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    1. what we can learn from their encounter with God

    2. Since this is the ABCs of Success, the next thing you need to learn is the B

    3. Children are curious by nature – that is how they learn

    4. If you praise everything your child does, she will learn

    5. try things out and learn by herself, this will develop in her problem

    6. 80% of what we will learn

    7. about working with others and help her learn social skil s

    8. we must learn, that characterize Levi relationship with

    9. exact job that you want you can take the time to learn what you need to

    10. teach you what you want to learn

    11. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    12. · There's nothing left to learn the hard way

    13. You need to learn to be honest with yourself

    14. walk with God you need to learn and embrace this

    15. You need to learn to recognize that intuition and to learn to recognize those moments of should and shouldn’t

    16. Learn to enjoy soft music to reduce stress and feel at peace with the environment

    17. Learn to be

    18. Again, I didn’t say that I was going to help you learn how to set a goal

    19. Once you learn how to achieve one goal, then you can achieve

    20. First, you will learn the information, and then you will do the work

    21. I love to learn about:

    22. Learn timing, planting too early or too late will cause problems and attract slugs/snails and other pests

    23. You will learn

    24. learn His ways, He will not tell us sometimes which

    25. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    26. learn or study a lot but never comes into maturity, is

    27. because they fail to put into effect what they learn or

    28. If you are unable to avoid tension and stress, it may be helpful to learn relaxation therapy from a trained professional

    29. Type A’s have to learn to become more B-like

    30. Accept what comes to you, appreciate it, learn from it and then let it go

    31. Learn to blend different plants to achieve best results

    32. Learn to get the Brix levels up past 12 and you wont get the whiteflies any more

    33. Learn what insects spread what disease

    34. “Watch and learn, my hopeless friend

    35. Learn to use this oil against cockroaches

    36. I’m here for you, and it isn’t always easy for me to be a good parent, there’s a lot I still have to learn, but I’ll do my best

    37. Therefore it is important for the home owner to learn the proper measures that can be taken to prevent termites from entering your home

    38. ‘What else did you learn, Mum?’ he asked, grasping his mug in both hands and looking intently at the brown liquid swirling around inside it

    39. Bush? Did he learn to speak the

    40. We can watch the ants and learn from them

    41. We place our own limit on what we are willing to learn

    42. This was due largely to the masses of people that needed to feed themselves and to their ability to learn from others

    43. Here is a spraying schedule that you will learn to adapt to your own use

    44. Follow it and learn from it

    45. "This cargo is valuable, if criminals learn that it is being transported, there is a very good chance that it might become stolen cargo, unless you can defend it from bandits?"

    46. doostEr did learn a few words in their language but not enough to have any idea what this animal was telling him

    47. As a race of beings we have much to learn

    48. We all commit mistakes but God only wants us to learn from our ‘mistakes’

    49. ‘Do you honestly think it is a good idea, Mum?’ he asked, throwing the towel on the bed … I pick it up quickly … when will he learn that wet towels and beds don’t mix!

    50. doostEr knew he would learn a lot more about him this evening that he did on the eyes the day before

    1. Jorma and Ava had sparred about what was Tdeshi and what was a new personality before Jorma learned that Tdeshi's body was possessed by a Yingolian ghost

    2. Jorma had lived with Venna almost two years now, one while she learned to sail, well; on their way up from the Yakhan, and another here on North Island of Sinbara

    3. "We've learned a lot since then," Herndon said, looking hurt and frustrated

    4. Those memories of the day he learned she had been an electric ghost were still painful for both of them

    5. I told you after we learned the ABCs of Success, which I hope that you

    6. that they have not learned to trust God to take care of

    7. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    8. problem with that person is that, you have not learned to

    9. "More than that," Yorthops said, "I had some wonderful times and learned some wonderful things

    10. "I've learned so much from you

    11. "Like I said, I've learned so much from you

    12. Phlp: 4:9: Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of

    13. Another thing I have learned from my walk with God is

    14. How else would I have learned my skills? Or got a hold of the really cool gadgets I’ve got

    15. Isa: 50:4: The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season

    16. wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned

    17. However, putting into practice what you have learned

    18. One of the most important lessons I have learned in my

    19. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    20. She wondered how many tries it was going to take before she learned her lesson regarding testosterone guys

    21. But we have also learned that ants respond to stress and imbalance

    22. The American Indian learned the secrets of the water world and passed this knowledge to their children, and children’s children

    23. It is from this ‘pool’ given to them from ancient times, that they learned how to use the soil

    24. These folks also learned fast from other cultures, as they were able seaman and traveled around the world, and would see many wonderful things and this knowledge would return to their own lands, where it quickly would spread like fire upon the land

