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  1. By which he may shorten.
  2. Shorten the time of setting.
  3. Shorten the cord, you rascal.
  4. You’ll have to shorten it a bit.
  5. I knew I needed to edit it and shorten.

  6. This will shorten the cycle time of the.
  7. They used to shorten their line through.
  8. Anyway, I'll try to shorten up the details.
  9. Combination of reduce water and shorten the.
  10. Look for ways to shorten concepts, or ways to.
  11. We could shorten the run to twenty five feet.
  12. This book will shorten the learning curve for you.
  13. God does shorten those days for the elect’s sake.
  14. Nothing should be done to shorten {without just cause}.
  15. His breathing begins to shorten and he starts to hiss vio-.

  16. Leonardo managed to shorten the gap that separated us from the other side.
  17. I hope she doesn't do that often, because it will certainly shorten her life.
  18. Once you are familiar with the technique, you could shorten the exercise, and.
  19. And if those extra two shots will shorten the animal's suffering by even 10secs.
  20. In cooking it serves a threefold purpose—to moisten, to shorten and to enrich.
  21. Watch the bird closely and shorten the session if it starts to lose interest in.
  22. The priests would have the loved ones pay for him to pray to shorten his or her.
  23. Just as trees lose their leaves when the days shorten, people lose their happiness.
  24. Suppose I could get Casselli to come to Paris? Would that shorten the project?
  25. Is there a way that individuals can shorten the duration of their stock portfolio? Yes.

  26. Double-blind trials have shown that various Echinacea extracts shorten the duration of.
  27. The soul user can shorten his lifespan in order to gain power beyond human imagination.
  28. Use or build a windscreen for the stove, it will conserve fuel and shorten cooking times.
  29. Development timescales would continue to shorten, from decades to years, to months, to days.
  30. This will shorten the cooking time to 15 minutes and, at the same time, less liquid can be.
  31. And they could well shorten that distance if Myserrah can get his chariots out of those.
  32. Certainly Jesus can shorten the standard twenty-hour day by adjusting the axis and rotation.
  33. That would shorten his overland supply route from Grayback Lake by over eleven hundred miles.
  34. She recommended it to her daughters, therefore, by all means not to shorten their visit to Mrs.
  35. The priests would have their loved ones pay for him to pray to shorten their time in Purgatory.
  36. You’d think the damn fools would be curious about how I cut their hair or shorten their inseams.
  37. Temperature : 64°F - 71°F (18°C - 22°C) - temps that are too warm will drastically shorten the.
  38. They say that the food produced by these big brands can shorten your dog's lifespan by up to a year.
  39. Philipopoulos then cut in, trying to shorten as much as possible the contacts between the two groups.
  40. A few commercials could shorten into lineups at the department store deciding on where they were headed.
  41. Lydgate did not mention to the Vicar another reason he had for wishing to shorten the period of courtship.
  42. This is easiest to see with bonds, whose durations shorten and whose credit quality can change over time.
  43. This caused the meeting staff to shorten breaks and urge us to get back in time for the next presentation.
  44. Only the knowledge that their job could shorten this war had kept them from simply resigning their positions.
  45. In order to have the correct number of syllables, poets sometimes(1) shorten a word or (2) shift the accent:.
  46. We'll be a bit crowded and time might seem to go by a little quickly as we shorten our time slices for awhile.
  47. And one of the main side effects that high levels of stress can have on you is that it will shorten up your fuses.
  48. The girl braced herself on the side of the boat as, like a length of retracting elastic, the rope began to shorten.
  49. Philippe went mad with rage; he was just 15 minutes away from the ship and no more could be done to shorten the time.
  50. Will pretreatment of seeds increase the percentage of germination, shorten the time to harvest, and increase the yield?
  51. People who live where the days shorten seasonally are victims of the brain's chemical reaction to lesser hours of daylight.
  52. That’s an understatement! Maybe we should take one of these garments and cut some holes in it and shorten it by two cubits.
  53. I have already mentioned that new technologies should shorten the time spent on the job but it appears that this is not the case.
  54. Principal–agent problems shorten horizons from both sides, a phenomenon that can make the long-horizon investor lose his natural edge.
  55. The inexperienced Lorna lost one of her stirrups, and tried desperately to shorten the reins as well as get her foot back in the stirrup.
  56. Special hull sections can be added or removed, to lengthen or shorten it, or to deal with research or military applications, as necessary.
