mom made him join Band.
  41. We need the alien alive, Doon retorted.
  42. Hey, we swam in that water! I retorted.
  43. And I am the son of a king, he retorted.
  44. It’s not just that, Amaranta retorted.
  45. It was intelligence, then, she retorted.
  46. Well, it is part of my job, he retorted.
  47. No, she retorted quickly and obstinately.
  48. Hold yer horses, Creek, Charlie retorted.
  49. I’ll cause you no trouble, he retorted.
  50. You can’t fight City Hall, Matt retorted.
  51. Make up your mind about what? He retorted.
  52. We loved her as our own, the man retorted.
  53. But you’re the woman, Ditherer retorted.
  54. What’re you talking about? she retorted.
  55. As sad as that is, he retorted, haughtily.
  56. Open the door, Lachesis, Nocturna retorted.
  57. I even led you right to it! I retorted hotly.
  58. You guys got me out too soon, she retorted.
  59. The casino in Hotel Paradise, she retorted.
  60. So what does that make us? Matthew retorted.
  61. This is hundred percent reality,’ she retorted.
  62. And I know how she died, the child retorted.
  63. Oh this witness is quite sane, Pratt retorted.
  64. She couldn’t be, Somerset retorted, grimly.
  65. To which Yigal retorted, Gee, thanks a lot!.
  66. I’ll tell you what’s bullshit, I retorted.
  67. Who the hell has gagged you? retorted a voice.
  68. With all due respect, sir, McQueeney retorted.
  69. Well, we can’t just sit here, retorted Knox.
  70. He was also the father of Isaac, Sam retorted.
  71. You’ll have to ask the cat, retorted the Dr.
  72. It looked like a bump on a log, Clarene retorted.
  73. Who got your eggs and bacon, then? he retorted.
  74. Bugger off, retorted the fleeing Siren, Lilith.
  75. No, we don’t actually know that, he retorted.
  76. I can well imagine! retorted one of the members.
  77. Come on, Queen, President Quaid retorted angrily.
  78. What, Rachel, what? Rebekah retorted impatiently.
  79. I retorted, I should be helping, not cowering in fear.
  80. She’s always had a glow around her, I retorted.
  81. I do not think of you as a woman, Selene retorted.
  82. Oh, yeah? I retorted, putting my hands on my hips.
  83. Davis says, retorted Amy, finishing Jo with her Latin.
  84. Maybe it was something we said? Felicity retorted.
  85. Well, you had better get used to it, she retorted.
  86. If you haven’t crippled him, the healer retorted.
  87. We do not have time for questions! retorted Lezura.
  88. Ready? asked the doctor, to which Ethan retorted:.
  89. It was impossible to anticipate this, he retorted.
  90. But you don’t really drink, Henry, Marie retorted.
  91. We don’t run women, Starret retorted as he moved.
  92. The tunnels are the Keepers’, the Leader retorted.
  93. I would’ve put my foot down about that, I retorted.
  94. The monster just laughed and retorted: Rita is not here.
  95. No more than the other famous! Candy quickly retorted.
  96. And which I don’t need you to tell me, she retorted.
  97. Too bad we can’t just fire him, the attorney retorted.
  98. What are you trying to say, Maynwaring? Andy retorted.
  99. As long as I live, the doctor retorted in a stubborn voice.
  100. Hey, don’t be insulting the apes, will ya! I retorted.
  1. Two Guineas, Coxtart retorts.
  2. They’d be safer in the UAI? Devon retorts.
  3. Those are the retorts, Uncle Carl explained.
  4. At best you would be a medusa, Thurlis retorts.
  5. So you should be familiar with the process, he retorts.
  6. The Great Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho Retorts his Opposers.
  7. Scathing retorts, insulting barbs, the subtle diss—she had a repertory.
  8. The commanding Somali angrily retorts in Arabic, ‘Shut up you two and let me think.
  9. Everyone knows who their parents are, Jacob retorts, but he’s not looking at Eugene.
  10. There were more shots, the sharp, short barks of the bikers’ guns answered by deeper retorts from the SUVs.
  11. A Fern so false; whose smile was not a smile, whose laugh was not a laugh and whose retorts to questions were meaningless.
  12. Hey, it didn’t rank alongside Oscar Wilde in the Top Ten Retorts of All Time, but it sure pissed off Crow, and that was the main thing.
  13. However, he kept his temper, though with great difficulty, suited his retorts to his company and his supposed character, and did his best not to overstep the limits of good taste.
  14. Berndt has the grace to look shamefaced as I turn to him in feigned astonishment, but retorts in kind to his friend, protesting that it wasn’t his fault if Joris had made that assumption; it was just that he hadn’t corrected him.
  15. By this means they had found that she was living here again; her mother was scolded for "harbouring" her; sharp retorts had ensued from Joan, who had independently offered to leave at once; she had been taken at her word; and here was the result.
  16. On the occasion when the fires under the first set of retorts in their shed had glowed far into the night she did not retire to rest on the rough cadre set up for her in the as yet bare frame-house till she had seen the first spongy lump of silver yielded to the hazards of the world by the dark depths of the Gould Concession; she had laid her unmercenary hands, with an eagerness that made them tremble, upon the first silver ingot turned out still warm from the mould; and by her imaginative estimate of its power she endowed that lump of metal with a justificative conception, as though it were not a mere fact, but something far-reaching and impalpable, like the true expression of an emotion or the emergence of a principle.

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