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Shop in a sentence

1. I left the wine shop.
2. I bought it in a shop.
3. His shop is upon the.
4. No Costcos to shop at.
5. She went into the shop.
6. Back in the Repair Shop.
7. The donut shop that I.

8. Come to the wrong shop.
9. We came out of the shop.
10. They have a sports shop.
11. Or his shop burned down.
12. The shop was very quiet.
13. I felt the need to shop.
14. We’ve got a dive shop.
15. We went back to the shop.
16. When her shop is a buzz.
17. The shop was dark, the.
18. The men entered the shop.
19. My shop is at the temple.
20. This shop in the temple.
21. Smith ran out of the shop.
22. Our shop now offers both.
23. No favoring in this shop.
24. It was in a charity shop.
25. But I don't want to shop.
26. Meet me at the tuck shop.
27. The shop is too confining.
28. There was a record shop.
29. Next to it was a toy shop.
30. The new shop foreman was.
31. I shop there all the time.
32. Also a shop often noticed.
33. So I came back to the shop.
34. They ran by the barber shop.
35. I bought it in a junk shop.
36. He smelt like a lolly shop.
37. It’s still at the shop.
38. Before exiting the shop, I.
39. You have to close the shop.
40. Let's go to the coffee shop.
41. Joey waited near a pawn shop.
42. After the shop was cleared.
43. I entered the shop and was.
44. Sachie stepped into the shop.
45. He was now at the shop door.
46. It was the name of the shop.
47. I cannot afford to shop here.
48. The only shop shuts at seven.
49. There’s a queue in the shop.
50. Three Kutchis is a saree shop.
51. Business at my shop was good.
52. Mama came running to our shop.
53. One of the boys of the shop.
54. This was just a shop doorway.
55. Sit because the shop has not.
56. This shop can’t, we can.
57. His hand touched the shop door.
58. He entered the downstairs shop.
59. Downstairs in the gift shop.
60. There’s an old antique shop.
61. Shop closes early on Thursday.
62. There was a shop in the lobby.
63. I drove to a pawn shop near-by.
64. Sweeny’s shop is next to Mrs.
65. The weapons shop was priceless.
66. I needed help to run the shop.
67. I’m Jane and this is my shop.
68. He by no means gave up his shop.
69. Don't spend it all in one shop.
70. The new shop foreman was John.
71. The driver took it to the shop.
72. Just officially closed up shop.
73. They walked past a beauty shop.
74. Like the smoke shop where you.
75. She went to the shop after work.
76. Bleak House, Old Curiosity Shop.
77. The shop didn't open until nine.
78. How could I know that the shop.
79. The GLEAMING STARS jewelry shop.
80. O’Donnell and his thrift shop.
81. I waved at him and left the shop.
82. The terminal was a butchers shop.
83. One block over was a flower shop.
84. He limped towards the white shop.
85. Nothing, no one was at the shop.
86. I will come to your shop myself.
87. Can Mother open the shop?
88. Lucy was going to the candy shop.
89. The shop had a cement floor; in.
90. The shop owner clears his throat.
91. Shop for a tent with a gear loft.
92. To the cozy shop? she asked.
93. Sachie stomped back into the shop.
94. The car’s in the repair shop.
95. Shop for a tent with a vestibule.
96. And he entered the shop hurriedly.
97. It is late! The shop is closed.
98. Not in my shop! Never in my shop.
99. The grocers’ shop was a delight.
100. Godfrey’s wife entered the shop.
1. Then we had a shopping.
2. She drove to a shopping.
3. One with a shopping trolley.
4. And they were … shopping.
5. He held up the shopping bags.
6. With a shopping list in hand!.
7. Then I left and went shopping.
8. I need to make a shopping list.
9. So they all carried on shopping.
10. I hate shopping for food there.
11. Paris for a weekend of shopping.
12. Oh, yesterday, we went shopping.
13. He was shopping in a nationwide.
14. I haven’t been shopping yet.
15. I even went shopping with Bonnie.
16. They did their shopping together.
17. Today, she was doing the shopping.
18. Can we at least go shopping?
19. Your shopping power would increase.
20. I dropped the shopping on the table.
21. Two shopping expeditions in a week.
22. It was her turn for a shopping spree.
23. They then started shopping for Charly.
24. I am shopping around for a sporty car.
25. The other four girls went shopping.
26. Price shopping and haggling is a must.
27. It is odd shopping for two again ….
28. Once you start shopping around for a.
29. Shopping list – files and marker pen.
30. Lizzie Street provided a shopping strip.
31. We had servants who did the shopping.
32. Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping Jobs!.