  57. I buy a new pair of pants, which are too long, but that doesn't matter as there is a small tailor's shop here, and they will shorten them for me.
  58. But to shorten the long recital of my woes, I will pass over in silence all the artifices employed by Don Fernando for declaring his passion for me.
  59. Thus, I try to shorten the book and improve its readability by minimizing notes (now only about 100 left), placing them at the end of each chapter.
  60. Nancy did her best to shorten the war in Europe and to prevent some of the worst atrocities, while I continued to fight to bring back peace after her death.
  61. Dantes ordered the helmsman to put down his helm, in order to leave La Pianosa to starboard, as he knew that he should shorten his course by two or three knots.
  62. Though she did try, she couldn’t shorten the distance between her and her mother, especially with the rocky highways of her struggle, of those from her childhood.
  63. To PROFIT from this method you MUST be able to pick a horse which you think will have its LAY ODDS shorten compared to the BACK ODDS at which you take your BACK BET.
  64. My passion today is to build training methods to shorten the learning curve of new traders, build our desk, expand our training, and share what the market has taught me.
  65. All the artful maneuvers suggested by our generals meant fresh movements of the army and a lengthening of its marches, whereas the only reasonable aim was to shorten those marches.
  66. Both the medical profession and the media are constantly "warning" us of the dangers and probabilities of different diseases, some of which seem more than likely to shorten our life span.
  67. Understanding the lesson that we need to learn from a challenging experience, as well as acquiring specific knowledge sooner than planned, will shorten the experience and avoid new similar ones.
  68. But try slamming the ball straight into their face or body! You will see the wildest kinds of defensive shots, with players desperately trying to shorten their handles by throwing them at the ball.
  69. But on this occasion it was desirable to shorten the service in order that the distinguished guest might have more time for his discourse; accordingly, only the first and last of the benedictions were recited.
  70. She bore it very well, and quietly submitted to the family decree that she should not shorten her visit, for since it was too late to say good-by to Beth, she had better stay, and let absence soften her sorrow.
  71. In most cases, messages had to be short due to the cost of sending lengthy posts, and also, common messages were abbreviated to shorten response time, as well as to create code to block parents from decyphering.
  72. There would undoubtedly be a lot of pressure for shipping patterns to move farther west again to shorten transit times now that Ahbaht’s squadron had been destroyed, but there would also be a lot of resistance.
  73. This embarrassment had completely had not lost one word of this conversation, and his penetrating eye had even read a hidden escaped Albert, but it caused Lucien to shorten his visit; he was evidently ill at ease.
  74. On the Place she met Lestivoudois on his way back, for, in order not to shorten his day's labour, he preferred interrupting his work, then beginning it again, so that he rang the Angelus to suit his own convenience.
  75. But I am forgetting my manners! Will you stay here and rest a while? And maybe there are some that would be pleased to pass through Fangorn Forest and so shorten their road home?' He looked at Celeborn and Galadriel.
  76. The deer talked among themselves and finally said they were going to wait until the days started to shorten and their fawns were a bit stronger, and then they would head southwest, away from the settlements, and hope for the best.
  77. Were their young lives sacrificed in vain, and did area bombing really shorten the war? Was the bomber offensive a legitimate act of war or was it a crime against humanity? These are some of the issues that continue to be contentious.
  78. If the MyRSI variable does not range fully between zero and one, you can shorten the RSI lookback period to be less than half the measured dominant cycle, or you can simply multiply it by a magnification factor as I have done in the code fragment.
  79. Dietary fiber can shorten the digestion time, reduce the intestinal absorption of these lipids, and can be combined with the bile, reducing the reabsorption of cholesterol, thereby reducing blood lipids, protect our cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.
  80. They're seen only across, as it were, and beyond—in strange places and on high places, the top of towers, the roof of houses, the outside of windows, the further edge of pools; but there's a deep design, on either side, to shorten the distance and overcome.
  81. Is shyness which mutes his words and preventing him to greet me? Or worse, would his grandparents have predisposed him against me? If the intelligentsia is not reason enough to tempt him to shorten the distance between us, I have to resort to the charms of the Chanel No.
  82. I nodded meeting her gaze squarely, The plan I have in mind could possibly shorten your people’s existence to just a few months instead of years, but it might give your people the one chance they have at achieving victory and ultimately their freedom from the sorcerer’s grip.
  83. The winter was upon them, and already rain and gales made being out of doors impossible except for one daily courageous trudge after dinner with the children in waterproofs and goloshes, and she thought that with a little arranging she might shorten and brighten the long months to the spring.
