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Shorten in a sentence

1. By which he may shorten.
2. Shorten the time of setting.
3. Shorten the cord, you rascal.
4. You’ll have to shorten it a bit.
5. I knew I needed to edit it and shorten.
6. This will shorten the cycle time of the.
7. They used to shorten their line through.

8. Anyway, I'll try to shorten up the details.
9. Combination of reduce water and shorten the.
10. We could shorten the run to twenty five feet.
11. Look for ways to shorten concepts, or ways to.
12. This book will shorten the learning curve for you.
13. God does shorten those days for the elect’s sake.
14. Nothing should be done to shorten {without just cause}.
15. His breathing begins to shorten and he starts to hiss vio-.
16. Leonardo managed to shorten the gap that separated us from the other side.
17. I hope she doesn't do that often, because it will certainly shorten her life.
18. Once you are familiar with the technique, you could shorten the exercise, and.
19. In cooking it serves a threefold purpose—to moisten, to shorten and to enrich.
20. Watch the bird closely and shorten the session if it starts to lose interest in.
21. And if those extra two shots will shorten the animal's suffering by even 10secs.
22. The priests would have the loved ones pay for him to pray to shorten his or her.
23. Just as trees lose their leaves when the days shorten, people lose their happiness.
24. Suppose I could get Casselli to come to Paris? Would that shorten the project?
25. Is there a way that individuals can shorten the duration of their stock portfolio? Yes.
26. Double-blind trials have shown that various Echinacea extracts shorten the duration of.
27. The soul user can shorten his lifespan in order to gain power beyond human imagination.
28. Use or build a windscreen for the stove, it will conserve fuel and shorten cooking times.
29. This will shorten the cooking time to 15 minutes and, at the same time, less liquid can be.
30. Certainly Jesus can shorten the standard twenty-hour day by adjusting the axis and rotation.
31. And they could well shorten that distance if Myserrah can get his chariots out of those.
32. Development timescales would continue to shorten, from decades to years, to months, to days.
33. That would shorten his overland supply route from Grayback Lake by over eleven hundred miles.
34. She recommended it to her daughters, therefore, by all means not to shorten their visit to Mrs.
35. The priests would have their loved ones pay for him to pray to shorten their time in Purgatory.
36. You’d think the damn fools would be curious about how I cut their hair or shorten their inseams.
37. They say that the food produced by these big brands can shorten your dog's lifespan by up to a year.
38. Temperature : 64°F - 71°F (18°C - 22°C) - temps that are too warm will drastically shorten the.
39. Philipopoulos then cut in, trying to shorten as much as possible the contacts between the two groups.
40. A few commercials could shorten into lineups at the department store deciding on where they were headed.
1. Work in the softened shortening.
2. The trousers would want shortening.
3. Shortening the alphabet could do that.
4. Mix well with the shortening and press with.
5. This controls rotation and counters shortening.
6. It is not too late, but the hour is shortening.
7. Mix well with the shortening and press with the.
8. I'm not going to go into the details of the shortening.
9. Place chips and shortening in medium microwave-safe bowl.
10. Shortening the legislative calendar would help foster a change of.
11. Getting new writers and shortening the program to an hour could help.
12. Sift the flour and salt together, cut in the shortening and mix with hands.
13. Hormonal changes caused by the shortening days are a second factor that can.
14. The weather was fresh and the day was shortening but though it was already.
15. This one landed near the middle of the crowd that was continuously shortening.
16. I said nothing about death, only about shortening your length of time on Earth.
17. The recipe was guaranteed not to fail by the company which made the shortening.
18. With this jarring assault on the senses comes a shortening of the attention span.
19. Shortening, made from vegetable oil, is also not all that it’s cracked up to be.
20. The morning was ticking away, the shadows shortening, and he looked back at Nybar.
21. Combine chocolate chips, shortening, and baking chocolate in a 2-quart glass bowl.
22. The wild cherry had already dropped their leaves, and days were shortening by strides now.
23. If you will be sharing links on Twitter, you’ll run into the need for shortening the link.
24. The quality of the flour and shortening also affect the temperature and time needed in baking.
25. In a heavy-duty stand mixer fitted with dough hook, add the water, shortening, yeast, and sugar.
26. The brothers were just twenty yards or so away now, and the gap was shortening with every stride.
27. The lowering of the criterion threshold value leads to shortening of delta-neutrality boundaries.
28. This involves rapid alternation of lengthening and shortening of muscle fibers against resistance.
29. However, extending the out-of-sample period inevitably results in shortening the in-sample period.
30. In a metal bowl over a pan of simmering water, melt chocolate chips and shortening until smooth.
31. Combine chocolate chips and shortening in the top of a double boiler, over, not in, simmering water.
