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    1. See if you can determine a source

    2. read the ant control chapter to best determine how to control the ants

    3. It is as good as we had in 2175, but it would never pass sophisticated technology of your day, even a simple finger-prick would determine this is an android

    4. weak be allowed to determine the direction of the church

    5. seriously and prayerfully about these matters; and to determine to be governed by a "thus saith the Lord

    6. It took hours because there weren't that many inquiries to use for sample data, but he was immediately able to determine there were no hardware inquiries used in formulating the responses to those queries

    7. He had nothing to reference to determine if he was getting his slices at a regular interval

    8. Neither knowledge nor hope for the future can be the pivot of our life or determine its direction

    9. Normally, the extent of the surface to be planed will determine whether the procedure

    10. Nuplayy couldn't tell how much energy without knowing the mass of the objects and the last few weeks he had been writing about how to determine their mass by observing Narrulla

    1. He was bold and determined, he was energetic and he was virile

    2. Once you have found signs of wood damage and you have determined that it’s not just old decaying wood then you have to decide if it’s termites or carpenter ants that you have

    3. If you have determined that its carpenter ants then go to the Dances with Ants chapter and treat like you would the ants, the only difference would be that you place the ant cafes inside the house, in the attic, crawl spaces, any place where they are seen, hidden from view

    4. He was determined, come Hell or high-water, that he would create the perfect woman,

    5. They had promised themselves this break for months and now that it had come they were determined to take it

    6. Some had even gotten what they wanted in the end, if they were determined enough

    7. Maybe I wasn't the bravest in the world, hell, not even the bravest in Darklow, but one thing I can honestly say about myself, then as well as today, is that I'm determined and when it comes to family I will do, give and take whatever is needed

    8. He had the taste of Scotch in his mouth and was as determined

    9. She continued to study the planet, but was determined to continue with the evolutionary trees and leave the sociology alone

    10. I sense Stephen stiffen as he sees them, though he is obviously determined not to let his fear of the animals show

    1. The type of house we live in determines conditions that can lead to cockroach

    2. The time of year also determines the rate at which the composting process occurs

    3. This determines whether you will be led by fear or faith

    4. Believest thou this? Do you truly believe that he who is in Christ is a new creation? Do you really have faith to believe that you were once dead in your trespasses and sins, but now have been made alive? How much of this is rhetoric and how much is reality? This is the main question that determines the true from the false

    5. determines what happens to thee and to mine own

    6. It is this demand which regulates and determines the state of propagation in all the different countries of the world ; in North America, in Europe, and in China ; which renders it rapidly progressive in the first, slow and gradual in the second, and altogether stationary in the last

    7. The demand for labour, according as it happens to be increasing, stationary, or declining, or to require an increasing, stationary, or declining population, determines the quantities of the necessaries and conveniencies of life which must be given to the labourer; and the money price of labour is determined by what is requisite for purchasing this quantity

    8. The proportion between those different funds necessarily determines in every country the general character of the inhabitants as to industry or idleness

    9. Google determines where your ad is placed and this is decided based on two

    10. The consideration of his own private profit is the sole motive which determines the owner of any capital to employ it either in agriculture, in manufactures, or in some particular branch of the wholesale or retail trade

    1. This information will come in handy when determining how many snails your property has, and whether the snail population is growing or dying back

    2. But what of this Yellelle, have we made any progress determining where she’s from?"

    3. happening now, in the present, as well as determining

    4. Determining the Heart-Wall Material

    5. On the other hand, determining the material that has

    6. determining the card’s validity (when necessary

    7. “Wouldn't a person already need to know what was coming along, I mean in the big picture, to be ready for any opportunity that arises? And let's say they have such knowledge, it makes my head spin but wouldn't that make a person constantly and always determining the present and future possible worth of each and every little incident, news, and happenstance they encountered, every moment of every day? How could anyone get anything done? It would make me crazy

    8. Allcock lifted the bill and went over the listed items of fare with Harry, After establishing its accuracy, he offered pointers for determining the appropriate surcharges and tip

    9. Below are some questions you can ask when determining if a message is of God or not

    10. The ancient statutes of assize seem to have begun always with determining what ought to be the price of bread and ale when the price of wheat and barley were at the lowest ; and to have proceeded gradually to determine what it ought to be, according as the prices of those two sorts of grain should gradually rise above this lowest price

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    Synonyms for "determine"

    decide determine make up one's mind set influence mold regulate shape settle square off square up ascertain find find out check learn see watch define fix limit specify judge ordain certify prove conclude resolve condition devise state plot take establish control impel govern incline lead mean

    "determine" definitions

    establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study

    shape or influence; give direction to

    fix conclusively or authoritatively

    decide upon or fix definitely

    reach, make, or come to a decision about something

    fix in scope; fix the boundaries of

    settle conclusively; come to terms

    find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort