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Snitch in a sentence

1. I'm no snitch.
2. I’m no snitch.
3. Trenland was a snitch.
4. Tig Meester was no snitch.
5. Only, the snitch kept eluding her.
6. In effect, the snitch would be as good as.
7. Molly turned on her little snitch chatterbox.

8. All it takes is one snitch, and we’re history.
9. The first step to creating a snitch is to give.
10. Fred and Eddie have an old cop and snitch relationship.
11. He could be on his way to snitch on her this very moment.
12. Plus you have that snitch in the Council — Silas added.
13. Pass it on, before a snitch discloses us and we have to scramble.
14. Can’t have a little snitch ruin our good names now can we?
15. The unreliability of jailhouse snitch testimony is well documented.
16. Later that day, my snitch informed me that someone had ratted me out.
17. Those people haven't any use for anyone that they think will snitch on them.
18. I ain't a snitch walks nervously to the mic, and slides it underneath his bag.
19. To make matters worse, his little brother was a little snitch who everyone hated.
20. This is why and how they can snitch out their friends for BiteMeCoin and insist that the elderly work onto death.
21. His snitch was missing and now all he had left was an indignant old woman sitting in New York, New York’s bar room.
22. It means she will have a monopoly on violence and her friends must obey her rules and snitch each other out to her.
23. The shooters climbed to the second floor, and One looked around the warehouse, which was just as the snitch had described it.
24. All Akers can say is that a jailhouse snitch claimed to hear a confession—if the judge doesn’t toss out that testimony, too.
25. The five thugs were remanded into custody till the end of the proceedings and they vowed revenge upon the snitch, the sixth member.
26. For the same reason the knife shouldn’t be considered against my client, neither should the testimony of Dio Cornwall, the snitch.
27. Yet, here, and wherever you may find us, you are also always free to create yourself into a snitch, if that is your wish, will, and ideal.
28. It can snitch on all of us! S agreed and had already passed Urme, who was quickly approaching Imu at the intersection of the two trails.
29. It was in this anonymity that they both hid and revealed themselves, while fleeing the fear that every stranger qua snitch posed to non-worlders.
30. And without them, we might never find out who had killed Calhoun, who had ripped off Wicker House and killed seven people and a snitch called Rascal Valdeen.
31. Everyone’s lying! The chief, that detective, the prison snitch, Remy, who couldn’t tie his own shoes without help—they’re all lying! They set me up!.
32. She went about her cooking and baking apricot pies and left foods carelessly here and there about the house on mousetrap plates for wigglenosed girls to sniff and snitch.
33. I wouldn’t have had Estes’s job for a heartbeat, but I also didn’t like the reputation this place had for beatings, intimidation, and the motto Snitch, Parole, or Die.
34. However you are here, remember, wherever and whenever we gather as the Liberators Of Viral Earth we always support the other's freedom by sharing the commons of a No Snitch Zone.
35. Page 53 of the Prosecutor's Handbook of Dirty Tricks to Obtain Convictions states: ―If your expert witness falls apart on the stand, you can always fall back on a jailhouse snitch.
36. Strong testimony for the prosecution, no doubt, but still—this guy Cornwall is no different than the first witness, a jailhouse snitch who’d probably sell out his grandmother to shave some time off his sentence.
37. By responding to the outcry concerning gun massacres and parents demanding that their children have armed protection at all times, GovCorp saw it was the perfect opportunity for the snitch state to infiltrate the sanctum of learning by pretending to be a nanny to ease the fears of their charges.
38. So what do they have, without the murder weapon and without a confession to the chief of police? Without any physical evidence whatsoever? They have evidence that my client argued with Melanie Phillips at Tasty’s Diner, and they have this ridiculous testimony from a jailhouse snitch that my client confessed to him.
39. Can any of us say that a man should be convicted of two counts of first-degree murder based on no eyewitnesses, no physical evidence, no forensic evidence, no confession—nothing more than the word of a convicted felon looking to cut a deal? And keep in mind, Judge, that it’s our theory that Chief James coerced the snitch into testifying.
40. It was clear what had happened to the snitch,.
1. Love In the Age of Snitching.
2. Snitching was about the only social activity going on.
3. Women, he generally found, didn't worry overmuch about the shamefulness of snitching.
4. If any of them was snitching to the Justicars, whether directly or indirectly, then the Justicars wouldn’t have shown up and attacked us.
5. How many are the ways that we profit from hatred? In a culture where one can become famous by snitching or being snitched on, pornographers of shame, the paparanazzi of the masses, threaten every I'mage.
1. I’m glad it was you who snitched.
2. Had he figured out that she snitched on him? Wasn't he.
3. It didn't matter anymore that he had snitched on them to his boss.
4. Never skimmed off the money, always done as he was told, hadn't snitched.
5. I’m trying to think of who snitched on me, Richard mused, rubbing his chin, still trying to sort out his thoughts.
6. How many are the ways that we profit from hatred? In a culture where one can become famous by snitching or being snitched on, pornographers of shame, the paparanazzi of the masses, threaten every I'mage.
1. There are many snitches in the human.
2. Snitches end up at the bottom of the St.
4. Several of our regular snitches have told us that they can’t get their usual supplies.
5. In practice, only potentially suspect cargo (usually identified by dissatisfied snitches) receives anything more than a quick scan of its manifest.
6. If prosecutors have to rely on false snitches, withhold evidence, coerce and threaten witnesses isn't this a clear indication that something is wrong with the case and the ―accused‖ may be innocent?
7. And while the testimony of jailhouse snitches was generally considered suspect or useless, Yuki was hoping that the virtually identical statements of these three women would together substantiate Junie Moon’s confession.
8. Do you, or should I say, do the rest of the world want to live in a society where everyone has to become vigilant snitches and exposers of other's secrets just to mine some coin? That makes them bounty hunters over each other.
9. He would build an airtight case against Henderson that no amount of influence or corruption could sweep away, and he would then rub the system’s nose in it! It wasn’t going to be an easy task: snitches weren’t going to be any help this time.
10. Ultimately, The Law's nature as an adversarial system eventually uses the brute force of cultural engineering to martially beat the cells, organs, and bodies into pliability with military and police forces, heat them in imprisoning presses of dishabilitation that stamps out rubbermade snitches, watchful hooded neighbors, and mercenary nations, whose solution to their social problems is to treat them as insurgent conflicts to be subdued.

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