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Sober in a sentence

It might sober him up.
We need him sober, Brice.
It had been a sober house.
It’ll help sober you up.
He seemed not quite sober.
He would stay sober for a.
Not only that, he was sober.

She was sort of sober again.
But then, I was fully sober.
He is not sober, as he used.
His views were sober and sound.
She will grow sober by degrees.
A sober Shorty iced the babble.
When he does, his voice is sober.
He was cheerful and sober after.
To be called ‘responsibly sober.
Reginald gave him a sober look then.
Helen Sturgis nodded at that, sober.
Seventeen and a half years sober.
He’s now been sober and happily.
And seek the sober grounds of truth.
He would meet them sober, on their.
The next day, all of them were sober.
Come on, it’ll sober you up a bit.
Dixie got sober in AA in early 1984.
But, I shall be sober in the morning.
By Guam, Parker was sober and coherent.
Sober or drugged, he would flash back.
If I’d been sober and could see the.
I’m hoping not to be sober by then.
He was sober and quiet and preoccupied.
Try and sober him up, will you?
Dealing with Prohibition, stone sober.
He seemed to be rendered suddenly sober.
Once sober, realizing with whom she had.
They did sober themselves for Beth's sake.
Who would but hold the earth in sober wit.
Did a sober journalist write that?
He was a cynic, and he was clean and sober.
It is true he was probably not quite sober.
It was a sobering thought.
With a sobering expression, Dr.
Not a sobering notion, he mused.
It was an extremely sobering lesson.
Seeing her like that was a sobering.
This TRUTH should be sobering for you.
There’s something far more sobering.
Consider this an intervention! A sobering.
Something about her demeanor has a sobering.
Sobering, I sat up, pulling the sheet around me.
The sobering thought had focused him and it had been.
The image was sobering, and pierced right through him.
Vinny could feel himself sobering up as he made his way to.
Suddenly, her body shivered, sobering her from her delirium.
He was also not bullshitting about sobering me up, which he.
The whole thing has a very sobering effect, and I find myself.
She had some sobering and scary material up there on the podium.
It was a sobering sight that made us realise how fortunate we in.
And further in regard to the poor, there is this sobering thought.
But the truth is far stranger and more sobering than any fiction.
The accident sent a sobering thought to all of us that crossing with.
The fire at the hawker’s centre was a sobering reminder to us that.
Horne shot a sobering look at Barnes, who had already guessed the worst.
They stood well back from the group, but their presence had a sobering effect.
Unks comment about home abruptly ends this surreal moment with a sobering though.
He was sobering up from the weed; it was becoming too real for him to deal with.
At the unexpected news, Mom opened her eyes, almost sobering up from the surprise.
This is a sobering thought that should compel us to share the Gospel with everyone.
These sobering numbers give solid proof to the fact that the strategies and techniques.
Our Lord spoke these sobering words to us, as found in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24.
Yigal, sobering a little at the question ventured, We couldn't be sure who was in the.
The sense of danger was a very sobering one, even against whatever trickery he was using.
The doctor shook Ethan’s hand and looked him in the eye with a sobering, stone-hard gaze.
The early morning everywhere, including Petersburg, has a sobering effect on a man's nature.
This very sobering scripture tells us that only a few will enter in at the strait gate.
Given that this mission was stretching the plane’s range to the limit, it was sobering news.
I was rather hoping it would have been for an occasion a little less sobering than this, she.
This turbulent ending of the third public preaching tour had a sobering effect upon all of Jesus' followers.
If so, however, he was about to find himself face-to-face with two ironclads, and that was a sobering reflection.
A more sobering analysis of this Huxlian scenario may suggest consequences that have not been properly considered.
He’s sobered up a bit now.
Your uncle's visit sobered him.
Finally, she sobered enough to.
You've sobered me up, said Crumley.
John laughed, but then sobered quickly.
The whole thing sobered me up really quick.
Suddenly he sobered, and his countenance fell.
He had sobered up completely around midnight.
The two taller men looked sobered by her words.
When the boy had sobered up, he told the police.
He sobered himself up later, after he calmed down.
The whole thing was most painful as he sobered up.
Patrick quickly sobered up to his newfound reality.
Hindley descended more leisurely, sobered and abashed.
Sabrina sobered as well, but she didn’t stop eating.
The shock and the incipient pain had partly sobered him.
He was as if sobered after a long bout of intoxication.
The horses were completely sobered and covered with sweat.
Ashi sobered, What do you mean? You want to have sex?
Now sobered by the stinging cold, the men dismounted nervously.
Thoughts of Dumbo sobered Therese as she took a brush to Sugar.
Alec sobered for a moment, pondering the depth of that statement.
Nancy�s face sobered up as she reminisced about her experience.
An’ then I felt that knife go in me, an’ that sobered me up.
The woman sobered enough to hitch her bodice and slink quickly away.
She immediately sobered up; Sam swallowed hard when the cold gun barrel.
A sudden thought sobered him, had he really depended on her that much?
Jags and Rani pulled out their guns; the drunken guys sobered up rapidly.
That sobered all of them and the rest of the hall seemed ridiculously loud.
This rather sobered the others, but for some time afterwards whenever they.
Tommy Pike had sobered up considerably when Smith walked in to Chalmers office.
The man in the chair sobered, straightened and looked the inspector in the eye.
He sniggered into his hands then quickly sobered up as he heard someone running.
Russell looked up, and, seeing the look on Sebastian’s face, sobered immediately.
Away from Paco, sobered by the cool air, I wondered about walking with the spirits.
If I straightened myself out and sobered up, there’s a possibility that I could adopt.
Then he sobered down and ran lovingly by Stephen as they all made their way to the beach.
Not too serious, and they were all released after they sobered up the next day to go home.
The events of the evening had sobered him and now he was left with one hell of a hangover.
Hey! That’s completely different again! Mark grinned, then sobered in concentration.
ICC Award-Sir Garfield Sobers trophy for cricketer of the year 2010.
Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within.

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