impression frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con impression (in inglese)

  1. I got the impression Mr.
  2. He had made an impression.
  3. My impression was that the.
  4. I had the impression that.
  5. Let it make an impression on.

  6. But an artistic impression, i.
  7. Yeah, I got that impression.
  8. You can convey this impression.
  9. I was under the impression.
  10. It made no impression upon her.
  11. The wizard got the impression.
  12. The impression has ever since.
  13. This is about first impression.
  14. It was more than an impression.
  15. Somehow I got that impression.

  16. He gave me the impression of a.
  17. Her overall impression of life.
  18. What gave him that impression?
  19. Corey was under the impression.
  20. I drew by impression out of the.
  21. There is always a bias impression.
  22. I had the impression to be under.
  23. Jack had the impression that the.
  24. Tom got the impression that this.
  25. There's his impression deep enough.

  26. It was not a good first impression.
  27. That impression had been favorable.
  28. His first impression was confirmed.
  29. Convey the impression of advancement.
  30. He made a sinister impression on me.
  31. He had the impression that for the.
  32. The only first impression you would.
  33. It wil affect what impression their.
  34. He had the impression that such was.
  35. Yet it made a great impression on me.
  36. They take the impression of the whole.
  37. What gave you that impression?
  38. He wanted to give off the impression.
  39. At least that was my first impression.
  40. If I gave you the impression that….
  41. My impression of the lad was that he.
  42. Persuasion in the form of impression.
  43. This impression is false and dangerous.
  44. That was the 1st impression he gave me.
  45. It was a foolish impression, I suppose.
  46. The impression he produced was poignant.
  47. I heard a sound and had the impression.
  48. One impression pursued her relentlessly.
  49. The general impression was in his favour.
  50. It was my impression that theirs was a.
  51. Holmes! I took an impression of his key.
  52. That seemed to be the general impression.
  53. What will your first impression be about.
  54. He always gave the impression that they.
  55. She figured he’d gotten the impression.
  56. Smile has a positive impression on others.
  57. The first impression on seeing Will was.
  58. The rest of him completed this impression.
  59. He was badly mistaken in this impression.
  60. Yeah, I think I got that impression too.
  61. Now he had the impression that she could.
  62. Lindy – suggesting that the impression.
  63. Randolph) has stated to be his impression.
  64. This statement made a deep impression on.
  65. I was under the impression that they were.
  66. Brendan had the impression he was dismissed.
  67. That was the word, wasn’t it? Impression.
  68. His arms and legs gave the same impression.
  69. What was your first impression of him?
  70. His beard gave the impression of a wild man.
  71. Petersburg gave me a most joyous impression.
  72. My first impression was the scent of flowers.
  73. Dave got the impression that Tim must have.
  74. You have made an impression on the village.
  75. He had created the false impression that Mr.
  76. She said it was her impression of Zhlindu.
  77. It gave the impression of a dragon’s head.
  78. Nevertheless this impression is partly false.
  79. Ronald had the odd impression that someone.
  80. My handiwork has made an impression at last.
  81. My Impression On Above Chapter: „The Key.
  82. But here he has left a misleading impression.
  83. His first impression is the opposite of mine.
  84. I found out later that was his Wop impression.
  85. These facts made an impression in his favour.
  86. Smile creates a good impression on the other.
  87. I got the impression that the present was me.
  88. He’s under the impression that we are all.
  89. He got the impression they were watching him.
  90. This gives a negative impression to visitors.
  91. My first impression was … what a shit hole.
  92. At least that was Laura’s first impression.
  93. The first impression certainly was captivating.
  94. Many people have the impression that the term.
  95. The impression was of someone traveling light.
  96. Somehow, I was under the impression that they.
  97. That was a good Tarzan impression, I said.
  98. It would seem that you made and impression.
  99. The settlement here gives me a good impression.
  100. The first impression was one of utter stillness.

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