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    1. Fly parasites deposit their eggs inside immature fly pupae, the parasitic eggs hatch into larvae which feed on their hosts

    2. This is done by adding the interest earned to the original deposit at the end of the specified period for subsequent calculation of interest

    3. Rate of interest specified for a fixed deposit, say in bank, is the 'nominal rate of return'

    4. doubt that the safety deposit box

    5. There are three accounts – a current account, a deposit account and a savings account … the current account for December 1962 shows weekly payments going in from the same source – but they are all different amounts

    6. oh, you idiot, Sarah, if she is hourly paid the money will vary! The deposit account looks fairly healthy … large amounts going out and scribbled notes indicating various building works …

    7. There's a substantial figure paid to the deposit account monthly too

    8. yes, that's it! So she's receiving six monthly payments which she then transfers to deposit

    9. From George's original deposit of two hundred gold coins in 1864--- converted to US dollars---his twenty years of interest on that initial investment, with a bit taken out now and then, amounted to: $16,700

    10. He has nice bowls with foam cores to keep it warm and good glazing to keep it clean, but an iron deposit to take them off site

    11. The customer would book then and there online and pay a small deposit which

    12. “Wish they had a bank account for kisses, one could deposit them

    13. Digression concerning Banks of Deposit, particularly concerning that of Amsterdam

    14. The bank grants at the same time what is called a recipice or receipt, entitling the person who makes the deposit, or the bearer, to take out the bullion again at any time within six months, upon transferring to the bank a quantity of bank money equal to that for which credit had been given in its books when the deposit was made, and upon paying one-fourth per cent

    15. for the keeping, if the deposit was in silver ; and one-half per cent

    16. if it was in gold; but at the same time declaring, that in default of such payment, and upon the expiration of this term, the deposit should belong to the bank, at the price at which it had been received, or for which credit had been given in the transfer books

    17. What is thus paid for the keeping of the deposit may be considered as a sort of warehouse rent; and why this warehouse rent should be so much dearer for gold than for silver, several different reasons have been assigned

    18. It must comprehend the whole original capital of the bank, which, it is generally supposed, has been allowed to remain there from the time it was first deposited, nobody caring either to renew his receipt, or to take out his deposit, as, for the reasons already assigned, neither the one nor the other could be done without loss

    19. of the value of the deposit for which their respective receipts had been granted

    20. bonds and stock certificates in that safety deposit box

    21. door and dumped it, ignoring the pound deposit

    22. Doc had treated him in the early stages, but Jack was feeling guilty about not paying his own share and eventually he had to do what was best for his little deposit account and his head

    23. “I was mid-way through a conversation with Mr Abbott – planning to cut it off soon, say I had changed my mind, deposit my bomb and leave

    24. He will convince you that you are innocent and the whole story only a small misunderstanding which he can sorted out over a period of five years and using all the money you can lay your hands on! But sure to pay the large deposit because he might lose the case and if you are in jail you might not be able to pay him

    25. He instructed me to take all the cash money for the little jobs like five, ten, or twenty dollars that were paid for without writing a ticket and to keep that in one envelope and not let his wife Paula deposit it on Fridays when she came by to take care of the banking

    26. She came by the first Friday and as she was making up the bank deposit she saw the envelope with about two hundred or so dollars in it

    27. The volume of currency in circulation, understood as ―money supply,‖ whether in paper dollars in the hands of the consumer or investor or held on deposit by financial institutions or the currency reserves of Federal Reserve Banks or the United States Treasury are indicators that will either stimulate or deflate investor confidence and subsequent consumer spending

    28. “This slab here is full of what they call pteropoda, that’s the Aronka shale deposit

    29. The remainder of the cash was to be delivered to a certain San José banker for deposit in a blind account from which the Colombians would be paid

    30. He was told a deposit would be made in the account following each successful delivery

    31. Her frequent trips to Boston for the purpose of personally carrying cash to Costa Rica where she could deposit it as La Hacienda profit were creating too regular of a pattern that was bound to attract attention eventually

