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    tail end

    1. Then there had been a hold up on the motorway – doubtless the tail end of the problem which caused Stephen such a lot of hassle on the way up to Liz’s

    2. Stephen goes off to answer it while I watch the tail end of the report

    3. When he fell off he thought he'd be instantly trampled by other thongas but they all dodged him and as it happened he was near the tail end of the herd so there weren't that many

    4. ‘Used to what?’ he asked, picking up the tail end of my comment

    5. This company – New Vistas – had clearly mounted a campaign to usurp every other advertiser in the promotion of its product, running at the top and a message at tail end of each break

    6. And we can't do this in the tail end of a storm, either

    7. It didn’t help that the tail end of my trip to the City of the Sun was at night

    8. He made his way out of the hall behind the tail end of the crowd that was leaving

    9. Going over to the television, he switched it on and turning to a local channel was just in time to catch the tail end of a news item

    10. Richard shot off three more rounds as they neared the tail end of the getaway car

    11. Cash was already back in the car and had overheard the tail end of Richard’s phone conversation

    12. That was the tail end of my time in the weed business and I headed to prison as a result of taking out our rivals in Mawson years earlier

    13. the tail end of the so called hippy times

    14. “I think I heard that we are only getting the tail end of it

    15. Tracker and Huntress were able perform the needed calculations to keep the ship in the convoy, but had they not been the last ship on the tail end of the convoy, they might have suffered a collision with another ship

    16. What I saw was the tail end of a show on about the underworld

    17. Before the second man working on the charge could get over his shock, Nancy shot him as well, then started methodically shooting down the Taliban fighters lined against the wall, starting with the tail end ones

    18. About 200 silhouettes then jumped out from the tail end of the scoutships and, gliding smoothly down, dispersed around the airfield

    19. I was lucky to have come in at the tail end of that

    20. The ‘tail end’ of the caravan was a minute late – consisting of, another

    21. Mick and his men came up the road and began to mesh with the tail end of our column

    22. Like now for instance as she stood back from the river fighting the revulsion that swept through her as Yvonne Barns’ yellow VW was hauled from the water, its tail end hitched to the hydraulic hoist of the recovery vehicle

    23. There were already a number of trestles supporting map boards placed near the head of the table, plus a retro-projector for transparent slides on the tail end of the table

    24. I took Dog’s bundle of gear and supplies and tied it onto the tail end of the line

    25. The rest of the reporters and photographers then rushed to follow him, with Marilyn at the tail end of the pack

    26. men far from home, called into action at the tail end of this

    27. I saw a water buffalo being eaten by a lion while trapped in a bog—the hungry predator starting at the poor, unwilling food source's tail end, so death wouldn't have come at all quickly

    28. the tail end of the fast, you will probably feel like you could go a few more hours

    29. ” Kirby interjected, having caught the tail end of their conversation as he approached them from behind

    30. Joel’s friends had caught the tail end of this conversation, as they circled around the two of them, and she was immediately besieged by questions

    31. Joel had a gut feeling the two were somehow related, and that the key to her mysterious flashes of fear was rooted in whatever had caused her to stop hiding a house key outside, Joel picked up on the tail end of her sentence

    32. Her legs had been replaced by the tail end of a fish, with gigantic fins that spread and flopped over the side of the boat

    33. We found a small door at the tail end and squeezed in

    34. Over distance they floated lightly on the air and landed flat or tail end first

    35. The tail end of the

    36. The afternoon was one to look forward to; nothing taxing, just the tail end of the integration details on the Statistics package

    37. She is in the tail end of a spinning kick that sends the guy she's fighting backwards several steps

    38. The passengers descended unseen on the far side of the fuselage and appeared as they came round the tail end of the plane for the short walk to the terminal building

    39. Like the tail end of the missed opportunity still lingering, giving us a last chance

    40. Down innumerable narrow, low, pitch black corridors, the guide walking in front with a candle followed by Lizzie bent in half and me at the tail end

    41. Once the propulsion system of human male sperm, the tail end of the sperm, has done its job: it too falls off

    42. They waited for the mob to pass, then joined it at the tail end, running as

    43. „What was that you said,' I asked, „I only caught the tail end of it'

    44. But she did manage to catch the tail end of his speech

    45. She managed to catch the tail end of his speech when he told the group that their cruise ship had left port the day before

    46. Smelling the tail end of ports

    47. And not just any old rattle, but one attached to the tail end of a serpent as thick as my forearm

    48. Setting the vase in a prominent place in her office, she returned to the lobby just in time to catch the tail end of Jill and Colin’s conversation

    49. Supposedly Volkheimer has carried three first-years across the river by holding them above his head; supposedly he has lifted the tail end of the commandant’s automobile high enough to slip a jack under the axle

    50. "So that is the tail end of the telegram which Godfrey Staunton dispatched within a few hours of his disappearance

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    stub butt bottom tail base extremity