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Three in a sentence | three example sentences

  1. I came back at three.
  2. Three is what we got.
  3. World is a Holy Three.
  4. One point three a head.
  5. Three guys left the car.

  6. He told us three days.
  7. I will need three men.
  8. It was just the three.
  9. All three of the bikes.
  10. The other three -- Const.
  11. Three times, I did this.
  12. It was ten past three now.
  13. It was three before she.
  14. Half a talent was three.
  15. The three of us just sat.

  16. I was three years ahead.
  17. Three ships and a station.
  18. That was three years ago.
  19. Three years in a row?
  20. Three weeks ago I lost a.
  21. All three drew me to them.
  22. It was a three day window.
  23. We have three hours to go.
  24. If not, repeat step three.
  25. Three thousand Euro in all.

  26. Check out the three stones.
  27. But three months into Mr.
  28. The Three Products are on.
  29. Three times he had failed.
  30. I’ve cut three times that.
  31. Three is two less than five.
  32. It startled all three of us.
  33. There’s two or three more.
  34. Two out of three have passed.
  35. There were three weeks left.
  36. She was now three years old.
  37. Three bows twanged into life.
  38. I took three tries to do it.
  39. When Bernie was about three.
  40. A doe may have one to three.
  41. One of the three other boys.
  42. I’m not a three year old.
  43. Three goats were on the porch.
  44. There were only three leaves.
  45. Three Kutchis is a saree shop.
  47. You said we have three weeks.
  48. Britain closed for three hours.
  49. Three choices, but really four.
  50. The three greeted each other.
  51. Three balls later, Paras set.
  52. My three girls and I chuckled.
  53. I had used only THREE patches.
  54. Willie had seen for three days.
  55. That means one in every three.
  56. I had three pimples on my nose.
  57. The bridge consisted of three.
  58. All three raised their weapons.
  59. She let it out the three turns.
  60. They had rescued three others.
  61. It would seem his three years.
  62. Over three hundred people had.
  63. At three in the morning?
  64. There are three sorts of sin:-.
  65. All three stared at one another.
  66. Yes, it took three of your kind.
  67. That meant three hours a night.
  68. Between the three of them they.
  69. I’d known you for three years.
  70. We also had three times the men.
  71. The three companions winced at.
  72. There were only three employees.
  73. You'll see three doors in the.
  74. I wondered what the next three.
  75. The three of us moved toward Ted.
  76. Having spent the previous three.
  77. By her side were three dead cubs.
  78. I got a bit lucky with the three.
  79. Two or three, Sicarius said.
  80. She did, after all, spend three.
  81. He was laid off three months ago.
  82. The three Cardinals, dressed in.
  83. Chapter Three: Living On Purpose.
  84. About three miles north of Omuku.
  85. They stretch out three feet each.
  86. The three young men peered inside.
  87. Abner stayed for three more days.
  88. The other three boys said little.
  89. Three good landings, a good sign.
  90. One, two, three, and more tracers.
  91. Catharine took nearly three hours.
  92. All three laughed as they moved on.
  93. You three take care of the rest.
  94. Has been for the past three years.
  95. In exactly three days the finance.
  96. There are three friends A, B and C.
  97. After three years, she takes her G.
  98. The three walked on up the street.
  99. Three weeks after moving into the.
  100. In this case we would have three.

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