    32. She had often boasted of the interest their money earned via certificates of deposit, yet the bank officer could find no record of any certificates in their names

    33. I checked at the bank to see if those numbers were safety deposit box numbers and the manager stated that in no way could they be

    34. Smith-Hughes didn't have any deposit box keys in her bag

    35. His bank said that they would accept the checks for deposit, but as they were not certified, refused to acknowledge them as payment of the sixty thousand needed to halt foreclosure and without payment in full, that action would be taken the following day

    36. Brian could help an old friend immensely in his time of need and earn a two percent commission, a full twelve thousand dollars, if he would deposit the checks into his account and give George the cash when they cleared

    37. He could deposit the funds in his soldier’s funds with the Finance office, but that would raise questions about how a corporal making $60 a month had accumulated thousands of dollars, especially since he had not been drawing full pay, but had left better than half his pay on deposit in his soldier’s account since joining the Battalion

    38. As the door was pushed open, he looked around and saw safety deposit boxes as well as rows of gold bullion

    39. I placed the deposit in the window as instructed, but waited until I heard the other side open and I reopened my side and said, "Peek-a-boo

    40. condo without a deposit

    41. Every process of Bank3Sector occurs in a decentralized way, without the generation of the multiplier effect of the deposit money, without causing XUSING Project: Beta Version in English - 2005

    42. The agreed organization presents its social project to Bank3Sector with the total volume of collected and approved resources, as well as the quantity of beneficiary people to be attended after the sponsor to confirm the deposit in cash

    43. a) It is directly the deposit in money, checks or transfers in the Current Account “Social” of Bank3Sector that is linked the sponsor or social investor

    44. Every deposited amount in Bank3Sector will be transformed in public certificate or certificate of bank deposit without nominal endorsement, in other words, in guaranteed certificates for the Central Bank of the country in that the Project is implanted

    45. See to follow the example of budget of Country Haiti to exhibit how the deposit of the investment in the XUSING Project occurs with intention of solving the socioeconomic problem of that country in a definitive way:

    46. The contribution has to be done in the bank deposit form and it can be parceled out, so that it facilitates the participation of any citizen

    47. After the deposit, make your cadaster with brief curriculum in our Portal in Internet

    48. Deposit the value of the campaign in any existent Bank3Sector in the world with identified deposit with vinculum to the country that desires to help

    49. In case the deposit volume is low, that is evidence that the people are without information about this fantastic and cheap solution

    50. Bank3Sector through deposit in money in the Current

    1. All for a cargo deposited in a warehouse a year or two away

    2. Once again I moved through a shadow world of stairs and blind corridors before being deposited, still blindfolded and ignorant, on another mattress roll, this one, like the others, a dirty cream colour

    3. True to her husband’s word, a man arrived on the doorstep early the next morning and deposited a number of cardboard boxes in the hallway

    4. With the second dog safely deposited in front of the cash machine the soldier waddled into the third and final room

    5. scruffs of their necks and deposited them on the pavement outside

    6. He lifted his hand and then - slap! slap! He deposited two of them on my

    7. the next morning and deposited a number of cardboard boxes in the

    8. With the second dog safely deposited in front of the cash

    9. deposited on the driveway

    10. So he knew without his father telling him that they had deposited approximately, $5,500 from the store into the Tahoe City Bank, and $14,000 from the Lodges over the last nine years into an account at Sutro & Co

    11. was just deposited that month, bringing that account, with a modest interest rate also compounded, to roughly $13,000

    12. The few residents of the nearby floors all have copper deposited with him so they just mark a sheet and bring back the empties once in awhile

    13. He puts the feeling down to the river of bile that he has deposited in the gutter

    14. The coach deposited them at the gates of the great gothic enclave

    15. Private bankers in London give no interest for the money which is deposited with them

    16. While he spoke, a pile of steaming meat surrounded in vegetables was deposited on their table

    17. There had been a stream thru here at one time because there were small sandbars deposited behind the bases of the machines

    18. It looked like it was deposited as stalagmite, a creamy-translucent smooth marble

    19. Another elf entered the room: a cautious, white eye on the hallway behind her and a caring eye on the Magi and elves, assuring they were all safely deposited into the room

