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    1. She had to admit, she occupied elite strata in the society of the Highland Elves

    2. As grandparent we can participate in their development and also keep ourselves occupied

    3. the body which it has occupied

    4. occupied the frontage of the building

    5. Instead she'd occupied herself with the grunt work, finishing up the full scale fabricator and getting more mining bots deployed

    6. He shouldn't complain, he occupied a position a bit above common status here in the afterlife, as he had in life

    7. ’ Her mind busily occupied in wondering precisely what ‘helping out a bit’ comprised exactly and whether the authorities knew about it

    8. ’ Kara said absently, her mind occupied in trying to recall any detail of the two men that might give a clue as to why they had attacked her

    9. It had been hard visiting Abery before but Joris hadn’t been there and she’d been able to withdraw into herself to some extent … and the European trip had been hectic, demanding her full attention … and in London afterwards she’d been occupied in achieving Joris’s purpose … and the trip across had kept her mind busy, first with JJ and then Iain … and even coming back, being at The Centre and travelling on the wasteg … that too had been manageable … but now … with no purpose to drive her, no solitude to enfold her and no Joris but only the shadow of his memory imprinted in JJ’s face and voice … she felt naked, vulnerable and viciously exposed to the scouring of her grief

    10. Pippa was an accomplished singer and Liesse a clown … she had a feeling she’d seen him perform once, when she was a child … he must be nearly seventy now and mostly occupied in organising troupes of travelling players

    11. She took a wherry across the river to the Southwark side where the warehouse was situated, strolling along the lanes behind the Shakespearean theatre where herb gardens, supplying the nearby centre for the Herbmasters, occupied neat little patches of ground carefully tended by a cadre of gotteswomen specially trained for the purpose, the purple outfits of their calling showing up clearly as they toiled amongst the neat rows of plants

    12. all of them occupied the weekends when we should have been

    13. The local people bustle about, the women – as women anywhere, obviously shopping while herding small children and the men either busily rushing around or lounging staring into space – I watch as a woman with two children makes desperate attempts to stop the elder of the two under her care from pinching some fruit from a stall … the little devil waits until she is occupied in conversation with the stall owner before sneakily nicking an apple and ramming it into his pocket

    14. They have occupied a moment of my time

    15. I kept myself occupied as best I could by trying to name the trees that we past and by crunching boiled sweets

    16. She found their cabin occupied by Alan, Nuran and a stack of youth magazines from which they were reading jokes to each other

    17. Some showed Maria with politicians and officers but most were old sepia tints of her with armed carpenters and farmers, moustachioed heroes from the mountains and valleys of occupied Crete

    18. So we married … it wasn’t as simple adapting to the physical side as I thought it would be but I got pregnant fairly quickly and it was easy to persuade Alastair that any physical relationship was unwise during the pregnancy … since then Alastair and I have occupied separate rooms

    19. "I think she is otherwise occupied at the moment

    20. Above the massive fireplace that occupied one whole wall, was a portrait of Lord Boras in his youth, an imposing figure even then; the artist capturing the darkness in his eye

    21. “We could detect nothing of Kassidor but its presence,” Daedelus said, “until Yellelle brought back the detailed records from your ship, but we do know that the space occupied by the souls from Kassidor is about four times as large as that occupied by souls from Earth

    22. Within two months they had weeded out the worst of vermin that had occupied that Hold and in the process gained the respect of the townspeople

    23. They returned to the cabin in silence; each occupied with their own thoughts about the

    24. She hoped that would keep him occupied for the rest of the day

    25. an open area of grass on their left, partially occupied by a small

    26. eating, and most of the other tables were now occupied

    27. were permanently occupied by a staff of drivers and mechanics

    28. The first room they came to was the one which Kev had occupied

    29. Billy shrugs off the press pack but not the inner loathing around half three, and the innocent are occupied with the wasting of time

    30. ‘There were six rooms occupied in all

    31. vanished like the ghosts that occupied it

    32. They drove past the tiny, not-quite-permanent fair that occupied a

    33. they were occupied, but not with paying tenants

    34. She knew she was guilty of nothing when she occupied this body

    35. Eventually, I also learned that he and Karen occupied separate rooms (at her request) and that their marriage was something of a sham

