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Tail in a sentence

A fox tail.
And his tail.
I saw the tail.
and her tail up.
I bit her tail.
It has a tail.
His tail, long.

Note that tail.
tail us as we go.
No horns or tail.
tied at the tail.
seat for his tail.
tail of a scorpion.
piece and the tail.
of fat turkey tail.
The Red Tail Hawk:.
the back of my tail.
The tail reported in.
clothing on his tail.
He pinned the tail.
the base of his tail.
It was a beaver tail.
The serpent’s tail.
The tail end of the.
Fox twitched his tail.
tail about a foot long.
thing with a long tail.
His tail flicked and.
base of their tail fin.
anyone new tailing her.
currently tailing her was still there.
I could see Alex’s car tailing mine.
and so, on the wing, swallow tailing,.
Ignoring the soldiers tailing her, she.
A guy stepped out of the haze, tailing Shorty.
that was always tailing us was a bodyguard, too.
tailing her as soon as she left the conference.
Hedgers sometime refer to this risk as tailing.
tailing the adventures of a grumpy old all-knowing.
tailing them as well and she guessed that they were.
He claimed that there was a spacecraft tailing the comet.
but when it comes to the point that they start tailing you.
We walked in, with me tailing behind and thinking that this.
took them up the coast instead of tailing Sayeed and tried to.
directly to Hangar B in the event that someone was tailing you.
former CIA, with a lot of experience in stakeouts and tailing.
interested in shagging - and drives to the beach - than tailing.
‘We were tailing the brother of a Pakistani nuclear scientist,.
The Boss knew that Shoop had spent the previous evening tailing one of.
After that, tailing it was a leisurely affair and did not last very long.
No, this is just the practice squad that’s tailing along at the moment.
He hung back a bit, not wanting her to think he was tailing her or anything.
Practice squad that’s tailing along at the moment, Liz said sarcastically.
As I rode in the cabbie toward the city, I knew that somehow they were tailing me.
Two detectives began tailing Shizuka and often came into her home to question her.
Barney, Mark and Rex were tailing Joey right when he went into the construction site.
He sprinted as fast as he could down the street, his squad of dogs tailing after him.
as Kyle's and he realized that Kyle was tailing Emily, and she probably didn't know it.
With luck, I’d be able to put a GPS tracker on his car, save me tailing him in the future.
How did she figure it out, and why the fuck Jonathan wasn’t tailing her, instead he's outside.
she tailed off.
Was I being tailed?.
His voice tailed away.
Merthin tailed off.
His voice tailed off.
Her incantations tailed off.
and I tailed him with backup.
Press photographers tailed him.
tailed, and is native to America.
Johnson tailed us for a few miles.
Louise tailed off, shut up and left.
His voice tailed off as she walked away.
I also began to feel that I was being tailed.
to the urgent scratching of a pink tailed rat.
‘They tailed him to the airport and gave up.
He high tailed it as soon as we approached.
His voice tailed off, ashamed at his admission.
Each of them wore identical tailed tuxedoes with.
He didnt check once to see if he was being tailed.
We tailed the mark, found his bolt holes, took out.
Sam’s voice tailed away as the air went out of him.
Everyone who visited them was tailed and investigated.
All of this was suspicious to Darek, so he tailed them.
A white tailed deer ran across the parking lot and into.
As he tailed the fleeing van, his concentration set on his.
Top hats with tailed tuxedoes are mixed with lamb skin work.
nervous as a ling tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs?.
Hey, Corey, how’s it going, said a young pony tailed.
If you were followed, whoever tailed you probably left by now.
tailed about his ministry, he is in for a real surprise, she.
hat and tails.
He tails off.
tails on the class.
They had tails and.
Heads or tails?.
are chasing our tails.
where the tails split.
the docking of tails;.
Direction of the Tails.
with their claws or tails.
for wings, heads and tails.
The penny landed on tails.
We have the FBI on our tails.
"But what about the tails?".
He wears white tie and tails.
I backed tails and it rained.
tails throwing arrows of flame.
Heads you lose, tails you lose.
higher than 50% to obtain tails.
We’ve worked our tails off.
Old World Monkeys’ tails are.
He noticed their tails flicking.
Should have called tails, Bree.
HEADS OR TAILS? the barker cries,.
or tails of what he is seeing and.