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    1. It's best to give them a printed list that they can put in our file

    2. watch in a file in the property

    3. He reaches over and pushes the call button for the nurse, begins to make a notation on a file

    4. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    5. "And that old torch made it?" he said, seeming to file the previous discussion under 'later

    6. This act will probably be the most difficult; by getting the rank and file of the

    7. All thru it the crew sat and watched, the men of the council all had their pistols out and kept an especially sharp eye out for whispering among the rank and file

    8. He came out a few minutes later with a file

    9. JOYCE: I understand you were reluctant to file the charges

    10. Another cupboard yields a file of papers tied up with string and topped by a folded piece of paper

    11. Before anything else happened, he went right to his authorization file and bumped his magic authorization and got back his med panel

    12. The file was disguised as toiletry experiments, but was way too big to be what it pretended

    13. What is the OO relationship between an ASPX page and its CS/VB code behind file in ASP

    14. The handler can be a physical file, such as an

    15. asax File: The Route table is created in the application Start event handler, of the

    16. Because the URL does not have to map to a file, you can use URLs that are

    17. Handler - The handler can be a physical file such as an

    18. aspx file or a controller class

    19. His main file server now sat in the living room, together with various and sundry stereo and television appliances

    20. I’m also attaching an intermediate compilation of a fabrication file

    21. ’ He closes his file of papers and settles down to have a chat

    22. 'Well, the only way we can do it is this,' Mr Cutler said and took out a file

    23. Reaching for the earliest file, I get out the photos and show him Bunty as a child, explaining how I see her and how I came to that conclusion

    24. Replacing all the papers in the file, I stack the diaries and move on

    25. Where did I put that copy of the Trust Deed … I dig through the file where I keep important papers, grateful for the practical activity … there it is

    26. We are supposed to file stuff as it comes in but that never happens; the heap is usually on the verge of falling over by the time it is dealt with

    27. ‘That file on the shelf over there is my stuff

    28. His main file server now sat in the living room, together

    29. “Let me see the tags attached to this,” Thom said, pulling up the wrapper file

    30. Bunty’s childhood – built up from research into her family, Philip Stevenson’s conversation and the odds and ends in the file

    31. Not a lot else in this file

    32. A bundle of folded sheets of A4 lined paper turns up in the file for 1994 … I open them out and flatten them

    33. Joseph disconnected, locked his file cabinet, went to the parking lot and got into his car

    34. "Details are on file and you should all study them before going out on patrol

    35. The officers file out of the room, chatting in groups and preparing for another day on the streets

    36. In one thin file with only a single application in it, they found what must have been the right one

    37. " She turns back to the file that she was reading when Alex first approached the desk

    38. “That stopped being an option the moment you laid eyes on the Jesup file

    39. ’ The Inspector commented when presented with the file

    40. Go make friends with Kulai and try to get a chance to read his file before you say anything stupid

    41. I have 441 of the pictures on file, let me see that marble again, I’ll compare it

    42. and opened a file on his desk

    43. Swivel, and that’s why I had my secretary pull your file

    44. “Besides, you saw the Jesup File

    45. They moved along in single file, another twenty feet, and then thirty – There it was the source of the light

    46. file out one by one, like a church procession without the organ

    47. Well access may not be the right descriptor; part of his list of duties included the maintenance and management of the file rooms

    48. Alfred noticed an image file had been forwarded from Elmore

    49. They sat on the file cabinets

    50. Flavio double clicked the file named runways

    1. His death was documented, photographed, and he was filed away in the morgue

    2. Nichols has filed a patent application for a line of equipment that uses a brief exposure to extreme heat and hot water for the control of whitefly, aphids, mealybug, scale and mite infestations

    3. I dreamed the odd dream and filed the plans away, never thinking that there would be

    4. He filed it away as rumored fact and didn't let it thru to his gut

    5. They filed silently to the seats of the amphitheater

    6. As they filed into his parade ground up the grandest colonnade of all, there was music beyond music underneath it all, every patriotic theme there had ever been, somehow fused into one subliminal march

    7. puts his hands over his earth filed ears,

    8. Eventually, armed with the address printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent to the local police station where Kirk and Ruby lived

    9. As we filed past the basilica, a short line of neighbours were waiting with the bishop

    10. She stood stoney-faced, unyielding, holding the door ajar until they gave in and filed outside, reduced to being naughty boys

    11. harassment cases have been filed as the result of a failed work relationship

    12. however if this is not the case, you can look at the many statements that are undoubtedly filed

