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Sordid en una oración (en ingles)

1. His employees sordid affairs were.
2. Alex deserved the whole sordid truth.
3. Then they ran down sordid Wilford Road.
4. Let�s get to the end of this sordid tale.
5. Understanding the long and sordid history of.
6. Though sordid minds with impious touch presume.
7. This sordid affair left a bad taste in my mouth.
8. You can ask Nancy later about the sordid details.
9. That’s the only saving grace of my sordid life.
10. The sad and sordid tale of human history and current.
11. Charly shook her head as Trask finished the sordid tale.
12. No sordid details, though! I'm not that soft in the head.
13. No local interests were regarded, no sordid motives felt.
14. Someone who was more base, more sordid than he’d ever.
15. It was a mean-looking house in a narrow and sordid street.
16. Sordid is as sordid does, isn’t that what they say?
17. However, Minnie had allowed me to leave that sordid sexual.
18. Tina had recorded every sordid detail of their affair in it.
19. Where is our patriarch of this sordid tribe of sinners?
20. I thought he was joking, for the view was sordid enough, but he.
21. Dom I don't need to know the sordid details of you're sex life.
22. No one had mentioned his sordid past in years, and it had taken.
23. And so came the turning point of the whole sordid affair in which.
24. Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see.
25. One beer led to five and the rest of the sordid night passed in a blur.
26. I want to thank you for bringing this sordid story of woe up, Roger.
27. This was an incident which suggested strange things to her sordid mind.
28. According to Krishn, hell is repeatedly falling into low, sordid births;.
29. I did get thrown into the gutter, and came near drowning in that sordid place.
30. Throughout history we have witnessed the sad and sordid results of people who.
31. He should be able to pass on the benefit of his experience, but it seems so sordid.
32. As fast as they could the sordid crowd in the dance hall and cabaret was disappearing.
33. Be assured however that he will learn about the sordid details of this affair from me.
34. The den upon which his eye now rested was abject, dirty, fetid, pestiferous, mean, sordid.
35. Be patient! be not tempted to indulge in a lawless plunge into cheap and sordid adventure.
36. Lucy sipped at the beverage and related the tale from the start in all its sordid minutiae.
37. Another prime example of this sad and sordid situation involves what is known as the lost.
38. We were hanging breathlessly now on the words of the girl as she untangled the sordid story.
39. A few days of headlines and on to the next sordid scandal, leaving a trail of ruined lives.
40. He’d done it not through her connections, but from the sordid testimony of a whoring slave.
41. An Englishman telling the truth, the sordid truth about his own country’s sordid activities.
42. I pulled the photographs from his hand and discovered who was responsible for this sordid mess.
43. Towhee annoyed by this intrusion into his sordid world, leapt out of his bed and rushed at Pon.
44. I could not bear to return to the sordid village, where, besides, no prospect of aid was visible.
45. Madeline must be sick of her: crying over Harry the Hippo, sharing her sordid little sex stories.
46. Contrary to what many believe, that sordid adventure had its origins a few years before the 1980s.
47. I loved your father, and I’m not about to turn my custody of you into something sordid and cheap.
48. But the Master so managed the situation that the whole plot fell to pieces of its own sordid weight.
49. I don't want him thinking the football is some kind of cover-up for sordid sex sessions in the showers.
50. Did they think she was lying about the house? Obviously they thought there was something sordid to hide.
51. Naked images of the boy coalesced in and out of his sordid mind, always culminating in an orgasmic murder.
52. But together with the good news, Tadeo had also shown her the sordid and distressing side of a bad relationship.
53. She is the hedge set between the precious flowers of the male intellect and the sun and dust of sordid worries.
54. Ruins and basilicas, palaces and colossi, set in the midst of a sordid present, where all that was living and.
55. Chance began nervously flipping the radio stations, in an attempt to abolish the sordid thoughts from his head.
56. Amidst this sordid scene, sat a man with his clenched hands resting on his knees, and his eyes bent on the ground.
57. The sweat, the heat, the journey on foot, the dust, added I know not what sordid quality to this dilapidated whole.
58. Powerful angels, safe in heaven! they smile when sordid souls triumph, and feeble ones weep over their destruction.
59. Once I had relived the sordid story, the realisation that my life was in ruins hit me, and I was wrought with sadness.
60. All that mattered most had been made clear to me, in spite of all this sordid tangle ; all that I feared most was confirmed.
61. This actually takes many of the complications away from the sordid mess of arresting a pregnant women and was a relief to him.
62. They had simply been unlucky and with a bitter smile to himself, Ethan thought that this whole sordid affair reeked of bad luck.
63. They broke into sordid shrieking, flapped their wings in fright, and saturated the Doctor’s clothing with a feminine fragrance.
64. I was terrified and if it were not for Darniil who came to my rescue, they might very well have succeeded with their sordid plan.
65. I quietly let him out of the front door thinking I'd got aware with my sordid liaison but out of the corner of my eye I saw my mum.
66. Suddenly all that was beautiful, joyous, spiritual, and full of promise for the future, became animal and sordid, sad and despairing.