    36. from it and several bird nests occupied its outer corners

    37. His mind ran at full speed whether it was occupied or not, yet

    38. It were other thoughts, however, that occupied the moments before his drifting off to sleep that night and even with all his experience, acquired knowledge and skills, he could not unravel the conundrum laid before him

    39. and sipped his beer through a long straw making sure that his hands were occupied

    40. Just forty-five or so steps away was School House, and on the first floor, up the wide stairs from the common room were the halls of rooms occupied by the Hundred and the Sixth Form, mostly

    41. The first term was challenging, not so much for the studies, but the school's culture, events, activities and clubs kept him so occupied and pulled this way and that, he was ready for the break of term

    42. Our table now held a lot of the old faces that occupied my table at the

    43. She also rode the wave of change to set up permanent residence in Bungalow Seven of the Lodges, the compliment of Bungalow Six already occupied by Sarah Bunker

    44. Twenty or so others occupied the

    45. They occupied four state rooms in two adjacent cars

    46. So again she shouted "Hello" but still nothing it seemed they were to occupied with each other to acknowledge her

    47. But telling me about your likes and keeping yourself occupied for outdoors can make my feelings at ease

    48. Jim caught her up and carried her into the drug store, to sit her on the stool she’d occupied earlier

    49. Otto’s team occupied most of the ‘tourist’ space on the ship

    50. we occupied), a swimming pool (that was frustratingly

    1. Berndt occupies himself talking to Drens all afternoon while I laze on the foredeck with Joris who appears to be going out of his way to be charming

    2. For me it occupies a place right up there with cockroaches and

    3. It takes a fair while to explain who everyone is but it occupies the journey quite neatly

    4. Matter, that which occupies it, is what

    5. occupies him with the joy of his heart

    6. He hangs up the cable and parks the mower in the space it obviously occupies along the wall

    7. The quantity of circulating money must have borne the same proportion, to the number and value of purchases and sales usually transacted at that time, which it does to those transacted at present ; or, rather, it must have borne a greater proportion, because there was then no paper, which now occupies a great part of the employment of gold and silver

    8. The dormitory occupies the entire second floor of the school building and it is divided into four quadrants or “wings” that are identical to each other in their lay-out and facilities

    9. On Saturday evening I strolled with Bennett Burleigh down to the King's Palace, which occupies a considerable space in the centre of the town

    10. Ground which forms the key to three contiguous states, so that he who occupies it first has most of the Empire at his command, is a ground of intersecting highways

    11. Berlinski states that “the God of the gaps occupies a very considerable comfort zone in biology

    12. A large table occupies that space, covered with tools and scraps of metal and gears and old computer parts and wires

    13. Now when you store 5 in A then translator occupies a memory location and system charges the

    14. The club occupies an entire house in Duke Street, and no expense has been spared on making it as comfortable and as inviting as possible

    15. When ZM's occupies the right lane, then one

    16. buys, as one who will lose: 42 He who occupies merchandise, as he who has no profit by it, and he who builds, as he who shall not

    17. What in your case occupies

    18. Just turn away from all that occupies the mind; do whatever

    19. It occupies a full block and stands as a magnificent example of regional architecture of the 19th century

    20. “Tom,” he said the name with a hint of distaste, “a man who occupies himself spending daddy’s money had a bottle of expensive champagne delivered to your table

    21. particular space of possibilities of the subject and that, upon evaluation, presently occupies that

    22. element upon evaluation is if something else already occupies that place

    23. element occupies its space

    24. As long as a bill is hanging out there in the unpaid category, it occupies mental space worth far more than the pennies in interest you stand to gain

    25. 41 He who sells let him be as he who flees away and he who buys as one who will lose: 42 He who occupies merchandise as he who has no profit by it and he who builds as he who shall not dwell in it: 43 He who sows as if he should not reap; so also is as he who plants the vineyard is as he who shall not gather the grapes: 44 Those who marry as those who shall get no children; and those who marry not as the widowers

    26. Why the electron occupies only discrete levels is better understood by considering the electron to be, not a particle, but a wave

