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    1. Then the muscles have to have enough strength and there has to be enough range of motion to generate the required action, whether it’s stepping or grasping

    2. Then you can understand that there really are ships being towed thru a mountain range by large teams of kedas

    3. Before they were done with their lunch, they were traversing open range spotted with scattered small holds with small herdsmen on open range

    4. Bacteria love heat and work best within a range of 140-180 F

    5. “What is beautiful about my father is that he believes everything on that label,” says Ralph, who says that way back when, he suggested his father’s soap - of which the uses range from shampoo to toothpaste, laundry cleaner to bug repellent, and plant cleaner to body message (though customers swear there are hundreds more uses) -something catchy like ‘Mint Glow’

    6. Estwig called a lewd comment to him ("baldcrotch") but they were probably out of hearing range already so doostEr didn't scold him

    7. He squeezed the Range Rover through the narrow gate, jumped out to close

    8. Billie sat the kettle on a black range cooker, the sort that should never be

    9. Travis's hands jerked into a close range jab but Theo was ready

    10. standing before the wooded foothills of some primeval mountain range filled the

    11. Like a walkie-talkie, you know? Scan the frequency but it's such a narrow band and such a low range, you would have to be pretty close

    12. He only had to watch for a few seconds before wire-framed geometries appeared around the storage containers making them look like tiny, slow-rolling dice, tumbling over each other through the debris, accompanied by the product codes of the contents and range to the junk

    13. "You said it would work from long range

    14. "The data we have say there are very few bulk mail distributors with more than a ten mile range

    15. From where I am, I estimate they’ll be in small arms range of that junk in less than 60 seconds

    16. The Kassikan's data sphere is secure from tapping at this range

    17. Without any real range data, he couldn’t swear to the size, but he was willing to bet it was 120 meters

    18. "He’s already in range

    19. I thought it a form of madness at first, a splitting of myself across an endless coastal landscape: as though I was drifting in and out of the range of my own muffled hearing

    20. Words flooded out of our mouths, and despite the limited range of my experience, I found the ease of the man infectious

    21. The cattlemen of this planet just financed a gang of cowboys to go out and drive a herd to their pens to slaughter, others were sent out to the open range to keep down the predators

    22. After he had driven his black beauty of a car out onto the lane and closed the back gate, she took a tin of something fishy out of the under sink cupboard , sat down in one of her rickety old kitchen chairs, the one next to the gently warming range, and poured herself a thick measure of her favourite Scotch

    23. a range burns the first coal of winter and a dripping coat is draped

    24. By mid-afternoon Daniel could see the mountain range Jake was heading towards

    25. From Homer I gathered a huge range of heroes and myths about monsters and magic that I'd tell to my dormitory mates after lights out

    26. Nuplayy observed one smaller object had fallen from the remaining piece and he thought it would impact but it had moved out of the range of his scope

    27. He drew the range of motion he could get in the bundle

    28. The girl fought her way out of the clutches of the black; and she fell as it passed over a mountain range

    29. They were all to meet at a large plateau along a mountain range in Idaho

    30. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband, under the guise of bringing euphonic enlightenment to the masses, rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially complete jigsaw sets from the doorways of London’s charitable retail outlets

    31. “It’s holding up well,” Elmore said, looking around at Yoonbarla Vale, the Central Wescarp Valley and the Central Wescarp range beyond that

    32. Elmore could see all that, and see the size of both the valley and the mountain range thirty miles away

    33. He was well known for his ability to quote chapter and verse, with a comprehensive range of interpretations, on any of the hot political potatoes of the day

    34. Behind was the ghost of the mountain range barely silhouetted against the darkening sky

    35. Bodies the size of the smallest impactors could be detected to a range of only a hundred million miles or less, depending on their size

    36. The blind at the window is pretty manky too – not surprising I suppose with the amount of steam which gets generated in here sometimes and the fire in the range creates a fair amount of soot

    37. The archery range, with bows as large as her; swords lined up on a stand with shields that she doubted she could even lift

    38. Their present course would not bring them within range for two more months

    39. We wrapped her up and put her in the bottom oven of the range to try to warm her up, do you remember? I fed her with warm milk on the end of a cotton bud, her little pink tongue licking the milk off

    40. "The odds of us coming within scan range of the Pink Dawn are less than one in a billion

    41. I always found it useful when Rob came home after a day on the hills – it limited the range of the mud! I had them put in about twenty years ago but had to replace the shower unit a couple of years ago, so that is quite modern

    42. The range ranchers also began to move; their herds of Kuyou were rounded up and they began the journey to the safety of the South

