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Succession in a sentence | succession example sentences

  1. Talk of succession from the U.
  2. Life is a succession of events.
  3. He flung the rocks in succession.
  4. Their succession has never ceased.
  5. He stuttered in rapid succession.

  6. The world is but a succession of.
  7. The succession of transient moments.
  8. Scarlett could such rapid succession.
  9. Life is a succession of such moments.
  10. She made three calls in rapid succession.
  11. About ten shots sounded in quick succession.
  12. He smashed those in succession to the floor.
  13. In quick succession, things got worse for Mr.
  14. One thing at a time, all things in succession.
  15. Succession is of course the tip of the iceberg.

  16. Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956.
  17. Their succession, at any rate, has never ceased.
  18. I have also carried down the succession of our.
  19. There are…Complications by way of succession.
  20. He would dive and go back up in quick succession.
  21. This isn’t a blood succession, said Marcus.
  22. Direct reconstruction of the internal succession.
  23. Is a poverty-stricken day and a succession of such.
  24. Harry stood in the line of succession to the fortune.
  25. As they sat through a succession of Las Vegas style.

  26. There followed a succession of visitors, all of whom.
  27. Twice in close succession is more than you can handle.
  28. From there, the other three failed in rapid succession.
  29. He blinked rapidly in succession, then smacked his lips.
  30. From that point on things happened in quick succession.
  31. Writing careers are built on a whole succession of books.
  32. After his death, there was quite a fight over succession.
  33. No Sir, we have not, bottom three months in succession.
  34. The progress is not in the succession of studies but in.
  35. Dionus dodged her talons and used a rapid succession of.
  36. In the distance he hears more cracking in rapid succession.
  37. There was a succession of satisfied grunts heading his way.
  38. Let Morris take command as the next officer in succession.
  39. Ananya looked at the stage and then me in quick succession.
  40. For nearly a minute, they traded blows in rapid succession.
  41. This is over and above all their other taxes on succession.
  42. Another flight had already been lofted in quick succession.
  43. M: How can time help you? Time is a succession of moments;.
  44. Several doors were opened in succession, and finally his own.
  45. There was a matter of precedence stemming from the succession.
  46. Washington and throughout the country as to the succession of.
  47. The War of the Spanish Succession replaced the Hapsburgs with.
  48. It will be of use to me to hear the succession of events again.
  49. I can renounce my right of succession as heir to the throne.
  50. The succession of ideas wil be so logical you wil not be able.
  51. Then a succession of taps and they slid down a screen at a time.
  52. A second shot in succession, this time hitting her in the chest.
  53. A succession of conveyances comprising the title record history.
  54. In chain succession Joey fired Bluebursts at each of the targets.
  55. Around this barrier was a succession of moats and sharpened poles.
  56. He beheld the universe as a succession of incomprehensible images.
  57. The presumption is that a succession of questions will enable the.
  58. That is why some of the tribes believe in matrilineal succession.
  59. We are the latest in a succession of Yshons charged with this task.
  60. A new advance immediately follows, and so on in unending succession.
  61. In succession, the wolves pounced at Azura, but she deflected them.
  62. The women listened halfheartedly to the succession of news broadcasts.
  63. In the spring of 1553, she more moved ahead in the line of succession.
  64. The second, coming in rapid succession, was a vicious sideways swing.
  65. Accounts of Hindu Undivided Families (HUF): The Hindu Succession Act.
  66. Financial peace isn’t about acquiring more stuff in rapid succession.
  67. This lengthy amendment clarifies matters of presidential succession.
  68. In quick succession, a second flare erupted, then a third and a fourth.
  69. Knowing this in advance, the vendor should put in place a succession.
  70. They were practically simultaneous, yet they had flashes of succession.
  71. Stands of prehistoric trees rise and fall and rise again in succession.
  72. Two more explosions followed in quick succession, bracketing the hangar.
  73. Bart gave no quarter, and toppled Robert four times in quick succession.
  74. God and overflowing with his radiance, the relentless succession of the.
  75. These are not a succession of kings but reign at the same time as each.
  76. As you know, we’ve had a succession of Arrow attacks in the last week.
  77. It seemed that the difficulties with the succession in Gaztela continued.
  78. Sometimes he pulled James in to model and practise a succession of moves.
  79. It is, isn’t it? Thanks to Mom and Dad’s early succession planning.
  80. Another was an owner whose family succession was to a twelve-year-old son.
  81. She paused, then sang three songs in succession that were subtly different.
  82. I wasn't there, but Kyle said she took out 13 in quick succession, and.
  83. The scene changed once more, now flashing images at her in rapid succession.
  84. Three high-pitched beeps raced from the abandoned house in quick succession.
  85. To the left and immediately to the right, and once more in quick succession.
  86. Two more arrows sang out in quick succession but to no avail; they hit a tree.
  87. The succession stakes were in the meantime hotting up at the Murray & Roberts.
  88. He whipped them through lanes of traffic and a succession of circles and ramps.
  89. He consumed two more bolts in rapid succession and then shot swiftly into the.
  90. That’s when they heard the cameras go off, three of them in quick succession.
  91. Gordon was the first to introduce himself to Emily, then the rest in succession.
  92. After a succession of violent convulsions he lay there before them as one dead.
  93. And after more succession trouble, in 1066 England was conquered by William of.
  94. Jaggers, and turned them watchfully on every one of the rest of us in succession.
  95. A spate of hitherto unpublished obscene books came out in quick succession.
  96. Two street lanterns broken in succession, that ditty sung at the top of the lungs.
  97. Succession ensures longevity and continuance; it is what keeps our society stable.
  98. Hit with both in rapid succession, Anna’s body wreaked havoc on every bit of her.
  99. On either side of the hall a succession of gray doors seemed to continue endlessly.
  100. During a quiet moment one day, several thoughts came to my mind in quick succession.

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