33. The rest of the plan was a shopping list.
34. They went shopping together, did their.
35. Instead of taking the kids shopping at.
36. She had one suitcase and a shopping bag.
37. In his case, he owns the shopping center.
38. Well what was in the shopping bag?
39. Thursday afternoon, Troy took me shopping.
40. Shopping malls are indeed cathedrals to.
41. Shopping with Sharon could be quite hard.
42. In the shopping cart at the grocery store.
43. How was the shopping trip, anyway?
44. I’m out for some special shopping, Elma.
45. Afew days later, when I was shopping with.
46. The Trolls Discover the Joys of Shopping.
47. He said home shopping would contribute $0.
48. I will enjoy going shopping I can tell you.
49. It also helps you to build a shopping list.
50. Actually, it was more of a shopping trip.
51. Shopping was one of her favorite activities.
52. Looks like I'll be going grocery shopping.
53. Plan your meals out and go grocery shopping.
54. Customizable Return to Shopping Button.
55. They stopped in front of a huge shopping mall.
56. She loved her shopping trip in New Lake City.
57. Information on shopping, attractions, restau-.
58. I’ve heard that most of the shopping malls.
59. A mobile phone was on my mental shopping list.
60. We'd left the shopping center pier far behind.
61. If you do, plan your meals and shopping trips.
62. Way, Bishkek’s newly renovated shopping mall.
63. I’ll have to take you out shopping sometime.
64. They have a shopping cart for easy integration.
65. Then she sighed and went in to do her shopping.
66. She took me shopping for clothes and she came.
67. Keep this feature in mind when shopping around.
68. I can assure you that she was not out shopping.
69. The Eaux Vives 2000 was a shopping center with.
70. Shopping with Betta is an experience and a half.
71. She was taken shopping and bought more clothes.
72. I did a little shopping when I was in Oxford.
73. After that I did the week’s grocery shopping.
74. As for shopping for food, it was all new to him.
75. This was before the days of late night shopping.
76. Shopping in Regent Street is perfectly splendid.
77. Thomas stands as a place for multiple shopping.
78. Shopping with a friend is a great way to save.
79. The Kick Start Cart Integrated Shopping System.
80. The first shopping trolley that she womanfully.
81. Next on the agenda was shopping in Christchurch.
82. How about New Years Day instead of sale shopping.
83. She would leave the grocery shopping until there.
84. It quickly became clear that some shopping would.
85. As the employee shopping bus stopped outside our.
86. My mother misses going shopping in Cheena Bazaar.
87. We decided to leave a note at the shopping center.
88. Crazy Eddie Antar was going in for home shopping.
89. Our next stop was the Coop City Fusterie shopping.
90. He jumped up and rooted around in his shopping bag.
91. Josie was delighted with the prospect of shopping.
92. They were in Stockbridge shopping when it happened.
93. I decided to do some shopping before I headed home.
94. Unlike both my mom and sister, I loathed shopping.
95. A couple of months ago, I was shopping at my local.
96. Businesses, the hospital and shopping centres are.
97. Shopping and window shopping always calmed him down.
98. It was shopping day, and she had gone to the store.
99. The shopping trolley was full to overflowing with.
100. Rotate your shopping trips to farmers markets, the.
1. He shopped at the Fifth Season.
2. She is the one who shopped you.
3. I‘d stay in the car when we shopped.
4. They went to the market and shopped a lot.
5. Carla shopped for food while Amy made her call.
6. They shopped for almost 2 hours buying a grand.
7. His technique was , he shopped for very cheap.
8. But I still had not shopped for clothing as Kenna.
9. They window shopped, stopping to pick up souvenirs.
10. Walter tells me that you have been shopped?
11. There, in full color, were photo shopped pictures of.
12. Then he was off and running, To save money he shopped.
13. That should be enough to get the shoes if he shopped around.
14. Andrew Presbyterian church who shopped and ran errands for me.
15. Though I tired easily, we walked, shopped, and ate till we dropped.
16. She had shopped there most of her life and everybody knew her there.
17. These women all shopped and lunched and attended book clubs together.
18. The other one was a few miles from my home but close to where I shopped.
19. Peter and Jane shopped for uniforms for him to start school the next day.
20. And then for the first time in their lives they shopped as partners in one concern.
21. I stood near the cash register instead, scanning tourist brochures while Greg shopped.
22. Something you’d see in the home of the royal family (if the royal family shopped at IKEA).
23. She shopped with her mother in midtown, battling the crowds but enjoying the frenetic energy.
24. I was looking for any patterns in their responses about why and how often they shopped at the store.
