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Stag in a sentence

1. When the stag was too.
2. We go to hunt the White Stag.
3. She had the ankles of a stag.
5. He lit the tinder and wood under the Stag.
6. In the form of a hawk, I flew to the Stag.
7. But, sadly, it won't show us a suitable stag.

8. This manoeuvre is peculiar to the hunted stag.
9. He cried when he killed the white stag for me.
10. They were the bones of what looked to be a stag.
11. I am Running Stag, the warrior said at last.
12. His helm bore the stag, the crest of House Darvos.
13. He tied the thread around the antlers of the Stag.
14. They come back two hours later with a beautiful stag.
15. The White Stag was mine, not a sacrifice for the clan.
16. The stag turns, the Blaser hisses for the second time!.
17. I have actually shot a stag, while wearing a life-vest!.
18. But it's definitely ours; this stag will come home with us.
19. He was like a displaced stag that wanted to lock horns with him.
20. Wilhelm’s favorite pastime was the orchestrated royal stag hunt.
21. They had loved that down at the Stag in the local town of Bentwaters.
22. He spent a year catching Artemis’s sacred stag, Hermes continued.
23. I could pay the man a silver stag, and three to the woman for the insult.
24. So I can do nothing but drool over the sight of a particularly fine stag.
25. The Stag is here, I whispered to Lovern, cautioning him not to speak.
26. Kostilin fell to the ground in terror; Jilin laughed, saying, It’s a stag.
27. I shot one as a test, two for the ram and one for the stag: that's four bullets.
28. And they saw the stag enter into a thicket where their horses could not follow.
29. Later, we ate meat from the Stag, climbed onto our pony and traced our path home.
30. The body of the White Stag, King of the Forest, was consumed by the purifying blaze.
31. The next day Olenin went alone to the spot where he and the old man startled the stag.
32. In a discomfiture of this sort, Artonge exclaims, It was not a stag, but a sorcerer.
33. In Hungary it is not done to shoot a young stag, on the move, surrounded by his cows.
34. A frightened stag might move thus through forest and briar, skirting old growth oaks.
35. Even the pale stag seemed to have reminding glances and to mean mutely, Yes, we know.
36. We have twenty-two pennies, three stars, one stag, and that old chipped garnet, ser.
37. A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving numerous offspring.
38. Loyal peasants were rounded up to beat the bushes, frightening the stag out into the open.
39. A White Stag stood under the tree and stared at me, the hawk, and lifted its head in greeting.
40. Lovern sat near me and we were here to wash this evil spirit from me with the blood of the Stag.
41. He had been returning from battle in his dream, with the Golden Stag standard held high in victory.
42. A hot drink would definitely help to fix him up and keep him alert through the remainder of his stag.
43. To our right, on the shore, a stag appears, bearing a beautiful set of broad, very impressive antlers.
44. Daim is the French for deer, and cerf for stag; elan is the true term, when one would speak of an elk.
45. But I'd never shoot a canned stag, or any other type of deer if I had the option of shooting wild ones.
46. A magnificent caribou stag is lying on the cold lichen of the tundra, the wind blowing through its antlers.
47. It was surmised that because of the positioning of the bones and antlered skull, the stag had been sacrificed.
48. The stag is of the variety called hamour by the Arabs, characterized by horns palm-shaped at their extremities.
49. The Dining-In was a ritualized, formal stag affair whose purpose was to raise morale and foster esprit de corps.
50. Inside that small, little box was a gold-colored necklace, a heart with a stag standing proudly in the center in it.
51. Once more my gun is at my shoulder; I can make out the stag, but it's still blocked; I have to adjust the pack again.
52. Unbeknown even to Guru Shukra, the perfect stag they offered was the same one that had helped Karttikeya become Skhanda.
53. It sometimes happens that a stag is lost head and horns; that is to say, he escapes although he has the pack on his very.
54. The blue butterflies and the White Stag were here in this copse of rowan trees to heal the relationship between Lovern and me.
55. Before going over to the stag, I study all the details of the terrain; I will certainly never take another shot like this in my life.
56. Having found the traces of yesterday's stag he crept under a bush into the thicket just where the stag had lain, and lay down in its lair.
57. Through the forest something seemed to fly away in the mist, and ever farther and farther off was heard the sound of the flight of the stag.
58. What would we say if some indignant foreign hunter lectured us about how unethical it is to shoot a belling stag? We might just pack him off home.
59. The stag was then gutted and slaughtered, roasted and eaten and the head and horns proudly displayed as a mark of the hunting prowess of the king.
60. As the stag took off in chase, he screamed; ‘I will avenge all those who I have wrongly killed, you will pay Witch, you will pay with your life!’.
61. I put down the gun, and we turn further to the left, still lying; something cuts into my palm; I'm looking through the reticle, searching for the stag.
62. The stag finally realises what's going on, and starts moving at full speed; there is a cow pacing him, but only a foot behind, and right in my line of fire.
63. So these two Kings and two Queens with the principal members of their court, rode a-hunting with horns and hounds in the Western Woods to follow the White Stag.
64. The subject on both is a stag-hunt; the stag is hunted in a chariot, as was always done before the horse was used for riding, that is before the VIII century B.
65. The sea rose up and snarled at them, while the ship ran before the crying dogs of the wind like a strong, confident stag; ran bravely under courses and spritsail.
66. Our time in the trenches on this occasion was a lengthy one and a lot of the time you spent in the trenches was boring if you were not on a working party or on stag.
67. Thinking the mate of the Stag may be on her way to take her revenge, my breath caught in my throat as I twisted to look in the direction his blood covered finger pointed.
68. The hare came to eat parsley from their hands, the deer grazed by their side, the stag bounded past them unheeding; the birds, likewise, did not stir from the bough, but sang in entire security.
69. Randy hopes that the river, as a sort of natural barrier, will funnel the caribou in our direction, and if we wait on the river bank then, sooner or later, a worthwhile stag is bound to pass by.
70. Lying on my pack, I follow the stag with my gun-sight; he's still running, always hidden by a couple of cows; I can't alter my shooting position any further as Randy is lying on my left, and I'd bump into him.
71. All we had were our own clan banners and painted shields, myself with the Stag, horned and charging, my father’s clan emblem, though soon I would paint one of my own, a fox head with eyes as strange as my own.
72. Instead we reacquainted ourselves with the unfeasibly steep hotel stairs and our balcony, where had we been a giraffe-necked stag beetle we might just have glimpsed the sea, standing on each other’s shoulders (if stag beetles have shoulders).
73. It was a paper-case, embroidered in beads and gold in a very choice design: on one side was depicted a stag, absolutely lifelike, running swiftly, and so well done! On the other side was the portrait of a celebrated General, also an excellent likeness.
74. And one year it fell out that Tumnus (who was a middle-aged Faun by now and beginning to be stout) came down river and brought them news that the White Stag had once more appeared in his parts—the White Stag who would give you wishes if you caught him.
75. Her blooming full-pulsed youth stood there in a moral imprisonment which made itself one with the chill, colorless, narrowed landscape, with the shrunken furniture, the never-read books, and the ghostly stag in a pale fantastic world that seemed to be vanishing from the daylight.
76. Where my fighting Words came from I knew not, since oft’ in Fits of Rage we speak the Contents of our Hearts more fluently than in Tranquillity, but suddenly I was seiz’d with such Eloquence as would have made Athena herself pale with Envy and Diana take to her Stag and ride away upon the Moonbeams that attend her!.
77. He would take the Gododdin out to show his power ever growing before the Saxons, but we stood and watched the gatekeepers running to open the gates, letting in an errand-rider, and even though the rider was not one of ours, he carried with him a familiar and trusted emblem on his spear tip; the White Stag banner of Dogfeiling.
78. Suddenly, with extraordinary clearness, he thought: 'Here am I, Dmitri Olenin, a being quite distinct from every other being, now lying all alone Heaven only knows where—where a stag used to live—an old stag, a beautiful stag who perhaps had never seen a man, and in a place where no human being has ever sat or thought these thoughts.
79. Other gentlemen have contributed water-colors and oil-paintings by Barye, among them being several landscapes at Fontainebleau, and there are various etchings and prints after his works and some of his lithographs, pencil-sketches and autographs, with a copy of the only etching—a stag fighting a cougar—which, according to so good an authority as Mr.
80. What would a Hungarian say if he had to carry a stag, complete with antlers, on his shoulders for 10 miles back to the hunting-lodge? How many of us would want to go stag-hunting under those regulations, and how many would try to evade them? And we haven't even mentioned the fact that 10 miles on Brooks Range is the equivalent of 50 on one of our pleasant Hungarian forest paths.
81. I am the stag, the were-man,.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