    25. All the countries of this area knew the ocean- India, Japan; all have learned to rely on the ocean and her bounty

    26. When forested areas of the world use up the nutrients in the soil, the earth has a built-in remineralization system that can be learned from and applied right in the back yard

    27. Again using the addresses he learned via the merchant's council, he found a judgement posted against Tahlmute by the Kassikan just a couple years ago

    28. He learned that an overdose was a very real danger and that it erased the brain, leaving the body a vegetable till it died

    29. Their father learned the trade from his grandfather in the 1920’s in Germany

    30. An English word must be learned together with other words at the same time

    31. Judging by the way they both suddenly stopped dead once they realised they were on the verge of arguing about the carpet, they seem to have learned their lesson, for the time being at any rate

    32. used the principles we had learned from “The diary of God’s general”

    33. "I had learned the language before the captain returned," Glenelle said

    34. More than I would have learned up to now

    35. you have already learned, your faith will grow like the muscles of athletes

    36. She learned to control her lusts so that she could meet with the mortals, taking advice

    37. During the hundred and forty five years she was suspended in backup the natives had learned how to make electronics, 'Yingolian crystals' as they were called here

    38. He learned to live and to survive in any conditions

    39. I soon learned that I was not a pitcher

    40. What impressed her the most was that they were able to call up such learned information and drill so deeply into the science behind it and get the 3-d plot

    41. Over the years I had learned, often the hard way, not to doubt or oppose her

    42. A few days later I learned

    43. ‘What happened that you couldn’t have any more children, Liz?’ I asked, my heart going out to this woman who learned far too early how life can be for women as they get older

    44. Notice Acts 7:22 - “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and

    45. sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered

    46. Got upset whenever she cried, so, of course, she learned very fast that he was entirely at her beck and call

    47. and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me

    48. From the history of Zedekiah found in the Book of Jeremiah it can be learned that Zedekiah

    49. "Yes, with this hammer we certainly can; but to what point, Most Learned?" Diam Al'Hassad, commandant of Astrophysics asked

    50. "Of course, Most Learned," Diam said, speaking to the Haadij and not Moamar

    1. "Learning Kulai's business, taking over his math, and for the first time in my life, actually being an asset on the social scene

    2. Avoid chemicals at all cost! Learning to grow without using chemicals is not as scary as it seems nor is it impossible

    3. The first step to practicing meditation is learning to breathe in a manner that facilitates a state of calmness and awareness

    4. We are always learning that nature is our greatest teacher and we as students must remind ourselves of this fact and be open to her lessons

    5. However, if you are a patient and therapeutic Yoga is your need, you will benefit in learning it from a medical practitioner who is trained to understand the physiology of the human body and can thus be watchful of the effects of Yoga if performed incorrectly

    6. Learning to make compost is a great way to take something that is being thrown away and turns it into food for the soil, for the plants, and food for us

    7. Then he told me the story of a British naval officer who traveled to India during the British occupation and became enamored with Sikhism, and how the guru, whom this officer was learning from, advised the man when he wanted to convert to Sikhism

    8. ‘No brothers or sisters?’ I asked intrigued by what I am learning about this man and trying to match up the background he is telling me about with the professional man I thought I knew

    9. spend this time learning the truth about God’s healing, which excludes

    10. Now we are learning to see with

    11. I used cheron code, but added another layer of understanding of other's motivations, and another layer of self awareness and more degrees of learning ability

    12. I mean, that's what they're for with young lads, right? He was only a kid, still learning

    13. ‘You had a lot to do in that play, must have been hard learning all the lines

    14. Man, regardless of his learning in the knowledge from this world, cannot improve on

    15. For quite a long time we've been learning nothing new, maybe because Alexander seems to have become too skeptical about anything: “There are no spirits; spiritualism is fraud” … “(Self)hypnosis is harmful to the human mind” … “There is no such thing as magic” … “There are no astral worlds” … “There is nothing beyond matter” … “Telepathy requires a perfectly clean subconscious, so it is unfeasible” and so on

    16. However, not all study and learning is dependent upon the individual

    17. I've had that happen enough to me lately and I'm tired of learning that lesson

    18. During that time he was charged with learning all he could of the ship's interface to the outside universe

    19. Honestly, learning the art of flowing with the

    20. creating in partnership and harmony with all while learning to

    21. "I told you about how they wanted to remain secret didn't I?" Alan said, "Besides that, they have no idea how to detect a center of learning


    23. You have to remember, those issues are more important to them than learning, but they have some physical problems with it also

    24. begins by learning that you have a Power to Choose

    25. So, as you’re learning to elevate yourself into a state of

    26. “We are a long time in learning that all our strength and salvation is in God

    27. ‘No, and it is lovely seeing how attached he’s becoming to the estate … every day there’s some new aspect that he’s learning about and the villagers are starting to respond to his enthusiasm … I saw Dering with his sheep yesterday, he was full of how much he liked the new master … how like the family he was and all that

