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    1. com, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    2. My original view [since revised!] was that “if you can’t give it away you might as well give up!” I also wanted to distribute copies to gain feedback as family and friends are not always the best critics

    3. net, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    4. connections to distribute it and

    5. Grants that put Federal money in the hands of States, cities, or counties for them to distribute to charities and other social service providers, usually under their own rules and regulations (also known as 'formula' or 'block' grants)

    6. And then distribute the books to others

    7. He will distribute

    1. This book was distributed courtesy of:

    2. Ants take bait back to colony where it is distributed through out colony and kills entire colony within 3 months

    3. The balance has to be distributed in accordance with the law

    4. Of which, we have distributed 18,000 to

    5. This is because they have a great deal of oxygen in the water that is evenly distributed from the top to the bottom

    6. 'But talent is not distributed only among the rich

    7. “We are distributed,” Rene said

    8. bread and cheese was distributed to each of the

    9. Miss Bunker distributed the packets, gave explicit instructions for each section to be completed, and was explicit in cautioning them against evincing any suspicion or hint of 'cheating

    10. It was distributed to the cellular level

    1. We pay extra to have our post delivered early and Bill invariably opens the post and distributes the contents

    2. 17 How often is the candle of the wicked put out! And how often comes their destruction on them! God distributes sorrows in his

    3. distributes digital press releases for you

    4. book in a warehouse, distributes the book to the book retailer, collects the

    5. distributes the new report at the start of convention today,

    6. and the expected rate will be how a company retains earnings and distributes dividends

    7. Ticket distribution in the Congress is a complex exercise aimed at faction management—the party distributes the tickets to various groups based on a traditional patron–client system

    8. Loseling Monastery distributes a prepared form, saying that anyone

    9. He calls and distributes, controls and guides, inspires and strengthens

    10. The properties of this "box" does not change over time and do not depend on how the substance distributes and redistributes in it "(The Dictionary of the young physicist, "Space")

    11. On the other hand, the second applicant distributes his contact information to some people that he met in the company

    12. The poor gentleman has no way of showing that he is a gentleman but by virtue, by being affable, well-bred, courteous, gentle-mannered, and kindly, not haughty, arrogant, or censorious, but above all by being charitable; for by two maravedis given with a cheerful heart to the poor, he will show himself as generous as he who distributes alms with bell-ringing, and no one that perceives him to be endowed with the virtues I have named, even though he know him not, will fail to recognise and set him down as one of good blood; and it would be strange were it not so; praise has ever been the reward of virtue, and those who are virtuous cannot fail to receive commendation

    13. ” A second representative distributes uniforms: white shirts, white shorts, white socks

    14. If he distributes his wagers evenly over all the numbers, then whichever one turns up he is certain to win a moderate amount

    15. No matter how conservative its payout ratio, a company that consistently distributes restricted earnings is destined for oblivion unless equity capital is otherwise infused

    16. Vidler develops, stores, and distributes water in the southwestern United States

    17. About a third of the company’s revenue comes from its Areva T&D division, which transmits and distributes the nuclear power that is generated by the power plants

    18. Forbes publishes and distributes more than 40 investment newsletters

    19. Largest artery: The aorta, which distributes oxygenated blood around the body, is 3 cm (1

    20. Bassett is a vertically integrated furniture company (imports, manufactures, wholesales and distributes)

    21. The light does not bear away terrestrial perfumes into the azure depths, without knowing what it is doing; the night distributes stellar essences to the sleeping flowers

    22. Thus, the chief distinctions between the administrative view of the masses and that of the County Council are the following: (1) the County Council pays great attention to the housing and spends large sums upon it, while the masses obviate this difficulty by domestic, economic means, and look upon the primary schools as temporary, passing institutions; (2) the ministerial department demands that instruction be carried on during the whole year, with the exception of July and August, and nowhere introduces evening classes, while the masses demand that instruction be carried on only in the winter and are fond of evening classes; (3) the ministerial department has a definite type of teachers, without which it does not recognize the school, and has a loathing for clerical persons and, in general, for local instructors; the masses recognize no norm and choose their teachers preferably from local inhabitants; (4) the ministerial department distributes the schools by accident, that is, it is guided only by the desire of forming a normal school, and has no care for that greater half of the population which under such a distribution is left outside the school education; the masses not only recognize no definite external form of the school, but in the greatest variety of ways get teachers with all kinds of means, arranging worse and cheaper schools with small means and good and expensive schools with greater means, and turn their attention to furnishing all localities with instruction in return for their money; (5) the ministerial department determines one measure of remuneration, which is sufficiently high, and arbitrarily increases the amount from the County Council; the masses demand the greatest possible economy and distribute the remuneration in such a way that those whose children are taught pay directly

