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    1. do with how we relate to God and how He

    2. It is given to help us to relate

    3. ‘Yes, there was something about her that I could relate to … I still don’t know what it was … a vulnerability, I suppose

    4. I relate in scathing detail how the interview went, letting rip and quite enjoying the experience

    5. I relate all I know of what has happened … it is all I can do to stop her dashing over to see Liz but I eventually get through to her that there is nothing she can do and that her mother is sleeping

    6. Some of the stories they relate give me a fascinating insight into village life

    7. Somewhat self-consciously, I relate at length how well the meeting went, how impressed the Trustees appeared to be and everything

    8. I relate this to Amy when I phone her for our usual catch up call, which is a mistake as I rapidly discover

    9. Time and time again we find that Daniel’s character is known, and by this they relate him as being a man who has the spirit of the gods

    10. When the people learned the details, ‘First Contact’ and the emergence of Jake became the most sought after tale to relate

    11. Alan saw the knife come towards him, but his mind couldn’t relate the physical position of the thing with the possibility that his step-mother intended to harm him

    12. How does this relate to fear? You may have heard it said that every moment in life offers you a choice: you can come from ―love‖ or ―fear

    13. Second, you will begin to relate to your thoughts, feelings, and fears differently

    14. As I relate her experiences in Italy, his expression grows decidedly grim

    15. 7) Individuals are to relate to one another on an individual basis rather than

    16. Atums as They Relate to Magic Elements:

    17. Atums as They Relate to Spells:

    18. Atums as They Relate to Behavior:

    19. Atums as They Relate to Aumentation:

    20. Atums as They Relate to the Occult:

    21. Atums as They Relate to Ritual:

    22. Atums as They Relate to the Church:

    23. ‘It’s funny … we know he was referring to the war which was looming but it could relate to any two lovers in any time

    24. “May I relate something that may have a bearing on all this,” announced Brent

    25. Maybe she didn’t want to relate some of her adventures there

    26. She had to relate an edited version of the whole thing

    27. but his mind couldn’t relate the physical position of the thing with

    28. They don’t have anything to relate it to

    29. So Ben has discovered the wonder of Easter – hmm, maybe you’re not doing so bad at this parenting lark, though the next few years are going to be difficult without a male role model for him to relate to

    30. ” George promptly began to relate to White Feathers all that had been spoken and so did not hear what next was said next, but Belle heard every word

    31. I relate this story for a reason, that reason not being ‘getting the word count up higher’; the reason I relate this story is so you will understand why, the first thing Matt did when he ran out the door was to say, “What the heck is going on here?!?!?”

    32. How could he relate to steel and plastic corridors, silicon mind and the power structure when he was adrift in a field of violet blooms in the golden light of Kortrax? How could he relate to orders given by a starship captain frozen in stone when there was a golden-skinned naked girl on him, swaying to the rhythm of mental drums, beckoning him into her arms, into her body?

    33. a painful maneuver that I’m sure Ed Pentoch could relate to

    34. He listened to the mortal relate the answer with genuine interest

    35. If one allowed that the natives really did not age then there is no way to relate the youthfulness of her appearance to the amount of knowledge she could have picked up

    36. She was now able to relate to circumstances which she was held back from before

    37. I felt excited, like a child, and for some unknown reason I couldn’t relate to the danger that I was about to put us in

    38. chancing on an excuse that he could readily relate to

    39. Based on my freshman year experience I can really relate to homeless people and people who don't have enough money to buy food because I had no money and I didn't know anybody I could even borrow some money from to buy any food over Thanksgiving because they had all left and gone to be with their families or whatever so I was basically home alone in that dorm room

    40. She can't relate to life on this planet

    41. And I had to relate my whole story back there without a cup

    42. It is some what curious that, though their opinions are so very different, their facts, so far as they relate to the price of corn at least, should coincide so very exactly

    43. They'll be able to relate to Kassidor a lot better

    44. report, they will relate the happening in such

    45. Do not be afraid, I have not the intention to relate or to

    46. I prayed that he’d relate to my present mischief too in some

    47. of things to relate

    48. Then, only then, will you relate to my

    49. and some tasks that relate to each other

    50. relate to each other

    1. "I don't see how this relates to me? I'm sorry this has happened but it's certainly not my problem

    2. Consider several traits of a shepherd, that are important as it relates to leadership

    3. Rose relates a horrifying tale about the bombs which were dropped … some of her family were killed in Bristol in an air raid aimed at one of the factories … and she was also anxious about Wally as they were engaged by then

    4. We see that Paul immediately relates that the power of the enemy to taunt and to force others into disobedience has been crushed by the power of the resurrection

    5. We read later that Jacob relates back to Abraham and the god of his father Nahor

    6. ‘My business frequently relates to other people’s nearest concerns … carrying specialist information, finding out what is going on in a certain area