    43. anybody within range, and it was then that Karen realised that

    44. He had suddenly regained his full range of motion

    45. Once out of Naples, we took the tunnel which goes under the range of large hills (?) small mountains (?) and leads into the Sorrento Peninsula proper

    46. Her overall range of motion with both of

    47. After a few minutes of this, I tested the range of motion

    48. and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband,

    49. verse, with a comprehensive range of interpretations, on any of the

    50. They can range in thickness from

    1. Opinions varied, but estimates of the age of civilization ranged from three to five thousand years older here

    2. Wherever his soldiers ranged, the prince's name became fear and

    3. to sit in a row, ranged according to their social rank and family

    4. The evidence of both Andy and Kev ranged against such accusations

    5. They ranged over the roadway from one side to the other, the ladies executing with expert precision each posture, block, deflection, and duck

    6. They ranged over the high ridgeline, where the

    7. Now normally high-strength concrete is ranged as concrete with compressive strength at the age of 28 days 70-150 MPa

    8. Though the ern did have ranged weapons, the creatures found their use distasteful, and shied away from them

    9. Ern were relentless warriors, and even without adequate ranged weapons, they still posed a terrible threat to Saparen

    10. Before the estimated nuclear strike, predictions for these complexes (this was only one of many hundreds being burrowed by automated drills throughout the world) ranged between twenty square kilometres to as much as fifty

    11. The possible permutations of outcomes he could run through in his head, and the vast majority of them ranged between rejection to humiliation

    12. Colonel Ordonez, the Spanish inventor and artillerist, succeeded Colonel Melgar, commanding the artillery, and had personally ranged the position with fearful accuracy

    13. By this time the cavalry were starting to deploy along the creek; but when the wretched balloon had finally received its quietus, and sunk amid the curses of the men stricken through its agency by an unseen fire, the enemy had exactly ranged the line of the road, and were apprised that a general advance was taking place

    14. The shells from the fleet were more effective, though fired at very great elevation over the foothills, and ranged by mathematical calculation

    15. The outrageous hairstyles and themes ranged from Egyptian, Martian, Retro, Bridal and Floral to Techno, Vintage, Futuristic and Elizabethan

    16. Estimates of FAPLA losses ranged upward of 4000 killed and wounded…

    17. It ranged from soccer balls to swimming pools

    18. These ranged from generals upholding the law in southern states to Blacks working for the post office, one of the few secure refuges for minorities before the end of segregation

    19. ” My emotions ranged from disbelief of what was being told

    20. The death toll from similar wars ranged from perhaps 90,000 deaths in the Spanish-American War, at least 10,000 deaths in the Dominican War of Restoration, and at least 24,000 deaths from the French invasion of Mexico

    21. Within the US, opposition ranged from Catholic bishops and libertarian minded conservatives to the Green Party and soldiers refusing to deploy to Iraq

    22. Estimates of the deaths ranged from 170,00 to 567,000

    23. And the open land, only a small part of which they had ranged through, he now saw in a somehow larger sense

    24. Ezekiel phone ranged suddenly! It was detective Mark Henry; he was on the case of Ezekiel father’s murder

    25. I found several of them ranged along the waterfront

    26. They ranged in age from young to old and in build from emaciated to portly

    27. 20 And Maccabeus ranged his army by bands, and set them over the bands, and went against

    28. thousand archers on horseback; 16 And he ranged them, as a great army is ordered for the war

    29. ranged and performed, and the household duties crowd upon

    30. visas to members of the Chinese mafia …The price, he heard, ranged from

    31. Stan Wright, my guy who had let this matter fester into a boil, was a 45ish, incompetent CA 2 ((pay grades ranged from 1 – 4, so he was not the “sharpest knife in the drawer”) whom the youngish (38) GC, a recent ex-AF JAG, would have fired if I had not arrived to train him

    32. So when the issue of saving the one million arose, the fact that most of them were orthodox sharply reduced their value in the eyes of the Jewish establishment, whose political views ranged from moderate Socialist to hard-line Communist

    33. He had the body and hair shape of a tiger, but his stripes were horizontal instead of vertical, and they ranged in lightening bands from dark red on his back down to light yellow on his belly and legs, with white whiskers on his snout and eyebrows thirty-five centimeters long

    34. During the first years that I ran the outdoor division, annual sales averaged $1,700,000 and operating profit ranged from $400,000 to the low of $250,000 I mentioned earlier in 1975 because of the continuing and accelerated cost of maintenance and repairs

