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    1. Now that he was sober and miserable, his voice sounded sober and miserable

    2. But after quite a while, to everyone's dismay, the big man reappeared looking as though he'd been dousing himself under the hose Nikos used to wash his car, maybe to sober up

    3. Helen Roach rapidly became a recluse, a shambolic, unkempt creature living a half-life of darkness in her bedroom, where she filled her ears with cotton wool buds when sober enough to remember that the worm was turning in her poor, throbbing skull

    4. She wished she was sober enough to appreciate the loving this soldier gave her that evening because he was very romantic and sensual

    5. buds when sober enough to remember that the worm was turning in

    6. Leaping to his feet, Chas – more sober than any of the others – held his hand out to help her step down from the table

    7. Broadband comes as part of the cable package, and it provides Ted with a window on the world and hard porn comfort when he is sober enough to be interested, which is less and less frequently these days

    8. Johnny seemed to sober up at that comment, raising up in his seat and

    9. If I’d been sober and could see the

    10. Heather set the water down on the table and tried to act as sober as she could

    11. drunk, but he stayed on the road, between the lines, better than some sober drivers

    12. from the hotel to the airport, and only then if he was sober

    13. "We need him sober, Brice

    14. We need him sober now!" Rafe said, his deep voice booming from his child-like body

    15. After all the wonderful tales which have been published concerning the splendid state of those countries in ancient times, whoever reads, with any degree of sober judgment, the history of their first discovery and conquest, will evidently discern that, in arts, agriculture, and commerce, their inhabitants were much more ignorant than the Tartars of the Ukraine are at present

    16. He’s now been sober and happily

    17. But a bank which lends money, perhaps to five hundred different people, the greater part of whom its directors can know very little about, is not likely to be more judicious in the choice of its debtors than a private person who lends out his money among a few people whom he knows, and in whose sober and frugal conduct he thinks he has good reason to confide

    18. The sober and frugal debtors of private persons, on the contrary, would be more likely to employ the money borrowed in sober undertakings which were proportioned to their capitals, and which, though they might have less of the grand and the marvellous, would have more of the solid and the profitable ; which would repay with a large profit whatever had been laid out upon them, and which would thus afford a fund capable of maintaining a much greater quantity of labour than that which had been employed about them

    19. the drunkards sometimes are sober, while

    20. In mercantile and manufacturing towns, where the inferior ranks of people are chiefly maintained by the employment of capital, they are in general industrious, sober, and thriving; as in many English, and in most Dutch towns

    21. Sober people, who will give for the use of money no more than a part of what they are likely to make by the use of it, would not venture into the competition

    22. Where the legal rate of interest, on the contrary, is fixed but a very little above the lowest market rate, sober people are universally preferred, as borrowers, to prodigals and projectors

    23. The next day, all of them were sober

    24. Sober men, whose projects have been disproportioned to their capitals, are as likely to have neither wherewithal to buy money, nor credit to borrow it, as prodigals, whose expense has been disproportioned to their revenue

    25. Each new set of burgomasters visits the treasure, compares it with the books, receives it upon oath, and delivers it over, with the same awful solemnity to the set which succeeds ; and in that sober and religious country, oaths are not yet disregarded

    26. When a French regiment comes from some of the northern provinces of France, where wine is somewhat dear, to be quartered in the southern, where it is very cheap, the soldiers, I have frequently heard it observed, are at first debauched by the cheapness and novelty of good wine ; but after a few months residence, the greater part of them become as sober as the rest of the inhabitants

    27. But though the judgment of sober reason and experience concerning such projects has always been extremely unfavourable, that of human avidity has commonly been quite otherwise

    28. When profits are high, that sober virtue seems to be superfluous, and expensive luxury to suit better the affluence of his situation

    29. Her dark hair, long but styled flat in a disciplined way; navy- blue outfit a more sober version of something Deanna would wear to work

