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Feed in a sentence

You feed her.
They feed on.
have had a feed.
and to feed him.
to not feed them.
Feed the system.
Feed me, feed all.

I must feed soon.
to feed, you know.
Don’t feed the.
I could feed you.
15 I will feed my.
up with an NNS feed.
Who would feed her?.
,just to feed mainly.
Should I feed your.
feed into the house.
feed you in convents.
I have to feed Ms.
to feed her children.
feed to points of use.
They feed each other.
Then the feed cut out.
They feed the people.
To feed and clothe.
I don’t feed them.
We'll feed you here.
Helen would feed them.
to feed the shrinkage.
to feed on each other.
It was feeding.
I want feeding up.
are feeding the tank.
He was feeding, alone.
H) Feeding the Beast.
for feeding the loud-.
She needed feeding up.
feeding on the frenzy,.
The lions were feeding.
At feeding time, they.
Switch feeding supply?.
we were feeding the fish.
happily feeding the fish.
nest that needed feeding.
Feeding them wasn’t a.
with each other, feeding.
finished feeding the baby.
feeding when I was a baby.
Gerald will need feeding.
is just feeding that fear.
sharks in a feeding frenzy.
He has difficulty feeding.
I better get to feeding.
about feeding on a schedule.
Jean was absently feeding.
feeding them, why not try?.
Indications of fish feeding.
such as feeding the homeless.
They needed feeding as well.
87 fed +.
He was a Fed.
I am fed up.
He fed them.
The pond fed.
and be fed,.
Carl was fed up.
He even fed us.
It must be fed.
hand that fed him.
Junya fed her a.
fed to the speaker.
it fed their souls.
I should have fed.
Brendan fed the cat.
I fed her a chicken.
Be sure he’s fed.
called out to be fed.
He fed the toddler.
Was rescued and fed.
She looked well fed.
changed or to be fed.
Have you fed?.
And the column fed me.
You have not fed us.
I have never fed raw.
fed the hungry presses.
Income tax (st & fed) 2.
The White Cube fed him.
He feeds on evil.
It feeds on itself.
makes when he feeds.
The air feeds most.
Not even data feeds.
Life feeds on life.
The one who feeds on.
Power feeds on flattery.
She feeds it day after.
notion of feeds and speeds.
Deorci feeds off your fear.
his feeds seem to have froze.
calculating feeds and speeds.
The Krummling feeds on fear.
feeds and nourishes the other.
Check the topside feeds!.
CNC Feeds and Speeds Tutorial.

Synonyms for feed

feed provender give eat course flow run prey feast fertilise fertilize