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Can in a sentence

If I can.
It can be.
But can I.
I can wait.
I can jump.
Now can you.
We can only.

I can sail it.
Oh yes I can.
How can you.
He can feel.
I can manage.
We can manage.
How can that.
1 can of Beer.
I can pay you.
I can do this.
can once do it.
‘She can be.
Can be bottled.
You can do this.
‘You can cry.
I can save her.
I say they can.
I can smell it.
We can access.
We can either.
I can see them.
I could see.
He could be.
If he could.
You could be.
Wow, I could.
I could hear.
There could be.
She could not.
He could feel.
Tom could now.
Tom could not.
It could land.
Could put the.
You could end.
If I could act,.
long as he could.
they could find.
He could never.
Before I could.
They could not.
I could be you,.
She could feel.
If I could sing,.
‘Yes, we could.
I could only look.
I could tell by.
' Jean could see.
I could slip out.
He could hardly.
I could not sleep.
She could smell.