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Sleazy in a sentence

It's kind of sleazy.
That makes it sound sleazy.
Sleazy private eyes hopped the.
pirated, they were totally sleazy.
Ok, sleazy sales pitch is finished.
You can’t fall in love with Sleazy.
leave this sordid, sleazy world in a trice.

He lives in a pretty sleazy area by the way.
That's OK, I've been in sleazy areas before.
getting involved in the whole sleazy piracy thing.
She was sexy in a sleazy way with thick black hair.
You betrayed your country and you’re a sleazy traitor.
What was a sleazy little blackmailer doing reading that?.
how sleazy the company is or what they’re having you do.
there would be no doubt that the criminals in this sleazy.
What a sleazy character who was acting in perfect character!.
Your boyfriend may desire the sleazy but his heart would break.
women that I pray stand to realize… sleazy is sleazy, marriage.
If there is one thing that makes me cringe, it’s sleazy people.
On one such occasion, Sheri came home with another sleazy story.
massage therapists as prostitutes working out of sleazy massage parlors.
Jeez, what a shitty way to die—in some crappy little dung-hole sleazy diner.
It required constant vigilance to keep sleazy people from targeting the cooks.
Surrounding him was the racket of drunk, sleazy men and young, hormonal girls.
did not want to have anything in common with this sleazy and dishonorable man.
testify; the third had such a sleazy reputation that the jury bought the claim.
She hated looking at his face and hearing his voice, everything about him was sleazy.
In the 1900s most of the Balkans were still ruled by the sleazy and corrupt Turkish Empire.
This letter is prompted by "straight in Buffalo" and what her husband called a sleazy outfit.
Jillian used the day to sleep and heal, bathing twice to get rid of the sleazy feeling of the jail.

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Synonyms for sleazy

sleazy bum cheap cheesy chintzy crummy punk tinny seamy seedy sordid squalid