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    1. It took terrible seconds for my brain to switch into survival mode; long enough for Robbie to march forward and side swipe me with the butt of his rifle

    2. Jake takes a half-hearted swipe at Katie but she ducks in time, they both laugh

    3. Flies and creatures crawled over me without a swipe from my hand

    4. corners of her mouth in a long swipe, like a cowboy finishing his canteen after a

    5. With each swipe she

    6. Before he could say the rest a huge tongue had collected him an almighty sloshing swipe across his face

    7. Drawing close, Cletus sidestepped a swipe of Andrastus's knife, then knocked him reeling with the butt end of his spear

    8. It took a swipe at the Breton, knocking her halfway to the ground and cutting right through the thin leather armor on her sleeve

    9. She had managed a swipe of her own as the cat’s claws came by, though her dagger could barely scratch the surface of that thick, furry hide

    10. She would have to get in closer, to stab and even swipe at the beast’s eyes if possible

    11. She could handle one solid swipe of its claws, but not many more

    12. As he pushed locks of his auburn hair out of his face, he grinned at the two Nords - even as the bears prepared to swipe and likely maul the man beyond repair

    13. Instead of completing their attacks, they turned and faced one another and began to slap and swipe and bite

    14. other Chaurus crawled to swipe at his back, Penelope was suddenly freed from the binding trance

    15. A greater sense of calm washed over her; she practiced the forms again, finishing with a decapitating swipe

    16. Millicent raised her dagger and, in one quick swipe, slashed Alexia’s throat

    17. These monsters were huge, some as big as castles, big enough to knock even the largest trees down with a swipe from their tail

    18. Uncle Hobart's collie wandered over to see what was going on and was rewarded with a swipe at its nose

    19. His lumpy head, with the exception of a swipe of long black hair combed sideways over the top, and the coke-bottle glasses as well, gleamed in the overhead fluorescent lights

    20. He quickly searched the bodies of the two other guards prizing out several hundred pounds of cash, two credit cards, car keys and a swipe card

    21. As with most Army bases in mainland Britain security was managed through an IT consortium that only allowed access upon production of a swipe card

    22. The mess crew were unobtrusively clearing up bottles, emptying ash trays, and when they could squeeze in amongst the officers, taking a swipe at the table with wet rags

    23. As they approached, the Witch threw her hand in the air with a violent swipe, commanding the felled tree to clear the path

    24. Frazer saw the wide swipe of Truman’s arm coming at him with time to spare

    25. let the wind swipe at his tears

    26. With a direct swipe through the reader, the light above them

    27. As they broke her apart her head was still alive even after they beheaded her with a terrible sharp swipe

    28. After taking a swipe at me, he jumped out disappearing under the bed once more

    29. market and have your keyword swipe files ready to use in all of your content and

    30. In the same instant Moshe, quickly unsheathing his sword, swung it in a horribly hissing swipe decapitating the Egyptian in midbellow transforming his reply into a bloody gurgle

    31. "Hey, Captain Bannister," Monaghan said in his usual breezy voice, "who'd you swipe those major's leaves from?"

    32. In the same instant Moshe, quickly unsheathing his sword, swung it in a horribly hissing swipe

    33. The foe-ruler laughed, dodging the swipe of the bent and sharpened iron at the shaft-end

    34. I faded back, crouched, and, all in one motion, rose up with my knife in hand to take a swipe at Virgil’s arm as he recovered his position

    35. Then, in a flash, it flew past Calvin and knocked the other soldier down with a powerful swipe, tearing him apart in seconds

    36. scaly catches, and had even taken a swipe at poor David when she’d tried to play with her, but

    37. How can you swipe

    38. You can swipe that headline

    39. industry they call it a swipe file

    40. You are sure to find lots of material that you can swipe

    41. With a swipe of his claws, he tore the roof from the car

    42. With the quick swipe of a claw, his tongue, before it had a chance to hide behind his teeth, was cut

    43. As he moved toward me and took a swipe at my head, I found myself longing for those old ragged tents more than I ever thought possible