    20. deposited the money abroad, and on the other

    21. ” I deposited a chaste kiss on her lips

    22. In consequence of those different advantages, it seems from the beginning to have borne an agio; and it is generally believed that all the money originally deposited in the bank, was allowed to remain there, nobody caring to demand payment of a debt which he could sell for a premium in the market

    23. It must comprehend the whole original capital of the bank, which, it is generally supposed, has been allowed to remain there from the time it was first deposited, nobody caring either to renew his receipt, or to take out his deposit, as, for the reasons already assigned, neither the one nor the other could be done without loss

    24. The bank of Amsterdam professes to lend out no part of what is deposited with it, but for every guilder for which it gives credit in its books, to keep in its repositories the value of a guilder either in money or bullion

    25. She hurriedly deposited the wood on the growing pile and brushed her hands together to remove dirt

    26. They did not consider that the value of those metals has, in all ages and nations, arisen chiefly from their scarcity, and that their scarcity has arisen from the very small quantities of them which nature has anywhere deposited in one place, from the hard and intractable substances with which she has almost everywhere surrounded those small quantities, and consequently from the labour and expense which are everywhere necessary in order to penetrate, and get at them

    27. Danny obediently fucked the evil out of himself again and this time deposited it in her cunt

    28. It ran down to her neck, dripping down over her titties to mingle with the other come he had already deposited there

    29. I deposited all the money

    30. To defend them from the barbarous natives, it is necessary that the place where they are deposited should be in some measure fortified

    31. even a bone, fell from the cone and was deposited near us

    32. There were people, a frightened screaming boy being taken from a dormitory by a cyborg similar in appearance to himself, then deposited in something akin to an operating theatre

    33. The magistrates of the powerful canton of Berne, in particular, have accumulated, out of the savings from this fund, a very large sum, supposed to amount to several millions; part or which is deposited in a public treasure, and part is placed at interest in what are called the public funds of the different indebted nations of Europe; chiefly in those of France and Great Britain

    34. While the water was released (through the cracks and the sides of the rocks eroded away by the friction and resulting in sediment that was deposited onto the surface of the Earth) the floating landmasses that were still cushioned by water, would start to move away from each other

    35. While this was going on some of the less agile, soberer!, lads deposited his clothes in a litter bin down the street

    36. If a union with the colonies were to take place, those commodities might be taxed, either before they go out of the hands of the manufacturer or grower ; or, if this mode of taxation did not suit the circumstances of those persons, they might be deposited in public warehouses, both at the place of manufacture, and at all the different ports of the empire, to which they might afterwards be transported, to remain there, under the joint custody of the owner and the revenue officer, till such time as they should be delivered out, either to the consumer, to the merchant-retailer for home consumption, or to the merchant-exporter; the tax not to be advanced till such delivery

    37. deposited in various parts of her hold and on the deck

    38. the receipts at the close of business, took them to his house, then deposited them the next day after the bank opened

    39. The seized spoil was deposited in a heap outside Headquarters, and soon formed a large pile, a great portion of the articles being of the most common-place description

    40. Soon all thirteen were deposited in the scrubland near Illeander and they started their chanting to increase their cumulative powers

    41. full of gifts on Christmas was solemnly filed, and deposited in the

    42. I wadded the torn sheets into a ball and deposited them in the trashcan behind Roy’s

    43. When I received the forty six thousand dollars for her mobile home I deposited it into her account so now I could keep her in the facility for thirty six months

    44. We were told that our last paychecks would be collected and deposited

    45. Money needed to be deposited into La Hacienda’s account and she had an appointment for a facial and manicure

    46. �Another strange thing Steve, is that Laura received a $25,000 check from her husband each month which she deposited into her servings account

    47. called it a day, I deposited the prize-winning rope in the barn

    48. All he had deposited, or exchanged, were electrons

    49. She waved, smiled brightly, picked up the packages he had deposited there, and went in again

    50. By the following morning, he was in Karlsruhe, and that afternoon, the train deposited him at the Grabensheim Bahnhof, where he caught a ride in a Quartermaster deuce-and-a-half to Camp 146

