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Stub in a sentence

Me too, Stub chimed in.
His crewmates called him Stub.
Stub McMillin gave it a try, though.
The stub you gave me wore down to a.
They seemed surprised at seeing Stub.
Give me a cuddle then, urged Stub.
Leave me be, woman, Stub retorted.

Stub length flute cutters are more rigid.
Stub waddling along a few dwarfish steps back.
Selene was on her feet, and heading towards Stub.
It butted Ben’s chest several times with its stub.
One of them pointed with the rounded stub of an elbow.
Tim looked at the short stub where the fifth digit had once been.
Halfshaft and Stub came with her, reluctant to be left alone in a.
His breath sucked in when he saw the stub of the Washington Monument.
Clifford sat back down on his haunches and wagged his stub of a tail.
In his hand, he’s holding a stub of a pencil, about one inch long.
Last time they had seen Stub, he had made it clear that he did not.
The rat showed me the words as they sparkled and shined upon the stub.
Terraroja dropped his stub of broken lance and drew his arming-sword.
What a pity Bilbo did not stub the vile creature, when he had a chance!.
A few seconds later, there was another snapping sound, and Stub cried out.
Executing the example shows the starting message of our two stub servers:.
Halfshaft patted the child’s arm, and trotted off towards Cherry, with Stub.
There was nothing labeled Doberman’s Stub, but I found a folder named Tucker.
Doberman’s Stub was on the verge of being a headliner on the stadium circuit.
I’m Stub, said the dwarf, holding out a pudgy hand, when he could stand.
What are the chances Doberman’s Stub can survive without Terry Tucker?
The father marked the value into a small notebook using a short stub of a pencil.
Stub McMillin didn’t know what was happening, but he didn’t like whatever it was.
With a stub pen she was bringing her books up to date, a fine old double entry ledger.
My sense of it lasted about as long as the buzz of a smoke does after you stub it out.
He rooted around in his pocket and came out with the stub end of a mostly burnt cigar.
Over the next few days, the boat began to fly, just as Stub McMillin had said it would.
I’ll hold this for you, I said to Wolfe, until you can produce your pay stub.
She had hand-painted a cover that said, Doberman’s Stub Live at the Dali Lama Yo Mama.
Her cloak was ripped off of her by an outreaching stub of a dead branch on a nearby tree.
Texas Air, by virtue of its leverage, was a stub of sorts with perennial assets for sale.
Bobby Moch died in January of 2005, and Stub McMillin followed him in August of that year.
The girls finish their cigarettes and stub them out in the same neglected plant pot as before.
And so the enemy was left in confusion, stubbing their already dead friend.
Okay, Locke stopped, almost stubbing his toe on the sticky, waxed floor.
I had been pushed through one of them, stubbing my knee on a bare wooden frame.
The ‘OW!’ was usually Daveda stepping on a cactus or stubbing her toe, which would.
And thinks I to myself all the while, mind, while I was stubbing my silly toes against that cursed pyramid—so confoundedly contradictory was it all, all the while, I say, I was thinking to myself, 'what's his leg now, but a cane—a whalebone cane.
When this woman was peeing, and looking for toilet paper and probably not finding toilet paper, then wending her way back to bed through the motors and blades and TV intestines that Runner always pretended to be working on, maybe stubbing a toe, feeling sulky, I was crawling through snow toward my blood-soaked house, my family dead.
We came out of the tunnel and there before us was the whole Toltec nation, the hidden valley was exactly as Coatl had described it to me there was enough space in the valley bottom to accommodate four or five tribes and to see my people waiting for our entrance was a sight that almost brought tears to my eyes, we made our way down the valley towards the canopied dais that had been erected earlier, people bowed as we passed, at the dais the heap of captured weapons was very impressive, the captains from all the different settlements were waiting to report, I poured a drink for Coatl and myself we then sat to hear from the captains, Tulancingo’s report was very brief, twenty one enemy engaged, twenty one enemy killed, five Toltec slaves freed, no Toltec dead or wounded, he bowed and stepped back, the Tolteca went wild with joy, Jodas then stepped forward for Xocanti, sixteen enemy engaged, sixteen enemy dead, six Toltec slaves freed, no Toltec casualties, next came Santaros, nineteen enemy engaged, nineteen enemy dead, six Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, then Vincoso, nineteen enemy engaged, nineteen enemy dead, seven Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, finally our captain rose and gave our report, twenty one enemy engaged, twenty one enemy dead, nine Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, he then added that Coatl had himself dispatched the captain of the tax collectors in hand-to-hand combat, the applause was tumultuous, with people dancing and laughing, releasing all the tensions and stress that they had lived through recently, all their fears had been magically washed away by the numbers, ninety six enemy dead, thirty three Toltecs returned to the tribe, all without a single Toltec so much as stubbing his toe, it was more amazing than anyone had imagined or hoped for, today’s result would dispel any lingering doubt about Coatl’s god-head or the unusual way he waged war, with everyone in this holiday mood there was no point holding a planning meeting, so before we joined in the fun, Coatl paraded the freed slaves, there is no feeling more gratifying than to see the joy of a family who find a relative they thought lost forever, the people filed past, some with whoops of joy, others with a look of disappointment as they reached the end of the line, I heard one old man say to his wife.
Joe stubbed his toe.
He stubbed out the cigarette.
To recover, startled, we've stubbed our toes.
She stubbed out the cigarette, the last one.
Adjusted his glasses and stubbed out his smoke.
Smith stubbed out his cigarette and lit another.
Maiorescu stubbed out his cig, then lit up another.
She stubbed out her ciggie with a smug look on her face.
Uhhhh! Great, peering behind I stubbed a toe and tripped.
Vinny stubbed his cigarette out then stood in the carpeted.
The secret cigarette stubbed out on the bricks of the patio.