    44. Gather your list of headline swipe fle: Do this, register with al the top

    45. Apollo was only a moderate success because instead of the ribald romp that nudity promised, patrons were presented with a play that took an amusing and intelligent swipe at many social stupidities

    46. You dig your card out and swipe it through the magnetic reader

    47. When Sober is over you march over to the door, papers and overhead slides tucked under your arm, swipe your card through the magnetic reader, beep your way out of the lab-farm and into the government labyrinth

    48. He chuckled and moved down her body to swipe his tongue

    49. of motion and two heads were parted from their shoulders by one swipe of a

    50. But they were closer to him than he was to the door, and with one foot on the sill he had to wheel and parry the swipe of a yard-long blade

    1. Frank laughed as he swiped his card to check out and, just like magic, the doors opened for him

    2. He swiped his hand through his long hair and looked at the floor

    3. Carl stabbed Roman’s steak, swiped it onto his own plate, and cut it with

    4. Yet another man swiped for the mask

    5. With his right arm, Boochie swiped her to the side

    6. Tetloan quickly swiped a hand across his head, knocking the imp from his perch

    7. He swiped the brush across the paper but only

    8. After the twenty minute journey, he swiped his hand for the sensor to register his credit-worthiness, and gingerly made towards the institute’s front entrance

    9. ” I protested, as a bird lit on the table and swiped a crumb of bread before I could scoot him away

    10. She swiped the back of her hand – with the credit tattoo transferred on it – over the fare scanner

    11. I told them as I got level someone called him down into the dugout and he left the precious book outside so I swiped it and legged it back here

    12. Streaks of pink, gray and silver looked like a master artist had swiped his brush across the sky as the end of day neared

    13. Without warning, he swiped Brightness across the snout, raking her from eye to nose

    14. I ducked as he swiped at me with the wrench

    15. He sat there studying her and swiped at a nervous tic in the corner of his eye

    16. We swiped it out of their own morgue, but I can’t tell him that

    17. “What do you think we should do now?” Mia asked as she swiped at her eyes

    18. With eyes wide from the shock of unimaginable despair he lay there, slightly trembling as if a chilly wind had suddenly swiped through the amply lit room

    19. the bridge of her nose when the brick swiped her face

    20. Their image was swiped from him just as the last had been

    21. Orphenn could catch none after that, for yet again, the Dreamhold swiped

    22. passages of his document, he finally swiped his card and ambled

    23. that she did too, and that she had even swiped the tub side candles

    24. When the monster swiped his claw to cut off Kami’s head, his claw was cut off as it passed through Kami’s spirit, falling to the floor

    25. “Thiz one iz magnifizent!” Kragorram laughed as he playfully swiped at Scout, who made half-hearted swoops at his eyes

    26. “Somehow,” Moshe murmured, as he swiped listlessly at the swarm of flies circling his head

    27. I swiped at the moisture in my eyes and hauled out my phone

    28. ” I fished my key out and swiped it through the reader

    29. She nodded, swiped at her tears, and stood

    30. ” My thumbs swiped over her moist cheeks

    31. She swiped the screen to answer

    32. Yaffa swiped the screen to display another photo

    33. When he swiped the screen to unlock his phone, he saw that he had a text message in his inbox

    34. ” Harry swiped his phone and turned it back to her

    35. his coat and boots, stuffed them into a corner and swiped the

    36. instinctively swiped for Nuuke's arm, but he was easily shoved

    37. phone, completed the transaction and swiped the box off the

    38. and swiped his phone across the reader

    39. swiped it through the booth

    40. He swiped it through the reader and raced past

    41. He then swiped

    42. Worc waived his staff, and then swiped it across the ground, raising a cloud of dirt

    43. Without warning, she swiped a pill vial off the coffee table

    44. With a roar he lunged for me, a hidden blade appearing in his hand as he swiped it for my belly

    45. He swiped an imaginary knife across his throat

    46. He remembered that during the fight, one of its claws had swiped him there, and although it hurt, he had assumed it was just a glancing blow

    47. My hands clumsily swiped at the

    48. Saul pulled up to the gate and swiped the card

    49. Gulab ordered the starters and drinks, without checking the prices or consulting the others, Rani could see straight through her, she knew that she had swiped someone, she was unsure of ‘whom’

