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File en una oración (en ingles)

1. This file is a fake.
2. Keep a file of your.
3. I found a file in Mr.
4. Click on the File menu.
5. It was not a fat file.
6. She clicked on the file.
7. I would use the file I.

8. How large is the file?
9. We all began to file in.
10. The file index is there.
11. We file into an elevator.
12. Weaver held out the file.
13. Then he deleted the file.
14. Here’s the file we need.
15. I skimmed through the file.
16. That’s the zip code file.
17. It wasn’t much of a file.
18. Send this file to a friend.
19. The file in Coombs’s room.
20. Not a lot else in this file.
21. Grey flicked through his file.
22. You read the file, Lindsay.
23. Create the view file noenter.
24. I have a complete file on you.
25. I was haunted by the file too.
26. She double-clicked on the file.
27. I went back to the audio file.
28. He opened the file to review.
29. Access to your file is limited.
30. They sat on the file cabinets.
31. She removed a file, labeled P2.
32. Mick handed over the file and.
33. Give the file to Emily for now.
34. Taking a file on his ‘in’.
35. Reading the contents of a file.
36. Thus, every database is a file.
37. I moved on to the file cabinets.
38. There’s a file, she said.
39. Well with this file it wasn’t.
40. I save the notepad file as index.
41. Apuna then accessed a video file.
42. The whole file is extraordinary.
43. And then he stopped on one file.
44. Did the wife file? I asked.
45. Smith opened the file and gasped.
46. Save As from the File Menu.
47. They already have a file on me?
48. Overwrite the Contents of a File.
49. They both scanned the file names.
50. There it was, the metal nail file.
51. Fact File: City of the Future.
52. What the hell was in this file?
53. I asked him to put it in my file.
54. This file should be named sltsm10.
55. Itś the file on proposition 531.
56. Well, you should read her file.
57. If no file exists, it creates one.
58. I retrieve the file and read it.
59. Ah, here is the entry file on her.
60. Hayes clicked on the file and it.
61. Does he have a file on me?
62. Lydia studied the file names again.
63. But that’s not his file!.
64. In the following code (file clone.
65. Analysis of the Master Build File.
66. I need this file to be enhanced.
67. There’s only the one file?
68. Another file was placed on the desk.
69. They fly to the opening single file.
70. Did Paul have a file on me?
71. George pulled a paper from his file.
72. He pulled out a file and opened it.
73. Besides, you saw the Jesup File.
74. Meanwhile, I pull the file on the.
75. We do this by editing the file pom.
76. The replaced older file is renamed.
77. Her mind was on her encrypted file.
78. The Commissioner opened another file.
79. It also has online access and file.
80. They rode painted horses single file.
81. There’s a whole file at the hotel.
82. This is a text file created by the.
83. No, it was in the second file box.
84. She paused in her file manipulations.
85. NTFS file compression is one of them.
86. He took the first letter off the file.
87. You can find out what is in your file.
88. Funny thing is, his name’s on file.
89. That was about it for Felix’s file.
90. And I’m sure you’ve read my file.
91. She made more notes on the paper file.
92. After a few seconds, a file shot back.
93. It’s in that file of yours, under R.
94. I file away the mention of ‘powerful.
95. Empty a File That Is Being Written To.
96. This file is for the registration form.
97. If your file shows the file extension.
98. File says he received orders to return.
99. Lydia’s file was still hidden inside.
100. We all walked in a single file in the.
1. Others were filing into the room.
2. This filing is called a 13F filing.
3. A filing in the court indicates the.
4. And… uh… Filing Cabinets? I give up.
5. This we did by creating a filing room in.
6. People were filing in, the place would be full.
7. You see that filing cabinet beside him?
8. Another look out among the steel filing shelves.
9. She finished filing all of the girls' taxes.
10. After all a filing system is worldwide the same.
11. Ah, yes, and he went to the filing cabinet.
12. I’m thinking about filing it this afternoon.
13. With filing the Provisional, I now do that myself.
14. I spend most of it getting the filing up to date.
15. They began filing down and picking up copies of it.
16. In the corner leant against the filing cabinet was.
17. And what about the filing cabinets, he ventured.
18. Her wooden filing cabinet also had an antique look.
19. Outing can occur after calling the police, filing a.
20. I should call Steve and see about filing a massive.
21. I'm filing for divorce after the first of the year.
22. It hardly ever happens that a company is late filing.
23. Con smiled, filing away the information for future use.
24. Schmidt yanked the filing cases out of Tommy’s hands.
25. More and more, he considered filing a missing persons'.
26. She has never been able to perfect a mental filing system.
27. It was close to start time and people were still filing in.
28. The woman shrugged her shoulders and returned to her filing.
29. He went to a filing cabinet and removed a stack of folders.
30. The filing of the documents with the county clerk signifies.
31. The blacks were filing out of an archway into another court.
32. I think she's working on finishing filing all your taxes.
33. The credit is computed based on the taxpayer's filing status.
