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    1. I gather that the interrogation is scheduled to recommence just after nine

    2. I gather that he often uses the van from the garage when the drama group needs stuff transported

    3. ‘I gather that the Inspector is concerned about the fact I was framed as the likely murderer and thinks that … that someone hates me sufficiently to … to take things further

    4. ‘I’ve just had a conversation with Stephen Merrett … gather you are having problems with your tenants

    5. ‘It all ended with him storming off slamming the door, I gather

    6. A bunch of chattering students gather around him

    7. There’s no damage to the house though I gather that the front door is a bit of a mess

    8. ‘I gather you had a good time last night

    9. I gather that there has been an accident of some sort

    10. I gather there was some idiot of a white van driver pulling in and out of the traffic, Liz had to brake when the van pulled in front of her

    1. All Jorma gathered from that was that a waterpark used a steam-driven industrial irrigation pump

    2. It would infect people in different ways: some formed boils under their armpits, some on their genitalia, and then some had pneumonic plague which gathered in the lungs

    3. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together

    4. It seemed that every man, woman and child had gathered around the half-finished statue

    5. So, with his one good arm, Onidas gathered up a bolt and loaded it, frantically cranking the winch to add tension to the drawstring

    6. Because her sister could be involved, she gathered that he feared something from YingolNeerie

    7. Each time the Universe completed one rotation around the star, all the gods gathered at that point

    8. All of the creatures of Eden gathered to Him

    9. Then God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered to-

    10. ors gathered together, and they saw these men on whose bodies the

    1. of the matter is that, the reason we are all gathering in

    2. Gathering of poets on the occasion of Holi and other family ceremonies are common

    3. Ava didn't know if that was possible, but Herndon was already gathering his things

    4. Glancing at the clock, I swallow the acrid liquid which is gathering in my mouth … concentrate, Liz …

    5. There was a hall that passed a couple small offices on the way to her gathering room

    6. "Sure, I'm alive all right but what's this about, where is everyone? Was that date right? 2423?" Ava's gathering room was empty, but that was not unusual in and of itself unless she was having a party, then there would be a table of food set up in the middle of it

    7. As Angels, they do not need to physically don a helmet, they could use the same interface from the lab/office next to her gathering room, or from right here on the verandah if they wanted

    8. While he was off duty, as opposed to live when he has to be there for active support of an important gathering, he can look at schematics

    9. Menachem remembered Ben from the odd ex-pat gathering

    10. It lead to a tower in a large town, another relay or gathering point

    1. In His own land, there is a multitude that gathers and He feeds them

    2. that gathers itself up and steers the tethered land towards dusk

    3. God shall set up a banner for the nations when He gathers them from the ends of the earth (Isaiah 11:12)

    4. I wait while she gathers herself,

    5. The bird gathers itself, spreads its wings and takes off

    6. I go over to the hedge while Alastair gathers up his music and locks the car

    7. Socks and shoes, an overcoat grabbed from the hall, car keys retrieved from the living room, these are the components of ordinary life that he gathers unto him as he walks back into the nightmare

    8. He sniffs, wipes a tear from his cheek and takes a sip, rolling the warm glow of the fireside around on his tongue as Alex gathers up the books and his hand gun and heads back to the kitchen

    9. As soon as he gathers his wits he starts to jog towards the gate and the parked Lexus

    10. Major Danby comes back over and gathers us round him saying

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    gather gathering gain accumulate amass conglomerate cumulate pile up pucker tuck collect garner pull together assemble foregather forgather meet get together aggregate bring together draw together fold plait contraction infer assume deduce learn understand hoard glean reap pluck crop cull select pick grow thicken condense