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    1. Since then we’ve been running rehearsals on the set which meant that some of the moves had to be altered to accommodate the furniture, which was confusing at first, but it all seems reasonably comfortable now

    2. As soon as I accommodate myself, I sit down and wonder: What am I doing here with these two nitwits?

    3. So how do we avoid sublimating the word of God into the existing framework of our values and interests and not accommodate it to that?

    4. Abery is large enough to accommodate you both … ’

    5. Daniel was only too happy to accommodate her

    6. social life and so with these online dating site services growing to accommodate their needs for

    7. – row after row of tiny houses build to accommodate the workforce

    8. Now he saw why although the spacing of the actual Scale 0 octave was an eighth, a quarter, a third, a half and so on, that was not the way these were laid out to accommodate all the charted inner vibrations

    9. The elf said, that if needed, they could quickly adapt the bridge to accommodate a sudden influx of heavy traffic or loads of supplies

    10. The mass of those metals may gradually and insensibly diminish, and their value gradually and insensibly rise, till the annual importation becoming again stationary, the annual consumption will gradually and insensibly accommodate itself to what that annual importation can maintain

    11. If it were really true, she knew that men would all wish to accommodate her

    12. The plan was to accommodate the exiles in tents here on the plain of Dura while they awaited their assignment to work as slaves with Babylonian households in the city

    13. Isin confidently said, “And between the empty hangar bay and our own storage bays---off-loaded temporarily---the Huntress can accommodate over two hundred with ease

    14. The effect of the monopoly has been, not to augment the quantity, but to alter the quality and shape of a part of the manufactures of Great Britain, and to accommodate to a market, from which the returns are slow and distant, what would otherwise have been accommodated to one from which the returns are frequent and near

    15. The Temple was wooden and squat, built wide, though short, to accommodate the followers of the popular goddess

    16. The one exports what can subsist and accommodate but a very few, and imports the subsistence and accommodation of a great number

    17. Basically, instead of your body rejecting the immortal blood, it changed to accommodate it

    18. Just being physically human – with all its desires and basic needs – only encouraged these trivial concerns; to then be reinforced by those who claimed to accommodate them but with something to gain, something to sell

    19. Torbin imagined Roidon having to have his brain greatly enlarged to accommodate the extra knowledge

    20. An inquisition into every man's private circumstances, and an inquisition which, in order to accommodate the tax to them, watched over all the fluctuations of his fortune, would be a source of such continual and endless vexation as no person could support

    21. We filed into a communications trench and began to make our way down it as we walked along it was just about wide enough to accommodate a man with a pack on

    22. were most willing to accommodate the wishes of the men on

    23. It could easily accommodate a minibus

    24. So, on this voyage, the Milo would accommodate the Hawes family of four, Captain Hawes, Jessie, Addie and

    25. procedure to accommodate his needs

    26. But if the empire can no longer support the expense of keeping up this equipage, it ought certainly to lay it down ; and if it cannot raise its revenue in proportion to its expense, it ought at least to accommodate its expense to its revenue

    27. If any of the provinces of the British empire cannot be made to contribute towards the support of the whole empire, it is surely time that Great Britain should free herself from the expense of defending those provinces in time of war, and of supporting any part of their civil or military establishment in time of peace; and endeavour to accommodate her future views and designs to the real mediocrity of her circumstances

    28. One other ship was ransomed in order to accommodate the large

    29. The vessel was large enough to accommodate twenty-five adults, according to the schematics

    30. The female forms were designed to accommodate for the fact that women would usually have less force behind their strikes and parries

    31. newspaper and a park, so I tipped my waitress and asked her where I could accommodate

    32. He told me once how he’d had to fly in and out of Bloemfontein (the capital of the province) every day because no hotel (or human) would accommodate him in Bloemfontein since he is of Indian heritage

    33. Mumford turned the Journal headquarters into a ward, in which he personally tended all the officers he could accommodate until he fell with yellow fever contracted by exposure at the front and the long hours he devoted to this work

    34. could accommodate himself to any place with ease; and that he stood

    35. Higher fertility rates, common among the poor, exacerbated by lax immigration policies, have strained our nation‘s productive and material resources beyond their capacity to accommodate even the (basic) material requirements of its working classes

    36. The Dog Unit would arrive with their dogs and patrol formations were adapted to accommodate them

    37. a (host) nation‘s customs and traditions …(especially) its language… when that nation seeks to accommodate ……by adopting the 56