    7. As Jo relates all that has taken place over the past couple of days I hardly know what to think, it’s so totally unexpected, not to mention unconventional

    8. Actually I'm exaggerating in the prior sentence as I'm still plenty stupid in many areas today, today my dumbness relates to technology like cell phones, computers, software

    9. relates the finding of a researcher while he was

    10. Bergson also relates with stupor about two “foreign

    11. arguments against the traditionalist viewpoint relates to

    12. Alternatively, the dream relates to some intellectual matter

    13. If this dream relates to real-life experiences with incest, then you need to seek professional advice or counseling

    14. To dream that you are at a self storage facility relates to issues that you are keeping to yourself instead of confronting

    15. It also relates to the new roles that you will be taking on and the uncertainty that that may bring

    16. I am not splitting my attention between what I am doing, and how what I am doing relates to the rest of me

    17. The people feel themselves so much interested in what relates either to their subsistence in this life, or to their happiness in a life to come, that government must yield to their prejudices, and, in order to preserve the public tranquillity, establish that system which they approve of

    18. The ancient metaphor of the chariot can help you understand the way the Self relates to your life

    19. The first item on the agenda relates to agrievance reported by the interns

    20. made against the exportation of wool, among other things in the said act mentioned, doth enact the same to be deemed felony, by the severity of which penalty the prosecution of offenders hath not been so effectually put in execution ; be it therefore enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that so much of the said act, which relates to the making the said offence felony, be repealed and made void

    21. Theistic evolution is not a theory in the scientific sense, but a particular view about how the science of evolution relates to religious belief and interpretation

    22. Proving the validity of the information contained in the book, which relates to our physical world in the present day, as well as to historic events and other aspects, which can be analysed conclusively; we will have a solid foundation from where we can also relate to the information relating to situations, which we cannot validate

    23. This relates to the physical text and the message it conveys

    24. The Bible relates this clearly when talking about the “First Adam” and the “Last Adam”

    25. I‘m not sure where I‘m going with this so try and follow my line of reasoning inasmuch as I am liable to form an uncertain analogy as it relates to the childlike treatment of the (subject) people involved: undermining freedom, initiative, self-reliance, (human) potential and an individual‘s moral and intellectual authority; that is to say, contrary to an individual‘s inherent right to naturally evolve into a productive human being; to learn, think and act independently in his or her (own) inestimable manner

    26. It (naturally) follows that the less gifted should (otherwise) entrust their confidence to individuals who are better informed or suited to sustain or encourage them and that the beneficiaries of such gifts should never breach their sacred trust as it relates to their fellows, whatever their (social) position or rank, as emissaries of God‘s Kingdom and therefore equal in His Eyes, whatever their (inherent) differences

    27. The inherent ―right‖ to terminate one‘s (own) life as it relates to vague or questionable notions defining quality of life, introduces yet another dubious precedent as it relates to Choice, especially in rather gray areas where the decision to either perpetuate or curtail an individual‘s life has been proxied (sic) at a time when that individual could not possibly foresee the (uncertain) consequences of such decisions entrusted to the care of family members or friends (concealing underlying motives for authorizing such decisions, perhaps) or where a potential illness at some uncertain point in time or that individual‘s problematical reaction (to that illness) could not possibly be understood in advance; that is to say, until that individual is actually sitting on Death‘s doorstep

    28. A journalist who enjoys a First Amendment right to obtain certain information as it relates to his or her pursuit of a ―storyline‖ should properly consider the sensibilities of the individual being interviewed; that questions raised should be fair and balanced and not intended to either harass, embarrass or otherwise offend that individual and that the highest (professional) standards should be (properly) observed at all times and that that journalist should neither conceal some hidden agenda nor interpose pre-conceived biases that purposely seek to discredit, distract or place that individual in a compromising position and that answers to stated questions should never be taken out of context or pre-determined and that, (most importantly), privacy rights should be observed at all times

    29. In this manner, contemporary biases and prejudices will (often) cause that individual (or that society, for that matter) to misread or misinterpret the historical significance or social ramifications of that (current) event or misjudge its future implications as it relates to (race relations)

    30. On ex-President James Earl Carter: The expression ―useful idiot‖ oftentimes comes to mind as it relates to Mr

    31. The Rule of Law, as it relates to Immigration Policy, or any other law for that matter, should dictate and not be dictated to

    32. The things that it does make sense to discuss are issues of safety, scheduling (only as it relates to the need to cooperate with moving the children back and forth between homes), discipline and holidays

    33. Men and women are free to engage in intimate (sex) as it relates to Choice

    34. a crime, must be held accountable for that crime whatever the (underlying) reason, considered apart, as it relates to the commission of a crime

    35. This trend has assumed even greater importance as it relates to the growing number of blue collar families that have recently joined the ―Investment Class