67. It sounded horribly sordid, like something from one of the more sensationalist soap operas to Andy’s ears as he stammered out his story.
68. Yet, the redeeming feature of that sordid episode was that the fathers of the victims felt emboldened to defy the Dirty Dozen at the Tihar.
69. It was bad enough that Alexandra was involved in a series of sordid affairs, but to try to put the blame on her sister! Kate was appalled.
70. The feeling of open space was liberating, exhilarating, fully unburdened of the sordid crush of a population packed so tightly in squalor.
71. Jags was trying to get her head round this situation, all she could think about was what her father did, the sordid affair with her husband.
72. I was almost about to abandon the whole sordid business when I thought of George’s smirking face and realized that he would be the next Khan.
73. I wanted to go home, I craved a cigarette, but I could have neither, and the indignity of my sordid life made me wish for the ultimate release.
74. Bill: Perhaps I owe Michael a very belated apology for doubting his role in this sordid affair and then again maybe I don't owe Michael an apology.
75. I don't know about you, Lise, but I consider that I have a sordid soul in many ways, and his soul is not sordid; on the contrary, full of fine feeling.
76. I’d seen how he had cheated and broken the hearts of countless girls, and he always shared every sordid detail of his destroyed relationships with me.
77. His troubles will perhaps appear miserably sordid, and beneath the attention of lofty persons who can know nothing of debt except on a magnificent scale.
78. After all but demanding the legal documents related to the sordid affair of Morton to prove I didn’t actually know anything underhanded was taking place.
79. It’s a curious relationship that you develop with these people; they’re trapped in the middle of this sordid affair, fearing for their lives and their property.
80. He was ahead of me there, but then I was upset about my son’s involvement in the sordid business, and too distracted to question George’s version of the events.
81. There was nothing financial, still less sordid, in her previsions: she cared about what were considered refinements, and not about the money that was to pay for them.
82. Only looking up at the sky did Pierre cease to feel how sordid and humiliating were all mundane things compared with the heights to which his soul had just been raised.
83. No doubt the press will break the details about the tragic death of a teenage clubber before too long, and Carol will find out about more of the sordid details soon enough.
84. She was barefooted and in rags, as on the day when she had so resolutely entered his chamber, only her rags were two months older now, the holes were larger, the tatters more sordid.
85. The diary contained Linda Wilks's dreams; the film-script-like layout had helped to clothe the sordid reality of what she was doing in the soft-focus lighting of a film seduction scene.
86. Like most women, she felt the need to justify her fall to what her religion regarded as a deadly sin deserving death by stoning and her culture considered a surrender to a sordid instinct.
87. She always felt uneasy driving past this dirty, sordid cluster of discarded army tents and filth outcast negroes, black prostitutes and a scattering of poor whites of the lowest slave cabins.
88. Think no unfair evil of her, pray: she had no wicked plots, nothing sordid or mercenary; in fact, she never thought of money except as something necessary which other people would always provide.
89. Why? Because our present statesmen deal only with sordid and petty issues - questions of dollars and cents, of expediency and party success, of material prosperity without regard to ethical right.
90. Just me and Ryodan’s high-tech, two-way glass headquarters lined with gadgets, and high at the perimeter those countless hi-def cameras upon which he watches the sordid and varied details of his club.
91. That Terence certainly was a cad for attempting such a sordid thing, especially since he knew absolutely nothing of the situation other than that which had been told to him secondhand and late at that.
92. The gallant Perseus, a son of Jupiter, was the first whaleman; and to the eternal honour of our calling be it said, that the first whale attacked by our brotherhood was not killed with any sordid intent.
93. His facial expressions were a combination of surprise and consternation as he puzzled over the latest twist in this entire sordid case and the ramifications it would undeniably have for his investigation.
94. How is it that I, bereft of everything you think worth having, am so offensively cheerful? Your friends would call it a sordid existence, if they considered it with anything more lengthy than just a sniff.
95. Evil has its own inestimable manner of penetrating the hearts and minds of individuals who, although not evil themselves, unwittingly serve as conduits for a variety of sordid practices and assorted mischief.
96. The narrow gloom of the house, its unpiercedness on that north side by any but the coldest light, its abrupt ending almost at once in the kitchen and servant part, struck him as incredibly, preposterously sordid.
97. Towhee hated Pattaya as he had previously lost a fortune while living there, by having to pay off corrupt police, both for protection of his dubious business dealings, and moreover his sordid personal pleasures.
98. The potted palms at the patio’s edge stood motionless in the still of the late-night air as they hashed over the astonishing events of the day, and Beth related the whole sordid tale of her problems with the FBI.
99. I had entreated him to keep quite clear of the house till everything was arranged: and, indeed, the bare idea of the commotion, at once sordid and trivial, going on within its walls sufficed to scare him to estrangement.
100. Me – the other woman? Me - involved in a sordid, hole-in-the-corner affair? But it’s not like that … For the millionth time I try to justify the unjustifiable; to make sense of the illogical; to deny the undeniable.

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