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Chain in a sentence | chain example sentences

  1. There is a chain of.
  2. He wore a gold chain.
  3. I wore a gold chain.
  4. The chain was too long.
  5. Keys rattled on a chain.

  6. Eight clips in the chain.
  7. A chain around his wrist.
  8. The chain is like this:.
  9. The chain had a key on it.
  10. Another link in the chain.
  11. Well, it was on a chain.
  12. This will set off a chain.
  13. The chain is to go to the.
  14. A bead in the prayer chain.
  15. She lifted the door chain.

  16. The chain cut into her ribs.
  17. My car is at the chain gate.
  18. This is known as a FAT chain.
  19. The house at the Chain bridge.
  20. Mostly, a ticker and a chain.
  21. It's starting a chain reaction.
  22. Chain letters are easy to spot.
  23. This time he poked the chain.
  24. The chain dug into her stomach.
  25. Earth and our Terrestrial Chain.

  26. And breaks the matrimonial chain.
  27. Like the linked infernal chain;.
  28. When cause and effect’s chain.
  29. At the door hung an iron chain.
  30. We are all links in a chain of.
  31. Then trailing a chain of kisses.
  32. Yo, shorty, that's a nice chain.
  33. The chain glistened in the light.
  34. But the chain link didn’t tear.
  35. No more chain tattoos on my legs.
  36. A key on a chain was in the lock.
  37. What the hammer? what the chain?
  38. He held up the watch by its chain.
  39. Rather, we chain ourselves to a.
  40. What Are Virtual Chain Reactions?
  41. What are Virtual Chain Reactions?
  42. Sadly, there is a chain reaction.
  43. Chain mail was evident throughout.
  44. She then took the chain from the.
  45. She slid the chain over her head.
  46. A chain and padlock kept them shut.
  47. Reviewing the value chain, Figure 1.
  48. The night chain was still in place.
  49. The three formed an electric chain.
  50. Vinny swung the chain saw towards.
  51. It is the chain of unchannellised.
  52. Glycogen is a long chain of glucose.
  53. The whole case is a one large chain.
  54. It will be a chain to retrogression.
  55. I shall go, unless they chain me up.
  56. Issue # 7 The Golden Chain of Faith.
  57. A link in the chain has been broken.
  58. When I hold a racket, I hold a chain.
  59. She drew her sword and cut the chain.
  60. It sets in motion a chain of events.
  61. The Oogie handed the chain to Izayah.
  62. It may also include a chain of wire.
  63. The Chain of Responsibility Pattern.
  64. Pull up the chain, Viliho hissed.
  65. It was just a chain with a ruby on it.
  66. It messes with the chain of command.
  67. Your skin actually grew into the chain.
  68. From this would come a chain reaction.
  69. Run it through the chain of command.
  70. Fire is a rapid chemical chain reaction.
  71. Through me, you fused the chain of life.
  72. A heavy gold chain hung around his neck.
  73. She was at the bottom of the food chain.
  74. Chain of the Eights(8) is my Surround -.
  75. Thick loops of chain held the gate shut.
  76. Separated by a window & chain link bars.
  77. Four seconds, then another steady chain.
  78. Rogae X was high in the chain of command.
  79. You’re chain smoking, Proud said.
  80. The chain of the Self’s rejection of.
  81. In each case a chain is played for, but.
  82. Around his throat was a heavy gold chain.
  83. It’s the largest of the Chain of Lakes.
  84. A chain of congratulations began at once.
  85. His hand sought the chain about his neck.
  86. A chain won’t deter a violent intruder.
  87. The cop was probably a chain smoker, too.
  88. A howling dog broke her chain of thought.
  89. I saw the pulled off chain of her bicycle.
  90. I think that was the chain of events, Mr.
  91. The chain was starting to heat up as well.
  92. In the aggregate, Park’s chain is large.
  93. The angry spirits now have your chain saws.
  94. Anger is a chain reaction; if not stopped.
  95. Several links up the food chain, probably.
  96. And the chain of all beings unitedst by me.
  97. It is only sin that may chain us to agony.
  98. He kept the key on a chain around his neck.
  99. It is no wonder that the chain is rapidly.
  100. He slammed Locke into the chain link fence.
  1. It forms a chaining of.
  2. The chaining job by dozer shall be.
  3. After chaining Apsu, Ea killed Him; tied Mummu and chained him.
  4. The spell she had placed on me, ‘saving’ my life, had actually been a chaining spell on my Power.
  5. But a bad friend is a positive misfortune, a weight continually dragging us down, and chaining us to earth.
  6. Another option is forward chaining: compute each value as soon as you can, in hope that you’ll reach the goal.
  7. Only you hold the key to the PandoraBox that binds you to money and locks your hope in future possessions, chaining your benefits to anonymous deaths.
  8. Dropping roughly Marie Demaersk on the mattress, the suspect then methodically undressed her, leaving her totally naked, before chaining one of her hands to the wall.
  9. We sweet treat tamed our homegrown gangster threat of protection tribute or else by chaining the holiday to the slavery of sugar plantations and the kidnapped child labor of cocoa concentration camps.
  10. Concealing and chaining his bike a hundred metres from the road, Jarek shouldered a pack containing a bottle of water and enough bread and biscuits for two days, then spent the day trudging through dense undergrowth.
  11. A vision of herself in the restaurant car handing him over the money she had, chaining herself of her own accord to him, rose for a moment--danced mockingly, it was so ludicrously important an action and at the same time so small and natural--before her eyes.
  12. If the meaning of life is to have a meaning, he faced her voice expecting to see mother, lover, or goddess – something befitting a game, a hallucination, or a near death experience – but all he saw was the face of everything he had ever loved looking as if it were a poisonous viper that he had beaten to death each day of his life as payment to rise from his chaining bed of privilege.