    27. physical-dense Earth occupies only a small volume of

    28. verses What is perceived as the ‘present’ occupies a longer period than in

    29. the basic message in a book only occupies between 10% and 20% of the total contents –

    30. The dimensional coordinates she occupies are slightly more complex than the 1’s occupied by JáhmWüd, McWipple, and Karn Pew-Zn

    31. Him comes forward and occupies the mind

    32. Tecuhltli, which took its name from its prince, occupies the western end of the oval

    33. In terms of the total volume of space which it occupies, as you

    34. Each atom, in terms of the space it occupies, is also mostly empty, the

    35. When your life becomes concerned with death, he has the final say as to whether your soul may leave the physical body it occupies, or if your soul will remain in the body

    36. Now if you are near death and you still have many lessons and/or experiences to accomplish then your soul will not be allowed to leave the body it occupies

    37. This counter represents the number of jars of dill pickle relish that could be added to completely fill the space on the shelf that this product occupies

    38. wave occupies every part of its orbit around the

    39. standing electron wave that occupies every part of

    40. standing terra-wave: it occupies every part of its

    41. It occupies the place which all men think bad (i

    42. It is a very Strategic Tool that helps manufacturers decide for example if a Brand name of theirs for a particular product category occupies a higher place in the minds of consumers (based on their buying behavior) as compared to their “manufacturer” name

    43. Using this information, a company like Unilever, for example, decides on using the Brand name Lux for its campaigns and does not mention Unilever at all, as the brand ” Lux” is stronger than Unilever in that category and occupies a higher place in the Market Structure for soaps

    44. ‘’Good! The male agent occupies Room 405, while the female agent is in Room 406

    45. Here Germany occupies the East Coast of the USA, and if that wasn't bad enough, mob factions fight over the remaining free-zones!

    46. ion, because the possessor of the spirit of the Well occupies the

    47. News television, especially English news TV, occupies a very small space in the overall TV universe

    48. But it’s not going to happen unless our hunger for beauty and truth rises above the superficial level it occupies today

    49. - The preliminary schedule occupies the time between weeks 21 and 38- i

    50. - The optimised version occupies the time between weeks 28 and 38-i

    1. could occupy it, instead of letting it be filled with fear and depression

    2. do not bring life, but occupy the place within us which should instead be

    3. anyway, I have other things to occupy my mind … like work … and how I throw myself into that

    4. A bed and a single chair are the only other things, other than an extremely small glass table, that occupy the room

    5. It is natural to be ill and insane in the kind of world we occupy

    6. simplistic equipment and to have only each other to occupy their time is an excellent weekend

    7. He tried to respond to his wife and step-daughter, but apart from the odd brief conversation he preferred to occupy his time with work, well away from the sounds of the radio

    8. " They occupy eternity

    9. Therefore maintain a variety of things to occupy your God-given life

    10. conversation he preferred to occupy his time with work, well away

    11. The waiting relatives and friends of the lesser, more ordinary emergencies watch, and those conscious patients still able to concentrate on realities outside of their own sphere realise that they may not occupy the centre of the universe

    12. Surely you have greater concerns to occupy your

    13. weren’t enough books to occupy his mind

    14. “Remember, three forces equal and separate can only occupy, for the purposes of a two-dimensional diagram, the extremities of an equilateral triangle

    15. business would occupy anyone's time at this hour of the

    16. within a mile radius—not only did metal occupy his tongue—but his top lip was

    17. What was a surprise to her, although not disquieting, was her father's determination to no longer occupy her childhood home

    18. matters to occupy them, now

    19. ' It was however, a good setting for gentlemen's conversation and they determined to occupy the space often during their journey

    20. Okay?? Knowing how you terminally occupy yourself with words I feel worried about your health

    21. Tom and Sue and Brian and Flavio would occupy the vacant rooms on the return trip

    22. She would have given this up long ago if she had anything else to occupy her mind

    23. employments of those who occupy them

    24. employ the whole labour and stock of those who occupy it

    25. In its rude beginnings, the unimproved wilds, which then occupy the far greater part of the country, are all abandoned to cattle