  84. And if you have any desire to shorten the journey and put yourself easily in the way of salvation, come with me, and I will show you how to become a knight-errant, a calling wherein so many hardships and mishaps are encountered that if they be taken as penances they will lodge you in heaven in a trice.
  85. By-and-by, fatigue began to assert its claims; the children tried to pay attention, for it was dreadful to think of sitting down when time was grown to be so precious, moving, in some direction, in any direction, was at least progress and might bear fruit; but to sit down was to invite death and shorten its pursuit.
  86. Hereupon Punch Costello dinged with his fist upon the board and would sing a bawdy catch Staboo Stabella about a wench that was put in pod of a jolly swashbuckler in Almany which he did straightways now attack: The first three months she was not well, Staboo, when here nurse Quigley from the door angerly bid them hist ye should shame you nor was it not meet as she remembered them being her mind was to have all orderly against lord Andrew came for because she was jealous that no gasteful turmoil might shorten the honour of her guard.
  87. Now brother shall betray brother to death and father betray his son; and children shall rise up against their parents and they shall cause them to be put to death; and you shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake but he who shall endure to the end they shall be saved; But when you shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where it ought not stand let him who reads understand; then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let him who is on the housetop not go down into the house nor enter into it to take any thing out of his house; and let him who is in the field not turn back again to pick up his clothing but disaster to those who are with children and to those who breastfeed in those days! and pray that your flight is not in winter; because in those days there shall be affliction such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created until this time nor shall it ever be so; and unless that the Lord had shortened those days no flesh should be saved but for the elect’s sake whom He has chosen He will shorten those days and then if any man shall say to you: “Look Christ is here” or “look He is there”; do not believe him because false Christs and false prophets shall rise and shall show signs and wonders to seduce if it were possible even the elect; but be diligent; Note I have foretold to you all things but in those days after that tribulation the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give its light and the stars of the sky shall fall and the powers that are in the universe shall be shaken and then they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory and then shall he send his angels and shall gather together his elect from the four winds from the uttermost parts of the Earth to the sky; Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When its branches are still tender and it shoots out leaves you know that summer is near; So in a similar manner when you shall see these things come to pass know that it is near even at the beginning; truly I say to you that this generation shall not pass until all these things are done; Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away; but no man knows about that day and hour not even the angels who are in Heaven nor the Son only the Father.
  88. When the morning shadows shorten on the sunny slopes of noon,.
  89. He tried to shake this determination, but in vain; indeed she was more inclined to lengthen than shorten the time, and told him so plainly, adding desperately,.
