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    1. com, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    2. My original view [since revised!] was that “if you can’t give it away you might as well give up!” I also wanted to distribute copies to gain feedback as family and friends are not always the best critics

    3. net, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    4. connections to distribute it and

    5. Grants that put Federal money in the hands of States, cities, or counties for them to distribute to charities and other social service providers, usually under their own rules and regulations (also known as 'formula' or 'block' grants)

    6. And then distribute the books to others

    7. He will distribute

    1. This book was distributed courtesy of:

    2. Ants take bait back to colony where it is distributed through out colony and kills entire colony within 3 months

    3. The balance has to be distributed in accordance with the law

    4. Of which, we have distributed 18,000 to

    5. This is because they have a great deal of oxygen in the water that is evenly distributed from the top to the bottom

    6. 'But talent is not distributed only among the rich

    7. “We are distributed,” Rene said

    8. bread and cheese was distributed to each of the

    9. Miss Bunker distributed the packets, gave explicit instructions for each section to be completed, and was explicit in cautioning them against evincing any suspicion or hint of 'cheating

    10. It was distributed to the cellular level

    1. We pay extra to have our post delivered early and Bill invariably opens the post and distributes the contents

    2. 17 How often is the candle of the wicked put out! And how often comes their destruction on them! God distributes sorrows in his

    3. distributes digital press releases for you

    4. book in a warehouse, distributes the book to the book retailer, collects the

    5. distributes the new report at the start of convention today,

    6. and the expected rate will be how a company retains earnings and distributes dividends

    7. Ticket distribution in the Congress is a complex exercise aimed at faction management—the party distributes the tickets to various groups based on a traditional patron–client system

    8. Loseling Monastery distributes a prepared form, saying that anyone

    9. He calls and distributes, controls and guides, inspires and strengthens

    10. The properties of this "box" does not change over time and do not depend on how the substance distributes and redistributes in it "(The Dictionary of the young physicist, "Space")

    1. We are nearly half an hour late getting into the office and Bill is distributing the post by the time I eventually get to my desk

    2. Today he wasn’t seeking information so much as distributing it, because he thought he had stumbled across something significant enough that other minds should know about it

    3. Though they both had found a way to make a lucrative living by raiding the chopa dealers' hideouts, despite Alec's efforts to dissuade her, the elf woman insisted on distributing her share to Shattered Rock's impoverished

    4. The circulating capital consists, in this manner, of the provisions, materials, and finished work of all kinds that are in the hands of their respective dealers, and of the money that is necessary for circulating and distributing them to those who are finally to use or to consume them

    5. where m – degree of homogeneity of material, taking into account the character of defects distributing; A – constant value

    6. It was only by distributing among the particular members of parliament a great part either of the offices, or of the disposal of the offices arising from this civil and military establishment, that such a system of management could be established, even with regard to the parliament of England

    7. A more equal land tax, a more equal tax upon the rent of houses, and such alterations in the present system of customs and excise as those which have been mentioned in the foregoing chapter, might, perhaps, without increasing the burden of the greater part of the people, but only distributing the weight of it more equally upon the whole, produce a considerable augmentation of revenue

    8. They will begin distributing it at dawn if I do not return and countermand the order

    9. …joined together for purposes of price-fixing, unlawful trade practices and restraint of trade…acquiring an unfair (―competitive‖) advantage over its market rivals…resulting in artificially higher prices than the consumer could (otherwise) afford to pay for (certain) products and services…not so a highly successful company that has carefully positioned itself in the open market…(properly) planning, researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing its products and services at a lower cost than its competitors while passing the savings along to its customers…these companies, having legally complied with existing laws and regulations, should not be penalized for their achievements…coerced into sharing their formulae for success with their (underachieving) competitors as the courts oftentimes mandate…

    10. We crossed the water that was falling loud, bombastic and heavy from a 320 feet steep cliff, distributing infinity of almost unbearable blows to our soaked bodies

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    broadcast circularise circularize circulate diffuse disperse disseminate distribute pass around propagate spread stagger pass on give out hand out pass out administer allot deal deal out dish out dispense dole out lot mete out parcel out shell out publish sow sprinkle seed share disburse parcel apportion part group portion categorise categorize file classify dispose