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    1. Herndon hadn't actually entered the structure because you can see the whole thing from the steps

    2. Herndon was still on the opposite step and used the opportunity to go use the digester can

    3. what we can learn from their encounter with God

    4. This way they can grow on this hillside

    5. I noticed they can be a lot more monogamous than we are

    6. We can go on and on, about the Patriarchs of faith who

    7. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    8. If you believe you can earn a certain amount of money, then that is what you'll have the ability to earn

    9. Some of my friends bought a fabrication shop down in the Gengee, this is the best imitation of an antique ocean racer from our country that we can build

    10. that God is in control of your situation and you can see the

    11. Take the actions to have what you want in your life then you can have it

    12. You can still achieve success if you're not consistent, but if you are consistent your success will come so much faster

    13. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    14. Can he create that same cavern that consistently flowing water will form over time? No

    15. There was a head that made the booth around the camp's digester can seem really spacious

    16. Abraham’s life, you can see that the evidence that shows

    17. There is a local saying “If you can see Carn Brea it’s going to rain, if you can’t, it already is” a nd, if you stand still for long enough, you wil be guaranteed to turn mouldy

    18. I think we can safely say that this act was brave

    19. There are some key points that you need to pay attention to and implement in your business so that you can ensure the further success of your business

    20. You need to communicate with your customers so they can see what products and services you have to offer

    21. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    22. wishes they can get divine aid to change their situation

    23. Supernatural is the only thing that can grab any person

    24. Even believers, after all that they can

    25. What I have just described here can be challenged by

    26. trying to save enough money so we can buy that new car

    27. this can be if you use those two little words, followed by a negative

    28. As such, redistributing this book without the copyright owner's permission can constitute copyright infringement

    29. in their lives before you can preach or share it to

    30. manifestation of His favor working in your life, that can

    31. Clothes can be washed,

    32. This does not mean now you can use this

    33. You can use the journal in any way that you want, it’s your tool

    34. try and encourage them to think of ways that they can earn some

    35. com you'll see that you can create a specific goal, by writing down specifically what you are going to do

    36. can now add to this ability a further ten languages when submitted as

    37. The use of language can sometimes be a source of mirth, often

    38. You probably can see the picture

    39. Each time you lose a pound you can mark it as completed

    40. You can do that in five pound increments if you have a lot of weight to

    41. jobs and activities so that she understands that she can be anything

    42. solve problems and that it can be a lot of fun

    43. for without me ye can do nothing

    44. By reading through these scriptures, you can realize that

    45. You now have a specific, motivating goal that you can see you are achieving

    46. You can check off each step in GoalTrax

    47. we have the obligation and the right to do all that we can to undo

    48. No one is poor who has land he can live on

    49. "I can do the dates in my head now, I helped the geneticist write that

    50. Nothing is unachievable in life, whatever you believe, you can achieve

    1. "I can't think of when I could have possibly been in a place where aluminum could have been rolling around loose

    2. Even when they got along, she was never as willing as he would have liked and they could now tease about that without rancor

    3. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    4. We’re going to start in the simplest way that I could conceive

    5. speculative basis so they could appreciate my continued “normality”

    6. I assured him that I could undertake the role without affecting the

    7. One could sit up when seated on the low benches

    8. Could you read ten pages when you wake up in the morning? I know

    9. that, we all wish we could have power to control every

    10. wishes he/she could have supernatural power to be

    11. " He could hardly believe he was actually discussing this with a Yingolian

    12. Tobias Hobbes: What’s the recording for? Your protection? I could just burn the tape if I wanted to, y’know?

    13. You could just as easily have a vigilante zombie killer as you could have a serial killer… you hadn’t thought of this?

    14. They had eaten all they could of the trap mix over vedn toast by the time Venna finally stirred

    15. You could have got me up," she told Jorma

    16. ” Or you could use your journal to repetitively write down what it is that you want to believe

    17. and therefore could not find any other form of hat to fit

    18. He was hesitant, he didn't know how close he could get to this ghoulish monstrosity

    19. He could imagine her turning to dry powder in his arms, stabbing himself on the splinters of her bones as her shrill cackle faded into the cold distance of outer space

    20. looking candidate she could find amongst this bunch? Yes! Bless you

    21. Never a strong point of mine, I always used to say that I could ask the whereabouts of a station in five different languages - unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the answer in any of them

    22. then you could say “hitting is naughty” rather than say “you are really

    23. "If he didn't have a starship to cut up, he could never afford it; but it is fast

    24. "Do you think you could ever feel at home here?"

    25. " Unlike Herndon, she could use dates he could understand

    26. Have you considered turning to the Church as they could

    27. This could be viewed as a

    28. We wanted to help in any way we could to stop this from happening to others

    29. In this way, I could carry on living a life untroubled by religion [anyone’s!] before

    30. Over the years, my parents found that they could speak freely about this previously obscured time of my life

    31. It was far from the same thing, and where did that leave Leand in her parentage? Did she have three parents, but didn't the child who became the ghost also have two? Could he ever make love to such a creature? He had made love to such a creature, made love to her so much that she ran from him

    32. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    33. "Yeah, or we could go up on the porch?" Jorma said

    34. Though he could see Herndon didn't want to believe him

    35. "If either one of them wanted to leave with those papers," Ava said, "they could have done so a year ago

    36. much stress in the Consultant’s delivery when viewing the results, as if he could barely believe them himself or, more likely, that it was a

    37. As far as everyone was concerned, I could prevent people from turning into zombies

    38. The tooth powder in the bathroom was turned around, but any of them could have done that

    39. If you are still interested, perhaps I could suggest to you that you read Medical Matters backwards and we might arrive at the same point?

    40. As far as I could tell, he had no bites

    41. It can be a great way to relieve tension and could be as easy as renting a funny video and watching it at home

    42. She was in his arms before he could think about it, and she felt good there

    43. Could you imagine what

    44. Could you imagine if

    45. Vigorous exercise within three to four hours of bedtime could inhibit sleep

    46. No hint of Venna could be found around either

    47. But when he thought about the difference a single aluminum made in his life, he understood what that could do

    48. He could not, and did not really want to, compete with this lifestyle, and Tatania was very much about the lifestyle

    49. He wondered how long he could possibly spin this one out

    50. It could be last winter all over again

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    Synonyms for "can"

    can tin tin can bathroom john lav lavatory privy toilet commode crapper pot potty stool throne arse ass backside behind bottom bum buns butt buttocks derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear rear end rump seat stern tail tail end tooshie tush can buoy canful put up dismiss displace fire force out give notice give the axe give the sack sack send away terminate be able to be capable of container canister bin receptacle bucket package preserve keep bottle

    "can" definitions

    airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.

    the quantity contained in a can

    a buoy with a round bottom and conical top

    the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

    a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination

    a room or building equipped with one or more toilets

    preserve in a can or tin

    terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position