  1. Still chained up and alive.
  2. What I was chained to, and.
  3. Wynne was chained beside her.
  4. No! You can not keep it chained.
  5. Rattling the chained padlock of.
  6. The gates were chained with padlock.
  7. They were usually chained to a tree;.
  8. I pictured my mother chained to a rock.
  9. His handlers came out and chained him.
  10. We didn’t notice that she chained it.
  11. She would have chained your balls off.
  12. Chained by his certitudes, he is a slave.
  13. The mystery man rattled his chained hands.
  14. You will spend your days chained to a.
  15. A word that is chained is a terrible word.
  16. He also shot the chained flight attendant.
  17. He wondered why he wasn't chained to the.
  18. My heart stopped, legs chained to the floor.
  19. Puppy chained up wih very stale bread on the.
  20. She was badly beaten and chained to the wall.
  21. If people only knew the ways sin has chained.
  23. The slaves were loaded onto wagons and chained.
  24. At first, the chained girls were fully clothed.
  25. It was more that she felt so heavy and chained.
  26. Several bodies were chained to a stone wall on.
  27. The chained women sat on the bed and said nothing.
  28. The Burgomeister handed the chained shard to Leif.
  29. He remembered the holds full of chained men, he.
  30. Shackled and chained is not how you shall remain.
  31. Was he chained to a floor somewhere, being spied.
  32. I’m chained to the wall! You have to go!.
  33. He was tied hand and foot and chained to the wall.
  34. He was immediately chained with no hope of escape.
  35. She was chained by the wrists to a white-tiled wall.
  36. A blinkin' good job that there dawg was chained up.
  37. But who chained you here? HipHope asked softly.
  38. Tied up, chained, whipped, flogged, and beaten with.
  39. Yes, but he is chained on the other side of the house.
  40. Grobut sat on the floor, his hands chained to the bed.
  41. Thankfully, the dog was not chained to the tree a few.
  42. The Chained Oak’s branches extended over a busy road.
  43. He chained her to a rock for the sea monster to eat her.
  44. Iditarod trained dogs have been photographed chained or.
  45. Prisoners were chained to it every metre and a half, as.
  46. I cannot save the chained animals; I can save only myself.
  47. Their self-esteem became chained to the things they owned.
  48. Sergeant Pain turned to the three men chained on the barge.
  49. I’d suffered from cold while chained in the forward hold.
  50. Liam could not bear to look at the poor souls chained to.
  51. Prisoners must be chained at all times, cried the sergeant.
  52. He was chained to the large tree where he could see the sky.
  53. Premarin mares are placed in tiny stalls, chained, and are.
  54. Ah, Mac, consider what isn’t: Barrons chained to a desk.
  55. Will he be chained and manacled? the doctor questioned.
  56. Looking around she noticed an old man his arms chained high.
  57. It’s more than I got when they chained me up down here, but.
  58. The lion in the way which you fear, shall prove to be chained.
  59. After chaining Apsu, Ea killed Him; tied Mummu and chained him.
  60. The dog chained up in the yard dashed about barking furiously.
  61. It was as if the truck had been chained to an aircraft carrier.
  62. Others are chained for so long their skin actually grows into.
  63. Ryodan said Christian is chained, both hands, arms spread wide.
  64. It was the body-scent of the oarsmen, chained to their benches.
  65. He then goes back to visit the others, still chained as before.
  66. Julia Carroll, nineteen years old, naked and chained to the wall.
  67. Any dogs would probably be chained, but the cats would be loose.