    36. The components of Absolute Truth consist of a collection of partial truths woven together to form a completed truth, much in the manner of working out the solution to a geometry problem consisting of postulates, theorems and axioms, each a mathematical law (or truth) in itself however an (incomplete truth) as each relates to a (higher truth) that having been brought together, however, provides the solution (Absolute Truth) to the problem

    37. It may be correctly argued that Existentialism, understood as a liberating force extolling the efforts of an individual seeking to liberate that individual from the hostile influence(s) of ―indifferent‖ universal covenants that otherwise restrict that individual‘s freedom in the manner they seek to condition or influence his or her manner of thinking or behaving is not entirely incompatible with certain religious teachings concerned with the question of human ―existence‖ and how it relates to our (―own‖) moral authority or free will

    38. Dwyer‘s letter was well-meaning although it raises a very important question: To what extent should the American People be willing to compromise the ―Character Issue‖ as it relates to the Office of the Presidency, or any other political office for that matter? Americans are a forgiving people

    39. 7 percent of the increase relates to salary increases contained in negotiated contracts

    40. History relates as well that, originally, that locality was nothing more than another neighborhood of Lumban, a city that Franciscan missionary Fray Juan de la Plasencia founded in 1578

    41. It relates the tale that when Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama first stepped on the island, hundreds of years ago, he observed a strange animal with a red body and a disheveled black hair, which looked like a lion

    42. Anderson relates that Laura was angry, but that he didn't kill her or strike her and that he left the apartment at eleven

    43. Readers may think that there are errors in typing, but the zeros are there for a purpose that relates to the author's books

    44. The other relates to the regurgitation of acid from the stomach into the mouth

    45. “Funny you should ask that question,” said Charles, “because that relates to one of the weirder of the odd happenings that I experienced

    46. “Well—and this relates to the issue of creationism versus evolution, too—it turns out that mutations are six times more likely to come from the male lineage

    47. In Governor Mitt Romney"s book No Apology, he relates that Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health

    48. With success may come the arrogance of intellect as Berlinski relates, “When Richard Dawkins observes that genes ‘created us body and mind’ he is appealing essentially to a magical connection

    49. Another beautiful example that i must share relates to an in-

    50. Here is an extract from a 2005 court document that relates to Keith and his parents

    1. Lopez is also the founder of the ClubIG which he started in an effort to raise the consciousness of all those concerned with their environment The club publishes a newsletter every month on website or yearly via snail mail, which discusses new products new procedures, and a number of timely topics relating to planting and growing

    2. "Nothing Theo, there is no Interpol investigation relating to Sammy the Shark or Gino Ngata

    3. I also suggest this in relating to the finances of the congregation

    4. Alan didn't want them relating the starship part, no one believed it anyway, but they were spellbound by the wilderness part

    5. Gemino goes off to do whatever it is kahtmasters do while we sit in the garden of his house enjoying the sun and talking about Sulis Min; as Wiesse mentioned, Drens has family connections with the town, and he spends a good bit of the time relating tales of his childhood

    6. The other women riders, hearing what had occurred, came over and spoke to her relating their own experiences

    7. ’ Ben replied, relating in detail how Anna’s mower had broken, explaining that he had gone to see if Jo could help - and that Jo and Alastair had gone over to Anna’s too - and that Jake, Alastair’s son had also come over

    8. There are endless ways to use gratitude, but here are a few that should be useful relating to fear:

    9. Exploring the pain, guilt, shame, and anger relating to the sexual abuse can help greatly in purging those old

    10. Dave walks me back to my flat relating some amusing stories about Bill on the way

    11. relating to a number of accusations of very persistent stalking

    12. Internally relating to the

    13. As for the people carrier - he’d found the papers relating to the hire of the van in the glove compartment – it had been easy to take the vehicle back, handing over the keys on behalf of Chas

    14. “Elanda never guessed,” Ava said, relating what she’d been told at the Bigtree

    15. Of course, the people of Altreena didn’t look after us Napies; it was the Super Robots that did everything relating to everyday work, and more

    16. As the pair of children followed in the elf’s footsteps, Tetloan had hardly paused for breath the whole way, relating the story of how he had met Solo Ki

    17. The scattered books, piled high, and on shelves, Relating to various scientific and mysterious matters, Are filled with equations, esoteric illustrations, Diagrams, texts in various languages;

    18. That said, let’s look at the different options relating specifically to software

    19. They have lots of valuable content and information relating to you niche

    20. The laws relating to land, therefore, were all calculated for what they supposed the interest of the proprietor

    21. The subject never came into their consideration, but when they had occasion to apply to their country for some change in the laws relating to foreign trade

    22. Zarko sighed as he got up and started to pace the floor in front of her, relating to her what had transpired that morning

    23. He wondered if the orders from Tullius pointed to something relating to that fact, hoping that whatever it was it was not horrific news

