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    1. It fanned its brilliantly plumed tail in pleasure when she obliged

    2. Those papers could be the reason she is on your tail

    3. Bread Crumbs started wagging her tail and then bounced off to find more food

    4. "So what's the catch Ajarn?" Tattoos weren't really her thing but she understood enough to know that although they usually worked, there was always a sting in the tail

    5. Then there had been a hold up on the motorway – doubtless the tail end of the problem which caused Stephen such a lot of hassle on the way up to Liz’s

    6. KA-BOOOOOOM! The shell fired by the militants explodes near the tail section, the plane shudders violently and cases of liquor tumble in every direction

    7. Stephen goes off to answer it while I watch the tail end of the report

    8. Imagination is a sore bed-fellow, especially when the demons have you by the tail

    9. Her long, smooth, bronze-blond hair is in a loose pony tail, sometimes in three

    10. Joris had bought her five years ago … she’d fallen in love on sight with the beautiful gg, with her white blond mane and tail setting off the pale tan colour of her coat

    11. movements of the now lifeless tail

    12. your head and you bit it on the tail ( well you did

    13. When he fell off he thought he'd be instantly trampled by other thongas but they all dodged him and as it happened he was near the tail end of the herd so there weren't that many

    14. "I wasn't thrown," Luray said with a touch of indignation, "I jumped down when I first found my beast at the tail of the herd

    15. They are promised in Deuteronomy 28:1 and 13 that they will be set on high above all nations of the earth, and they shall be the head and not the tail

    16. ” Kate pointed to Ash, whose tail was wagging rapidly

    17. ‘Used to what?’ he asked, picking up the tail end of my comment

    18. the dragon and grabbed onto the tail of the dragon

    19. It had the same claws, the same six legs and long plumed tail

    20. But the burning log landed on the plume of it's tail

    21. The stupid thing held it's burning tail up out of the water as it bounded across the stream screaming and ran zigzag into the night, howling so pitifully

    22. "Quick thinking," Desa said, "I don't think I would have remembered how their tail feathers can burn in a panic situation like that

    23. She pranced by Sally’s side as if she were still a kitten, tail in the air

    24. He whined as he saw Michael and wagged his broken tail

    25. by the trail tail of his twisted tie chord

    26. ’ He replied apparently staring at Black Hoffnarr’s tail

    27. The craft came down and bounced once at the outer edge of the runway and then all of a sudden they were thrown forward as the tail hook was grabbed and the craft slowed

    28. Her tail pounds the floor, she’s obviously delighted that I am feeling better

    29. • Woolly Bugger: The Woolly Bugger is a fly that has a very simple design with a long tail feather on the end

    30. black nose all the way to the end of his scrawny grey tail

    31. of two very furry ears and the tip of gently swishing tail

    32. A flare of the tail feathers and a challenge and within the blink of an eye Mya was on the beam not five feet from the large bird

    33. This meant that Enjteen’s tail on Ava wasn’t as close as he thought

    34. He turned tail and ran, as quickly and as quietly as he could

    35. unconscious, they’re awkward to move – wings, neck and tail need to

    36. Athnu came thru the door and she turned toward him while she finished tying her pony tail

    37. ate the slices out of Roman’s hand wagging his stub of a tail

    38. ‘We believe that, in his demented state, he was endeavouring to replicate the events which had taken place earlier …’ the Inspector let the sentence tail away to nothing

    39. Shaney would have had to tail Zhagin next week and Delurna remembered she wasn’t as good at that

    40. Her tail had only been able to get close enough to overhear one of those interviews, but he reported it was cordial

    41. “That bad tail that she spotted has hampered my investigation more than any other event so far

    42. It looked like Ava’s tail had stayed on her this time and tracked her movements because the message he got by pocket-eye from his man on the waterfront was certainly correct

    43. In both cases the subject made the tail, though neither the subject nor the other tail ever made my tail

    44. Once he lost Jorma, he had followed the tail

    45. He backtracked and loitered and did all the tricks used in cinema to shake a tail, but Yugor had stuck thru it til lunch time of Morningday

    46. This was another committee he should have looked into concerning the bad tail, they used operatives often and he wouldn’t be surprised if they had contracted that bad tail

    47. He wasn’t his best tail but he was dogged

    48. While he glanced at the houseman, the tail had ducked out

    49. It had a long swirly tail that ended in an arrow

    50. He poked his head into his home and dragged his long tail down the hall

    1. He began speeding along the hard shoulder to the left of the tailed back traffic, oblivious to the angry stares of other motorists

    2. to the urgent scratching of a pink tailed rat

    3. ’ His voice tailed off as the nurse bit at her lip, restraining her exasperated reaction

    4. He didn"t check once to see if he was being tailed

    5. " His voice tailed off, ashamed at his admission

    6. As he tailed the fleeing van, his concentration set on his

    7. I could not make up mind, so I just crashed through the wooden barricades, high tailed it to general parking, and met Nick at his reserved parking space right up against the stadium wall outside our seats

    8. nervous as a ling tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs?”

