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    1. I wished it didn't have to face north but this is like a tiny scale model of my dream house

    2. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    3. Beside I think it is crazy to model around the church

    4. Our understanding of the human stress response has been based on the "fight-or-flight" model, which states that when confronted with a stressful situation, humans either will respond with aggressive behavior or will withdraw

    5. The United Order has a model that works in a similar way, but their model has such a drain on power resources that they can only use it for a small amount of time

    6. We’re using Dead Kennedys as a model to work from

    7. It is necessary that the planners develop and execute a rural model that can be replicated more widely

    8. It also helped that she was like a super model in looks and build

    9. All I've done in these automatons is rig up a little fuller model of the social universe

    10. believe a lady of a certain age will come along the road shortly in a late model Ka

    1. In New York City it is highly prized by models and is found in the finest cosmetic stores

    2. of testing those expensive models: the lamp was placed in a freezer and

    3. There were no proven models of that atmosphere and climate, some worry that the climate could be tipped by the impact and that the planet would never recover

    4. Then he spotted a boy working his way down a line of parked cars, who was taking advantage of the crowds to steal the radiator badges from the more expensive sporting models

    5. It’s always happening these days, especially with popular models like yours”

    6. Truth be told, had the wardrobe conventions of that period allowed, Chloe and Kaitlyn would each have now been idyllic models of the female form for even the discriminating sculptors of classical Greece

    7. He was talking about all the tension-pitched plastic-stringed floor models she'd looked at

    8. Soon the plastic-stringed, tensioned-pitched models would be as historic as her antler-pitched chord-key model that she left with Varniss

    9. She's one of his better writers, a decent calligrapher and one of the easiest photo models to work with

    10. The ones on the expedition were primitive models now, their sex organs were non-functional

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    model modeling modelling simulation framework theoretical account example exemplar good example fashion model manakin manikin mannequin mannikin poser role model mold mould mock up simulate pattern pose posture sit exemplary copy duplicate facsimile mock-up image print imitation archetype ideal original prototype form design fashion plan shape