  1. Work in the softened shortening.
  2. The trousers would want shortening.
  3. Shortening the alphabet could do that.
  4. Mix well with the shortening and press with.
  5. It is not too late, but the hour is shortening.
  6. This controls rotation and counters shortening.
  7. Mix well with the shortening and press with the.
  8. I'm not going to go into the details of the shortening.
  9. Place chips and shortening in medium microwave-safe bowl.
  10. Shortening the legislative calendar would help foster a change of.
  11. Getting new writers and shortening the program to an hour could help.
  12. Sift the flour and salt together, cut in the shortening and mix with hands.
  13. The weather was fresh and the day was shortening but though it was already.
  14. Hormonal changes caused by the shortening days are a second factor that can.
  15. This one landed near the middle of the crowd that was continuously shortening.
  16. I said nothing about death, only about shortening your length of time on Earth.
  17. The recipe was guaranteed not to fail by the company which made the shortening.
  18. With this jarring assault on the senses comes a shortening of the attention span.
  19. Shortening, made from vegetable oil, is also not all that it’s cracked up to be.
  20. The morning was ticking away, the shadows shortening, and he looked back at Nybar.
  21. Combine chocolate chips, shortening, and baking chocolate in a 2-quart glass bowl.
  22. The wild cherry had already dropped their leaves, and days were shortening by strides now.
  23. If you will be sharing links on Twitter, you’ll run into the need for shortening the link.
  24. The quality of the flour and shortening also affect the temperature and time needed in baking.
  25. In a heavy-duty stand mixer fitted with dough hook, add the water, shortening, yeast, and sugar.
  26. The brothers were just twenty yards or so away now, and the gap was shortening with every stride.
  27. The lowering of the criterion threshold value leads to shortening of delta-neutrality boundaries.
  28. However, extending the out-of-sample period inevitably results in shortening the in-sample period.
  29. This involves rapid alternation of lengthening and shortening of muscle fibers against resistance.
  30. In a metal bowl over a pan of simmering water, melt chocolate chips and shortening until smooth.
  31. Combine chocolate chips and shortening in the top of a double boiler, over, not in, simmering water.
  32. His experience of the power was a kind of shortening between will and desire: Whatever I want, I can.
  33. By cutting off the vibration of a string by putting our finger on a fret board, and shortening its sound.
  34. Melt chocolate chips with shortening in microwave, or in a small saucepan over low heat; stir until smooth.
  35. When vegetable shortening was first introduced, the Average American housewife would have nothing to do with it.
  36. Place remaining 1 cup peanut butter chips and remaining 2 tablespoons shortening in small microwave-safe bowl.
  37. When he goes back to the Station his radiation level isn’t returning to normal, and it’s shortening his life.
  38. With the grace of a cat my father quickly moved towards the approaching feline, shortening the distance dramatically.
  39. We’ll just launch a number of them to help boost telemetry communications via probes and ships, by shortening the.
  40. The lane was long and unvaried, and, owing to the rapid shortening of the days, dusk came upon her before she was aware.
  41. Her grandfather had always been so formal, never shortening her name for any reason and he’d shout at anyone who dared.
  42. Pies were his favorite and my mother had baking pie crusts with just the right amount of shortening, honed to a fine art.
  43. When you travel in the land, there is no blame on you for shortening the prayers, if you fear that the disbelievers may harm you.
  44. This misperception of Time comes from the distortion of Science, shortening ½ of Infinite Time, down to a zillionth of a nano-second.
  45. It would be the most devastating weapon we possessed and would probably save a lot of lives by considerately shortening this conflict.
  46. In some cases the shortening of the delta-neutrality boundaries can be so drastic that the whole boundary shrinks to a tiny group of points.
  47. When I brought the problem up for discussion, Nuke reluctantly admitted that jumping back and forth from his dimension to ours was shortening his life.
  48. With the distance shortening encouragingly, he now forced himself into a staggering gait ruled by the conflict between eager anticipation and leaden exhaustion.
  49. Margarine (vegetable shortening, hydrogenated oils) is not really edible and ends up in the blood stream where it clogs arteries and contributes to heart attacks.
  50. The first limbs on the big cypress sprang from the massive trunk about 65 feet above the ground, gradually shortening and becoming leafier as they neared the crown.
  51. He had his leg in a splint and, as was customary in these cases, there was an extension at the foot-piece with a heavy weight attached to prevent shortening of the leg.
  52. If there was a minor correction in the market and it temporarily drove up volatility, you might try shortening the term of your contracts, maybe to as short as a week or two.
  53. Delurna was disturbed by the fact that Kemberra had lied about the name, but the rules required that he take him off the shortening list of prime suspects, though it bothered him.
  54. Some care should be taken when shortening the duration input because the resulting shorter trades are more sensitive to entry and exit timing and computational lag of the indicator.
  55. The expedient of shortening your stock and bond duration with additional investment is of course not available to you in retirement; retirees can be devastated if the duration of their stock and bond holdings is longer than their retirement horizon.
  56. Shortening the term would allow you to profit faster from the Calls in case the trade started to go against you and could allow you to get out of the market much earlier in a scenario in which that ‘minor correction’ turned out to actually be the beginning of a bear market.
  57. When less performance was required, a condition of richness of fuel supplied was in evidence wherein incomplete oxidation (burning) left a residue of carbon that slowly coated the burning chamber and exhaust piping, shortening the lifetime of the engine that supplied the umph of performance.
  58. When Christ speaks of shortening the days of tribulation in Matthew 24:22, it is clear that the days of the tribulation will be shortened because the saints were on earth, not raptured away to Heaven, but some Millennialists say this is the same tribulation that the church at Philadelphia was to be removed from the earth to protect them.