    50. Angela’s fingers swiped through the air again, catching only the web of black that clung to the night

    1. Silence had both swords in her hands, and was threatening him with small swipes through the air

    2. ’ He said, his grin broadening as he swipes the ground from beneath my feet

    3. with three swipes of the magnet, once they are brought

    4. John took several swipes but missed

    5. The Bretons’ smaller statures were life-saving as they fled down the long hallway, avoiding lunges and swipes of blades

    6. The golden-maned cat had it claws out and was taking swipes at the air with its fist-sized paws

    7. Finally, he jumped off the dog, and with a few more swipes with his razor claws, he chased the bulldog down the block

    8. “This is Hawk Moth Flutters,” she said as she swung the sword through the air, twisting the two swipes around her form, another defensive move that was also deadly

    9. Corey swipes them, “Oh, thank you,” and buries his nose in the pedals

    10. Back and forth they took swipes at one another, causing harm to each other, but there was nothing the entity could do any more

    11. ‘One of my swipes knocked his hat off

    12. He wheeled and launched his hoofs through the bars just as the tribesman, backing away from Conan's murderous swipes, stumbled against them

    13. He could pull out his blade in a split second and with two swift swipes the jaw would hang open

    14. If someone swipes one bottle of relish and it winds up in the car without going through the scanner up front, we have the same problem but no apparent way of reconciling it

    15. To help you with this, we have included in your Member area over 100 letters (Ad Swipes) you can use to save time and generate a better response to your marketing

    16. Here's where to access the 100 Sales Letters/Ad Swipes

    17. On that page in the top middle menu, click on AD SWIPES

    18. forearm he quickly swipes the spit away

    19. Blood drips as the casing swipes through it

    20. He swipes his hand through the air

    21. He swipes and taps and highlights sections of text

    22. The two then began to circle each other, taking a moment to test each other's skill with ineffectual swipes that landed blade against blade

    23. With a few large swipes of her giant claws, their rifles were shredded apart

    24. But the wolf danced side to side, dodging his swipes, and then jumped back and away

    25. Unks swipes his chin while thinking

    26. Ava swipes the back of Becky’s head as she begins to cry

    27. Cass swipes off the legs of his trousers that water accidentally splashed on

    28. He swipes a tear with his large finger before turning part way around towards her

    29. Momma Bear was on her back legs, putting the finishing swipes on the loom, exposing Barnes behind it

    30. Those contenders circled one another for several moments before Upaya lost patience and thrust his sword against Skhanda’s unbreakable spear in a succession of fluid swipes

    31. Silas watched as Tyrone and Tyrese shifted, raced around the wolves in a blazing circle, snipping and taking swipes with their claws

    32. He searches the directory for the latest card swipe database and writes Randy"s card swipes for

    33. The beast drops Lor’s heart on the floor where it lands with a wet splat, turns and swipes the wall panel with a prehensile, taloned claw, and stalks out

    34. Then she shoves him back and pushes past him with that long-legged gazelle walk, gracefully swipes the palm pad and glides out the door

    35. " He swipes another errant hair off my cheek and tucks the hair behind my ear

    36. He pulls a wallet from the breast pocket of his coat and opens it, revealing a badge and an ID, which Everly promptly swipes out of his hand

    37. I can picture little Nick flapping around manically, face and shoulders sunburned red because (just like now) he refuses to wear sunscreen, forcing Mama Mo to chase after him with lotion that she swipes on whenever she can reach him

    38. He took away chunks of me with blasé swipes: my independence, my pride, my esteem

    39. I calmed myself by counting the swipes of the windshield wipers and relaxing into the whooshing sound of our wheels speeding over the wet pavement

    40. And the one man who really knows her, bum to belly button, her dad, keeper of the unholy flame, but he doesn't want her either, so she busts in and swipes the pictures that prove her past

    41. That is, a bull thrusts its horns up into the air, and a bear swipes its paws down

    1. It rushed upon them, its devastating claws swiping and thrusting them both to the ground

    2. rounded another bend, the situation became clear: they could see not one but two large bears up on their two hind feet, swiping and roaring at a lone man