    1. We talked about the property David had left, discussing the different options open to us, suggesting that it might be best to keep the house for the time being, depositing anything precious in storage and, putting it in the hands of a reliable agent, letting it out until such time as Abi was of age

    2. His throat burns and he gags uncontrollably, depositing bile and half digested coffee over the sill and the tarmac

    3. briefly, depositing a thin layer of sand over the blood-soaked bodies

    4. He swung her from his back, depositing her upon a boulder at the side of the road

    5. After depositing some of her gear and spiced wine in her pleasingly spacious room, she darted back down the stairs, almost running into a lingering Sorex on the way

    6. The Breton watched for a few moments after depositing the wood for the pile

    7. A face within it smiled and then the jet shot off depositing its wares at various points

    8. When Sara and the kids ventured out to check on the kittens, they saw momma cat depositing them one by one out in the front driveway in the rain

    9. They would have an interview for a volunteer position but would decline the offer and leave, depositing the bag somewhere out of sight

    10. ” Our cavalry carried sabres; the Spaniards presented arms, and then marched in column, depositing their rifles in a heap

    11. Brian agreed to help George out of this bind by depositing the checks in his own account

    12. It would most likely have carried large amounts of silt and other debris, depositing it upon the flooded lower reaches of the twin rivers, but washing much of it into the gulf where it would have extended the delta lands ever farther from its ancient beginnings somewhere just south east of Ur, in the land of Sumer (Babylonia, Akkad of old)

    13. This seems to be the opposite of the entropy that governs all inorganic organization where concentrations of energy move toward an even distribution, whereas life seems to be a collector of energy, depositing and holding it within the various organic structures that make up the many forms of life

    14. Any State may, at the time of signature or when depositing its instrument of

    15. “There,” said Ma, depositing a heap of roughly chopped vegetables on top of Bryony

    16. and having some second thoughts about her depositing it in an

    17. a generous amount before depositing the rest

    18. -I know it, an angel name really! – He said depositing a tenuous kiss on my hand

    19. After depositing the bag of rubbish in the bin provided, they stood silently among the trees a few metres from the path as five young men in motorcycle leathers stumbled noisily past

    20. Then dragging Steve away from his local clergyman as politely as possible and depositing him in the passenger seat of the car, Chris jumped into the drivers seat and slid the stick into first gear and headed off for one of the best afternoons he could ever remember

    21. depositing her on the floor in front of the ‘panic’ room

    22. After taking Tanswell around the house it became apparent that the $600 dollars he had on him was far from his nest egg and to our shock he produced a bank statement showing he was depositing a heap of cash into an account, the same account as his dole payments!

    23. It was busy with people coming and going, opening lockers and taking out or depositing whatever items they wanted to store

    24. it’s not your depositing of a large quantity of money that the

    25. After about twenty minutes of hard work, the graves were declared ready and the group gently picked up first the remains of Kiri and of her baby daughter Rana, depositing them at the bottom of one grave

    26. � The trip was short, less than a minute in fact, with the limousine depositing its passengers in front of the main entrance of the annex

    27. ‘’Pierre d’Orléans and his wife were once seen at the bank in Saint-François, depositing a collection of old, rusty chests

    28. Depositing a number of coins into one of the very few pay phones still in existence within the Burlington city limits, Phillip waited for his company's operator to answer

    29. He stepped inside, holding the umbrella out the door and shaking the water off before pulling it closed and depositing it in a black and gold ceramic umbrella holder

    30. ” For a moment, he realized how easy subjects could enter, take their books, and exit without depositing any credits if she was this deaf

    31. In sharing in the creation of the environment of choices that are being constructed around them, one is invited to the table of social and personal consequence: the creation, depositing, and following of the collectively constructed Great Attractor

    32. ” After bloating ourselves with the gifts of Eartheart, we force her to eat our sins of greed and gluttony by depositing within her womb a poisoned pill of formaldehyde carcasses and arsenic caskets to contaminate and sterilize all that it decays into

    33. The only corporate communal love are those social institutions that have been created by individuals not only loving, but also depositing Universal Love as the ultimate attractor of culture, society, and the individual

    34. several banks, eventually depositing into a private foundation that no one

    35. depositing gains in a special savings account

    36. What I would do is open a business checking account depositing $5,000, and apply for

    37. Then open a business bank account depositing money into

    38. grasped Tony at his shoulders lifting him up to the stage and depositing

    39. Depositing her none too gently on the unmade bed, he shucked off his boxers and joined her, pressing his body against the length of hers

    40. “You know what to do then?”he asked, depositing a can of starter fluid in Smitty’s bag

    41. A calf that blew fire! She twisted and aimed her lighter for his head, but her captor only chuckled, grabbed the powder horn and tossed it to the ground before depositing her in the back of a hay-filled wagon

    42. Moulin, with the help of another man, stepped forward with a heavy chest, depositing it with some difficulty onto the table

    43. The authoring, gathering, and depositing of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    44. probably tends to "settle out" or to form a "bulge," depositing part of the fat in the artery

    45. I charmed the old lady by depositing a sum of money with her to provide for the three children of Katerina Ivanovna and subscribing to the institution as well

    46. The aria's meaning, the ears, the soul, swiftly depositing,

    47. Between now and December 15, please plan on remaining on the job, finishing first-term work, collecting and depositing Presidential papers, and making plans for next term

    48. Bertuccio, according to the command which had been given him, had two hours before left for Auteuil, when a cab stopped at the door, and after depositing its occupant at the gate, immediately hurried away, as if ashamed of its employment

    49. It was under strong inward pressure of this kind that Fred had taken the wise step of depositing the eighty pounds with his mother

    50. ’Twas remarkable to me that a Man who lov’d Piss and Shit as Whitehead did, should account the Negro Slaves “bestial” for what he term’d “the filthy Habit of depositing their natural Excretions where they sleep

    1. After 150 millions years of this, we now have rich deposits of this substance

    2. Also present are the salt deposits of the various fertilizers, etc

    3. b) Compound interest on deposits, where interest is earned on the interest over the principal, calculated at quarterly, half-yearly or yearly period

    4. Fixed deposits are the commonest form of investment

    5. This basically means that if your portfolios are tied up too much into banks fixed deposits and bonds, your buying power may fade away over the years

    6. Is there a savings account? My wife has been making deposits every month for the last three years

    7. "Your wife did make some deposits about three years ago

    8. The following exercise will help those who suffer from calcium deposits at the shoulder joints

    9. This is an indication that the linings of the joints in your neck are inadequately lubricated and that there is an accumulation of calcium deposits there

    10. I see there’s a meeting for parents on Thursday evening when names and deposits are required

    11. At the end of the meeting, I hand in the forms together with my cheque for the two deposits, dragging my enthusiastic pair off home again

    12. Letters of intent, with deposits, from across the three state area and beyond arrived in short order

    13. My concern is how can you have made deposits in the amounts you did over the last ten years, when a cane rod sells for $12, even with your considerable volumes?” Harry posed, once his own clear grasp of his family's finances had been made certain to his benefactor

    14. Phosphorescent green tendrils of limewort held pitted, half-crumbled blocks and left veiny deposits of new rock on the old

    15. It is known to have vast mineral deposits, particularly iron ore

    16. Those deposits of coin, or those deposits which the bank was bound to restore in coin, constituted the original capital of the bank, or the whole value of what was represented by what is called bank money

    17. In order to facilitate the trade in bullion, the bank has been for these many years in the practice of giving credit in its books, upon deposits of gold and silver bullion

    18. Silver, besides, being the standard metal, the state, it has been said, wishes to encourage more the making of deposits of silver than those of gold

    19. Deposits of bullion are most commonly made when the price is somewhat lower than ordinary, and they are taken out again when it happens to rise

    20. The bank price, or the credit which the bank gives for the deposits of such silver (when made in foreign coin, of which the fineness is well known and