34. Terrified, she’d hidden behind a tall metal filing cabinet.
35. He checked in his middle desk drawer, then the filing cabinet.
36. After registering the day’s events and filing his report in.
37. Formed by filing a certificate of formation with the Secretary.
38. He recommended against my filing because in that event, I would.
39. The Justice Department, in its filing, rejected the union claims.
40. There are other variations of the married filing status, special.
41. The media feeding-frenzy was such that correspondents were filing.
42. These problems could easily be resolved by filing an amended return.
43. Presently the band was filing up the path as swiftly as they dared.
44. Canaris then rose from his chair and went to a nearby filing cabinet.
45. So Tony made his first big mistake in the US, filing for bankruptcy.
46. The company itself has the first shot at filing a reorganization plan.
47. Bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, she motioned with her head.
48. They were filing up the broad marble steps, holding their torches high.
49. I spend a couple of days filing after action reports and go out again.
50. According to the gossip mill, his wife Rebecca was filing for divorce.
51. The service had just ended and the congregation were slowly filing out.
52. Together, the children quickly began filing towards the stairs to leave.
53. All morning long the crew repeats the process of filing the lifeboat.
54. Filing an Identity Theft Report with the credit reporting companies or.
55. Ilona was filing her nails as she trailed behind, not a care in the world.
56. In this case just think of it like a filing cabinet, what filing drawers.
57. The others began filing in and each sat at the place they had used earlier.
58. Upon the heels of the filing, Texaco’s stock fell from nearly $32 to $28.
59. She is back in Boston, putting her affairs in order and filing for divorce.
60. There are certain limitations that exist when filing your child tax credits.
61. We were going to be filing criminal charges against him later this week.
62. Frank gave Sheena the combination to Dr Vasant’s safe and filing cabinets.
63. Can you help me find things in there? Maybe create a filing system?
64. A married couple who is filing separately is also not covered by the credit.
65. I just wish you had told me about filing reports directly with the Director.
66. While detailed instructions for filing all types of reports are given in the.
67. It cannot survive without fresh waves of slave labor filing its lowest ranks.
68. VICi, what is the height of the man standing next to the filing cabinet?
69. And so class went, with everyone but Tammas filing out as quickly as possible.
70. Taxes on capital gains that need to be paid while filing taxes next year is $76.
71. At this time I contemplated filing a claim with the VA for post traumatic stress.
72. The nomination filing process in an Indian election is a customary show of strength.
73. Preparing and filing your tax return on your own can be stressful and time-consuming.
74. You name it: a stapler, a chair, pens and paperknives, even the heavy filing cabinet.
75. An hour later, after dealing with formalities and filing the flight plan, they took off.
76. Filing for foreclosure is costing him money and so will all the rest of the procedures.
77. At the end of the day, he opened his filing cabinet for the third time and took a drink.
78. All too often, they would still require some adjustment, some filing and shaping to fit.
79. He announced in the 13D filing that he thought the shares were undervalued by the market.
80. Before she finished what was in front of her, others had started filing in, still yawning.
81. This software program will guide you in every step of preparing and filing your tax return.
82. The warden frowned and reached down to the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet beside his desk.
83. We represent Phoebe Fanning, whose divorce we’ll be filing within the next ten minutes.
84. Marcus was filing the suit today, but he’d cautioned that she shouldn’t get her hopes up.
85. He gestured the soldiers back inside, as they were on the point of filing sheepishly from the.
86. Our brains act as filing cabinets and filter out anything that doesn’t fit in the right box.
87. The same philosophy applied again when Modi was filing his nomination from Varanasi on 24 April.
88. The filing itself, either with this solution in hand (known in the trade as a prepack) or not.
89. The line disintegrated, as Omar and the two officers walked away, the men filing back into the.
90. As they were filing out one of the relief party said to one of those coming out, "Who are you?".
91. Is that what this is about? If so, I’m filing a formal grievance with the DG’s office and DS.
92. Filing, making the coffee, getting the manager’s sandwich for his lunch – that sort of thing.
93. Then I turned and looked over at that alcove with the small lamp, the desk, and the filing cabinet.
94. Now under the bright morning April sun, we stood our horses in line to watch the troops filing out.
95. Legally, Natives and other nonwhites were barred from testifying in court, filing suit, or voting.
96. Two more men came in with a dolly and placed the first filing cabinet where Howard-Smythe directed.
97. A conversion is not the same as having your Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissed then filing a Chapter 7.
