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    1. Now the refined sugar that we spoke about can sneak up on you

    2. deep that it swallowed entirely the weak shaft of moonlight that tried to sneak into the

    3. "I've been trying to think of a way to sneak down into the balcony for the music," Desa said, "Alan's acquainted enough with me that he won't feel threatened down there

    4. Somehow he managed to evade all the welcome and noise and bustle and sneak her into the house and along the shadowy, silent hallways to her bed chamber

    5. “Dunno mate, but I reckon, we could sneak out for a beer or 2 at

    6. Nervously, I hover in the doorway, debating whether to sneak back to my cabin, but he sees me before I can retreat

    7. I quickly sneak the car into a space and turn the engine off

    8. ” he could sneak out of this slip, “I didn’t really pay a lot of attention so, yeah, if you say so

    9. Then, when something happens, when some random action catches Billy's attention, the hands on the clock sneak forward in five minute increments

    10. There were plenty of public spaces in the university where he could go, and he might well sneak back in, but the councils could make sure he was not allowed on the payroll anywhere, not even by vendors to licensees

    11. Her father darted squirrels and possum’s with a blow-gun made from a length of stainless tubing he’d found in that land-fill and managed to sneak by the gang’s inspectors

    12. Certainly, if one wanted to sneak up to the communications towers

    13. They look very pretty in the sunshine … saw that view from the footpath with Simon last week … tears sneak up on me … oh dear … pull yourself together Anna

    14. For starters, I think we should sneak into Sunil‘s room and find out what we can,"

    15. As in “I caught your father trying to sneak in some of that porno

    16. Before dinner, as they divested their luggage of the presents prepared for the upcoming occasions, they each found opportunity to secretly sneak them beneath the lovely decorated tree in the Drawing Room

    17. the road while trying to sneak a peek every couple of seconds

    18. For someone to be on the other side of him they would have either had to sneak very quietly or come down different stairs than he used

    19. "Well yeah, until that sneak with the cargo net

    20. To sneak throughout creation,”

    21. You wonder how they can sneak

    22. Now don’t suggest that I should sneak out

    23. If Theoton was still away, she’d have to sneak onto a ship

    24. And she was able to put her sneak thief’s training into action yet again, with markedly different results

    25. Within the next few pages, you will find a sneak peek for After – Part Two

    26. “Is it that dangerous that you have to sneak out by the old trail? I saw on the news that emigration has been restricted for Anglos, but can’t one just travel within the borders?”

    27. He decided it was best to leave and then sneak back just before nightfall to check for any replies

    28. I looked at my watch in the light of the flares and saw it was just after 10pm the Turks had launched a sneak night attack and they had nearly caught us napping

    29. She didn’t attempt to be quiet or sneak around corners

    30. to sneak in with the lights off

    31. Adem and Jean would often sneak up to the balcony of one of the high towers and look out over the city in the moonlight

    32. Then sneak out under cover of darkness and make whoopee with the elderly mongrel two doors down

    33. Matter of fact, secretly, I think Grandpa was showing off — putting his bare hand in harm’s way only when watching eyes were around him, and then, in the private moments of gathering the eggs by himself, I’m sure that he would sneak his large heavy-duty, Kevlar strength glove onto his aching hand, and roust those hens from their nest — the easier, less-painful way

    34. With their attention diverted, perhaps, just maybe, I would be able to sneak in from behind enemy lines

    35. So I set about trying to sneak up on the corner and catch the bells not ringing

    36. Reinforcements would show up shortly, but perhaps Amaranthe could sneak close enough to investigate the crash first

    37. “If you think you’ll sneak up on us, you’re mistaken

    38. Could she sneak out to the stables in the evening without being detected, in order to retrieve the final result? She would have to risk it

    39. What time was it now? Nine? Ten? Was it safe to try to sneak out to the stables?

    40. As a special treat, as a warm thank-you for buying this book and supporting the cause of battered women, here’s a sneak peek at the first chapter of Creating Memories

    41. He stated that someone could sneak into the building at six in the morning and not be noticed

    42. Next, it was over to the hotel, check in, and sneak the bikes into the room

    43. Then, I would sneak across the hall wrapped in a towel and take my morning shower in the larger bathroom

    44. - Let us see whether it is the prince or the princess that I sneak off with, he said in a loud laugh

    45. one had to up some serious dollars at the gate, attempt to sneak in while they

    46. But why the Dark does he sneak up on me like that? Why did I let him sneak up on me like that?

    47. She stayed in his arms and let the sleep sneak up on her with its healing powers

    48. She hated to think of Walter fighting that little sneak, but oh, he had been splendid! And he was going to fight for HER-Faith Meredith--to punish her insulter! Of course he would win--such eyes spelled victory