    38. The Present receives its instructions from the Past by ―restructuring‖ its customs and manners and ―adapting‖ them to accommodate modern requirements

    39. I don‘t believe, however, that the Church needs to reinvent itself in order to accommodate modern ―requirements

    40. The Electoral College was established to accommodate National and Federal forms of government (appealing to local interests)

    41. O‘Connor, for his own personal self-interest, has been happy to accommodate

    42. My friend‘s utilitarian suggestion that ―hard‖ decisions would have to be made in order to accommodate the young (aren‘t we doing that already?) raises the question by what standards and under what conditions or by whose authority would such decisions be made? Would a ―suitable‖ candidate have reached the ripe old age of 120 or would age be considered among any number of factors including the individual‘s state of health, (or lack of) wealth (or lack of) political connections, (or lack of) utility (or lack of) so on and so forth

    43. Another time, Mike’s crew of workers had built a new garage, large enough to accommodate two-dozen automobiles

    44. Then, I became distracted thinking about how I could accommodate her in my small rooming house

    45. Colling was amazed that the German had accurately estimated the space necessary to accommodate the ice cream freezer, refrigerator, sinks and other pieces of fountain equipment

    46. As his torso swooped around in its instinctive movement, his feet swiveled to accommodate the sudden move and his left fist came rushing down only to meet thin air

    47. She should have thought to somehow cover her belly to accommodate for its shape

    48. Sylvia was delighted that Gordy considered seeing her so important, but she scheduled her time carefully to accommodate the many important matters she attended to

    49. Tables large enough to accommodate the entire pueblo filled its central square and the smells were heavenly

    50. A canvas zipper bag was required to accommodate some of Cousin Jerry’s clothing that would not fit in the suitcase, and Colling stuffed the second bag inside the B-4 he would use to store his uniform once he reached Munich

    1. I am only grateful that Alastair, being of a typical artistic temperament, is not overly bothered with practicalities and can camp here without going insane as long as the one or two things which are important to him are accommodated

    2. The Spelmans and Kaitlyn were handsomely accommodated as well, with Kaitlyn's room adjacent to Chloe's boudoir

    3. Our manufactures for foreign sale, instead of being suited, as before the act of navigation, to the neighbouring market of Europe, or to the more distant one of the countries which lie round the Mediterranean sea, have the greater part of them, been accommodated to the still more distant one of the colonies; to the market in which they have the monopoly, rather than to that in which they have many competitors

    4. The industry of Great Britain, instead of being accommodated to a great number of small markets, has been principally suited to one great market

    5. By suiting, besides, to one particular market only, so great a part of the industry and commerce of Great Britain, it has rendered the whole state of that industry and commerce more precarious and less secure, than if their produce had been accommodated to a greater variety of markets

    6. The effect of the monopoly has been, not to augment the quantity, but to alter the quality and shape of a part of the manufactures of Great Britain, and to accommodate to a market, from which the returns are slow and distant, what would otherwise have been accommodated to one from which the returns are frequent and near

    7. The first reformers found the Greek text of the New Testament, and even the Hebrew text of the Old, more favourable to their opinions than the vulgate translation, which, as might naturally be supposed, had been gradually accommodated to support the doctrines of the Catholic Church

    8. However, we at the CHA feel your needs will be best accommodated at one of our centres

    9. The rest of the Alena crew were confined in the topgallant forecastle while the officers were accommodated

    10. Honolulu with as many prisoners as could be accommodated

    11. It wasn’t an actual path but the soft chalk accommodated them with foot rests and handholds

    12. It proceeded along this narrow strip of dry land for five hundred meters before it widened and accommodated Puerto Viejo

    13. It simply means that the church has accommodated itself to the people whom it serves which, to me, is a Christ-like thing to do

    14. The people there at the post office boxes were somewhat amused but they always accommodated her

    15. accommodating illegal immigrants through an amnesty plan will win votes from those so accommodated, but they underestimate the degree of disaffection such a policy would

    16. Most of the conquered tribes are quite accommodated to their role in the Khakhanate

    17. to be accommodated with meals provided

    18. the officer would need to be accommodated with

    19. Although most of these parties have recently accommodated

    20. SWM accommodated me in every way conceivable

    21. PW had accommodated me in the meantime by finding a very old clunky 21” PC monitor that I could read with only one eye

    22. Any ill or injured animal shall be isolated and accommodated in a

    23. information on the animals accommodated in their shelters in order to track the owner

    24. (5) When a marked animal is accommodated in the shelter, the manager shall

    25. (1) Stray animals shall be accommodated by the authorities and organisations

    26. (1) All dogs in the shelter shall be accommodated observing the animal protection

    27. marked and accommodated in provisional shelters designated by the respective

    28. accommodated in one of the places designated for this purpose or released in the wild

    29. “That could be accommodated

    30. Park lunches were traditionally work sessions but accommodated and encouraged lively give-and-take conversation

    31. The Coast Guard accommodated contemporary lighthouse nostalgia by transferring the historic facilities to other government agencies, private organizations and historical societies

    32. resurrected ongoing sensitivities that must be accommodated

    33. The staff in the areas where the surrogates were accommodated were encouraged to mix freely with the mildly sedated girls

    34. particles and wavelengths can be accommodated in the Cosmos,’ according to

    35. NOT imply that "anything goes" but rather allows diversity to be accommodated in analysis

    36. The servant accommodated the quilted pillows in its place and kept on dusting the furniture

    37. Farfan was giving samples of an intense nervousness, the more nervous he was, the most he accommodated the knot of the tie stripe, smoothed his mustache with a thin silk shawl that clarified the drops of the perspiration that were sprouting from his front covering his cheeks up to stopping, tangled, in the thin threads of the mustache

    38. I'd read that the doggy position is favoured in Arab societies for heterosexual sex, and over the centuries the penis has accommodated

    39. What divinity is the requited love! Such precious feeling can only be accommodated in the fertile space of two hearts

    40. If it’s good enough for women to have adequate health care, its good enough for men—but they haven’t! Women are far better accommodated than men in both prevention and cure of ailments

    41. The school had been intended for up to seven hundred pupils, so thirty were easily accommodated

    42. he claimed, and hope to simply be accommodated

    43. It was as though the ambitious couple accommodated each other's interests for marital amity but the way they gave allowances to each other’s obsessions finally led their union into a state of materialistic coma

    44. There were not enough huts to have accommodated them all

    45. Physicists have accommodated these two strange and seemingly paradoxical conclusion, by deciding that light is a wave-particle

    46. Thus, have only the amount of plants that would be accommodated by your garden effectively

    47. Stoically, he suppressed grief as his trained eyes accommodated the darkness and he sidled up to the sulfurous pen, squinting as the satiated boar mouthed the grunts of curiosity and idled towards this newcomer

    48. Rory smiled and accommodated his friend, then with a wave, pushed

    49. By 1920, American missions agencies, governed by white board members, accommodated European governments’ efforts to keep black missionaries out of Africa

    50. Washington Accommodated the Problem

    1. the conscious counterpart of the intellectual mind, accommodates two sets of emotions—primitive and ad-

    2. model, forming a new one that accommodates the previously ill-fitting experience

    3. therefore accommodates not just some, but all, extents of expansion)

    4. megauniverse therefore accommodates not just

    5. and the megauniverse therefore accommodates not just some, but al , extents of

    6. mother accommodates all of this for a nominal fee

    7. Not so much because you thought really long and hard about the metaphysical concerns associated with your ideology, but because it accommodates your perversion

    8. too, rejects this idea; he accommodates it by suggesting that many

    9. create a society that accommodates humans as they are, with the full

    10. accommodates at least 40 adults

    11. “To make it simple for you, for roleplay purposes, the ID is the State as the infrastructure of your social being; the superego is the panopticonic security State, and you, like IM is to IT, are an egozen, a resident of a State sanctioned subculture that accommodates itself to the ill state by inhabiting a sick cultural psyche

    12. The building is named after the chained portcullis used to symbolise the Houses of Parliament on letterheads and official documents, and today it accommodates about a third of members of parliament

    13. Jo had sex with Lor! Ryodan saw it happening, and it turns out he’s actually got a code of ethics that accommodates humans

    14. The ISO standard accommodates missing components, so it is legal to have the value "2012-11," which clearly indicates, "During the month of November, but the exact day is unknown," and, "At some time on the day of…" The SAS datetime value has to provide both exact date and exact time, so "2012-11" is set to 12:00 AM, November 1, 2012, using the default replacements for missing components

