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Tint in a sentence

Perhaps a tint as well.
Tint with food colouring.
of the fresh tint of the rose.
compost had a reddish tint to it.
There's no tint on these windows.
A tint of red shines through the.
affection with a tint of bitterness.

It seemed to shift to a reddish tint.
it had to due with the tint of the sky.
I muse hearing the nervous tint in it.
Warms in the tint, and mellows in the shade.
Mayfairs always tint their limousine windows.
I looked out the window which had a red tint now.
lip was decorated by a faint tint of a moustache.
The fiery orange tint faded and shadows crept in.
I could see a tint of disappointment in his face.
He sees a mostly yellow sun with a red tint to it.
Darren noted the slightly bluish tint to Mara's skin.
Also the tint of the sun’s rays no longer appeared.
At least not yet, he said as his eyes began to tint red.
The walls were black with a tint of grey as if from soot.
Its tint was of dark violet, trimmed with threads of lace.
A red tint had appeared on the eastern horizon, the light.
Though her skin appeared to have more of a whitish tint to it.
pleasure that seemed to have no specific cause, just a tint of.
The glass here had taken on a shading tint against the sunlight.
had a beautiful reddish tint to it and the walls were decorated.
Her sandals were gold in tint with straps that wound to her knees.
Who, Peter? asked James with a tint of jealousy in his voice.
seductive blush tint, with careful examination of the glass stand.
the mildest rosé, just a tint mixed with light that one actually.
I dont mind tinting the hair on my head, but not there.
Oh, yes, that, she replied, her cheeks tinting delicately with pink.
give my ‘We the People’ lectures to die content,’ he said, with euphoria tinting.
For the best results, have permanent tinting done in a salon by a professional colorist.
This is usually the result of too much perming, tinting, and coloring, or too frequent use of heated rollers, dryers, and tongs.
Another question developed the fact that whenever Harris was away it was generally assumed that he was tinting the metropolis vermilion from the Battery to the Bronx.
of the tinted windows.
Rear windows, tinted.
Tinted windows, gold.
tinted glass and got out.
Sadness tinted his reply.
The windows are tinted.
This serum is tinted gray.
be tinted to match the wood.
behind panels and tinted glass.
as daylight tinted the horizon.
Masked grief tinted his words.
turning the most deeply tinted pain.
With the tinted windows blocking out.
They embroidered and tinted themselves.
substance like white yoghurt tinted red.
All were heavily tinted, and obviously.
Brooke’s voice was tinted with jealousy.
It was an act of humiliation tinted with.
L€ne adjusted her ponytail tinted with.
the harbour, through the big tinted window.
His tinted window slid down into the door.
Bugs landed continually on the tinted glass.
Then, in the green tinted glass, I saw her.
through the tinted glass towards the young.
circumvented by a tinted glass canopy that.
The liquid in the syringe is tinted orange.
All of the glass was tinted like sunglasses.
And that blue Tahoe with the tinted windows.
Despair and exultation tinted his mindspeak.
The car was dark blue, with tinted gray glass.
drunken jeers, rolling down the tinted windows.
The portals of the east with tints of rose,.
‘For example, when you speak, everything tints this colour.
embroidered in half-mourning tints, and she wore slippers of the same.
Imagination! who can paint thy power; or reflect the evanescent tints of hope.
And himself? And ancient watercolor priest, tints fading fast, trapped inside.
mellowed, without obscuring, the bright tints of youth, and the thoughtfulness.
rather burly; his jewelry gleamed through the light tints in the windows, and his.
Tints of purple, gold, and crimson were mirrored in the clear water of the harbour.
Her rich tints made the white face of her companion the more worn and haggard by the contrast.
1 Racoon (Procyon lotor) Long brown fur with tints from grey to yellow, distinctive ‘bandit’ face mask.
That is why we talk only about individual colors, tints, rhythms, discerning them by intensity and other characteristics.
I wondered who had gotten, or would want, the barber chair, the liniments, the ointments, the lotions that used to color the mirrored wall with their tints and tinctures.
Against the peaceful landscape, the pale, decaying tints of the copses, the blue air of the horizon, and the lichened stile-boards, these staring vermilion words shone forth.
Beyond and above spread an expanse of sky, dark blue as at twilight: rising into the sky was a woman’s shape to the bust, portrayed in tints as dusk and soft as I could combine.
Some showed Maria with politicians and officers but most were old sepia tints of her with armed carpenters and farmers, moustachioed heroes from the mountains and valleys of occupied Crete.
It was a unique experience, that underground river which splits up into numerous passageways and underground cavities full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites that glitter in shading-off tints.
Permanent tints actually alter the structure of the hair, so having one should be regarded as a serious step, and should only be taken if you are prepared to spend time and money having the roots touched up.
Indeed, you must admit that it is impossible to create any masterpiece of fine arts without a harmonious combination of various colors and tints, for example, starting with black and red and ending with violet and white.
That fabric covering you was woven from the masses of filaments that anchor certain seashells; as the ancients were wont to do, it was dyed with purple ink from the murex snail and shaded with violet tints that I extract from a marine slug, the Mediterranean sea hare.
The thick vegetation met overhead, interlacing into a natural pergola, and through this tunnel of verdure in a golden twilight flowed the green, pellucid river, beautiful in itself, but marvelous from the strange tints thrown by the vivid light from above filtered and tempered in its fall.
The breeze was from the west: it came over the hills, sweet with scents of heath and rush; the sky was of stainless blue; the stream descending the ravine, swelled with past spring rains, poured along plentiful and clear, catching golden gleams from the sun, and sapphire tints from the firmament.
One gleam of light lifted into relief a half-submerged mast, on which sat a cormorant, dark and large, with wings flecked with foam; its beak held a gold bracelet set with gems, that I had touched with as brilliant tints as my palette could yield, and as glittering distinctness as my pencil could impart.
It was a shock to me to turn from the wonderful smoky beauty of a sunset over London, with its lurid lights and inky shadows and all the marvellous tints that come on foul clouds even as on foul water, and to realize all the grim sternness of my own cold stone building, with its wealth of breathing misery, and my own desolate heart to endure it all.
Before the sun dipped below the black mass of Kettleness, standing boldly athwart the western sky, its downward way was marked by myriad clouds of every sunset colour, flame, purple, pink, green, violet, and all the tints of gold, with here and there masses not large, but of seemingly absolute blackness, in all sorts of shapes, as well outlined as colossal silhouettes.
As it swung inwards, he realized that this room always took his breath away with its circular design, the walls dripping with gold leaf and complex cream cornicing, vases, busts and art placed in every conceivable free space, all illuminated by a domed stained-glass window in the ceiling that shot out different tints of light at oblique angles over the masterpieces on the walls.
He had been very careful to act upon any suggestions that Sweater had made from time to time and on several occasions had taken a lot of trouble to get just the right tints of certain colours, making up a number of different shades and combinations, and doing parts of the skirtings or mouldings of rooms in order that Mr Sweater might see exactly - before they went on with it — what it would look like when finished.
But the psychological dynamics of the Process considerably increase when you begin to apply a conscious approach to it, when you decide for yourself whether anything should be or not be in your Life, whether a given choice will promote the process of your high-qualitative re-creation or will introduce some dark tints into Your Image, will contradict your Conscience, create long tensions (resistance) with all other objects of the outer World.

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shade tincture tint tone hint suggestion trace tinct tinge touch