  68. Are you not familiar with the legend of the chained oak?
  69. Why am I chained? My wrists are shackled to the stone wall.
  70. The toddler was found in front of the doghouse; although chained.
  71. A chained famished has his mouth on an arm of a woman named Lucy.
  72. Vasquez squinted as he walked out with his hands chained together.
  73. Then we sat there until we thought the chained cross had reached.
  74. I remained chained; tortured as his wicked scent reached my nose.
  75. Tragus chained Nerissa to the same post in his ewe shed as before.
  77. I lifted the chained cross and hauled it over the side of the boat.
  78. How long have you been chained up in this hole? Fallon asked.
  79. The boy was chained to the walls and had on a rusty cloth garment.
  80. He's chained up in a bedroom and Samantha is trying to seduce him.
  81. Both were naked, bruised and battered and were chained to the wall.
  82. Maggie felt numb, chained to the rock without hope of moving again.
  83. A short set of rotten steps led up to a chained and padlocked door.
  84. The giant was chained to a rock, but had enough room to move around.
  85. If this is true, what are we to make of the humans who have chained.
  86. They had left him there, bruised and naked, chained to the floor by.
  87. Then I taste the chained effect as Mommy was done, too, pretty crafty.
  88. When I killed Ashley they had her chained to a pole and stripped naked.
  89. Philip awakes, naked and chained to the floor by wrist and ankle, in the.
  90. Hours later at an old abandoned shipping yard Jack awoke chained to a post.
  91. What are you going to do? Throw her into the sea chained to a rock?
  92. Why wasn’t I paying attention when I was chained to that goddamn thing?
  93. The dead-brains moaned and clawed at us, but they were chained to the pews.
  94. Sam was not going to escape: he had no weapon, and his ankles were chained.
  95. And I didn’t notice that I was chained, both my hands and legs were chain.
  96. The chained wolves lowered their heads when Silas and Theron walked in alone.
  97. Are you saying the Ogre that chained you down here was here she asked.
  98. They crept together to the pantry where the girl slept near the chained bears.
  99. If the restaurant had chained her to the seat, this would never have happened.
  100. After marching her to the water trough, Tragus chained her over it face-down.
  1. I saw more chains of.
  2. It rested on two chains.
  3. I have chains of command.
  4. He was in chains, while.
  5. It’s like I’m in chains.
  6. Chains falling to the floor.
  7. And others fettered in chains.
  8. Their only hope lay in chains.
  9. How many chains hold you 536.
  10. Incessantly his chains to break.
  11. One of John’s chains snapped.
  12. Love has no chains and no ovens.
  13. She struggled against the chains.
  14. He stood beside the chains that.
  15. He heard the rattling of chains.
  16. Section 3 – Breaking the Chains.
  17. The chains had been hammered into.
  18. A few chains would definitely help.
  19. In these chains a skeleton dangled.
  20. He was the reason she was in chains.
  21. Chains come in a multitude of forms.
  22. He put the chains down and stood up.
  23. Cook asked, gesturing at the chains.
  24. Sharing money chains all to money.
  25. The Oogie looked down at the chains.
  26. Chains with leg irons hung from beams.
  27. They are brought in chains from Africa.
  28. John stands in chains in the courtroom.
  29. Why are the three men in chains?
  30. Emily hissed and fought with the chains.
  31. The hippo’s chains and muzzle releases.
  32. Chains of symbols instead of paragraphs.