    49. He kissed Kelly on the cheek and watched Matthew sneak by him

    50. He had managed to sneak a few hours of

    1. He sneaked into the living room, which was lit by brilliant white moonlight streaming in from a night bright sky through windows that had never seen any curtains

    2. The young man agreed to wait another week, gave the young girl a new sim card that was already prepared, and sneaked an eleventh kiss just for good measure

    3. He sneaked into the living room,

    4. girl a new sim card that was already prepared, and sneaked an

    5. Waiting until Sheila had left the kitchen, Chrissie quickly sneaked in and grabbed a chunk of bread and some cheese

    6. ‘Yes, there didn’t seem to be any point in hanging around any more … and Ozzie had made a couple of veiled hints that I could have Chrissie … I didn’t want that … so I waited until a few hours before dawn and sneaked out of the building

    7. Having sneaked away to the bridge of the Hesperian for a third time, Chris set about sending a third message to Earth

    8. warship had sneaked into their midst, he gathered his men on

    9. The rebel pirate appeared in June in the Okhotsk Sea, where she sneaked up to the barque Abigail of New Bedford, commanded by Captain Nye, captured her, stole what was valuable, fired the vessel, and steered for the Bering Sea

    10. Gratefully he sneaked past the wailing Aunt in the toilet and went to help with the homework in an upstairs bedroom

    11. I heard someone in there, so I took off my shoes and sneaked in as quietly as possible

    12. The low-bellied cowards who sneaked away with our oldest and most treasured artefacts

    13. Adriano sneaked into

    14. ways, sneaked through the vegetation, and stumbled under the light of the crescent moon

    15. Keeping to their agreement the heroes sneaked out of the tower, and abandoned Presque’s

    16. Leaving a note for Josie and Marco, I sneaked out of the house and went to the tower clock on the beach

    17. but too late! Vernon had sneaked

    18. " She sneaked a glance at Odin, who remained stoic

    19. I’d sneaked in Father Mulcahey’s office

    20. A little smile sneaked up on her face

    21. The unbelievably high tariffs Thailand puts on imported drink precludes appreciation of good quality wines but Mont Clair has sneaked in at, a high price for me, but not exorbitant

    22. They quickly said goodbye and then sneaked out in the darkness in the backyard

    23. They had only sneaked on for about ten minutes when they heard the sound of the guards nearing

    24. Soundlessly they sneaked on forwards, closer to the sound of guards and dogs, further on straight towards that which threatened them

    25. - I wish I could change it, she said and blinked away those tears that had sneaked up into her eyes

    26. It was a grey and cloudy, windy rainy morning, but still the six-year old Isabel had sneaked down to the beach to look for the beautiful, shiny white stones she loved so much

    27. Clow came with a glass of milk, Faith and Jerry and Carl sneaked off to the pantry, and John Meredith went into his study, where he sat in the darkness for a long time, alone with his bitter thoughts

    28. They sneaked off home, met Jerry at the manse gate and made remorseful confession

    29. During the same night, Aaron sneaked into the Underworld where he planned to convince the ones burning in the Prison of Souls to help him

    30. It sneaked up on the poor living souls without their knowledge and when it touched their skin, the poison entered their system and attacked every pore, every cell, and every tiny hair on their body

    31. Elijah sneaked into the Land of Ice and ordered his bears, foxes and other animals living in the cold to attack those which were not members of his family, to bite their necks and hold them to the ground

    32. He must’ve caught what I meant because he grabbed my hand and sneaked me out of the crowd and towards the castle

    33. Over the past weeks I’ve also sneaked off to train on controlling my powers too, I still couldn’t be sure if I made any real progress on that

    34. To the girl whom to my heart have sneaked To the girl whom inside her eyes I’ve been keyed

    35. She sneaked into the church office to call

    36. Morning sneaked in upon the slumbering group

    37. Until the messenger arrived -- weeks after Halfdan and his army had sneaked away without her -- she had had no way of knowing if he was still alive or not

    38. Then Tony sneaked into the bathroom with a toaster,

    39. Trask sneaked back into the house after they disappeared down the road, only to be braced by Charly

    40. Tress immediately moved back out of the mine hoping that the clatter would serve as a distraction and would perhaps draw her hunters into this area whilst she sneaked out past them elsewhere

    41. none of the older students sneaked off into the shrubbery

    42. His caressing hand that had sneaked into her jeans slowly

    43. Many have I found since I sneaked through the gateway of the troll wizards

    44. Lionel sneaked out and shaped himself into a snakes and ladders game

    45. I sneaked out of the flat

    46. He sneaked up behind Sarah and tapped her on the shoulder

    47. One day when he and Stephen had sneaked into McCoy’s farm which lay at the back of his house, Matthew out of boredom decided to gather up some wood and stones together with some clay and build a dam across the little stream that ran through his farm