    24. To dream that you dial the wrong number means that you are experiencing difficulties in relating to others

    25. It would hardly have been proper to err towards the casual in one's relations with Mr Rudolph Snickerty, known to all as 'The Adjudicator' in connection with his official position relating to the administration of relief to the poor and needy

    26. The Sea of Ghosts was always relating tales of old in hushed tones

    27. “I have definite information that he may have taken critical data relating to the Aquifer System

    28. It is also impossible for us to collect any evidence relating to aspects that will only occur in the future

    29. Proving the validity of the information contained in the book, which relates to our physical world in the present day, as well as to historic events and other aspects, which can be analysed conclusively; we will have a solid foundation from where we can also relate to the information relating to situations, which we cannot validate

    30. In addition to this, if we know that the Bible is a document that was constructed by someone who is not bound by the same limitations that we as humans are bound by, what should we make of the information that it conveys? Can we trust it? Should we stop and listen to what it is saying? How should we treat the information when we have provable evidence that it was put together by someone, who is not only outside of our time and dimensional space, but who claims to be responsible for creating the environment in which we live? We will firstly set out to identify aspects in the Bible, relating to the presence of design and also consider aspects of design at different levels

    31. Consider this for a moment: Have you ever encountered a piece of literature that you can read in one direction and get a meaningful sentence and then read the same piece backwards and get meaningful words and a sentence giving a different message relating to the same subject, making use of the letters in the reversed order?

    32. If we therefore compare the sequence of events, as prescribed by Evolution to that of Creation, we see an immediate problem relating to plants that were created on day 3, while the Sun, Moon and stars were only created on the following “day” – day 4, according to the sequence in the Bible

    33. People prefer to form their own views, interpretations and truths regarding the evidence in front of them, relating to who we are and where we came from

    34. words relating to the role of elders were inconsistently

    35. The law which enacted it was, like all other laws relating to the coin, introduced and carried through the assembly of the people by a tribune, and was probably a very popular law

    36. Spain) and you will find that the rules relating to vosotros/vosotras do not apply in Latin American countries

    37. Milo switched on the TV, scanning the channels for commentary relating to the storm

    38. We pray Your Most Gracious Majesty to know that we have appointed our trusty and well beloved, grandson, Prince John Ossoo Ansah, son of the late Prince Ansah, of Ashanti, on our behalf to lay before your Majesty divers matters affecting the good estate of our kingdom and the well-being of our subjects, with full power for the said Prince Ansah as our ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to negotiate and conclude all such treaties relating to the furtherance of trade and all matters therewith connected as your Majesty shall be pleased to entertain

    39. The solicitor acting for these masquerading princes and forgers, found he could not weave a single mesh of the legal net required for a prima facie case, though he had twisted and contorted every clause of the laws relating to libel, and waded through briefs innumerable, in the hope of finding a precedent

    40. For instance a medical man would be quite within his rights to refuse to discuss any medical condition relating to your fiancé to you

    41. I wonder whether (similar) ―progressive‖ standards relating to a ―happy‖ and ―rewarding‖ life can be far away?

    42. Matters relating to Conscience should be considered in light of that individual‘s privately held (core) beliefs

    43. There has been a disturbing tendency in recent years to categorically broaden (read: create more poor people) descriptive statistics designed to either support or reject existing assumptions relating to poverty rates that are oftentimes overstated, unreliable, unsupported by fact and likely to provide biased conclusions about poverty, its definition, extent, causes and prognosis for the future

    44. Whether the (Holy) Scriptures should remain subject to generational contentions or modern interpretations, much in the manner that Constitutional Law is persuaded by the (legal) authority of evolving standards of decency, such arguments that otherwise provide recourse to alternative viewpoints, must be equally troubling as arbitrary viewpoints relating to Papal Infallibility or the Divine Rights of Kings!

    45. After relating my version of the past evening’s events I waited for his response

    46. History, as it is presently taught in the classroom, can no longer be properly thought of as History, however civic exercises in political correctness designed to advance society‘s proportional requirements relating to gender and race

    47. Miers (historical) lower-court opinions relating to Abortion (―right of self-determination‖) and other social issues of immediate concern to most Conservatives before rushing to judgment

    48. It is arguably the most important faculty we possess as human beings in the manner it controls or directs behavior by giving pause to questions relating to right and wrong and good and evil, even when such distinctions are oftentimes unclear

    49. It is a good thing that such lessons relating to animal cruelty are taught at an early age

    50. The unit develops strategy and policy, and oversees the management of cases relating to sexual offences, domestic violence, human trafficking, maintenance offences and children in conflict with the law

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    associate colligate connect link link up relate tie in bear on come to concern have to do with pertain refer touch touch on interrelate ally correlate recount repeat describe state report narrate recite

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    make a logical or causal connection

    be relevant to

    give an account of

    be in a relationship with

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