25. Maybe if I shopped only for a few seconds, Mom wouldn’t notice, he thought, while contemplating the situation.
26. Saturday—for a touch of mild excitement—they shopped in Gettrick, taking advantage of sales at a big grocery.
27. A few of the shop assistants had informed him that they were certain that Mikhail had shopped here a few days ago.
28. The man who was currently moving through the darkness had originally set out to find a restroom while his wife shopped.
29. I sat in the shade of their lumbering camp van, reading The Novel in the parking lot of a grocery store as they shopped.
30. He only needed to claim he shopped there, but that was only every month or two because his partner usually did that shopping.
31. Greg continued to maintain a low profile, but Avi and the girls routinely shopped at the supply depot they had helped liberate.
32. During the six hour layover at Heathrow, I organized my notes, surfed the internet, and window shopped at the terminal retail stores.
33. Once in the stores, I looked for people purchasing more than 20 items, which indicated to me that they shopped at the store frequently.
34. He was not one of those men who never shopped for clothes, and he owned lots of jeans and sweat shirts and whatever else caught his fancy.
35. Then I found pizza pockets, a treat that had disappeared from British shelves when I was a teenager or at least where I or my mother had shopped.
36. My goal was to understand how customers made the decision to shop at 99 Cent Only Stores, rather than trying to guess why they shopped at the store.
37. Ingrid simply nodded but didn’t say more: her watch had been given to her by Ken Dows ‘B’, who had shopped for it in the United States of 2014.
38. Constant eating meant I was gaining half a kilo a day, and when the food ran out I was as big as a five-year-old, weighed fourteen kilos, and shopped at the local store.
39. They shopped, walked, rode, and called all day, went to theaters and operas or frolicked at home in the evening, for Annie had many friends and knew how to entertain them.
40. For example, when I first researched 99 Cent Only Stores, I paid for the items of more than 50 customers in order to solicit their feedback on why they shopped at the store.
41. Cyberia was quite possibly the most haughty, proud and conceited young lady to have ever shopped and lunched in the fabulously gold plated arcades and streets of London Town.
42. His excuse for not having gone to HLS was that he was from Newburgh (I had shopped in his parents’ department store as a small child while living in New Paltz—small world.
43. When a group of young nineteenth-century Russian radicals went out to the countryside to preach revolution, the peasants shopped them to the police before you could say ‘Ooh arr’.
44. Then I approached them and told them that I was researching how customers shopped at 99 Cent Only Stores and that if they agreed to a short interview about their purchases, then I would buy 10 items for them.
45. Winter drew in, and once again the smoke from thousands of fires hung over the town in a low brown cloud; but the people still worked and shopped, ate and drank, played dice in taverns and went to church on Sundays.
46. She thought back to the last several years and knew the Rodell’s would be in the town square generously pouring wine and champagne for friends and neighbors and just about anybody who shopped at their store throughout the year.
47. However, because my firm had taken the time to understand the core customer of the business, we believed these loyal customers who shopped exclusively at Whole Foods Market would not move to competitors, but instead they might simply decrease the number of items they purchased.
48. From the takings her husband was able to recompense his mate for the ruined cards, put enough cash in his pocket for a good night in the pub and leave Cyberia with enough housekeeping to keep them going for nearly a whole week, providing, of course, that she shopped frugally and avoided anything expensive like fresh bread and real butter.
49. So the doctors are saying, that by Marcus confessing to Diane D that it was him and his brother who wrote that phony letter to her family about the little boy who has leukemia, telling Diane D that the little boy she came all the way to the school for never existed, having Diane D realize that she and her family had been fooled and tricked into coming to the school, having Diane D realize that she shopped around and bought toys, gifts and fruit for nothing, having Diane D realize that she and her family brought all that stuff to the school for nothing, having Diane D realize that she will never get to meet or see the little boy who has leukemia, and having Diane D realize that she and her family wasted their time and came all the way to the school for nothing, triggered the violent and vicious personality to come into Diane D’s body and take over her body?