    48. When the front door was closed he sneaked around the side of the Jute’s house into their back garden

    49. She sneaked out of the castle and went to the stables where Jared was catering his horse and his master's

    50. 'Why, they told me at Velitrium and again at the settlers' cabins along the road, that these devils sometimes sneaked across the border, but I didn't expect to meet one this far in the interior

    1. Not a ghost from YingolNeerie sneaking in on a swarm of outgassing asteroids

    2. Ackers had a sneaking suspicion that this wasn’t an assassin after all

    3. That was even more true now that the Al-Harron was sneaking into the system

    4. Jock hates the possibility that there might be a connection between his own early life and that of the boy dealer, but nevertheless he has to admit to a sneaking regard for the sallow skin sitting in the chair opposite Maggie’s desk

    5. These were the people in his life that mattered the most to him, and he had the sneaking suspicion they very well felt the same way

    6. No sneaking off without even scratching a note in the dust

    7. Ava knew some idle slink program or rogue soul sneaking around in system space might be trying to hide what it was doing with it

    8. exiting one of the private rooms and sneaking out the

    9. roller coaster), and hiding / sneaking food

    10. fashions and sneaking the occasional sidelong glance at

    11. In spite of the fact that it's a horror ship filled with sneaking ghosts, I intend to continue contact with this woman and establish what contact I can with these visitors

    12. He tried to think of a reason why someone would be sneaking around down here

    13. It was going to get here too soon, while Alan was still sneaking toward the opening above

    14. "When we saw you come sneaking out right behind him with a bag packed a few seconds later, we didn't know what to think

    15. It was claimed that the lepers were sneaking

    16. “By the way I have a habit of sneaking in from the windows

    17. Tullius in turn crossed his arms, the faintest of what may be called a grin sneaking across his face

    18. The sneaking arts of underling tradesmen are thus erected into political maxims for the conduct of a great empire ; for it is the most underling tradesmen only who make it a rule to employ chiefly their own customers

    19. She was climbing up passed him and sneaking along the narrow grating before he found his hiding hole

    20. However, she rather determined to put her Guild-nourished sneaking abilities to use and ever so casually doubled back and waited at the edge of the officers’ tent while the DRAFT

    21. Liulfr had chanced to walk by on his way to the Quartermaster when he noticed a somewhat troubled Penelope sneaking strangely around the officer’s tent

    22. But now the ern are using a different and more subtle approach – sneaking into the town as stealthy murderers instead of attacking directly as an invading army

    23. Using paper cut-outs to represent the little girl, myself, and the goats I communicated to her the idea of sneaking up on the animals and committing what could rightfully be called a “kidnap

    24. His strategies for taking out mad Alit’aren were as cunning as a fox sneaking into the hen house

    25. He began to review all he had done in his life, from family holidays as a child to teenage rebellions – drinking in the park late at night, his first kiss, sneaking out of the house and then arguing with his parents when he was caught

    26. This time, however, there would be no sneaking into the compound

    27. Bosco was troubled about Coal sneaking around the dark alleys of Water-Down; he’d had his own problems there and didn’t want his girl there either

    28. As Uncle Hobart joined me at the window, I pointed out the two figures sneaking about below

    29. Sneaking a peek at Mary-Ann Smedlowzitz through the gap in their bathroom curtains while she stood nude in front of the mirror, was nothing as compared to this

    30. I had tried to control the action, sneaking up

    31. “Good man,” Gareth said, sneaking into the pantry and coming out with a large plastic bag

    32. The laughter came tiptoeing, sneaking, and then she heard him

    33. They reached past the square where it had all started; moved soundlessly sneaking onwards in the shadows of the city closer and closer to the place Elior in her heart pulled them to

    34. Sneaking into the airport would have been a lot harder if she hadn’t been invisible

    35. Eventually their lines advanced to within a few li of ours in front of the city and the patrols could find no sign of any forces sneaking up on us from any other direction

    36. His visitor had arrived and would be entering the living room, sneaking up behind him at any moment

    37. Sneaking behind the bushes, Luke watched what was going on within the inside premises of the mansion

    38. Sneaking back to the car, Luke went back with shock and awe on his face

    39. have been a real thrill for you, all that sneaking around

    40. “He said it had to do with you sneaking into his back offices and knocking out his bodyguard

    41. In time, the boy, now a man, had proved of much help as he could always see if someone was heading toward the castle and so, when an enemy of the king tried to take the castle by surprise and attack it, by sneaking into the kingdom, through the forests, the king was already prepared for a counterattack

    42. He was always sneaking up on her when she least expected it

    43. Bellona was underground for days looking for you and sneaking past security measures

    44. He might also have seen a woman sneaking away from the overturned Porsche, who nobody else saw

    45. “What're you two doing sneaking up on us?” Moshe asked reining in his steed close to Joshua

    46. He decided that walking boldly; not creating suspicion by sneaking around would be his best option

    47. swayed by Knut, and could picture him sneaking around and

    48. sneaking suspicion that I will announce Aunt Cindy's arrival

    49. “You mean somebody has been sneaking in here and changing things? That's a crime!”