32. His experience of the power was a kind of shortening between will and desire: Whatever I want, I can.
33. By cutting off the vibration of a string by putting our finger on a fret board, and shortening its sound.
34. Melt chocolate chips with shortening in microwave, or in a small saucepan over low heat; stir until smooth.
35. Place remaining 1 cup peanut butter chips and remaining 2 tablespoons shortening in small microwave-safe bowl.
36. When vegetable shortening was first introduced, the Average American housewife would have nothing to do with it.
37. When he goes back to the Station his radiation level isn’t returning to normal, and it’s shortening his life.
38. We’ll just launch a number of them to help boost telemetry communications via probes and ships, by shortening the.
39. With the grace of a cat my father quickly moved towards the approaching feline, shortening the distance dramatically.
40. The lane was long and unvaried, and, owing to the rapid shortening of the days, dusk came upon her before she was aware.
1. I shortened it to Jax.
2. The ropes will be shortened.
3. Those days will be shortened.
4. Then as the distance shortened.
6. Fear of complications or shortened life.
7. She shortened her oar and drove it into his knee.
8. I didn’t want his life shortened on my account.
10. It has been shortened to that length of time by God.
11. Kernan's tongue would not suffer by being shortened.
12. TGG, but was frequently shortened to The Guides.
13. Slowly the days shortened and the nights became cooler.
14. You shortened the tendons and muscles from lack of use.
15. That the days were shortened and some flesh was saved.
16. For obvious reasons, the name was shortened to Bronner.
17. It is recommended that the billing process be shortened.
18. That the days were shortened, and some flesh was saved.
19. I pulled up, leaned back and sent a shortened cry of the.
20. If I had not shortened these days, no flesh would be saved.
21. Travis' breath shortened; the beginning of hyperventilation.
22. And except those days should be shortened, there should no.
23. They were as ready as their shortened lead time would allow.
24. You can verify it was shortened from 3-1/2 years on your own.
25. I do not think, he said, that the way could have been shortened.
26. And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be.
27. The shadows shortened quickly as dawn gave way to early morning.
28. Another version, identified as Judges, was shortened to J.
29. It was used as a shortened, whitewashed form of their own history.
30. The proper distance shortened as he pulled her closer to his chest.
31. The range shortened for the archers, and their trajectory flattened.
32. Work days were at least shortened to our sense by the fatigue of work.
33. As the expiration approaches, the forecast horizon should be shortened.
34. It is normally shortened to wing when used as a title or an honorific.
35. Your life-expectancy shortens just as the two words were shortened into one.
36. And except those days (end of the tribulation) should be shortened, there.
37. Jesus says the days will be shortened for the elect’s sake otherwise.
38. Just as the digestive tracts of meat eaters are shortened because they eat meat.
39. Although common, this simple scenario has shortened the life of many a good tent.
40. We have shortened the transwarp cycle to the minimum burst of warp necessary.
1. He claims that Shugden practice shortens his.
2. Having the weapons pods extended shortens the time.
3. Therefore, nature shortens lives of people who live on the.
4. Your life-expectancy shortens just as the two words were shortened into one.
5. Thus, the duration of MBSs shortens just when longer duration would be most useful to bondholders.
6. However, when positions are opened shortly before the expiration, the boundary shortens more slowly.
7. Twitter automatically shortens the URL in your tweets, but remember to add the http://, or else it will not work.
8. Why are you silent? Converse shortens the way, and I swear, by Hercules, never did I have to traverse such a horrid way.
9. Under extremely low volatility the boundary shortens to a minimal length at the whole range of time-to-expiration values.
10. This is depressing; depression shortens your life; this is depressing and causes anxiety, thus compounding the chronic, life-shortening disorders.
11. Conversely, decreasing the duration input parameter shortens the maximum trade length when the market is in a trend, being more sensitive to the shorter wavelengths in the data.
12. According to a long-term Finnish study, smoking not only shortens your life by around 10 years, but it also lowers your quality of life in old age, as smokers are more likely to suffer from debilitating illnesses.
13. And I can remember Bug (his real name was Bert Bagley, which shortens to Bug nicely), during a jazz-band blast at our final aud-call for our high school senior class, suddenly leaping up to dance with an invisible partner in the middle of the front aisle of the auditorium.
14. Here lies the water; good: here stands the man; good; if the man go to this water, and drown himself, it is, will he, nill he, he goes,--mark you that; but if the water come to him and drown him, he drowns not himself: argal, he that is not guilty of his own death shortens not his own life.

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