    30. A much more sober and judicious writer, Mr Anderson, author of the Historical and Chronological Deduction of Commerce, very justly observes, that upon examining the accounts which Mr Dobbs himself has given for several years together, of their exports and imports, and upon making proper allowances for their extraordinary risk and expense, it does not appear that their profits deserve to be envied, or that they can much, if at all, exceed the ordinary profits of trade

    31. We instantly became sober as Gaspar continued

    32. He gets himself organised and sober, she gets less prissy

    33. They moved to the conference room, with its sober chairs and round table

    34. They are listened to, esteemed, and respected by their superiors; but before their inferiors they are frequently incapable of defending, effectually, and to the conviction of such hearers, their own sober and moderate doctrines, against the most ignorant enthusiast who chooses to attack them

    35. If the landlords should, the greater part of them, be tempted to farm the whole of their own lands, the country (instead of sober and industrious tenants, who are bound by their own interest to cultivate as well as their capital and skill will allow them) would be filled with idle and profligate bailiffs, whose abusive management would soon degrade the cultivation, and reduce the annual produce of the land, to the diminution, not only of the revenue of their masters, but of the most important part of that of the whole society

    36. sober in the morning

    37. As all those four commodities are real necessaries of life, such heavy taxes upon them must increase somewhat the expense of the sober and industrious poor, and must consequently raise more or less the wages of their labour

    38. But if the tax were to be paid by purchasing a licence to drink those liquors, the sober would, in proportion to his consumption, be taxed much more heavily than the drunken consumer

    39. Seven shillings and sixpence are equal to the excise upon ten bushels of malt; a quantity fully equal to what all the different members of any sober family, men, women, and children, are, at an average, likely to consume

    40. Then we told them about the two injured Germans in No Man’s Land and how they had screamed and cried all night long until the trench-mortar had silenced them this left them a bit more sober still

    41. It might sober him up

    42. The taste for some sort of pageantry, for splendid buildings, at least, and other public ornaments, frequently prevails as much in the apparently sober senate-house of a little republic, as in the dissipated court of the greatest king

    43. But, I shall be sober in the morning

    44. By the time control was established, there were not more than a dozen sober men on board the ship

    45. He stared at her, his expression going sober

    46. He knew they were real events, significant, dramatic, but it was as if in those times he had not entirely been there, even in his most sober, alert moments

    47. the rest of us were none too sober

    48. “Ah!” She allowed a thin smile and gave him a more sober look

    49. when the adrenalin had died down and sober second thought had taken hold

    50. “Did a sober journalist write that?”

    1. Alec sobered for a moment, pondering the depth of that statement

    2. He had, for the most part, sobered up, though now he was beginning to feel the aftermath of his intoxication

    3. Russell looked up, and, seeing the look on Sebastian’s face, sobered immediately

    4. Not too serious, and they were all released after they sobered up the next day to go home

    5. George followed Leon up to his suite more to humor him than anything else, but once there, the sight of numerous payoff checks, in addition to a semi-cryptic receipt from a downtown bank for eleven million dollars in cash ‘Ed’ claimed he had just delivered, all of which appeared authentic, sobered him

    6. Jules threw a few threatening glances to certain people in the room and the atmosphere immediately sobered up and dried

    7. Apparently he was a consultant on moral philosophy! He howled when he heard that, but he sobered up abruptly

    8. Beth sobered suddenly, pushing Truman to arm’s length where she examined the details of his face, then clung to him with her face nuzzled into the cradle at the junction of his neck and shoulder

    9. ” I said and he sobered up

    10. ” He said when he sobered up

    11. He sobered up “Life is without guarantees little one, but I don’t see why we can’t make this last forever

    12. Once he sobered up, he just stayed in bed 24/7, but proved to us by his high paying gig some years later at McDermott Will that he was the smartest of the five

    13. Ashi sobered, “What do you mean? You want to have sex?”

    14. ” Her expression sobered as she looked from Jesse to Gabriel to say, “When we use up one of these bins, it’s tagged empty and moved to the end of the line