He found the big roll top when he accidentally stubbed his toe.
He stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray and lit another one.
State and had stubbed my toe, they would have pinned a medal on me?
He stubbed his cigarette out in an ashtray and walked inside the pub.
She stubbed her cigarette out on the counter and flicked the butt away.
Brigit reached across him and stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray.
With that he stubbed out his cigarette, walked away from the man in black.
She leaned over to the clay dish on the floor and stubbed out her cigarette.
So he finished his second rum, stubbed out the cigar and drained the coffee.
He tried to dig his fingers into the trunk, as she had done, but stubbed his.
Lily took a final drag of her cigarette, and stubbed it out on the metal step.
His anxiety reached fever pitch when he stubbed his toe and the nail fell off.
He stubbed out the cigarette, swilled out his mouth with the tea and crawled back to bed.
Ma stubbed her cigarette into the ashtray filled with the butts I always found disgusting.
It’s like taking a pill for a stubbed toe that also cures the plague and grows back missing arms.
I recoiled as images of a burning cigarette end being stubbed out on my bare legs played out in my head.
Even the fat bully had gotten bored of his cigarette and had for some reason stubbed it out on his test-paper.
The Daily News reporter stubbed out his second cigarette that morning and put the ashtray back on the nightstand.
Russell came limping out of the bathroom, having stubbed his toe on the toilet in his haste to get out of the shower.
I stubbed my toe and cursed loudly, only to hear answering giggles from either side of the long hallway that separated the three bedrooms.
With that he stubbed out his cigarette, walked away from the man in black towards the front of his battered old car, and slammed shut the bonnet.
Hey grumpy, you could do with a drink, maybe I should say- drinky you could do with a grump! She stubbed out her cigarette with a look of amusement.
It was not too difficult for the hobbit, except when, in spite of all care, he stubbed his poor toes again, several times, on nasty jagged stones in the floor.
She was a nervous friend—smoked Harry’s recessed, filtered cigarettes but stubbed each one out only one-third smoked and lighted another, and she didn’t put them out, she crushed them, frayed the ends.
Ticket stubs are trickery.
Just two neatly severed stubs.
It was crippled with only deformed stubs for.
Always check payroll stubs for tax deductions.
Lucky the ticket stubs had been handed in to the Church.
He has enough aluminum in old pencil stubs to pay her off.
Looking closely at the low wall he saw the stubs of metal.
Suzuki rubbed his hands over the stubs of brittle hair on his bald head.
Boochie grabbed the limp man out of the chair and held him so his stubs.
The ashtray is full: fifty stubs squashed in there, limbless, somehow gory.
Why do you save those ticket stubs and theater programs? They'll only hurt you later.
The ashtray next to her typewriter was the evidence – it was overflowing with stubs and old ash.
He stubs out his cigarette, straightens up, squints at the convoy, sees something that alarms him.
Popearae’s fingers rubbed over the stubs of bone that were just beginning to sprout from his spine.
Regretfully the cigarette is soon gone and Malcolm stubs out the butt in a small flowerpot on the ground.
Along the top of the frame were small stubs of retractable wings on the side and a sail-fin at the zenith.
He left all his drawers open and all over the walls were fliers, notebook doodles, and movie ticket stubs.
Steve suppresses his anger at Dippa for hanging up on him but only for a second or two; angrily he stubs out the half smoked cigarette in the ashtray.
The blanket used to cover the opening was pushed aside as Bet and Frank came in drawing it closed behind them and lighting a couple of stubs of candle.
I still have the remainder of my ticket stubs in my pocket so I decided to get something to eat from a small grocery store operated by a gas station owner nearby.
Would Claire have gone through the storage area in the basement? Paul was the one with an emotional attachment to silly love notes and the ticket stubs from the first movie they’d ever seen.
It was now just a dry tract of dirt with tracks of corn stalks sheared off, sticking up from the ground like stubby knives for as far as you could see, just rows and rows of dirty yellow stubs.
Choosing is its own reward? Miney instinctively stuck a business holo-card between his gnarled stubs, where her pixelating title strobed against his scabs – Monergic Spiritual Counselor.
He - the central essence of Lester, (or should it be Roger?) - he was a problem, with his economical flowing stroll, the shoulder-length hair, the chewed stubs of fingernails and his immunity to hurry or discipline.
She was a magnet that invisibly drew good-luck charms, saints' medals, Roman coins, theater stubs, handkerchiefs, stickpins, while the audience ran riot, convulsed as these rabbit men stood peeled of all prides and protections.
On they worked, sweeping up cigarette stubs and ashes, hurrying out with trays of dirty dishes, scrubbing stains from the rugs, gathering together pieces of broken glass, and filling baskets with the trampled remains of crackers.
Dog-lovers? Hand me a scalpel and turn me loose on all who practice this barbarism and I’ll barber their behinds and ear lobes and see how they like it, fierce-looking or not! What the blankety-blank do all these puppy butchers need scary-looking dogs for, anyway? A beast with sharp teeth and powerful jaws and a built-in stupid loyalty to his or her owner can chase away or disable any bad guy just as easily with full-flopped ears and swishing tail as with stubs.
It was a tornado, funneling, driving, whispering, murmuring, feeling of the street ahead of it with big whirl-around brushes like sewer lids with rotary brushes under them, spinning, with a big rolling-pin brush turning under all the scattered trivia of the world's men, the ticket stubs from that show at the Elite tonight, and the wrapper from a chewing gum stick that now rested on top of a bureau in one of the houses, a small chewed cannonball of tasteless elasticity, and the candy wrapper from a bar now hidden and folded into the small accordion innards of a boy high in a cupola house in a magic room.
Its claws are ground to stubs,.

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