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Wretched in a sentence

It is wretched.
It made her wretched.
"Wretched man!" I cried.
She looked so wretched.
The wretched man collapsed.
What a wretched retreat!.
It’s wretched in here.

wretched state of condition.
physically he felt wretched.
You wretched little black.
Wretched isn’t it?.
Pumblechook wretched company.
It had been a wretched error.
How weak he was, how wretched.
It is a wretched life for you.
'Their plight is most wretched.
Wretched brutes there at the.
I gave you life, wretched boy.
But the wretched will avoid it.
felt less wretched than at home.
It was a wretched supper that.
He was a very wretched creature.
wretched straw tick [ out of it].
She read what made her wretched.
grieving for the wretched place,.
everlasting but wretched existence.
in this wretched term they give me?.
His head wretched and a fever raged.
here is this wretched money, take it.

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