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  1. I felt my body shrivel.
  2. Shrivel and scorch! A fizzling torch.
  3. Xaltotun seemed to shrivel, to grow old.
  4. Where the economy may falter, shrivel and fail.
  5. She could feel his heart shrivel, wither and die.
  6. Normally the muscles all shrivel and everything goes.
  7. Her frayed nerves shrivel nearly to the point of panic.
  8. Otherwise they will shrivel and dry before the birds are cooked.
  9. In either case, the value of the original franchise will shrivel.
  10. Grass would spring up, only to shrivel and die within a few weeks.
  11. The girl did not answer, but she felt her heart shrivel within her.
  12. We bleed from the holes in our understanding and we shrivel and we die.
  13. He had touched all things and watched them pale and shrivel at his touch.
  14. He would shrivel up and die and life would never, ever be worth living again.
  15. It positively makes me slirivel up, physical!}- shrivel up, even in such places a.
  16. If you love gold so much: everything you touch will shrivel and die, and turn to gold.
  17. Simon pulled his hand from Peter's reach, watching with horror as the vampire's face started to shrivel.
  18. The trees and plants shrivel up and leave nothing but a desert with sand and rocks and skeletons of trees.
  19. Throughout our married life, again and again, I had felt my bowels shrivel within me at the things she said.
  20. And if ever after he dared to presume she could give him one look of measured scorn that would make him shrivel up on the spot.
  21. When the other two students turned out to be two of her friends and basically just as evil, I wanted to shrivel up and float away.
  22. And if they do not have enough of it when they are little: being thrown out when they grow up, makes them shrivel up and stop living.
  23. Various dates given for that shocking return from the grave have, however, come and passed while Howell’s corpse continues to shrivel in the ground of Tyler, Texas.
  24. I watched her, amused at her storytelling, but I was reliving it with Spencer’s face in front of me, and it made me want to shrivel up in a hollow grave and disappear.
  25. As a result community values and ethics and morals will be raised to such a high degree that any community not looked upon favorably by all of its neighbors will shrivel and die: as it should.
  26. It isn't sexy to watch a naked stripper gather up his own discarded clothes, or to see a proud erection shrivel, so I immediately jogged to a nearby tap and washed and massaged it back to normal.
  27. If a manager happens to be in the right corner of the market at just the right time, he will look brilliant—but all too often, what was hot suddenly goes cold and the manager’s IQ seems to shrivel by 50 points.
  28. Conan felt his soul shrivel and begin to be drawn out of his body, to drown in the yellow wells of cosmic horror which glimmered spectrally in the formless chaos that was growing about him and engulfing all life and sanity.
  29. He is the Blade of House Thurin, Lord of Northwatch, General of the First Army! The enemies of the realm shrivel when his name is spoken! Any that draw arms against him weep at his gaze! For his are the strength of the mountain and the heart of all the land!.
  30. They came away remembering that the leaves don't shrivel in the dark and the animal bones aren't wood and that all the animals look like little furry people with tails and that the cities are all just the bare skeletons of buildings that they think look like abandoned ruins.
  31. Her friendship and sympathy always seemed so cordial, so sincere and tender, and her epigrams were so pointed and poisonous, that every hostile criticism seemed to shrivel up in that glittering fire, and there seemed to be nothing left but to seek her friendship and good will.
  32. Horrible old man! Who's over him, he cries;—aye, he would be a democrat to all above; look, how he lords it over all below! Oh! I plainly see my miserable office,—to obey, rebelling; and worse yet, to hate with touch of pity! For in his eyes I read some lurid woe would shrivel me up, had I it.
  33. When she went into the bedroom she found Petronila Iguarán there with the bothersome crinolines and the beaded jacket that she put on for formal visits, and she found Tran-quilina Maria Miniata Alacoque Buendía, her grand-mother, fanning herself with a peacock feather in her in-valid’s rocking chair, and her great-grandfather Aure-liano Arcadio Buendía, with his imitation dolman of the viceregal guard, and Aureliano Iguarán, her father, who had invented a prayer to make the worms shrivel up and drop off cows, and her timid mother, and her cousin with the pig’s tail, and José Arcadio Buendía, and her dead sons, all sitting in chairs lined up against the wall as if it were a wake and not a visit.

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  1. A cat that shrivels its body, lowers its head, and tucks.
  2. How the floridness of the materials of cities shrivels before a.
  3. But hey, presto, the mirror is breathed on and the young knighterrant recedes, shrivels, dwindles to a tiny speck within the mist.
  4. No… I think I’d rather have you around, so you can fully appreciate my powers, especially when your mother shrivels up and dies.
  5. Its slavering black fangs were near his throat and the glare of its yellow eyes shrivelled his limbs as a killing wind shrivels young corn.
  6. Whenever someone blindly obeys questionable sources of authority rather than listening to his own heart, part of his soul shrivels from neglect.
  7. Then they both came down and sat in their places before the window waiting for Grandet, with that cruel anxiety which, according to the individual character, freezes the heart or warms it, shrivels or dilates it, when a scene is feared, a punishment expected,—a feeling so natural that even domestic animals possess it, and whine at the slightest pain of punishment, though they make no outcry when they inadvertently hurt themselves.

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