  59. The interruption and tiredness shortening her temper, she said,.
  1. I shortened it to Jax.
  2. The ropes will be shortened.
  3. Those days will be shortened.
  4. Then as the distance shortened.
  6. Fear of complications or shortened life.
  7. She shortened her oar and drove it into his knee.
  8. I didn’t want his life shortened on my account.
  9. Kernan's tongue would not suffer by being shortened.
  10. It has been shortened to that length of time by God.
  12. TGG, but was frequently shortened to The Guides.
  13. Slowly the days shortened and the nights became cooler.
  14. For obvious reasons, the name was shortened to Bronner.
  15. You shortened the tendons and muscles from lack of use.
  16. That the days were shortened and some flesh was saved.
  17. It is recommended that the billing process be shortened.
  18. That the days were shortened, and some flesh was saved.
  19. I pulled up, leaned back and sent a shortened cry of the.
  20. If I had not shortened these days, no flesh would be saved.
  21. Travis' breath shortened; the beginning of hyperventilation.
  22. You can verify it was shortened from 3-1/2 years on your own.
  23. And except those days should be shortened, there should no.
  24. They were as ready as their shortened lead time would allow.
  25. I do not think, he said, that the way could have been shortened.
  26. The shadows shortened quickly as dawn gave way to early morning.
  27. And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be.
  28. Another version, identified as Judges, was shortened to J.
  29. It was used as a shortened, whitewashed form of their own history.
  30. The proper distance shortened as he pulled her closer to his chest.
  31. The range shortened for the archers, and their trajectory flattened.
  32. Work days were at least shortened to our sense by the fatigue of work.
  33. As the expiration approaches, the forecast horizon should be shortened.
  34. It is normally shortened to wing when used as a title or an honorific.
  35. Your life-expectancy shortens just as the two words were shortened into one.
  36. And except those days (end of the tribulation) should be shortened, there.
  37. Jesus says the days will be shortened for the elect’s sake otherwise.
  38. We have shortened the transwarp cycle to the minimum burst of warp necessary.
  39. Although common, this simple scenario has shortened the life of many a good tent.
  40. Just as the digestive tracts of meat eaters are shortened because they eat meat.
  41. Lives that have been shortened by the effects of the vaccine meant to extend them.
  42. He shortened his life by his excesses, and eight years after his marriage he died.
  43. And except these days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for.
  44. People who live in northern climes suffer because of the seasonally shortened days.
  45. They fell silent as both their breathing shortened, their hand movements quickening.
  46. The third was identified as “Elohist,” which became the shortened “E” source.
  47. And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the.
  48. Memories of my feelings, those that had told me of my shortened life, flooded my head.
  49. No living thing advances in years, or its life is shortened, except it be in a Record.
  50. In this shortened example (at least 20 quarters should be used), it is obvious that the.
  51. Huck closed up and shortened his distance, now, for they would never be able to see him.
  52. She smiled even though the kick had brought her pain and shortened her breathing up some.
  53. He was convinced that it shortened the war, saved American lives, and avenged Pearl Harbour.
  54. Modern methods of canning and jelly-making have simplified and shortened preserving processes.
  55. When I saw her now and then in college, by chance, my stomach tightened and my breath shortened.
  56. One of these has been called a priestly source, often the letter P is used as a shortened version.
  57. The two took out MacDonalds straws that had been shortened, and the four lines of snow disappeared.
  58. Or the previous day’s volume may be unusually low due to shortened holiday hours on the exchange.
  59. With her constitution she should have lived to a good old age: her life was shortened by trouble.
  60. The result of taking the lives of other beings is that in the future one's own life will be shortened.
  61. So we shortened up one of the calico gowns, and I turned up my trouser-legs to my knees and got into it.
  62. It has shown that the life span of untreated hypertensive is shortened as a result of these complications.
  63. For a time that scared me; but any concession would have shortened our chance of escape beyond estimating.
  64. Simply tweet the headline of your latest post, including a shortened URL using a URL shortener such as bit.
  65. I’m looking for the Chief Yeoman, Yeo said Jack, using the shortened version of the Petty Officer’s.
  66. In the NHL, a lockout caused by labour strife resulted in a shortened 2012–13 season, from 82 to 48 games.
  67. Hicks hesitated and was about to ricochet back to pure sin, if sin ever was pure, when John shortened the hour.
  68. That the days were shortened and some flesh was saved proves this is not speaking of the second coming of Christ.
  69. That the days were shortened, and some flesh was saved proves this is not speaking of the second coming of Christ.
  70. Helga proved to be a skilled seamstress, and she shortened the hems of the skirts to conform to the current style.
  71. In 1919 Lenin summoned a Third Communist International to Moscow, though he shortened its name to ‘Comintern’.
  72. Likewise, if the average is shortened the number of standard deviations should be reduced from 2 at 20 periods to 1.
  73. And in the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened; And their seed shall be tardy on their lands and fields.
  74. He was on a shortened day and was put in the most basic classes just so that he could try to get through junior year.