    13. Terry searched his mind's incomplete catalogue of sporting bubble gum cards, but there didn't seem to be anything filed under the name of Nudger

    14. We filed up the steps, surrounded a large ceremonial table and sat down like citizens of the Senate in early Athens

    15. "I followed her," he said, fighting back tears, "at least a week before she filed

    16. “I’m the one who filed,” she said, looking as puzzled as she could

    17. He was probably mad because her lawyer had filed enough motions to keep his tied up in court for a few days so she could come down here

    18. from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent

    19. The man opened the door in front of them and blew a monumental fanfare and they filed thru

    20. After which they turned and filed out of the palace making quick steps to their respective Holds to prepare their defenses

    21. As they filed off the boat they met Venna

    22. “As it should be,” Althart said, “But look here, you were transferred on K’shitn, but this wasn’t entered to the files til Kyebenwae, does Kulai usually take that long?” he was looking at some of the other crew sheets nearby in the piles he had made, they were all filed in the same week

    23. “No, they were filed as soon as they were brought in

    24. Here are two others filed from other shifts that K’shitn, so I was working that week

    25. In fact every bit of it is probably filed

    26. They filed out into the May evening air

    27. When projects were completed or when held for anticipated funding---'plannae interruptus,' as the condition was internally dubbed, it was Harry who filed the plans and drawings away in the vaults for safe-keeping

    28. Imagine her fiancé filed the visa for her year ago but it was worked out only lately

    29. As they filed through the

    30. As the class filed past her and she bent down to

    31. You filed the papers

    32. Joss was only a few feet away from me when Mary and Kevin filed out of the house

    33. As he left, Martin thanked her and said she would get an accommodation when he filed his report to Security

    34. My children filed from the room, each one hugging and kissing me

    35. I and the rest of the walking wounded filed down the gangplank and there at the bottom were a group of FANNY’S running a canteen and handing us mugs of tea as we filed past

    36. The references to her father and a man called Jack she filed away for a later time, when she felt Rosemary would be better

    37. We filed into a communications trench and began to make our way down it as we walked along it was just about wide enough to accommodate a man with a pack on

    38. As we filed along I looked up and saw that the trench wall was about seven feet high so all you could see was a patch of sky and the mans pack in front of you

    39. I eventually filed for bankruptcy and lived in the house until I decided to surrender it

    40. After I filed for bankruptcy, things started to settle down for a while

    41. filed an accident report

    42. They all filed out of the auditorium, as people would leave after the main feature

    43. “Welcome!” He greeted as the adventurers filed in the cave mouth

    44. The happiness that I carry with me in my heart, locked down and filed in the memories of my childhood

    45. probably a criminal, filed the numbers off

    46. The green light dimmed slightly as he entered and the two men filed in behind him

    47. resolution filed and put away in the city archives

    48. full of gifts on Christmas was solemnly filed, and deposited in the

    49. Again and again was the yell repeated, drowning the loud tones of the band, which were re-echoing beneath the vaulted entrance to the Castle as the troops filed through into the courtyard

    50. I did find several items of interest in some folders you had so very neatly filed away

    1. carrying his clipboard with attached files and documents

    2. Archimedes had never seen a humpback whale die from harpoons before and so added it to his memory files

    3. Tahlmute's certificates and incantations performed correctly this week and they were admitted to the storage facility after quite a lengthy process of looking up records and cross checking thieves files

    4. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    5. As the sequence drew closer around the planet and built up more integrations and matches against data files, a better match on that shuttlecraft was building up

    6. He traced those techs all the way back via their financials, going into level after level of files where he technically wasn't allowed and not giving a damn

    7. some of the documents in the files regarding a dragon that was

    8. He had enough conscious to check the aging files first, they were right in the front

    9. It took him awhile to find, it was minimized in the upper left corner of the room behind a stack of personnel files

    10. such as code-behind and markup files, or one that retains the markup files

    11. Each of these aspx files are essentially Views which will always get called and instantiated first

    12. to specific files in a Web site

    13. Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www

    14. We start going through the papers in the files above David’s desk – David’s desk – oh David

    15. She ran spot verifications of the hardware data layer against some of her private files

    1. filing cabinet in my head

    2. He was not down there with them filing onto the cold stone benches of Susa on a blustery evening, forced to bear silent witness to pronouncements they hardly supported

    3. CARRIE: The fact that she wanted to go through with filing the charges, the medical examination, and the embarrassment that she knew was inevitable as a result of a rape trial