98. Hundreds of tourists created a continuous line, filing two by two back and forth to the Fox Glacier.
99. The filing was precipitated by an adverse finding by the New Hampshire Supreme Court in a rate case.
100. A tax filing software is a more affordable solution than hiring an accountant to prepare your taxes.
1. Is as a castle filed.
2. They are filed in March.
3. White filed into the room.
4. As they filed through the.
5. The crew members filed out.
6. The visitors also filed out.
7. As the passengers filed out.
8. They all filed in single-file.
9. I filed our call sign as Snoopy.
10. A report always had to be filed.
11. The jury filed into the courtroom.
12. They filed back out and saw more.
13. I haven't filed a story for a week.
14. Frantic, they filed down the stairs.
15. Which is filed completely with lots.
16. We filed into the apartment of a Mrs.
17. The crowd filed in and took their seats.
18. Krypton actually filed a Chapter 11.
19. They filed down the steps robotically.
20. The Chancellor filed the reports in a.
21. The final return will be filed in 2010.
22. No, he would’ve filed an injunction.
23. They filed out into the May evening air.
24. He said, This divorce was filed Monday.
25. The lawsuit had been filed on October 29.
26. The aroma, fresh and sweet filed the air.
27. Next, I hired another trainer and filed.
28. The three men filed out of the courtroom.
29. Lewis stayed behind as the rest filed out.
30. The men filed into his office and sat down.
31. I had filed immediately after leaving KED.
32. The papers were finally resorted and filed.
33. As they filed off the boat they met Venna.
34. One by one, the slaves filed onto the porch.
35. In fact every bit of it is probably filed.
36. I have filed a report with my local police.
37. I filed all the papers and worked with the.
38. This order was filed over six months ago.
39. And, 26 states have filed suits against the.
40. I had filed a false report to law authorities.
41. As you know, a report was filed for the theft.
42. The wife filed for divorce shortly afterwards.
43. The SEC had filed a formal charge against Maud.
44. Meanwhile Form 10-K for 1935, filed with the S.
45. The charges were filed and a trial date was set.
46. The jury filed out and the anxious waiting began.
47. I’ve already filed the suit, he continued.
48. First, the State has not yet filed its response.
49. We filed dutifully into the strange looking room.
50. As the class filed past her and she bent down to.
51. But charges were only filed against thirteen men.
52. Radar’s parents filed a missing persons report.
53. He went in cautiously, and the others filed behind.
54. This represents about half the bankruptcies filed.
55. A lawsuit can be filed either where the defendant.
56. Once they’d all filed through the door, Chalmon.
57. I swear, I have filed complaint after complaint.
58. Thomas filed that piece of information away knowing.
59. They filed silently to the seats of the amphitheater.
60. The assembly filed out of the room without answering.
61. His wife had filed for divorce in 2007, and the world.
62. Miles and Sarah lagged behind as the others filed out.
63. They circled the harbor and filed down the narrow dock.
64. Cronack waited by the door as the orphans filed inside.
65. No, they were filed as soon as they were brought in.
66. Several photographers have filed complaints against Mr.
67. The bell rang to end Astronomy and the class filed out.
68. The end finally came and the guard staff filed out of.
69. Steve was waiting for the official charges to be filed.
70. Silently, they filed from the barn and took their posi-.
71. The cacophony of the music room filed the whole corridor.
72. Similar registration statements must be filed with the S.
73. Jain, as yet, has not filed a formal response to charges.
74. My life is filed with that deep love that you had given me.
75. I mean, I filed the paperwork, but it was Amy’s idea.
76. We filed with a local mortgage company and were present-.
77. She filed her candidature for the election and campaigned.
78. In addition, the bear’s teeth are usually filed down or.
79. They filed in and paid Baba their respects in hushed tones.
80. Arizona has filed a law suit against the Federal government.
81. The women filed in carrying platters of fried venison, and.
82. An action filed in a federal bankruptcy court that allows a.
83. Black, and just filed her nails and stared out of the window.
84. The stock traded at $1, and the company filed for bankruptcy.
85. We mounted up and filed out of the city that was well ablaze.
86. They handed her a microphone and dancers filed onto the stage.
87. The Council members all filed out through a door on the top.
88. February of 2011, Olga filed a third statement with the police.
89. David Maniatis and family filed a 13D on April 14, 1987, on 19.
90. The cooks filled the containers with mush as the line filed by.
