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Takings in a sentence

takings with the aim of trapping her.
worse than the loss of a day’s takings.
off as hostel takings and used to service the debt.
He offered her a major cut in the takings but she still declined.
percentage of the market’s takings, so it’s in their interest.
takings her husband was able to recompense his mate for the ruined.
Manny was counting the takings in the till wondering where his real treasures were.

houses nearby, calculated potential annual takings and set them against running costs.
for himself, his earnings are paid in with the Ferns and Foliage takings, tax and National.
the cash drawer the best part of a day’s takings would not have been there to be stolen, but.
‘I expect they’re making money though, takings on the door are probably good… wonder what the.
Now bands were booked so they’d bring enough of an entourage to provide a decent night’s takings.
The silly bastard wanted her to declare her takings as a beggar while working as an undercover agent.
Matthew assured her that they would rarely see him if every thing was going well and the takings were steady.
Murdo was keeping an eye on the takings, and Caris assumed the two men would share out the coins afterwards.
He was as fair with his girls as any pimp could be, giving them half the takings after deducting a few expenses.
They have to pay some percentage of their takings to the owners of the parking lot which I suppose is fair enough but harsh.
Gerald, the takings from subscriptions has reached new heights, another record and our Commandant sends his warmest thanks.
Time was short now, and the diamond option was the one means of laundering his takings that he hadn't really pursued to finality.
This is how the IMF and other USA banks had crippled many third world countries, with the intention of takings its natural resources.
The side chef was busy with a hotplate covered in mushrooms and bacon and the owner was having a love affair with the till, contemplating his weather affected takings.
From the takings her husband was able to recompense his mate for the ruined cards, put enough cash in his pocket for a good night in the pub and leave Cyberia with enough housekeeping to keep them going for nearly a whole week, providing, of course, that she shopped frugally and avoided anything expensive like fresh bread and real butter.

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Synonyms for takings

issue payoff proceeds return take takings yield