    4. If only they could deal with the stiff by clicking a button and filing its life away in some Interweb repository

    5. I spend most of it getting the filing up to date

    6. ‘But in the meantime, you can finish off the filing

    7. ” He locked the filing cabinet and picked up his coat and briefcase when the phone beeped

    8. At the end of the day, he opened his filing cabinet for the third time and took a drink

    9. Now where are those lists? They should be in that filing tray … What a heap of papers! Ah, bingo! Good old Caroline, in one of her moments of sheer genius, went and marked up all the class lists so that younger siblings are crossed out

    10. I’ve had to explain to one or two people that filing cabinets cannot be moved while they are full of files so everything will have to be emptied and packed – it didn’t go down well, but that’s just tough

    11. And… uh… Filing Cabinets? I give up

    12. “Maybe the answer is in some of these papers,” he said, jumping to a filing cabinet and pulling out various papers

    13. It’s sad in this country but the way the income tax laws are set up if both people work and earn about the same amount of money, they are much better off financially filing separate returns that a joint married return

    14. "I'm filing for divorce after the first of the year

    15. They began filing down and picking up copies of it

    16. After registering the day’s events and filing his report in

    17. People were filing in, the place would be full

    18. Kevin grinned insincerely at Agent Thomas, but when Agent Thomas’ stony expression remained unchanged, he quickly turned to the nearest filing cabinet and carefully placed the box files on top of it

    19. “The thing is Billy Boy that her lungs are failing and in a while she wont be able to breath it’s a bit like consumption her lungs are filing with fluid and she is literally drowning

    20. The warden frowned and reached down to the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet beside his desk

    21. and came into a large open room, totally crammed full of desks, filing cabinets and trash cans which were overflowing with the paperwork that seems to be endlessly generated by

    22. I took it to the box, opened it up, and found a dozen pistols with the numbers removed through what appeared to be filing or rasping

    23. ’ She looked away to see the others filing out

    24. Frank gave Sheena the combination to Dr Vasant’s safe and filing cabinets

    25. The human Mind is ―similar‖ to a filing cabinet whose stored files (or memories) are periodically purged

    26. Legally, Natives and other nonwhites were barred from testifying in court, filing suit, or voting

    27. After all a filing system is worldwide the same

    28. It didn’t take long to discover that my lawyer had never done his job of filing the correct documents

    29. Con smiled, filing away the information for future use

    30. Two more men came in with a dolly and placed the first filing cabinet where Howard-Smythe directed

    31. “Ah, yes,” and he went to the filing cabinet

    32. As Colling was taking in his surroundings, the other soldiers were dismounting and filing quietly around both sides of the building, rifles at the ready

    33. Others were filing into the room

    34. “Actually there is a thick folio of investigative research on him right there in the filing cabinet under the name Michael Henderson

    35. Hundreds of tourists created a continuous line, filing two by two back and forth to the Fox Glacier

    36. She led us into the large dining room where the rest of the family was filing in along with a few guests

    37. We were filing into and around the deserted capital of the latter when word finally came that the Inka were in position a little to our south on the gentle slopes of a snowcapped mountain

    38. Thick planks of paint-stained wood screwed into the tops of short filing cabinets form the tables with battered stools circling around them

    39. with boxes and books, two extra- large filing cabinets and a couple of wilted plants that

    40. He recommended against my filing because in that event, I would

    41. Bergman’s stupidity in not realizing that the statute of limitations for 42 USC 1983 civil rights suit is THREE, not TWO, years caused him to further damage Mike’s defense by antagonizing the prosecution by filing the police brutality suit in STATE, not FEDERAL as agreed, COURT the week before the criminal trial began

    42. She had also told Mike and Jack that she could get her filing and flunky chores performed by a $10/hour temp

    43. A filing in the court indicates the

    44. The Justice Department, in its filing, rejected the union claims

    45. I was given the title Senior Contract Administrator; whereas, she had sought a “rookie” whom she could boss around, Even though I was overworked, leaving each night no sooner that 6pm because of my legal duties and handling of my own half of the contracts, Maria made the humiliation complete by giving me all of her filing and copying to do

    46. Another thankless task was re-doing Maria’s research of all 50 states’ statutes regarding the necessity, or at least advisability, of filing so-called “pre liens” on ALL jobs that EI undertook

    47. He had warned me via phone before my interviews that many of the lab’s Hispanic females were very prone to filing EEO claims versus Anglo male bosses

    48. The successful filing

    49. rooms in doctor’s offices, hanging on filing cabinets at the DMV (I

    50. Authorities, however, considered filing charges against him for fictitious name and concealing true identity under Title four, Chapter two, Section one, Article 178 of the Revised Penal Code

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