    21. The far greater part of the bank money, or of the credits upon the books of the bank, is supposed to have been created, for these many years past, by such deposits, which the dealers in bullion are continually both making and withdrawing

    22. demand half the bank money for which credit had been given upon the deposits that the receipts had respectively been granted for

    23. That causes an enlargement of the breasts along with an increase in fatty deposits

    24. The gofer and his pal left with Kenny’s gun collection and his bank deposits

    25. It is said that so prolific are they, that a single female deposits as many as fifteen thousand eggs in twenty-four hours

    26. The reason being that your money is not really kept in a safe somewhere and given back to you on your request called a withdrawal or transfer of funds in real life! In simple terms it is mixed with the rest of the tens of thousands deposits and loaned out to whoever or invested wherever

    27. At one stage the Banker William T Sherman had to pay his deposits out because another Bank failed and a general rush of withdrawals took place

    28. Early the next day, we traveled north along the shore of the lake where we observed several shining-white-salt deposits on the surrounding fields, dropped by the salty-water-laden winds after the liquid evaporated

    29. If he were right in his synthesis of these indicators, there was a huge crater, mostly underwater, and largely buried under massive silt deposits, off Yucatan that was well within the radius he needed for confirmation of his theory

    30. The monetary volume of this accumulated resource will reach trillion dollars in few years, without considering the receipt of money, goods and services in the spontaneous deposits form of collaborators or individual grantmakers of organizations of other sectors and of altruistic people that believe in the efficiency of our proposal to participate in some way of the XUSING Project

    31. The system deposits the value of the payment transaction in the supplier’s account and it debits equal value in the Current Account “Personal” of the agreed organization that acquires the product or service according to its Usuarist Project

    32. Brazil stays free from the foreign debt with its high burdens in a flash and it is liberated of the financial prison when it deposits the foreseen value of its budget for the XUSING Project in physical coins ($ Real) as donation in the Current Account “Social” of Bank3Sector of Brazil

    33. The solution of the payment of the national debt: With the implantation of the Computational Monetary System, the Virtual Central Bank substitutes all the national debt securities for Virtual Coin and it deposits its nominal values in Current Account “Personal” of its title-holders in a linked way, without there is issue of physical money to cover those securities in the Virtual Bank of the country

    34. The deposits of the physical coins and

    35. dedicated to the removal of one trillion dollars of coal deposits from their economy

    36. Just between us, there were substantial weekly deposits made into her savings, but no one said she had a job

    37. Remember that rise in Katherine Moore’s savings account? Well, most of them were cash deposits except for one check, a check made out by Silver Rocket Enterprises which has various legitimate websites attached to it for adult entertainment

    38. proclamation, and replying to the effect that it was extremely unfair that those who had committed deposits to the sacred treasury

    39. one third of them, and deposits accepted at

    40. An Old Couple Is On A Walk, When A Pigeon Flies By And deposits a little Poop On The Woman's Head

    41. What contributes to that pleasing scenic condition is the fact that, under a volcanic layer, rest numerous and abundant deposits of water

    42. Not only were they very slow about kicking in their one-fifth shares, but they left me to deal with the final bills and maybe getting back our security deposits because I had taken a job with Motorola in the NW ‘burbs and would stay on the Southside until Fall when I moved to Forest Park

    43. The security deposits came nowhere close to equaling the summer months’ utility bills, by the way

    44. The Federal Bureau of Land Management has just released its inventory of oil and natural gas deposits on federal land

    45. Has he never heard of Anwar, of shale deposits, and does he deny the existence of off shore oil? Or is he not very smart?

    46. Other than members salaries, it took no deposits

    47. Bank deposits for the day were included, as were disbursements

    48. 7 And the nation indignant at this proclamation and replying to the effect that it was extremely unfair that those who had committed deposits to the sacred treasury should be deprived of them resisted as well as they could

    49. more deposits to Exbrus until further notice

    50. The Third Positionists’ rendition of the history of banking is interesting in that they hold that goldsmiths began charging a fee for storing precious stones and metal but then used the deposits for making loans to other people and also charging interest

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