    9. Top hats with tailed tuxedoes are mixed with lamb skin work

    10. Each of them wore identical tailed tuxedoes with

    11. Several times during the week, they are tailed by the auditor with stops recorded for comparison with subsequent reports

    12. “I loosely tailed both Gerard Lipinski and Harry Dubs around town---going to-and-fro, hither and yon and betwixt and between for our cause

    13. Of course, I discreetly tailed him and observed his movements during the two hour trip

    14. The startled waitress‘s words tailed off as she watched the two men sprint from the cafe

    15. Louise tailed off, shut up and left

    16. “He high tailed it as soon as we approached

    17. tailed about his ministry, he is in for a real surprise,” she

    18. tailed, and is native to America

    19. tailed deer that were frozen like statures, and then started to walk slowing towards the

    20. I then kept on seeing the red tailed hawk, almost every time I took a

    21. If you were followed, whoever tailed you probably left by now

    22. Johnson tailed us for a few miles

    23. “Hey, Corey, how’s it going,” said a young pony tailed

    24. I believe that he stopped the limo cold, turned around briskly and shot the President and then high tailed it out of there, while everyone was looking up to the knoll for the smoky shot they heard and saw

    25. Perhaps one that Travis and his associates had designed, sensing they were being tailed

    26. Gupta signaled to three other Pakistani males nearby, that there was a problem, so they all looked on as Max and Carla tailed Maureen

    27. ” His voice tailed off

    28. We immediately tailed the van, it went down P Street and under an overpass and by the time we caught up, it was gone

    29. A white tailed deer ran across the parking lot and into

    30. As her breath tailed off, she pulled her face away and buried it against his neck, embracing him in a surrealistic halo as her hair floated freely around him

    31. " she tailed off

    32. Mike had spotted a man lurking nearby who had evidently tailed me from the restaurant where Jasmine had been arrested

    33. His voice tailed away as he saw the crowd turn to their chief seated in

    34. ” She tailed off, apparently reluctant to describe the full horror of his fate

    35. Her incantations tailed off

    36. He must be the smart one in the family because when I told him to take a hike he high tailed it

    37. He tailed off, as if deep in thought for a second, but then shook the image out of his head and carried on

    38. For all to see a dangerous current is here below tailed serpents massive beacon

    39. (b) I was constantly tailed by scary and hardly inconspicuous persons

    40. His voice tailed away

    41. All of this was suspicious to Darek, so he tailed them

    42. When the president sobered up, he looked at the hanged man, and realised, suddenly, that he knew him and thought: ‘Oh… how terrible… he is…’ and his thoughts tailed off as he realised what he had done in his drunken state

    43. Maiorescu had slowed his yacht, and it started to roll slightly in the swell as the speed tailed off

    44. I started humming the Addams Family theme song while the white Mercedes tailed me up the driveway

    45. Nadhir constantly tailed his queen, assisting her with her Shumese, which she seemed to be learning remarkably fast

    46. We tailed the mark, found his bolt holes, took out

    47. ‘They tailed him to the airport and gave up

    48. And nevertheless in that same black darkness they see black things as devils, that ever maul them and afflict and harass them with all kinds of tortures; and tailed drakes, horrible as devils, that devour them whole and spew them out afterwards before and behind

    49. kitchen so he high tailed it out of there and didn't look back because the place was about to be

    50. ” Merthin tailed off

    1. He hung back a bit, not wanting her to think he was tailing her or anything

    2. and so, on the wing, swallow tailing,

    3. Klowa told him about Tuggot's tailing of the basinites and the fact that they never ate, drank or used the bathroom

    4. We walked in, with me tailing behind and thinking that this

    5. that was always tailing us was a bodyguard, too

    6. “No, this is just the practice squad that’s tailing along at the moment

    7. “Practice squad that’s tailing along at the moment,” Liz said sarcastically

    8. A guy stepped out of the haze, tailing Shorty

    9. The lake looked as though it had been placed especially for the benefit of the inhabitants, curling round in a comma like shape, tailing off to what appeared to be a fairly broad river, around which many red or yellow painted,

    10. Of course the two cops then headed my way again while I tried to keep a straight face while in my head I was debating the pros and cons of just high tailing out of there but I stood firm

    11. How did she figure it out, and why the fuck Jonathan wasn’t tailing her, instead he's outside

    12. Barney, Mark and Rex were tailing Joey right when he went into the construction site

    13. Not expecting her tailing job to be a dangerous one, Sarah paid little attention to the sedan and its three occupants, simply taking more distance in order not to attract Laplante’s attention

    14. He claimed that there was a spacecraft tailing the comet

    15. Minutes later, he found himself tailing the cashier's black, Japanese sports car, to University Park on the campus of Florida International University

    16. "You know after tailing your weak ass for this long, I would have never taken you for this shit

    17. Kenny's murder had shaken her and necessitated the team increase their counter surveillance, which included following each other discreetly to see if anyone else was tailing them

    18. but when it comes to the point that they start tailing you

    19. According to the two who were tailing Max, the statuette must still be on board the Ocean Raider

    20. “At the edges of the pontoon blanket, the temperature will be the same as under it, the temperature tailing off, the further out from it you go

    21. would not screw up the tailing of the van and would be able to intervene quickly in order to invest the place and arrest those porn producers before any innocents could get hurt

    22. Dean didn’t have to worry about his headlights automatically coming on when he started his engine, a standard feature installed at the factory on all modern commercial vehicles which could be very annoying to people like him when doing things like tailing another car or approaching a suspect’s location

    23. Their tailing work was actually a short one, as the gray Fiat turned after only a few minutes inside the parking lot of the Puertobahia Hotel, near the wide sandy beach immediately east of the port area and actually quite close from the restaurant Dean and Erik had used earlier on

    24. Within a few seconds Tanya was tailing the enemy aircraft and she shot one out if the sky and gave chase to the other

    25. After coal mining equipment is produced, adding to pollution and resource exploitation, the earth is laid back, exposing huge open sores that leach toxins from tailing piles

    26. The Boss knew that Shoop had spent the previous evening tailing one of

    27. As I rode in the cabbie toward the city, I knew that somehow they were tailing me

    28. She left in a big hurry and I'm tailing her now, but this area is pretty deserted so I can't get too close to her

    29. “Just suppose – only suppose for a minute - that the Russians had been tailing Jarvis for some time

    30. He sprinted as fast as he could down the street, his squad of dogs tailing after him

    31. Esjekshb stepped out of the car, but had no intention of tailing Mischia; she had her own agenda to attend to

    32. I could see Alex’s car tailing mine

    33. The seeds I've sown will play into his own assumptions about your high tailing it out of this city

    34. directly to Hangar B in the event that someone was tailing you

    35. Uniformed police, he had thought for years after watching numerous television programmes, were the worst in the world for tailing anybody

    36. Ignoring the soldiers tailing her, she

    37. tailing her as soon as she left the conference

    38. tailing them as well and she guessed that they were

    39. tailing the adventures of a grumpy old all-knowing

    40. As the others gave their reports, the workload did indeed seem to be tailing off, and Lester knew from his personal involvement this week that the Problem Desk was quieter than usual

    41. interested in shagging - and drives to the beach - than tailing

    42. took them up the coast instead of tailing Sayeed and tried to

    43. ‘We were tailing the brother of a Pakistani nuclear scientist,

    44. After that, tailing it was a leisurely affair and did not last very long

    45. former CIA, with a lot of experience in stakeouts and tailing

    46. anyone new tailing her

    47. currently tailing her was still there

    48. as Kyle's and he realized that Kyle was tailing Emily, and she probably didn't know it

    49. He and Darren had caught up with the wagon and followed it by shadow out of town; they'd stayed hidden after its three riders had alighted at the bottom of the hill, tailing them all the way to the top without once being seen

    50. "That is it," said Sancho; "then, as well as I remember, it went on, 'The wounded, and wanting of sleep, and the pierced, kisses your worship's hands, ungrateful and very unrecognised fair one; and it said something or other about health and sickness that he was sending her; and from that it went tailing off until it ended with 'Yours till death, the Knight of the Rueful Countenance

    1. away was the fact that he was wearing the most elegant set of dress frock and tails,

    2. His staff was happy with the style and got into it, especially when they found there were good wages involved so there were now some creative artists turning out some really beautiful saddles using some of the exotic plumes that come from the tails of many species of local animals

    3. They came away remembering that the leaves don't shrivel in the dark and the animal bones aren't wood and that all the animals look like little furry people with tails and that the cities are all just the bare skeletons of buildings that they think look like abandoned ruins

    4. The fish were spiny and colorful, but adorned with prehensile tails and a row of three eyes on each side of their head where a normal fish would have gills