    50. Instead she had to do things the old fashion way, sneaking about through the shadows and avoiding the creaking floor boards, she followed the layout imprinted in her mind that had been supplied by Zerch, how he obtained the plans, she never knew

    1. I shiver as a breeze sneaks through my vullejakt

    2. Light sneaks in under the heavy duvet, in through a gap made by her arm, and Helen's eyes open

    3. Pim explained, “As hoped, these two clever sneaks got an eyeful of the Captain's private papers

    4. “You are all the most wonderful sneaks a girl could ever count as dearest friends

    5. He gives the authorization to the flight attendant and then sneaks out of the hotel and boards the jet before it leaves for Washington

    6. I’m dozing in bed when he sneaks into the room and kisses the top of my head

    7. ” She shakes his hand and Ethan sneaks Torin a pound as Janay turns to Ms

    8. She stands and fluffs her hair, smoothes her skirt and sneaks out, rushing to her room to clean up

    9. ” Ras reenters the home and sneaks directly toward the bedroom, Beretta in hand

    10. Interpretation: When the Devil card sneaks into your reading you need to

    11. Better yet, he always sneaks to my room no matter how many times I told him not to

    12. “All I know is that when your mom brought Diane back in this room after Diane snuck out of the hospital last night, she had the doctors inject Diane with some medication for Diane to relax to make sure Diane never sneaks out of the hospital again

    13. Actually it sneaks up on you, and blows you up, and everyone around you if possible

    14. She sneaks her hand over his to give it a squeeze, but her eyes remain focused on a spot somewhere between Maximus' ears

    15. "So does this means that this is your satchel?" A certain delicacy sneaks into his voice, as if he's heard something and wants to find out if it's true without flat out asking

    16. listening in while she sneaks glances at the club's male

    17. One guy watches your back while Big Jim sneaks up from behind

    18. So… the ones who could not pay their debts… the lazy ones, the stupider ones, the cheaters and liars and sneaks ran off into the American woods… until the British Empire became tired of searching for them in the trackless forests of a new unexplored Continent

    19. He sneaks into houses in secret

    20. Jackals are the sneakiest sneaks, the worst cowards, and the worst weaklings of the African predator pecking order


    22. Relentless loved apples, what horse didn’t, but this! What kind of a mountain demon sneaks into a warrior’s camp in the dark of the night to feed the warrior’s warhorse apples and engage on rifling through the warrior’s saddlebags without taking anything from them?

    23. But again - the madness it sneaks up slow and surreal, and one B

    24. Diane, we all know that Dana usually sneaks out of her apartment during the middle of the night while Tony is asleep and he would usually wake up and find her gone because he would call all over the place looking for her! He would call up me and Joseph, he would call up you and Michael, he would call up Dana's family, and he would call up Dana's relatives! He would even call up Dana's mother down in Jamaica and ask her or her family members have any of them heard from Dana! That's how everybody knows that Dana usually sneaks out of her apartment during the middle of the night!"

    25. She then sneaks out of the bed wearing her pajama top and black leggings

    26. She quietly opens the front door, then sneaks out the front door with the black trash bag

    27. Madame Manec sneaks Marie-Laure chocolate bars, slices of cake; this morning they squeeze lemons into glasses full of water and sugar, and she lets Marie-Laure drink as much as she likes

    28. It’s actually a good sign when the market sneaks up bit by bit, but it doesn’t feel that great

    29. He becomes a serial killer and corpse mutilator who sneaks into his father’s backyard and buries the heads of his victims with some of their doodads

    30. That gets Diego’s attention, and he stares at me warily before a faint smile sneaks across his lips

    31. Bad health sneaks up on people; it’s under the hood and may not show up for 20 years

    32. Here Joey makes no secret of his ambition to escape the fields and provide a different life for his wife and baby, and he is treated sympathetically; in the later novel, Connie Rivers sneaks off to town to learn to become a radio repairman, abandoning his wife and unborn child

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    Synonyms for "sneak"

    canary fink sneak sneaker snitch snitcher stool pigeon stoolie stoolpigeon prowler stalker creep mouse pussyfoot slip abstract cabbage filch hook lift nobble pilfer pinch purloin snarf swipe furtive sneaky stealthy surreptitious prowl slink steal skulk glide cheater rascal deceive thieve delude evade

    "sneak" definitions

    a person who is regarded as underhanded and furtive and contemptible

    someone who prowls or sneaks about; usually with unlawful intentions

    someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

    to go stealthily or furtively

    put, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner

    make off with belongings of others

    pass on stealthily

    marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed