Oraciones con la palabra "mean"

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Mean en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I mean, I am a.
  2. It can be so mean.
  3. I mean you no harm.
  4. I mean, as far as.
  5. He did not mean to.

  6. I mean, she was a.
  7. I mean, why was I.
  8. I mean, it took me.
  9. I mean, he was warm.
  10. I mean he has money.
  11. I see what you mean.
  12. Now what do I mean.
  13. I do not mean women.
  14. What is it you mean?
  15. Of what it will mean.

  16. You know what I mean.
  17. The mean score is 29.
  18. And in the mean time.
  19. I mean, it was a—.
  20. And I mean, all night.
  21. M: What does it mean?
  22. I mean that is normal.
  23. I mean a date of on-.
  24. Tell me what you mean.
  25. I mean yes, I like it.

  26. But he didn't mean it.
  27. For it to mean a thing.
  28. I mean the guy was nuts.
  29. Nothing can he so mean.
  30. I know what you mean.
  31. You know what I mean?
  32. What does it all mean?
  33. It does not mean that.
  34. They mean nothing to me.
  35. I mean, think about it.
  36. I mean, about the fare.
  37. But what did it mean?
  38. I mean, this sil y.
  39. You mean to tell me.
  40. I mean, I don’t know.
  41. To want can mean to.
  42. What I mean by this is.
  43. I mean, you can be the.
  44. Does it mean that past.
  45. I mean, who puts these.
  46. So… I mean – I’m.
  47. You know the ones I mean.
  48. But… And I mean But….
  49. So what does that mean?
  50. You know the one I mean.
  51. What do I mean by this?
  52. What do I mean by this.
  53. Feds? But how? I mean.
  54. I can see what you mean.
  55. No, what I mean is this.
  56. But what would it mean?
  57. This does not mean that.
  58. You mean to drive me to.
  59. Oh, I mean the surname.
  60. What does all this mean?
  61. LUIS: You see what I mean.
  62. What did he mean by no?
  63. I didn’t mean to stare.
  64. I mean, I was really,.
  1. On the Meaning of Sin.
  2. The Meaning of Life 7.
  3. IS the meaning of life.
  4. And he meaning of life:.
  5. Create a Book of Meaning.
  6. Then life has no meaning.
  8. The true meaning of ac-.
  9. Joy is the meaning of life.
  10. The meaning of the movie.
  11. Meaning, as long as they.
  12. The meaning dawned on Locke.
  13. This is the meaning of life.
  14. The second meaning of the.
  16. As it is the meaning of life.
  17. The meaning of this mantra.
  18. And no meaning in the voices.
  19. The tree that has meaning.
  20. The ideal is your meaning.
  21. The meaning of life; is life.
  22. Meaning: did not care at all.
  23. What is the meaning of life?
  24. What is the literal meaning?
  25. The doors had a dual meaning.
  26. Where is the hiding Meaning?
  27. Meaning, I HATE OKRA! Hate it.
  28. His smile was full of meaning.
  29. I shudder without meaning to.
  30. Bread and digest its meaning.
  31. Death is the meaning in the.
  32. Ages, meaning more than two.
  33. They are questions of meaning.
  34. This marriage is meaning less.
  35. About the meaning of the being.
  36. Some say that the meaning is.
  37. Meaning: I realised the truth.
  38. The meaning of death; is death.
  39. It acquires meaning only with.
  40. Meaning of the word ‘Love’.
  41. Now reconsider the meaning of E.
  42. Chewing through the meaning of.
  43. Richard felt the hidden meaning.
  44. Using words that have no meaning.
  45. What is the meaning of this.
  46. Despite the meaning of his name.
  47. Six is Vau whose meaning is Nail.
  48. Those that work by their meaning.
  49. Meaning: before it was too late.
  50. Meaning: using all his strength.
  51. And this meaning, as the read-.
  52. All that happens have a meaning.
  53. The Meaning of the Gordian Knot.
  54. Meaning: nothing great about it.
  55. I’ve been meaning to call you.
  56. Inspect the meaning: FREE SPEECH.
  57. I’ve been meaning to ask you.
  58. Meaning that the passion of God.
  59. It has no meaning other than in.
  60. Isn’t that meaning of life –.
  61. What is the meaning of this?
  62. He does has a meaning and purpose.
  63. Oxygen, the event had new meaning.
  64. That is like meaning of the being.
  65. They pondered the meaning of this.
  67. The Meaning of all the Things,.
  1. It was meant to be.
  2. I said what I meant.
  3. This is meant to be.
  4. I knew what he meant.
  5. I meant what I said.
  6. It was meant to hurt.
  7. I knew what she meant.
  8. He knew what it meant.
  9. I know what you meant.
  10. No money meant no war.
  11. He meant keep shut up.
  12. I asked what he meant.
  13. It's not what I meant.
  14. Steve meant to end it.
  15. I meant at the game.
  16. He knew what she meant.
  17. It meant a small re-.
  18. And I truly meant that.
  19. She knew what he meant.
  20. This meant that he or.
  21. He knew what that meant.
  22. It was meant for you.
  23. That meant it was the.
  24. It meant he would live.
  25. I knew what this meant.
  26. No, what I meant was.
  27. And I meant to wait.
  28. I meant, in the camp.
  29. I knew what that meant.
  30. She knew what it meant.
  31. And what is meant to be.
  32. This is meant to be Ben.
  33. He was meant to hear it.
  34. It meant only one thing.
  35. May to us meant baseball.
  36. Which was meant for me:.
  37. Court knew what he meant.