    35. They reached the market by the lakeshore, and the enterprises ranged from an eight-year-old boy selling fruit juice from a tiny table on the grass, to booths, stalls, and carts, with permanent retailers and restaurants in the bases of the great trees that lined the beach

    36. But for every evil act, there is an opposite ranged against it

    37. With his recently gained knowledge of elven development, Mark guessed the young elves ranged in age from about six to fourteen years

    38. As Moshe moved away from the group, his thoughts ranged over the wide array of skills that they represented

    39. Their fighters ranged in size from that of a small dog to as large as myself, for they grow constantly when well fed

    40. 20 And Maccabeus ranged his army by bands and set them over the bands and went against Timotheus who had about him an hundred and twenty thousand men of foot and two thousand and five hundred horsemen

    41. Taped to the top of the map was the Mike Force lineup in which he was listed as the team leader, then the XO (Executive Officer) a lieutenant, and ten NCOs whose specialties ranged from medical and weapons to intelligence, demolition, engineering, and communications

    42. 14 Then Holofernes went out from the presence of his Lord and called ail the governors and captains and the officers of the army of Assur; 15 And he mustered the chosen men for the battle as his Lord had commanded him to an hundred and twenty thousand and twelve thousand archers on horseback; 16 And he ranged them as a great army is ordered for the war

    43. His black hair was neatly combed back, his peanut mustache twitched like a rabbit's nose sampling the air as his eyes ranged the crowd in wavering jerks

    44. As Moshe moved away from the group, his thoughts ranged over the wide array of skills that

    45. Moshe became aware of five other men seated on mats ranged in a semicircle

    46. They ranged in age from very early twenties to late fifties

    47. ranged the fringes on each side

    48. With the advent of long ranged rescue helicopters which can not land on the water, the role of rescue swimmers and the rescue-basket hoist procedures became essential

    49. Their charges ranged from resisting arrest to minor in possession

    50. The underlying currency broke out of the downtrend ranged by the xx'-yy' channel

    1. The cold winter winds began to announce their arrival down the mountain ranges towards the plains below

    2. ” The plan was a simple one, inspired by their recent talk of the Tahoe in part; but then with the advent of the tangle-tossers new ranges as a tool in their arsenal, they had a lot to arrange in a short amount of time

    3. Ahead only further mountain ranges

    4. Kurt looked out the window and followed the ridges of the whitened mountain ranges

    5. He remembered his father telling him when he was a young boy of his taking extensive flights over these very ranges when the Aquifer was in its initial development stages

    6. It spread for miles in the distance between the mountain ranges

    7. This force would push up the landmasses before them to form high mountain ranges such as the Andes, or Rockies; or down, forming deep ocean trenches as the plates pushed down into the mantle

    8. Thus we fired at different ranges, except at very close range

    9. In the confusion of the battle fire discipline was not maintained, and I heard no ranges given during the day

    10. There were shooting ranges for rifles & pistols as well as mortars and air-strikes

    11. Kracow, ancient capital of Poland, lay tucked in a valley amid green hills, surrounded by distant snow-tipped ranges

    12. They had barely escaped with their lives when they saw the world begin to shatter into fragments the size of mountain ranges and become a cloud of debris that within a few days time settled into a disk of detritus and dust

    13. Things such as, “falls of inorganic materials of an amazing range of items, unaccountable noises and explosions, spontaneous fires, levitation, unexplained disappearances, giant wheels of light in the oceans, out-of-place artifacts, animals found outside their normal ranges, phantom cats, strange lights in the sky,’ which he suggested might be extra-terrestrials

    14. 8 And you shall compass the king round about, every man with his weapons in his hand, and He who comes inside the ranges, let him

    15. the ranges, and him who follow her kill with the sword

    16. A surround-sound array of speakers of all ranges fortified by a base woofer now tested the frame of the house

    17. of hundreds that were set over the host, and said to them, have her out of the ranges, and whoever follows her, let him be killed with

    18. The pay ranges from $5 to $50

    19. The pay ranges from $

    20. The pay ranges from $5-$50

    21. The latter seemed to have explored all the huge mountain ranges in the west and even penetrated into the jungle lands beyond

    22. high mountain ranges with

    23. Natural gas is supplied to homes where it is used for such purposes as cooking in natural gas-powered ranges and ovens, natural gas-heated clothes dryers, heating/cooling and central heating

    24. The disclosure ‘reports allow congressmen to report their finances within broad ranges

    25. Their military organization ranges from mobs of rabble to elite forces

    26. In fact, this should hold for any two-surface that ranges to infinity

    27. varies with activity The color ranges from light blue to gray The vortexes

    28. certain frequency ranges or ‘bands’ in the same way that semiconductors

    29. “I’m not sure of the ranges past this point,” he said, pointing midway up the main street on his map