    5. and so he sallied out once again on the tails of endless optimism,

    6. they had caught the tails of a whirlwind, of flying romance,

    7. he buries his head a while in the frost coated tails

    8. one is black, in the centre, wrapping his coat tails

    9. For Miss Jones, however, the social breeze, which she had until now only briefly caught the coat tails of, turned into a full-blown tornado

    10. She had twin pony tails and buck teeth

    11. She had the most elaborate hairdo, of two dozen double banded pony tails on hair that was still thick and black

    12. Her long and thick grey hair was tied in multiple tails with jeweled bands

    13. Like a dog with two tails once the first women moved in

    14. and barbed tails whipping, they swarmed across on

    15. Ava spent a nervous week waiting to see what Yorthops might learn and dodging any further tails anyone put on her

    16. Of course he’d spread two pennies his way already for some of the tasty-smelling, grilled, stuffed, yellow tails and thought it well worth it

    17. They had eight long legs, short active tails with tufts on the end and large wide flexible muzzles on the ends of their long heads

    18. It was a furry octopus with a body the size of a softball, and seven tentacles that looked like cat’s tails tipped with eyes

    19. tails of the nearest person and forged ahead in his wake

    20. As they got closer they could see faded tails stretching to the horizon

    21. In the dark they added flowing robes or jackets with dangly sleeves or tails

    22. running with their tails between their legs

    23. And above them, brilliant clouds like the streaming tails of proud white stallions

    24. Their tails hung down haphazardly

    25. Her own face began to recede as the murky star field of the Waghtnin gradually replaced the dimness around the spotlight that expanded to include her fully robed form, flanked on either side by two very large, very fearsome looking temple guardians whose tails flicked back and forth hungrily

    26. attached a death sting to their tails, each

    27. I stopped at an open-air restaurant, but could not make heads or tails of the menu

    28. ‘They have their tails in their mouths–and they’re all over crumbs

    29. But they HAVE their tails in their mouths; and the reason is–’ here the Mock Turtle yawned and shut his eyes

    30. I came upon a house with a grand wraparound porch covered with mewing cats flicking their tails

    31. Thus, if a female cat loses its tail and then has kittens, they will be born without tails

    32. I chuckled, again, as I came up the steps and gave some wagging tails some loving

    33. Ajax and Hoover wagged their tails, but instantly pulled them in after they had a sniff at her

    34. “It is God’s will that we get our tails in gear and get out to save those horses!” snapped Kay with fury, cinching the saddle onto her steed and swinging up onto his back

    35. 'They have their tails in their mouths--and they're all over crumbs

    36. But they have their tails in their mouths; and the reason is--' here the Mock Turtle yawned and shut his eyes

    37. turn around and wave their tails at her as if knowing she couldn’t

    38. noticed that the salmon heads and tails are thrown away

    39. She appeared to be shouting at them, and although I could not hear the sound her voice was making, the dogs yelped in fright and bolted with their tails between their legs

    40. First the shirt, a soft, cottony-white colour, big and streaming out in the tails, with huge floppy sleeves, and big cuffs with no buttons

    41. They scooped their wings, batting them madly and fanned their tails to drift slowly above the melee, tiny heads darting from side to side, scanning for the perfect morsel

    42. Small front flippers and scaled tails; yes, these are Wyverns, Sea Dragons, yet we’re so far from the sea

    43. How could you not laugh when the sun danced around in the puddles and decorated all leaves and flower heads with shiny, colored crystals? How could you not smile when squirrels with bushy tails shook the water off the ears and vanished up trunks to wave at the sun from the treetops?

    44. Ultimately you would—or could—know whether it was going to land heads or tails in advance

    45. sprinting across the helipad, the tails of his coat flapping wildly

    46. tails hanging limp around the polished ankles of his tall boots

    47. creature, the tails of his black coat fluttering ferociously in the

    48. The air was uneasy; it whispered in Nicolas’s ears and twitched in the horses’ tails

    49. The sharks wag their tails in different directions in an attempt to come off with a piece of the ship

    50. Their tails come off and morph into one larger silver tail

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    Synonyms for "tail"

    tail after part poop quarter stern empennage tail assembly arse ass backside behind bottom bum buns butt buttocks can derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear rear end rump seat tail end tooshie tush shadow shadower fag end bob dock chase chase after dog give chase go after tag track trail reverse back hind

    "tail" definitions

    the posterior part of the body of a vertebrate especially when elongated and extending beyond the trunk or main part of the body

    the time of the last part of something

    any projection that resembles the tail of an animal

    the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

    a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements

    (usually plural) the reverse side of a coin that does not bear the representation of a person's head

    the rear part of an aircraft

    the rear part of a ship

    go after with the intent to catch

    remove or shorten the tail of an animal

    remove the stalk of fruits or berries