  38. This meant he ate first.
  39. This was what he meant.
  40. It also meant that the.
  41. With you, I meant it.
  42. That's not what I meant.
  43. It only meant one thing.
  44. It meant simply to end.
  45. For me, it meant a one.
  46. Kubo knew what she meant.
  47. Oh, I see what you meant.
  48. He must have meant Canada.
  49. It is not meant to be a.
  50. Nothing was meant to be.
  51. She meant more than that.
  52. He meant well, of course.
  53. And he meant to have her.
  54. I knew the voice meant me.
  55. This meant so much to me.
  56. Life just meant more to.
  57. Yet, I saw what he meant.
  58. I really meant it at the.
  59. I asked him what he meant.
  60. That meant it must be 9pm.
  61. He had meant it all along.
  62. That’s not what I meant.
  63. I thought you meant it.
  64. I think he meant the Baron.
  65. The way it was meant to be.
  66. Yes, she knew what it meant.
  67. But he might have meant me.
  68. It was just meant to be.
  69. I didn't know what he meant.
  70. Calvin knew what she meant.
  71. That is not what I meant.
  72. He was meant to be with me.
  73. Nothing meant more to her.
  74. Not that it meant anything.
  75. It was only meant for 121.
  76. Danny knew what she meant.
  77. That is what I meant, yes.
  78. Both knew what it had meant.
  79. He and I were meant to meet.
  80. The name meant little to her.
  81. This is meant simply as an.
  82. Was this what death meant?
  83. That meant about an eighth.
  84. But that meant less money.
  85. I think he meant you, dekar.
  86. His words meant a lot to be.
  87. Tig understood what he meant.
  88. He meant every word he said.
  89. This meant my job was kaput.
  90. It was never meant for them.
  91. It meant a lot to have his.
  92. So that meant a trip to….
  93. It is not meant to be made.
  94. But more wolves meant less.
  95. That meant there were four.
  96. That meant they had to work.
  97. Money meant nothing to him.
  98. It meant ‘a new beginning.
  99. He was not meant to be here.
  100. I merely meant to admonish.
  1. It is a means by.
  2. Where B and Z means.
  3. It means the C alone.
  4. I know he means Marie.
  5. I know what it means.
  6. If not, then it means.
  7. By all means enjoy a.
  8. It means a lot to her.
  9. This means it is not.
  10. Right now he means it.
  11. M: By all means — do.
  12. And to have the means.
  13. M: By all means proceed.
  14. This means you are to.
  15. Which means I need to.
  16. I’m sure he means it.
  17. It means we have some.
  18. It means Jihad for God.
  19. That means a lot to me.
  20. As the means so the end.
  21. It means that I should.
  22. It means nothing to him.
  23. You know what that means.
  24. He means on that day –.
  25. It means you reject the.
  26. M: By all means live long.
  27. We did it as a means of.
  28. Oh, yes, by all means.
  29. It means the world to me.
  30. He means his mental self.
  31. This means that future A.
  32. Not sure what that means.
  33. It means taking more time.
  34. Is all I have, means a lot.
  35. That means that you have.
  36. Abihu means my father is.
  37. By means of his judicial.
  38. And that means just what?
  39. Nod in Hebrew means wan-.
  40. It means what you take in.
  41. By all means forgive past.
  42. It means what it means.
  43. The Reds are by no means.
  44. This means he married her.
  45. That means taking on the.
  46. This means a lot to us.
  47. This also means that you.
  48. Think about what this means.
  49. What that means is this.
  50. They are a means to an end.
  51. It means evil is in charge.
  52. This means it affects how.
  53. Neither means what he says.
  54. It means we kicked the ass.
  55. He'll know what that means.
  56. With two nooses, it means.
  57. That means the world to me.
  59. It means a lot to me Steve.
  60. You are a means to an end.
  61. It means 1 from 60 people.
  62. Moving on means letting go.
  63. It no longer means anything.
  64. Bring it along by all means.
  65. Sinai means the bush of God.
  66. What it means is that most.
  67. That means that – almost.
  68. I know exactly what it means.
  69. The word Foliar means leaves.
  70. Being broke only means you.
  71. This means looking for the.
  72. But means was another story.
  73. What it means is there’s.
  74. This means that as Abraham.
  75. She means well, Millie does.
  76. Shekinah means God is there.
  77. Do you think he means it?
  78. Ishmael means God has heard.
  79. That means we're turning too.
  80. This means nothing right now.
  81. This means that there is no.
  82. For syntax (means all about.
  83. This is what it means to be.
  84. Wrath is the means by which.
  85. This means God have all power.
  86. Curse, what he means by curse.
  87. I don’t ask what that means.
  89. That means that the doorman.
  90. To find out what it all means.
  91. It means I can stay here now.
  92. This means you want to have.
  93. That means they release them.
  94. It means so much to me to be.
  95. That means money is in charge.
  96. That means one in every three.
  97. That means you carve the beef.
  98. This means they need the ship.
  99. By all means, Mister Brunet.
  100. Which means that you can read.

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