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Three in a sentence

I came back at three.
Three is what we got.
World is a Holy Three.
One point three a head.
Three guys left the car.
He told us three days.
All three of the bikes.

I will need three men.
Three times, I did this.
It was just the three.
The other three -- Const.
The three of us just sat.
Three ships and a station.
Half a talent was three.
That was three years ago.
It was ten past three now.
It was three before she.
I was three years ahead.
All three drew me to them.
Three years in a row?
We have three hours to go.
It was a three day window.
Three weeks ago I lost a.
The Three Products are on.
But three months into Mr.
Three thousand Euro in all.
I’ve cut three times that.
Check out the three stones.
If not, repeat step three.
Three times he had failed.
Three is two less than five.
It startled all three of us.
Two out of three have passed.
She was now three years old.
I took three tries to do it.
There’s two or three more.
Three bows twanged into life.
There were three weeks left.
When Bernie was about three.
A doe may have one to three.

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