    26. Should this root ever become in any part of Europe, like rice in some rice countries, the common and favourite vegetable food of the people, so as to occupy the same proportion of the lands in tillage, which wheat and other sorts of grain for human food do at present, the same quantity of cultivated land would maintain a much greater number of people ; and the labourers being generally fed with potatoes, a greater surplus would remain after replacing all the stock, and maintaining all the labour employed in cultivation

    27. Alec kept his mind off the future, and his eyes off the faces of those around him, choosing to occupy the slow progression of time by watching the face of the wall, and the colony of red winged bugs crawling on its stone surface

    28. "Glenelle may use that android to interact with you while I'm gone," she said, pointing at the one she used to occupy

    29. The question didn’t occupy her thoughts for long,

    30. occupy the second floor

    31. Business is just one part of life—a part of life that will probably occupy a large

    32. They occupy the pavement of one

    33. Helez was assigned to occupy a corner suite on the second floor

    34. Lying in the darkness, she had nothing more to occupy her mind

    35. In the sense that we are still physically present whenever we enter the egoless state, Nirvana and Samsara may be said to occupy the same place

    36. Instead, they are sent out accompanying the Ezine regular content, and the Ad may occupy one of three possible locations on the Ezine page

    37. These elements occupy the major portion of our body

    38. in your life, it would occupy you for the remainder of the

    39. When the landlord chose to occupy himself a part of his own lands, the rent might be valued according to an equitable arbitration of the farmers and landlords in the neighbourhood, and a moderate abatement of the tax might be granted to him, in the same manner as in the Venetian territory, provided the rent of the lands which he occupied did not exceed a certain sum

    40. Some additional expense would necessarily be incurred, both by the different register-offices which it would be proper to establish in the different districts of the country, and by the different valuations which might occasionally be made of the lands which the proprietor chose to occupy himself

    41. men and women who occupy the center seats of ships like the Confederation aren’t ordinary,

    42. “I can see why that would concern you, since you currently occupy that position

    43. For instance you may need to occupy another hill etc but strategically the object never changes

    44. In addition, there are Muslims, Arabs and the British who occupy the country and send Jews to camps in Cyprus

    45. The biggest change recently is that, thanks to the Occupy movement, the public recognizes inequality

    46. With regard to PRECIPITOUS HEIGHTS, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up

    47. Say it isn‘t so, Claudette! The remnants of my childhood fantasies shattered beyond repair, reluctantly drew me to the unhappy conclusion that no society (however) frozen in time or space will ever occupy the moral high ground

    48. One day, Gordon Edward appeared with something for him to do that would occupy his mind

    49. The grand opening came and went, yet Mike, his black-leathered thugs and their whores continued to occupy the majority of the rooms

    50. They were directed to the Blue Room by members of the Secret Service and Steve was told which chair to occupy in the front row

    1. ‘You could even put it to her that she’s doing you a favour by occupying the rooms

    2. occupying ourselves with our daily routines, we should spend it with Him,

    3. Still, at least my occupying Wiesse’s attention gives Gilla and her beloved some time together

    4. all around the walls of the interior with Companions and Keepers occupying them

    5. You are a competent driver and instead of occupying your mind with the multitude of other matters with which one is constantly reviewing once one becomes inured to a usual routine, you might have looked upon each trip as new and fresh every time you journeyed it

    6. She would be joining a select group occupying a set of quiet

    7. negative space when something is occupying it

    8. several others occupying all the ten seats

    9. ” Our men began to move up into position and to start occupying the roofs that we were on facing the enemy I looked round and to my surprise Elijah had climbed up onto my roof

    10. To think there could be over a million eventual in habitants occupying the completed complex, was a mind-boggling thought, even to Gerrid

    11. The same questions that troubled Milo were the fears occupying every second of her day

    12. At night General Ludlow moved his brigade round at the extreme right, his tired forces occupying trenches voluntarily constructed with stupendous difficulty by Garcia's men

    13. I lay on my towel clad only in my green bikini with the sun baking my flesh, my old surfboard occupying the sand next to me

    14. With regard to ground of this nature, be before the enemy in occupying the raised and sunny spots, and carefully guard your line of supplies

    15. Should the army forestall you in occupying a pass, do not go after him if the pass is fully garrisoned, but only if it is weakly garrisoned