    30. After the bearish trend the price ranges and there are several Doji’s amongst the candles which have no influence on the price

    31. different types of money management strategies, the forex market is ideal for traders to trade both trends and ranges

    32. Is it better to trade trends or ranges? That is up to the forex trader and how comfortable he feels about both strategies

    33. The graphical design ranges from rudimentary to nonexistent

    34. ranges from A to Z

    35. Affectivity ranges all the way from the widest possible context

    36. For the unconditioned awareness there are no ranges; there is just reality

    37. After analysing all the relevant data, Tony predicted that if we ever had a king tide accompanied by unusually high rainfall in the coastal ranges, coinciding with cyclonic winds from the sea, or something like that, then the canals would burst and join the river systems, drained land would revert to swamp, and silt would create a sandbar parallel to the coast, causing the river to sweep south and scour out the beach in front of us here

    38. When gaps occur within regular trading ranges, the word on the street has been that, "Gaps must be filled"

    39. Just a vague mention of up the ranges to the lakes, then they‘d see where the spirit moved

    40. South of the ranges the rich and beautiful plains of Poitain stretched to the river Alimane; but beyond the river lay the land of Zingara

    41. One quick sweep down those ranges of prices will deliver to the specialist the

    42. The buckling of the land thrust up great mountain ranges in the central part of the northern continent

    43. coastal ranges after the green and wetter forests on the west

    44. The ranges of

    45. The trend of the rising cost of healthcare is this country ranges from about 17-24% yearly and people just cannot afford that burden of cost any longer

    46. the ranges of the points must overlap -- after all, a repeater can't repeat a signal

    47. waves of that frequency and there are plenty of ranges well within our current

    48. Their habitats, ranges, food supplies, and populations are being decimated by the palm oil industry

    49. While in total numbers there are more poor people uninsured, there are significant percentages of people within higher pay ranges that choose to be uninsured (because they don’t get insurance with the job automatically and they want to gamble that they will pay less in out of pocket for medical service per year than the annual sum of insurance premiums)

    50. To stimulate this, tax credits could be given industry for extra wages paid in the new year with respect to a reference year’s wages to employees in the $25-60K range, so that rather than send the money to uncle, the company spends more on wages (in the lower 60% ranges of income) and deducts half of their increase in wages from their taxes directly, while holding product and service prices to customers down

    1. She knew of their wide ranging speculations and their

    2. There were differences of opinion, ranging from weird through cute to typical boy

    3. The ladies enjoyed conversation ranging from the Spelman's crossing, to the Clive House appointments and Redditch shopping

    4. There are seventeen in total, ranging from Flowers to Poo, all arranged in order of their 'Pong Ratio'

    5. In most cases never directly, but when the word future had occurred repeatedly or at least alluded to, ranging from: ‘I don’t see there being any future in my career/relationship

    6. The Queen Mother took a seat on her son's left; the chiefs and a few select servants ranging themselves in a long line facing Governor Maxwell, Sir Francis Scott, and Colonel Kempster

    7. By the guns, Captain Grimes and Lieutenants Conklin and Farr were ranging, the cannoneers stood by their pieces, and at one minute to eight, No

    8. ranging up to 6500ft; the garden produces Tea of rare and delicate fragrances

    9. Based on averages of previous years, there would typically have been ten or more US invasions of Latin America during those twelve years, with deaths ranging from several hundred to several thousand each

    10. Thieves have many schemes for getting your number, ranging from bluetooth skimmers which, installed on top of a legitimate readers, grab information and send it to a nearby laptop, to waitresses simply writing down the data from the card

    11. His back was now toward her, as he stood looking in a ranging manner

    12. “There are examples ranging from really trivial stuff, like genealogical errors, to much more fundamental beliefs

    13. Inside there were about thirty men ranging in age from fifteen to about sixty milling around in a large room

    14. Boxes and crates of ranging sizes had been left

    15. There were 30 patients at the centre with a vast array of mental conditions ranging from self harm to psychosis; there was never a dull day to be had for her

    16. My father had taken me to his library when I first visited his home in Transylvania with him, shown me the layers and halls of books lining the walls, ranging from the inception of time to modern day discourse

    17. NDEr thus understands the emotional and wider ranging impact of their humanly actions on

    18. number of birth defects still have an unknown cause, ranging in frequency from 43% to 70% of

    19. which now has some two hundred members, ranging in ages from the youngest fourteen to the oldest fifty-six years old