50. Here they shopped, collected mail,.
1. My home was wine shops.
2. I took her to the shops.
3. The pound shops are great.
4. None of the shops I found.
5. I stopped at the shops to.
6. Ski shops have a gizmo you.
7. He had two shops and a house.
8. Their shops sell kosher foods.
9. The shops are closed on Easter.
10. It too is famous for its shops.
11. All the shops would be closed.
12. On most streets there are shops.
13. Is walking with me to the shops.
14. They enjoyed the shops immensely.
15. The shops are packed and hardly.
16. No, all the shops where closed.
17. I found down in the city's shops.
18. Shoe shops, lingerie shops, 104.
19. The butcher shops could afford it.
20. A few shops were still open a few.
21. Gift Shops that cater for you both!.
22. There were busy torchlit shops here.
23. It was a busy road, many shops and.
24. Ski Shops have always been notori-.
25. Shops rather, because the first two.
26. Each of the shops is about 40m3 each.
27. Ski shops tend to sell poles on the.
28. The poulterers' shops were still half.
29. He had two shops and a house of his own.
30. Supermarkets and shops ran out of supply.
31. They would be less dependent upon shops.
32. There used to be shops here and hotels.
33. He took me in shops, bazaars, and towns.
34. All of the shops and houses were closed.
35. Charity shops are a great way to do this.
36. People pay up to ten pounds in some shops.
37. Several coffee shops in South Africa have.
38. Cobblestone roads connected the busy shops.
39. The things I need are not sold in shops.
40. He could try some of the second-hand shops.
41. He runs a string of flower shops all over.
42. As the first shops appeared, they heard a.
43. The shops look merry, do they, with their.
44. Commissioning of the new production shops.
45. There were shops full of exotic looking food.
46. The high-dollar ski shops have always been.
47. There were other shops selling clothes and.
48. Glifada, among them, with shops and elegant.
49. We are cut off entirely from Jena and shops.
50. She looked it over and returned to the shops.
51. Greece of shops of Western-style would upset.
52. Well, Regina has been to a couple of sex shops.
53. Let's shut shops and go home,' a florist said.
54. And then I remembered that all the shops were.
55. I asked if she sold them on to other shops or.
56. Two shops later he was getting the same answer.
57. Late morning she came to a small group of shops.
58. Ordering dinner—mess, pizza shops, and hotels.
59. What I hate most in shops is when you try on a.
60. Shops with nothing to sell, streets void of cars.
61. The main drag was lined with shops and galleries.
62. The only outings they had were to the local shops.
63. She’s hired new talent to run most of her shops.
64. He looked at the shops, but didn’t buy anything.
65. In those days all of the shops used to close by 7pm.
66. Clantons and McLaurys, who had a chain of ski shops.
67. Shops naturally saw a need to fill, so they started.
68. Even the pubs were near the shops as Matthew noticed.
69. Cass sees dozens of shops selling all types of books.
70. Are you OK with going to the shops tomorrow?
71. One of those arrested worked in the repair shops of.
72. There was certainly no shortage of food in the shops.
73. There weren’t any shopping centers with shops open.
74. Uniform shops, greengrocers and dried goods procurers.
75. Steer clear of coffee shops to stay on top of things.
76. I took days off school and refused to go to the shops.
77. Most of these products were already in Tokmok shops;.
78. There are some nice specialty shops there these days.
79. They went through intersections, past shops and houses.
80. Stiffly, Yuki led the way into one of the middle shops.
81. The crowds, the shops, the coffee houses and bars, the.
82. There are several souvenir shops nearby, which I go into.
83. One gentleman founded three pawn shops with this method.
84. At the airport, I started strolling looking at the shops.
85. Some pet shops will also have food for the little chicks.
86. Josh went from town to town, shopping in shops and stores.
87. The shops were fully illuminated, and he glanced through.
88. This does not mean you can smash their shops and beat.
89. We went to the shops though I still did not like shopping.
90. We passed small restaurants and shops for snorkeling gear.
91. You know we are not supposed to enter any shops on the.
92. I walked along the dock in the sporadic light of the shops.
93. Mall, Herb’s Salvage, and other antique and salvage shops.
94. There are also other shops to buy groceries and vegetables.
95. Shops, houses and apartment buildings whizzed by in a blur.
96. There weren't any of these shops before the war, they s ay.
97. All the shops were open and people were all over the place.
98. Where we live, we have galleries, shops, theatres and parks.
99. Shops lined the length of Westgate Street, all of different.
100. After the Depression: Jews owned more shops than ever before.

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