    16. but there’s only two men occupying that place

    17. It would not be until occupying Germany after World War II that the US learned the right way to deal with a defeated enemy with an evil ideology determined to start wars: execute all the leaders guilty of war crimes and waging aggressive war, while removing the rest from government for good

    18. However, she still often found the hotel staff she had hired the previous visit fired and Mike’s guys occupying the rooms

    19. When she returned, the little whore was still occupying her seat, but Mike was at the other side of the room, standing with one of his friends by the bar

    20. ) As the US recovered from the Civil War and those with memories of it died off, starting in the 1890s the US military invaded Latin American nations dozens of times, at times occupying countries for decades

    21. There were also Army travel authorization forms, furlough orders and safe passage documents addressed to the various Occupying Powers made out in his name

    22. Their first-class compartment did not have sleeping accommodations, but since they were the only ones occupying it, they were able to stretch out on the seats and sleep when night fell

    23. The café was not busy, and his occupying a table for an extended period of time seemed to go unnoticed, despite the fact that he was alone and in American uniform

    24. ▪ Is the realm occupying the highest position within cyclic existence

    25. After a few days, they reported back that they could only find a small force (perhaps five thousand men) occupying a strong point a day’s ride from the frontier

    26. The keeper at the yam along the road told me that the tribe had originally extended north to the large C-shaped bay, but that they had been squeezed out by the interlopers, currently occupying the area

    27. In fact, a fifty-two-member team of experts from that Chinese city spent one year in Vancouver occupying their time in the construction of the garden

    28. For several reasons, Roger had lost all respect for the gentleman who at that time was occupying the White House as President

    29. Ota Sic, Minister of Economic Affairs of Czechoslovakia who left his home country after the demise of the “Prague Spring” in 1968 at the hand of occupying Soviet

    30. them wasn’t already occupying the shed

    31. Moses was sitting from morning till night trying to sort out disputes and arguments, large and small, little things were occupying all of his time and the big picture was becoming blurred

    32. something else as occupying the place of change in order to recognize

    33. Since, generally, the majority of Love Spirits incarnate in their bodies still in the womb of their mothers in the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy, the monsters resolved to try to incarnate before the Love Spirits, occupying the baby’s body in this way and taking the place that was reserved for our Spirits

    34. The Ninety Nine (minus Somonik) filled the outside of the great hall, occupying over half of the floor space

    35. Furthermore, with what I’ve learned in the last few days, I have enough research on my ‘to be done’ list to keep me occupied for three centuries, even if the other recent occurrences weren’t occupying most of my time

    36. The early-summer sun was bright that morning, the air nicely warm, and the arrival of the ships meant that many Fjordane-fighters (who had been away since mid-winter: crossing Nis glacier, fighting a battle, occupying Sogndal, raiding England) would soon see their wives, girlfriends, parents, children and extended families again

    37. be occupying the same space as a being living in the physical

    38. The fighting front must have moved far to the east by now as the remaining troops bore more the character of an occupying force than an army in full battle dress

    39. moment are occupying that particular position in the astral body may, a

    40. the astral beings at this level would be occupying the same houses that we

    41. During one of these journeys, a man was sleeping on the bench and occupying most of the space leaving just enough for Gāndhiji to sit erect

    42. appeared, standing at the door, occupying its whole space

    43. “Tiamat is still there in part, occupying its fifth position

    44. In little time, Leonardo was performing the position of Regent Magician, one of the most distinguished positions of the organization, being the youngest member in occupying the above mentioned status – She said proudly

    45. she pretended something else was occupying her attention as she

    46. Leonardo approached and took the shell of “The Keys of the Kingdom” as it would be necessary to do a restoration work so that the letters were occupying its positions again

    47. The Grandstand had been built when the school‘s population was seven hundred, so even with about fifty parents occupying the front rows, there was plenty of space for the hundred and twenty-five students to spread out and make a picnic of the afternoon

    48. not help but wonder how things would be shaping up had Arayus been occupying that desk

    49. was acceptable, with the Gladesville Bridge occupying part of it, although other

    50. One wall of the lounge was full of books, still on the wooden shelves supported by bricks they had been occupying for forty years

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