91. Maleth nodded and stood as the Council filed out of the council.
92. Endless charges of misbehavior in office were filed against Gov.
93. HOFFMAN STOOD AS COURT was called to order and the jury filed in.
94. My children filed from the room, each one hugging and kissing me.
95. They filed through the room to a hal way with George at the rear.
96. The same number was reported on the 6-K form filed with the SEC.
97. The judges, one by one, took their seats and the jury filed out.
98. Okay Michael, as of yet, there are no charges filed against you.
99. These proceedings will cover the two charges filed against Kyle.
100. First, I reread the domestic complaint she had filed against Jenks.
1. Lord of the Files, n.
2. The Work files came up.
3. She saw a list of files.
4. Send me the files through.
5. He had files about you.
6. We have video files of it.
7. One showed a list of files.
8. Morgan went over the files.
9. They have all our files.
10. There were no files in the U.
11. Files are a mess in the desk.
12. He then reviewed the files.
13. I’ve read all his files.
14. The computer scans the files.
15. There are two types of files:.
16. McNamara returned to his files.
17. That report went in the files.
18. They were the primary files.
19. The files have been kept in Mr.
20. I’ll send over the files now.
21. Back up your files immediately.
22. The contents of official files.
23. There before him were his files.
24. The removal of the police files.
25. Amend the following two files:.
26. He pushed past them to the files.
27. Look at the dates on the files.
28. Zia’s files are full of hatred.
29. His case files are the basis of.
30. I leafed through a few more files.
31. You can keep them for your files.
32. Left the files of the low players.
33. That could mean files on a local.
34. The right side is the remote files.
35. That, and how to edit the files.
36. And amend the following two files:.
37. Your files could’ve been deleted.
38. The files, Gadai said proudly.
39. The files on it had been classified.
40. You have access to the Iotian files.
41. Have you looked at the files?
42. Let’s look at these two files.
43. And amend the following three files:.
44. He kept the files for over six hours.
45. And those files were sent by Erudite.
46. What if the ISI has the files?
47. I need the information for my files.
48. The files we had once taken out from.
49. This was huge, holding maybe 75 files.
50. These files will destroy the Coalition.
51. The agents closed their files to leave.
52. We'll be editing the following files:.
53. Computer to phone to files to computer.
54. There were many video files on the disc.
55. Shopping list – files and marker pen.
56. You've read his personal files, not me.
57. But keyed files can have duplicate keys.
58. You have access to police files?
59. You know what’s in those lawyer files.
60. Those in the foremost files bore torches.
61. He had a copy of the Sariceans’ files.
62. But I did go back through the old files.
63. There were files and notepads on the bed.
64. And by the table was a pile of box files.
65. A little information about language files.
66. It has sense been removed from his files.
67. I need to see the files, Hagan said.
68. Where do they keep patient files?
69. The files in his office were dumped and.
70. Create Backups of Files by Date with Ease.
71. He gazed quickly at the names on the files.
72. She has the skill to get into Elite files.
73. Send her the files and the encryption key.
74. Next, we create the following two files:.
75. The design of the files will have to wait.
76. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Inc.
77. They were broken down into separate files.
78. I had the files from both wedding planners.
79. Most of the old files are just that, files.
80. I understand you have Rickman’s files.
81. There are literally millions of files there.
82. Sig files are the IT in forum posting.
83. You have one week to organize these files.
84. One other person went through the 211 files.
85. She found a list of files with no extensions.
86. Getting those lawyer files before I could.
87. Ingrid answered by passing him two thin files.
88. They picked through hundreds of retired files.
89. The door was open and files had been removed.
90. Judging from his files, it seems clear that J.
91. We build these files into a Web application:.
92. Cadet Winthrop, I have reviewed your files.
93. I went outside and dug through the case files.
94. It was another night of going thru case files.
95. And they’ll have no idea which files he took.
96. The usual pile of files awaited his attention.
97. The files were listed in order alphabetically.
98. We will be creating the following four files:.
99. She scrolled down to the next sequence of files.
100. Through historical files about this war, sir.

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