    15. he had sobered up by then

    16. Their mood sobered, and he continued carrying her home, between the widely spaced gigantic trees

    17. Suddenly he sobered, and his countenance fell

    18. her; he seemed to have sobered up quite a bit by then

    19. “Hey! That’s completely different again!” Mark grinned, then sobered in concentration

    20. ” she nodded with a smile of understanding, then sobered a bit

    21. Then he sobered down and ran lovingly by Stephen as they all made their way to the beach

    22. arrival sobered the young couple and they made plans to escape the money sharks who

    23. He stayed drunk to wash away the sorrow and the guilt, but once he sobered up, he’d always feel ten times worse than before

    24. The events of the evening had sobered him and now he was left with one hell of a hangover

    25. A sudden thought sobered him, had he really depended on her that much?

    26. Ashat’s joy of fathering other sons was always sobered up by the memory of Rosa in labor

    27. She immediately sobered up; Sam swallowed hard when the cold gun barrel

    28. The whole thing sobered me up really quick

    29. Unseen and thusly unannounced I burst upon a holy sight—the inner workings of a spire—that quickly sobered Mine intent

    30. Now sobered by the stinging cold, the men dismounted nervously

    31. 5 This move of his mother was a great disappointment to the human Jesus, and he was much sobered by his reaction to her suggestive proposal that he permit himself to indulge in some outward demonstration of his divinity

    32. 5 By this time Nalda was sobered, and her better self was awakened

    33. He stood holding the cloak, eyeing her as if the sight of her rich garments had somewhat sobered him

    34. 3 Simon Peter was at first almost swept off his feet by this popular manifestation of enthusiasm; but he was considerably sobered by the time they returned to Bethany that night

    35. The reaction from the spectacular procession into the city was disastrous to Simon Peter; by night he was sobered and inexpressibly saddened

    36. sobered up as they trembled in

    37. Jags and Rani pulled out their guns; the drunken guys sobered up rapidly

    38. Suraj was stunned, he couldn’t share the enthusiasm; he hoped that the idea would drown by the time the girls sobered up

    39. But when she sobered up, she looked very attractive, in spite of the life she previously led that could have—should have—been a rather short one

    40. � By the time they arrived at a mnemotronic lab, Farah was sobered up by Nancy�s story

    41. Nancy�s face sobered up as she reminisced about her experience

    42. By then, Ingrid’s face had sobered up noticeably and she measured her words carefully in response to Dewey’s declaration

    43. While the others around him also cheered at first, some quickly sobered down, including another pilot captured at about the same time as Anders and who was occupying the top bed of their bunk

    44. The man in the chair sobered, straightened and looked the inspector in the eye

    45. It’s as if the fresh air has suddenly sobered him up and he realizes where he is, and it’s not the where he wants to be

    46. aren’t to assume, once they’ve sobered up, that they’ve wasted years of

    47. She wandered aimlessly for a time, but eventually sobered up enough to decide to go to Annie’s house

    48. So he sobered up

    49. That sight sobered somewhat her triumph: this was probably only the start of a crisis that could too easily turn into a war between two superpowers

    50. He sniggered into his hands then quickly sobered up as he heard someone running

    1. There was one sobering moment when we came to a trampled clearing where stalks and weeds were flattened and the sandy soil was stained with a mess of dried blood, we fell silent and strode on without reference

    2. “I’m like a bad penny,” he grinned, but it was a sobering kind of smile as the two of them remembered the lives that had been lost

    3. The number of predictions about future events contained within the Bible and the fact that we find that all events that have occurred in our past, came true with 100% accuracy, not failing once in accuracy or timing, should leave one with sobering thoughts about the events predicted for our future

    4. It was sobering and frightening to think that losing a person could unhinge someone to that extent so that on reflection I felt only sorrow and compassion for the woman

    5. ” This had the effect of sobering us up knowing that we would be heading back to France in three days and then Tommy said

    6. And further in regard to the poor, there is this sobering thought

    7. It was a sobering

    8. There’s something far more sobering

    9. “I was rather hoping it would have been for an occasion a little less sobering than this,” she