    15. Inhabited since 1950, Alert accommodates a weather station and signals intelligence base

    16. accommodates itself to it

    1. And he’s a very accommodating man as well

    2. accommodating the needs of others, refining ourselves,

    3. Thank you for accommodating my requests for materials and the delivery and such

    4. They were accommodating the inner structural octaves' notations

    5. strange way and he be accommodating

    6. By accommodating the maturity level of their children by adopting their children‘s adolescent manners rather then setting themselves up as (proper) role models, parents have seemingly lost their proportional standing vis-à-vis their children

    7. Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy's purpose

    8. The Procrastinator Militant sat at a simple stool which was much more accommodating for a soldier in search of a few moments of peace for resting his legs, rather than a man of such an office as a Procrastinator Militant

    9. However, when Colling showed him his roll of zlotys, he became very accommodating, and suggested additional items of women’s underwear, stockings, and kerchiefs to cover the hair

    10. The church is certainly capable of accommodating

    11. That’s where you and your most accommodating friend come in the picture, Hilderich

    12. The Wallers were trying to be accommodating, and i know it was

    13. accommodating illegal immigrants through an amnesty plan will win votes from those so accommodated, but they underestimate the degree of disaffection such a policy would

    14. The bank has been more than accommodating in granting me the time off; one of the perks, perhaps of being the assistant manager

    15. The inn had room although the keeper was not pleased about accommodating the bird

    16. He suggested that would be most accommodating

    17. redistribution, as the most accommodating solution to the demands of the varied interests of the population

    18. veterinary aid and accommodating the animal in a shelter or another facility under

    19. were very accommodating at the store

    20. then look for an accommodating uterus in the artificial paradise of thousands of

    21. Engler is pretty accommodating, and I think he likes what he sees in me

    22. However, I will thank my men on your behalf for helping her through such a tough and trying time - and you should too, for she is now a lot more accommodating

    23. Georg stayed for a brief period in his one-room hideaway, and when the coast was clear and the repatriation trains had long left, he moved in with us at the pub which by now was accommodating many other refugees

    24. could be very accommodating

    25. accommodating here where they had no such thing

    26. For my part, I was not going to tolerate that the old woman stood in the way of Beatrice’s destiny as if a chess piece would be with Gertrude in charge of the moves, accommodating her farmhands on the board of life, to her best expediency

    27. Although both she and Joe were eternally grateful to his parents for accommodating them for such a long period, they longed for their privacy once more

    28. She had a great sense of working with space and the rooms appeared functional and accommodating enough for a child

    29. At this time there were about seventy-five teachers on the faculty, and they lived in cottages each accommodating about a dozen persons

    30. Accommodating to the tension in her relationship with her husband, Toby tells me that she becomes about an inch tall when she backs away from a confrontation

    31. and I’ve tried to be completely accommodating to all that you have asked

    32. , by Ron Chernow isn’t quite as accommodating

    33. The weather could have been more accommodating with nasty winds blowing, but that didn’t prevent 75,000 people from attending the five pm concert

    34. “I recognize several of the names that came up as suspicious, most are very accommodating individuals who never cause any trouble

    35. Though she was born in Virginia, Ella and her brother and sister grew up in Littleton, North Carolina, which was more accommodating that Norfolk

    36. Washington accommodating whites’ segregation, Proctor became an accommodationist to his white benefactors’ liberal doctrine

    37. ” Said Ronash in an accommodating tone

    38. view of the yard, were individual rooms accommodating

    39. in a most accommodating way

    40. With one final survey of the desk and its contents just to satisfy his own mind and to ensure that he had missed nothing, he arose from the chair slowly and realized that it had neither been comfortable nor accommodating

    41. The largest supermarket in Waihi wasn’t large by national standards, but it did have an accommodating car park which at this time of the morning housed very few vehicles

    42. Lorene was a very accommodating lady, but it was the Hatfields who nearly brought this thing crashing down

    43. Not all designers achieve the results of accommodating an area within their backyard landscaping

    44. “None the less, we’ll be accommodating you at the Galaxy Hotel for the time being, unless you have relatives here in the Bay area you would prefer to stay with?”

    45. The Queen has been very accommodating

    46. This created an urgency that was unwarranted, had they been more accommodating earlier in the week

    47. While it may sound accommodating, nothing was farther from the truth

    48. That form of aggressive intensity can generate pleasure, but will never enculture attentive kindness or accommodating gentleness

    49. thus reducing it’s melting point and softens a bit thereby accommodating

    50. I belong to your Jena days; days of hard living, and working, and thinking; days when, by dint of being forced to do without certain bodily comforts, the accommodating spirit made up for it by its own increased comfort and warmth

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