  33. Jane must have also sensed those chains.
  34. At any time, they could lift the chains.
  35. Then the hooks were secured to the chains.
  36. Look into the hitch and protection chains.
  37. I unbolted the door but left the chains on.
  38. With manacles and chains around his limbs.
  39. From the ceiling, four chains at each of.
  40. She couldn't have budged in those chains.
  41. All she could see was her sister in chains.
  42. The slaver put big chains on Joseph so he.
  43. They tied her down and placed her in chains.
  44. Sparkling gold chains hang around his neck.
  45. The chains appear to be holding empty space.
  46. Put him in chains and lay him in a chariot.
  47. Pa wiped the grease from the chains off on.
  48. The good do bind one very heavily in chains.
  50. Are the chains to hold up the branches?
  51. The chains tying her to her fail-safe loosened.
  52. Contaminating the air, water, and food chains.
  53. He fought against the chains holding him back.
  54. Chains hung here, across the old spanned vaults.
  55. Amy followed a series of chains to the ceiling.
  56. CHAINS: The force that wants to be King, bible.
  57. Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.
  58. She looses the chains and binds you to her love.
  59. Princes were captured and in chains were bound;.
  60. Six weeks later the chains were removed and he.
  61. And Evander was leaning as close as his chains.
  62. These chains aren't going to come off this bed.
  63. And, if he were, would he be in chains or not?
  64. How are the chains fastened? I ask Ryodan.
  65. Corroded chains had carved grooves into the bark.
  66. Joseph went from a slave in chains to being the.
  67. She towered over the woman in chains at her feet.
  68. Chains is itself made a sword, stab it to himself.
  69. This entailed leather, bondage, whips and chains.
  70. Wreathen: The twisting together of rope or chains.
  71. The keys to their chains, Sespian explained.
  72. Benedetto for the murder of his comrade in chains.
  73. She heated up the chains she had me on, and they.
  74. She looked at the chains hanging from the ceiling.
  75. The shifty prisoners chains rattled at his wrists.
  76. The chains are too strong, I can't reach you!.
  77. We sat perfectly still as Beth placed the chains.
  78. Paul was a prisoner in chains, on his way to Rome.
  79. It was massive, and bound by chains of thick iron.
  80. Arian, I am bound by chains that I cannot break.
  81. Chains hit the ground, falling on mounds of red ash.
  82. Q: What about the chains of destiny forged by sin?
  83. Other fast food chains have also been sued in court.
  84. Joe was determined to break the chains of iniquity.
  85. It split into three chains and held a hanging lamp.
  86. To the centre all the roads ran between their chains.
  87. I opened the container and struggled with the chains.
  88. One of the chains supported a little gold alligator.
  89. Nobody could bind him anymore not even with chains.
  90. Darek rattled the chains to catch Rex’s attention.
  91. Oh! how hard is my fate, how galling these chains!.
  92. But then he heard the clinking of chains and happy.
  93. I wish to speak with the humans who are in chains.
  94. Chains hung from the ceiling with shackles at their.
  95. He imagined his father in chains, his mother, Brendan.
  96. Refuse to live in slavery, or wear the convict chains.
  97. I jumped toward him, but was yanked back by the chains.
  98. Before I can punch her, she chains my hands on my back.
  99. His body twitched: the soul threw the Reaper in chains.
  100. Just what the "everlasting bonds" are ("chains" King.

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