    10. A more sobering analysis of this Huxlian scenario may suggest consequences that have not been properly considered

    11. It was sobering to look back and see where my life had been just a year prior, but at the same time, I was thankful

    12. The doctor shook Ethan’s hand and looked him in the eye with a sobering, stone-hard gaze

    13. This is a sobering thought that should compel us to share the Gospel with everyone

    14. He was sobering up from the weed; it was becoming too real for him to deal with

    15. Theodore Dalrymple, writing from his experience as a psychiatrist in a British prison, offers this sobering thought: “Men commit evil within the scope available to them

    16. At the unexpected news, Mom opened her eyes, almost sobering up from the surprise

    17. With a sobering expression, Dr

    18. was a sobering thought

    19. Consider this an intervention! A sobering

    20. The whole thing has a very sobering effect, and I find myself

    21. Yigal, sobering a little at the question ventured, “We couldn’t be sure who was in the encampment when we saw it at first light

    22. Yigal, sobering a little at the question ventured, “We couldn't be sure who was in the

    23. Suddenly, her body shivered, sobering her from her delirium

    24. He was also not bullshitting about sobering me up, which he

    25. experience, is a sobering fact to face

    26. my life – which was a sobering thought

    27. agents they had just saved was a very assuring but sobering thought

    28. Seeing her like that was a sobering

    29. This turbulent ending of the third public preaching tour had a sobering effect upon all of Jesus' followers

    30. The sobering experience reminded the man of the dead dogs at the shack and he sure didn‘t want Joe Billie finding those beauties

    31. But the truth is far stranger and more sobering than any fiction

    32. her it would soon be all right, while he came to the sobering fact that a lot of

    33. he came to the sobering realization this wasn't apparently their means of

    34. The fire at the hawker’s centre was a sobering reminder to us that

    35. The accident sent a sobering thought to all of us that crossing with

    36. It was a sobering sight that made us realise how fortunate we in

    37. The sight was sobering

    38. This very sobering scripture tells us that only a “few” will enter in at the strait gate

    39. the same scent of death had hung in the air, and to Rude it was a sobering experience

    40. ” The sobering words of the radiolo-

    41. The sense of danger was a very sobering one, even against whatever trickery he was using

    42. It was the getting caught, and seeing the pain that I caused others, and falling down just to get back up so I could fall down again that brought my life to a place that I had to take a long sobering look at myself, be ashamed, repent (change my mind), so my life could be led by God without interference from me

    43. Not a sobering notion, he mused

    44. Molly was sobering up

    45. Vinny could feel himself sobering up as he made his way to

    46. sobering up faster than a crew pit working on a race car

    47. It was however a slightly sobering thought that we might actually be risking life and limbs (whose limbs we weren't sure) in testing out are belief- especially as once we entered Iran it would be well nigh impossible to communicate with the outside world - mobiles, the internet, email, facebook being all things of the future - even international dialing was almost impossible unless in a large town - and we intended to steer clear of those

    48. It was an extremely sobering lesson

    49. They stood well back from the group, but their presence had a sobering effect

    50. There'll be a day when you will keep this appointment, and you'll stand before the judgement seat of Christ; and what will be on view is how you've run your life - that's a very sobering thought

    1. ICC Award-Sir Garfield Sobers trophy for cricketer of the year 2010

    2. ’ ‘Incidentally,’ Watkin tells Jason ‘Tony Lewis commentated on the Garfield Sobers six sixes in the match with Glamorgan against the West Indies, and was the first captain of England to defeat India in more than twenty years

    3. Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within

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    Synonyms for "sober"

    sober sober up drab somber sombre grave sedate solemn serious unplayful quiet subdued restrained earnest temperate abstinent abstemious ascetic calm collected composed controlled rational reasonable sound sane dark dull neutral

    "sober" definitions

    cause to become sober

    become more realistic

    become sober after excessive alcohol consumption

    not affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

    dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises

    lacking brightness or color; dull

    completely lacking in playfulness