    23. ” And so the oppressor distributes these pieces of money as an acknowledgement that his demand has been complied with

    24. And if one man may not buy of another a commodity from the other side of a certain fixed line, called the frontier, without paying certain duties on it to men who have taken no part whatever in its production—and if men are driven to sell their last cow to pay taxes which the government distributes among its functionaries, and spends on maintaining soldiers to murder these very taxpayers—it would appear self-evident that all this does not come about as the result of any abstract laws, but is based on just what was done in Orel, and which may be done in Toula, and is done periodically in one form or another throughout the whole world wherever there is a government, and where there are rich and poor

    25. But as the compound fluid extricated by Galvanic action, which I shall call electro-caloric, distributes itself through the interior of bodies, and is evidently productive of corpuscular repulsion, it is in this respect more allied to caloric than to electricity

    1. We are nearly half an hour late getting into the office and Bill is distributing the post by the time I eventually get to my desk

    2. Today he wasn’t seeking information so much as distributing it, because he thought he had stumbled across something significant enough that other minds should know about it

    3. Though they both had found a way to make a lucrative living by raiding the chopa dealers' hideouts, despite Alec's efforts to dissuade her, the elf woman insisted on distributing her share to Shattered Rock's impoverished

    4. The circulating capital consists, in this manner, of the provisions, materials, and finished work of all kinds that are in the hands of their respective dealers, and of the money that is necessary for circulating and distributing them to those who are finally to use or to consume them

    5. where m – degree of homogeneity of material, taking into account the character of defects distributing; A – constant value

    6. It was only by distributing among the particular members of parliament a great part either of the offices, or of the disposal of the offices arising from this civil and military establishment, that such a system of management could be established, even with regard to the parliament of England

    7. A more equal land tax, a more equal tax upon the rent of houses, and such alterations in the present system of customs and excise as those which have been mentioned in the foregoing chapter, might, perhaps, without increasing the burden of the greater part of the people, but only distributing the weight of it more equally upon the whole, produce a considerable augmentation of revenue

    8. They will begin distributing it at dawn if I do not return and countermand the order

    9. …joined together for purposes of price-fixing, unlawful trade practices and restraint of trade…acquiring an unfair (―competitive‖) advantage over its market rivals…resulting in artificially higher prices than the consumer could (otherwise) afford to pay for (certain) products and services…not so a highly successful company that has carefully positioned itself in the open market…(properly) planning, researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing its products and services at a lower cost than its competitors while passing the savings along to its customers…these companies, having legally complied with existing laws and regulations, should not be penalized for their achievements…coerced into sharing their formulae for success with their (underachieving) competitors as the courts oftentimes mandate…

    10. We crossed the water that was falling loud, bombastic and heavy from a 320 feet steep cliff, distributing infinity of almost unbearable blows to our soaked bodies

    11. His mother had divided the contents of Cousin Jerry’s trunk into four cardboard cartons, distributing the garments evenly so that the other items in each box were padded by clothing

    12. the main function of administering and distributing subsidies and sending money to the states to

    13. “We’re going to start distributing the iodine pills as

    14. As she started crying, the priest who was distributing communion nearby reached out beyond two lines of people and gave Suni her first Holy Communion

    15. Early Sunday morning before the elections, opponents of the recall went through the various sections of the city distributing Roger’s letter attached to a statement by a very prominent citizen that supported Roger’s position and opposed the recall

    16. A study co-authored with Robert Hahn and Caroline Cecot stated, ―We used EPA numbers to calculate the environmental benefits of ethanol…We then compared these benefits with the direct costs of producing and distributing ethanol, the environmental costs