    3. “I don"t think I"ve ever known the weather to be so hot,” Sarah complained, swiping damp hair off her forehead as we trudged toward the well

    4. He took a few seconds to check its itinerary before swiping his hand over the scanner

    5. Amadeus would scramble across the bottom sheet, his eyes as big as headlights and his whiskers at attention, swiping at the menacing pockets of air

    6. Next, I saw Jet Drinkwater enter into a routine of his own that included swiping and down rocking - but he too had to shuck and jive to avoid getting his hands stomped on, and I was sure of it now

    7. attack with his forearm, swiping at her legs in an attempt to

    8. “Excuse her, she’s still pissed about Katie swiping some guy from her last year

    9. the corner, alternating paw licking with face swiping in that nonchalant, self-cleaning

    10. Swiping the dishes out of the way, she laid her chest on the table, pointing her

    11. “Thanks, I think,” he grinned weakly, taking a long drink of water and swiping

    12. Scowling hatefully he came in low with a swiping motion and slashed through my jacket; searing my side; glancing off a rib below my heart

    13. “Now let's see,” she said, swiping her finger across the

    14. I just can’t see swiping through an e-reader to look for the favourite book bringing the same joy to the child or parent

    15. “Tobias Spencer, my name is Tobias Spencer,” I answered swiping my hand through his image again

    16. The policemen thrashed their truncheons against the bars, swiping out and hitting arms that were in their way

    17. I dropped my arms, swiping one bare arm across my forehead to wipe the sweat as I reached with the other toward Kelly

    18. S’us quickly got on her feet and dodged Tomz’s swiping claws

    19. She was last seen swiping her identification badge through the time

    20. As she sprang at him, he raised his cane, swiping her

    21. The judge motioned with a speedy, swiping hand motion for Lindsey to leave

    22. Aesa stood up, swiping a book off a nearby table

    23. her, concern swiping his face

    24. ” PT sarcastically retorted while swiping the IR release icon and resuming his previous conversation

    25. ” Erotica became a polygender child swipe, swipe, swiping its AS, with every new screen its product and belief

    26. “I’m real sorry about that, Donte,” he said, swiping the ‘ignore’ key on the phone to send the call directly to voicemail

    27. “No, no, no, that's not what I meant at all,” said Best turning pale and swiping the watch from the counter

    28. Out shot his tongue, swiping it across Stacey’s mouth

    29. There, he picked up the needle he used to inject the bone-growing serum into Jossiah’s spine, swiping a bottle of clear liquid and driving the needle into it

    30. She was last seen swiping her identification badge through the time clock, caught on camera punching out shortly after noon the previous day

    31. junction, taking the corner on the wrong side and swiping the

    32. Jimmy nodded, swiping away flies, a glance over his shoulder

    33. ‘And some huts near the border,’ Trev complained, swiping

    34. Swiping out her cell again she read 1:53pm

    35. "Ussha!" hissed the father, swiping round with a great stroke just past his son's face

    36. I thought about my job prospects and the likelihood that any hood intent on swiping the cash would probably shoot the idiot with the whistle first and ask questions afterward

    37. Sunday knelt as if to lock the cart’s wheels while swiping the exterior and interior of Preston Elliot’s used condom on the leg of Jackson’s suit pants, which were lying on a chair

    38. • Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen

    39. You can navigate among these screens by swiping to the left or right

    40. NOTE You can also delete an email message in the Inbox by swiping across it and tapping Trash

    41. Notifications are in the form of a banner that can be pulled down from the top of the screen by swiping down, usually with a number of other notifications

    42. See additional videos within an individual category, generally listed in a row, by swiping it to the left

    43. See additional categories by swiping up

    44. “In a second, it’s not going to matter,” Rapp said, swiping the red buttons pulsing on the screen

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    Synonyms for "swipe"

    swipe abstract cabbage filch hook lift nobble pilfer pinch purloin snarf sneak appropriate cop

    "swipe" definitions

    a sweeping stroke or blow

    strike with a swiping motion

    make off with belongings of others