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    1. She had to admit, she occupied elite strata in the society of the Highland Elves

    2. As grandparent we can participate in their development and also keep ourselves occupied

    3. the body which it has occupied

    4. occupied the frontage of the building

    5. Instead she'd occupied herself with the grunt work, finishing up the full scale fabricator and getting more mining bots deployed

    6. He shouldn't complain, he occupied a position a bit above common status here in the afterlife, as he had in life

    7. ’ Her mind busily occupied in wondering precisely what ‘helping out a bit’ comprised exactly and whether the authorities knew about it

    8. ’ Kara said absently, her mind occupied in trying to recall any detail of the two men that might give a clue as to why they had attacked her

    9. It had been hard visiting Abery before but Joris hadn’t been there and she’d been able to withdraw into herself to some extent … and the European trip had been hectic, demanding her full attention … and in London afterwards she’d been occupied in achieving Joris’s purpose … and the trip across had kept her mind busy, first with JJ and then Iain … and even coming back, being at The Centre and travelling on the wasteg … that too had been manageable … but now … with no purpose to drive her, no solitude to enfold her and no Joris but only the shadow of his memory imprinted in JJ’s face and voice … she felt naked, vulnerable and viciously exposed to the scouring of her grief

    10. Pippa was an accomplished singer and Liesse a clown … she had a feeling she’d seen him perform once, when she was a child … he must be nearly seventy now and mostly occupied in organising troupes of travelling players

    1. ‘You could even put it to her that she’s doing you a favour by occupying the rooms

    2. occupying ourselves with our daily routines, we should spend it with Him,

    3. Still, at least my occupying Wiesse’s attention gives Gilla and her beloved some time together

    4. all around the walls of the interior with Companions and Keepers occupying them

    5. You are a competent driver and instead of occupying your mind with the multitude of other matters with which one is constantly reviewing once one becomes inured to a usual routine, you might have looked upon each trip as new and fresh every time you journeyed it

    6. She would be joining a select group occupying a set of quiet

    7. negative space when something is occupying it

    8. several others occupying all the ten seats

    9. ” Our men began to move up into position and to start occupying the roofs that we were on facing the enemy I looked round and to my surprise Elijah had climbed up onto my roof

    10. To think there could be over a million eventual in habitants occupying the completed complex, was a mind-boggling thought, even to Gerrid

    1. could occupy it, instead of letting it be filled with fear and depression

    2. do not bring life, but occupy the place within us which should instead be

    3. anyway, I have other things to occupy my mind … like work … and how I throw myself into that

    4. A bed and a single chair are the only other things, other than an extremely small glass table, that occupy the room

    5. It is natural to be ill and insane in the kind of world we occupy

    6. simplistic equipment and to have only each other to occupy their time is an excellent weekend

    7. He tried to respond to his wife and step-daughter, but apart from the odd brief conversation he preferred to occupy his time with work, well away from the sounds of the radio

    8. " They occupy eternity

    9. Therefore maintain a variety of things to occupy your God-given life

    10. conversation he preferred to occupy his time with work, well away

    1. Berndt occupies himself talking to Drens all afternoon while I laze on the foredeck with Joris who appears to be going out of his way to be charming

    2. For me it occupies a place right up there with cockroaches and

    3. It takes a fair while to explain who everyone is but it occupies the journey quite neatly

    4. Matter, that which occupies it, is what

    5. occupies him with the joy of his heart

    6. He hangs up the cable and parks the mower in the space it obviously occupies along the wall

    7. The quantity of circulating money must have borne the same proportion, to the number and value of purchases and sales usually transacted at that time, which it does to those transacted at present ; or, rather, it must have borne a greater proportion, because there was then no paper, which now occupies a great part of the employment of gold and silver

    8. The dormitory occupies the entire second floor of the school building and it is divided into four quadrants or “wings” that are identical to each other in their lay-out and facilities

    9. On Saturday evening I strolled with Bennett Burleigh down to the King's Palace, which occupies a considerable space in the centre of the town

    10. Ground which forms the key to three contiguous states, so that he who occupies it first has most of the Empire at his command, is a ground of intersecting highways

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    capture conquer keep take over possess invade seize obtain engage busy engross employ attend monopolise monopolize take up fill maintain remain tenant reside live in pervade extend

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    absorb engage engross occupy invade take use up fill busy lodge in reside concern interest worry capture conquer keep take over possess seize obtain employ attend monopolise monopolize take up maintain remain tenant live in pervade extend