1. Here come the stags!.
2. Well cocks and lions do the same and stags.
3. We were like stags, or wild boars to the Baron.
4. I’ll have to eat a dozen stags or two cattle.
5. Though it is uncertain that all the stags will start to do it at the same time.
6. Dagdar, full of grief and guilt, suddenly grabbed his axe, and jumped on one of the stags.
7. Not to mention the normal bears, wild boars, stags and elk whose tempers were as ugly as a hog’s.
8. She drank the urine of pregnant animals and teas made from dried and powdered sexual organs of boars and stags.
9. I know his shade dwells in the Isles of the Blessed, hunting stags and wolves and lions alongside our most noble heroes.
10. Every one knows how the horns of stags become more and more branched, and the plumes of some birds become more finely developed, as they grow older.
11. The poor man starves while they are grassing their royal mountain stags or shooting peasants and phartridges in their purblind pomp of pelf and power.
12. I knew what his look meant, for why was I not fighting the Gaels with his sons? Why, when I was their prince? Where was I, when I should be fighting with the Stags and not with the Bear?
13. And on this board were frightful swords and knives that are made in a great cavern by swinking demons out of white flames that they fix then in the horns of buffalos and stags that there abound marvellously.
14. These tendencies, I do not doubt, may be mastered more or less completely by natural selection: thus a family of stags once existed with an antler only on one side; and if this had been of any great use to the breed, it might probably have been rendered permanent by natural selection.
15. So what did he do when his doubts about the oncoming war were not listened to? He went back to his usual pastimes: holding parties and fêtes and lolling about in his hunting lodge where his loyal servants drove the stags to his front door to be slaughtered with a specially built high-powered rifle designed to be shot with one hand since his left arm was useless.
16. I perceive, I said, that you are vastly amused at having plunged me into such a hopeless discussion; but now hear the parable, and then you will be still more amused at the meagreness of my imagination: for the manner in which the best men are treated in their own States is so grievous that no single thing on earth is comparable to it; and therefore, if I am to plead their cause, I must have recourse to fiction, and put together a figure made up of many things, like the fabulous unions of goats and stags which are found in pictures.
17. Elowen saw shapes within the glow: opaque skeletons of stags,.

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