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Troika in a sentence | troika example sentences

  1. The Galloping Troika.
  2. Of the troika, I know Mamata best.
  3. Troika in the context of their illness.
  4. What he said about the troika was good, that piece about the other nations.
  5. The troika who had shaped the BJP’s 2014 campaign then flew back together to Delhi.

  6. Suddenly a troika drove up with tinkling bells and an official alighted, followed by two soldiers.
  7. Not a runaway troika, but the stately chariot of Russia will move calmly and majestically to its goal.
  8. She spooned some nitrates into a troika of tubes and wrapped each in a tee-shirt to keep the glass from breaking.
  9. And if other nations stand aside from that troika that may be, not from respect, as the poet would fain believe, but simply from horror.
  10. For if the troika were drawn by his heroes, Sobakevitch, Nozdryov, Tchitchikov, it could reach no rational goal, whoever might be driving it.
  11. Do you remember about the troika? Something about ‘They have Hamlets, but we have, so far, only Karamazovs!’ That was cleverly said!.
  12. Our fatal troika dashes on in her headlong flight perhaps to destruction and in all Russia for long past men have stretched out imploring hands and called a halt to its furious reckless course.
  13. It is well known in the White House that the troika of Ed Meese, James Baker, and Michael Deaver have a method of slowing down Oval Office meetings if the president does not understand a complex issue.
  14. James Baker III, Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff during his first term in office, is still active as a political adviser at the age of eighty-five, as is his fellow member of the Reagan troika, Edwin Meese.
  15. Reagan’s deputy chief of staff, and the second man in what will become known as the Troika, will be Michael Deaver, a member of his California gubernatorial staff and a man whom both Ronald and Nancy Reagan prize for his loyalty.

  16. A great writer9 of the last epoch, comparing Russia to a swift troika galloping to an unknown goal, exclaims, ‘Oh, troika, birdlike troika, who invented thee!’ and adds, in proud ecstasy, that all the peoples of the world stand aside respectfully to make way for the recklessly galloping troika to pass.

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