    20. A different guide took the group to the site Longmen Caves where tourists can contemplate and appreciate one hundred thousand figurines of Buddha, in sizes ranging from small to gigantic

    21. of the House and Senate escaped ticketing and arrest last year for a variety of traffic offenses ranging from speeding to driving while intoxicated

    22. Since 2003, Triad has made over 550 grants ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to well over $2

    23. The list was a compendium of the most serious of the 94 military targets in North Vietnam ranging from POL (Petroleum, Oil, and Lubrication) storage areas to docking facilities in the Haiphong Harbor and the two rail lines running south out of Red China

    24. Giant crystals of every color protruded into the space, ranging from the size of a fist to the size of a building

    25. He had left several of them of various sizes, their blades ranging from fifteen centimeters to three meters in length, and now everyone in attendance was playing with them

    26. was aging and stranded in rusted colours, ranging from brown to

    27. The lengths of the Revenue cutters expanded with the Revenue Marine missions, eventually ranging from 56 to 110 feet of deck length

    28. Radar (Radio detection and ranging): the method of locating objects by radio waves which are transmitted, reflected, and received, illuminated by a cathode ray screen

    29. There were in the first months of opening 32 babies and toddlers, ranging between a

    30. (determined by lunar laser ranging) with the sum of the lunar mass (determined by its gravitational action

    31. There are tons of lizards in Aruba, ranging from the much

    32. The regolith is thin, ranging from about 2 meters on the

    33. fell over 100 pips breaking out of its ranging attitude of the previous 2 days and

    34. The Volatility Ratio is an indicator which identifies the moment when a price breaks out of a ranging pattern in a bullish pattern or bearish pattern

    35. Is it trending, is it ranging or is it volatile

    36. Doji’s in the middle of a ranging price and don’t signify any major changes to the price

    37. The EUR/USD 30 minute chart below is showing a ranging

    38. A sustained break is a break which has longevity and usually follows a currency that has been ranging or follows an uptrend or down trending market

    39. This was the primary weapon used during the Islamic Conquest (ranging from 634-750) and then later used well into the 20th century in the Middle East

    40. The determined humanoids bore a variety of weapons ranging from lances and pikes to crossbows and short swords

    41. I published REUNION on April 15 of 2011 and I've already sold more than that with continued sales ranging from 1-10 everyday, which isn't a huge deal, but it's far better than my previous results

    42. It’s amazing really that couples have issues with talking intimately to each other about sex, especially considering the fact that so many things could have happened in your lives together, ranging from years of closeness, through raising children and seeing each other in the most dreadful states (think ‘bedhair’ first thing on a morning or hangovers the morning after)

    43. available on the Clickbank marketplace, with price ranging from

    44. However, it can be sold at any price ranging

    45. Soon, they followed calling out for the dragon, ranging further away from each other with only Marcus worried about losing his way

    46. His career develops in Italy and abroad ranging from Price Waterhouse to the Fininvest Group, the IT directorship at EMI 136

    47. If the Picts are besieging the fort, war-parties will be ranging up the road toward our cabins

    48. He was filled with every emotion under the sun ranging from hatred to revenge to anger and then to upset as he remembered his parents with great love and affection

    49. The great Russian Empire with its violent but colourful history ranging through the centuries of the enormously rich Imperialist overlords to the harsh, iron-fisted Communists, had long fascinated Harry Travis, and not simply because his grandfather, a Polish clockmaker had been born at Kalinin, north-west of Moscow

    50. Budgie breeders have developed a number of color varieties (called mutations), ranging from yellow to green to blue to white, and mixes of colors, too!

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    Synonyms for "range"

    range cooking stove kitchen range kitchen stove stove ambit compass orbit reach scope grasp image range of a function chain chain of mountains mountain chain mountain range range of mountains grade order place rank rate array lay out set out browse crop graze pasture cast drift ramble roam roll rove stray swan tramp vagabond wander straddle run magnitude limits sweep confine kind sort line series file tier area region length arrange align class dispose stretch out occupy go lie explore stroll straggle encompass

    "range" definitions

    an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:

    the limits within which something can be effective

    a large tract of grassy open land on which livestock can graze

    a series of hills or mountains

    a place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds

    a variety of different things or activities

    (mathematics) the set of values of the dependent variable for which a function is defined

    the limit of capability

    a kitchen appliance used for cooking food

    change or be different within limits

    move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

    have a range; be capable of projecting over a certain distance, as of a gun

    range or extend over; occupy a certain area

    lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line

    feed as in a meadow or pasture

    let eat

    assign a rank or rating to