  75. What a blow in one’s old age! My days will be shortened by it! But I’d rather have it over than endure this agony.
  76. When the colour is absent from only one of the two upper petals, the nectary is not quite aborted but is much shortened.
  77. Of course Fred was worried because of the inappropriate use of his car, which would eventually lead to shortened life-time.
  78. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened.
  79. My smile although shortened when I heard the word ‘Manav Kalyan Party’, the same party which was accused for the riots.
  80. When he had it shortened, he ordered a Titan to closely hold and pin her against the floor, while he shaved it to the skin.
  81. Schools preferred these shortened versions as long as we included all the quotes and soliloquies their students had to learn.
  82. After a while, she shortened the reins and lifted her hands ever so slightly, at the same time squeezing gently with her legs.
  83. The smoke burned my eyes and shortened my breath, but I ignored both as I was too taken in by the horror of what lay around me.
  84. He remembered the way he and Russell found her last time, and his breath shortened, wondering if he would be too late this time.
  85. And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
  86. Young Bill is already settling in well and we are so happy! Michael noted that the William had already been shortened to Bill.
  87. We call this a “volume dry-up” day, which can be shortened to the acronym “VDU,” but we prefer to call it a “VooDoo” day.
  88. Meanwhile, Caris had shortened the period of novitiate and intensified the training so that she would have more help in the hospital.
  89. I never borrow from a Human because essentially I'm taking part of their life force which would cause their lifespan to be shortened.
  90. I never went for any of Tyrannosaurus Rex’s songs with bongos about wizards and unicorns, but when they shortened their name to T.
  91. And now gradually the sentences of exhortation shortened, grew sharper, like commands; and into the responses came a complaining note.
  92. Yet you submit tamely to have your life shortened by slow starvation, overwork, lack of proper boots and clothing, and though having.
  93. Whose name showed up in shortened form as ‘Gretel’ in the first Anglo Saxon horror story of a monster that went on killing rampages.
  94. And that would come to pass, were it not for the promise of Christ that for the sake of the humble and meek the days shall be shortened.
  95. About the same time the look-out on the Arrow must have discerned it, for in a few minutes Tarzan saw the sails being shifted and shortened.
  96. It was a shortened plastic rifle stock with a handgrip at the front, designed for bird-watchers to hold cameras and spotting scopes steady.
  97. More than strange, that Nichols could not see, that by multiplying the fury of the less guilty, the term would be proportionately shortened.
  98. Two other better choices as president, Henry Wallace or Adlai Stevenson, could have prevented the Cold War entirely or greatly shortened it.
  99. All prisoners had their terms shortened to five years and they started to introduce fights to create prison space and to placate the public.
  100. The lists were shortened considerably but there were a number of companies and private owners who were not contactable in the first instance.
  1. He claims that Shugden practice shortens his.
  2. Having the weapons pods extended shortens the time.
  3. Therefore, nature shortens lives of people who live on the.
  4. Your life-expectancy shortens just as the two words were shortened into one.
  5. Thus, the duration of MBSs shortens just when longer duration would be most useful to bondholders.
  6. However, when positions are opened shortly before the expiration, the boundary shortens more slowly.
  7. Twitter automatically shortens the URL in your tweets, but remember to add the http://, or else it will not work.
  8. Under extremely low volatility the boundary shortens to a minimal length at the whole range of time-to-expiration values.
  9. Why are you silent? Converse shortens the way, and I swear, by Hercules, never did I have to traverse such a horrid way.
  10. This is depressing; depression shortens your life; this is depressing and causes anxiety, thus compounding the chronic, life-shortening disorders.
  11. Conversely, decreasing the duration input parameter shortens the maximum trade length when the market is in a trend, being more sensitive to the shorter wavelengths in the data.
  12. According to a long-term Finnish study, smoking not only shortens your life by around 10 years, but it also lowers your quality of life in old age, as smokers are more likely to suffer from debilitating illnesses.
  13. And I can remember Bug (his real name was Bert Bagley, which shortens to Bug nicely), during a jazz-band blast at our final aud-call for our high school senior class, suddenly leaping up to dance with an invisible partner in the middle of the front aisle of the auditorium.
  14. Here lies the water; good: here stands the man; good; if the man go to this water, and drown himself, it is, will he, nill he, he goes,--mark you that; but if the water come to him and drown him, he drowns not himself: argal, he that is not guilty of his own death shortens not his own life.

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