    28. Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto were having a good time learning

    29. Lambs run on hillsides, learning to keep pace with the call

    30. a learning of rules and words in cups, draughted

    31. learning to fly

    32. the sting eye, learning to fly

    33. of the waxing moon are learning, drilling,

    34. but, learning to live with it,

    35. ’ She castigated me, learning that I have been having them for some days

    36. If, therefore, you have a nervous temperament, and who has not in these troubled times, and you suffer from symptoms of eyestrain, you may be able to overcome these symptoms simply by learning to relax

    37. 'In some places, yes, but we are learning

    38. Jake did not disturb her as he began to see Elizabeth’s future and knew she was learning what would be required of her

    39. awkward conversations with the ability to access other people's profiles, learning about other's

    40. One of the learning support assistants has brought in some muffins as a treat and they’re disappearing fast

    41. "I don't know, she said I was learning a lot but was still too limited

    42. While there are many keys to effective meditation, the essence of the practice is learning to focus your attention as you choose

    43. Though mostly by accident and for the most part unconscious, the way we humans react to the world around us is dictated in a large part by a series of Conditioned Responses we have been learning since early childhood

    44. grateful for all we have, and learning to create the life

    45. was first learning the Emotion Code, she practiced it

    46. it while you are learning this)

    47. such as yes/no or love/hate while you are learning,

    48. Learning self-testing is optional to using the Emotion

    49. When I was learning these methods for the

    50. Not everyone is open to learning about new methods

    1. “I have to address this immediately so that she learns

    2. One learns to adapt

    3. Anyone who has ever lived on an island quickly learns the value of the ocean

    4. Gilla – who never appears to put in any time at her weaving works now that I am on the scene – goes into overdrive as soon as she learns of our plans to leave the following morning

    5. speak more often, the other learns to use their intellect to figure through their emotions

    6. He does not really care if the boy learns piano or not, but feels it is immoral taking the money and not giving the lesson and it bothers him

    7. learns to follow very specific movements by the rider

    8. “I can imagine what Righli will say when he learns

    9. The child soon learns that he can never be good enough or be

    10. But the child’s spirit learns to escape

    11. A child learns to walk by

    12. The work which he learns to perform, it must be expected, over

    13. employed about the easier, learns the more difficult parts of his business, and his own labour

    14. it would be a pity if nobody learns about their history

    15. First, a child learns

    16. Later on, when he learns at

    17. its disadvantages, although a child learns many things

    18. Knowing that we have such potential is interesting, yet it won’t be of much help unless one learns to put it to good use

    19. How long will it be until Lady Phyllis learns of this? Or is it possible that she approves?

    20. "Everyone else sees this all the time and just learns to shrug it off

    21. Moreover, the true master learns to be grateful, in

    22. He learns a lot about a subject and then goes onto something else

    23. The Witch grows more powerful, she learns from the Black Fox

    24. When it tastes food it learns with alacrity the coordination necessary to acquire a purposeful supply

    25. documenting his travels and the things he learns along the way

    26. Can the students learns from the teachers

    27. Once the electorate directly or through their representatives learns they can vote themselves the money of others, from the treasury they will

    28. • So that the individual learns to emulate those successes and avoid those mistakes

    29. learns that the treat comes later,

    30. He learns from his suffering to reduce and finally eliminate its cause

    31. Each man suffers the consequences of his own acts, and learns thereby, while helping his fellow men to the same deliverance; nor will prayer to the Buddha or to any God prevent an effect from following its cause

    32. old eating habits and reprogramming new eating habits, the reader learns the art

    33. Only rarely can you be absolutely sure, but that is why one studies and learns from those wiser than he

    34. He learns that Uncle Patrick and the victim were members of a rock band that nearly made it to the national scene in the early 1970s, and were about to play a reunion concert in their hometown when the murder occurred

    35. success, if only he learns to retain it

    36. learns to retain the sex energy and move it up into the upper reservoir

    37. It is true that by teaching one learns most as the

    38. and learns about the sport being played

    39. Third, how species’ DNA evolves, learns and adjusts to its host

    40. Q: A child goes to school and learns many things, which will be

    41. * Learns to relax

    42. Battered, it learns

    43. Each learns his own way the

    44. rents, duties; learns to like what others like and fear what others

    45. And with its evolution it soon learns that

    46. in time learns that individual survival is also

    47. strength, learns to be no longer afraid of them

    48. After having his surgery, Torin learns he has a malignant brain tumor and endured months of chemotherapy

    49. “Ha! When Billigog learns that I attended this meeting while she could not, her blue scales will turn green with envy!”

    50. Your arms learn to swing a sword better with repetition, your mind learns to remember a symphony better with repeated listening

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