    17. The company was struggling because the costs of developing, packaging, advertising and distributing the product line were not yet being offset by anticipated revenues

    18. Their items were soon charged to capacity, then Talia began distributing the excess power to their invisible squad mates far overhead, who distributed it further to others in the Link who had the capacity to hold it

    19. distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them

    20. And a glorious angel of the Lord who was very tall was standing beside the willow having a large pruning-knife and he was cutting little twigs from the willow and distributing them among the people that were overshadowed by the willow; and the twigs which he gave them were small about a cubit as it were in length

    21. In addition, more programs are also offering students electronic options for their books and course materials, with almost 42 percent of EMBA Programs distributing electronic case materials and almost 9 percent using electronic books

    22. They were both easing into flat-footed steps, distributing their

    23. She knew that there was no true emotion in the action, she was just weary and cooled her mood by distributing some watered-down wine and cured ham hoping that a meal would warm their spirits and her own

    24. While he was getting up was distributing complaints:

    25. The job maps were posted on the walls [the facilitator has since used electronic white boards for similar projects, distributing the copies of the work product to each participant] while simultaneously being entered into a computer

    26. And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them

    27. alerts for themselves and not reselling or distributing the information to other

    28. By distributing the materials Justine and her group were producing they would so anger the Swordsmen that the attack would come sooner rather than later

    29. Distributing search-optimized press releases on the web

    30. Besides farm labor, other jobs he had were distributing circulars, selling newspapers, shining shoes and running a theater

    31. MacArthur then started to inspect the wounded one by one, talking briefly with each of them and also distributing at the same time Purple Hearts[9], of which an aide carried a box-full, while another aide noted down the names, units and serial numbers of the recipients, so that official lists could be made afterwards

    32. of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had

    33. Nancy Laplante, followed by a few television cameramen and a small army of photographers, was going slowly down the line of expectant spectators, distributing cards and autographs and chatting with her fans, while a young woman that must have been hired by the Marvel Studios carried for her a box full of She-Hulk cards

    34. That was not his real name, but Marcus Durand hadn't survived all these years after his service in the Foreign Legion by distributing business cards with his name on them

    35. I will however keep my speech short and will acknowledge your valor in the most proper way: by distributing medals and promotions

    36. In addition to the formalities, the term probate is also applied to the whole process of gathering and paying any final bills and taxes that are filed against the estate, as well as distributing the remaining assets to the heirs

    37. She was still sitting in the open and waiting when two French soldiers showed up twenty minutes later, touring the front trenches and distributing hot coffee from a thermos container and pieces of cheese

    38. Consoles and the games for them are easily acquired however, as there is a robust grey market importing and distributing them across the country

    39. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a format for distributing your site content to other sites that subscribe to your content feed

    40. humans, and have evidently come up with ways of distributing the

    41. As Colonel Kinsler was distributing his newly arrived men and preparing to push out his perimeter, Elizabeth called in support one of the AH-4 VIPER attack helicopters that had come with the second wave and had stayed over the airfield after the departure of the other helicopters

    42. Plus I plan on distributing the bath oil in some stores too

    43. Instead, he passed on a series of orders, distributing his small force around the town and arranging for accommodations for his soldiers in the various houses and buildings

    44. Staying in the passageway, the paratrooper officer then directed his men for the next fifteen minutes, distributing them along the cabins

    45. Bob stuck to his guns the best he could reminding the interviewer that the Boblovian Revolution was, for the most part, arising spontaneously and that the media themselves had a tendency to sensationalize the means of distributing his message, namely porn and the internet, and the media should accept the responsibility of their actions in exactly the same way that each individual should accept their responsibility for their own actions, as well

    46. We keep it for you …whether in a bank or private or employment account so it is really up to us to determine if or when we might consider distributing you YOUR money

    47. 11 But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills

    48. But it was immediately obvious that Jim was no longer able to play any further part in their plans, so there was no point in delaying any longer the activation of the next stage of their plan, which was for the two Swiss banks to start distributing the money they had accumulated over recent months

    49. been selfish in distributing routes, but I had wanted to

    50. The RSS consciously wooed non-Jatav Dalit groups like the Pasis, even distributing pamphlets claiming that their ancestors were rakshaks (protectors) of the Hindu faith

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