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Frasi con baloney (in inglese)

That is a bunch of baloney!.
It would be burnt baloney tonight.
Shen swallowed hard and came up with some more baloney.
What you want is transportation, ain’t it? No baloney for you.
Stand there and take the lousy crap that big baloney hands you!.
It’s a useless lead and just more of the phony baloney, Barry said.
Look at what baloney they wrote about General Sherman early in the Civil War.

To come in here and act like you have integrity in your business dealings - baloney.
Debby’s had a brown lunchsack that stank of baloney; Michelle’s a pack of dried-up markers.
Since all my clients or most of them are affluent men I must ask you not to fall for such baloney.
Now that I found out he wasnt giving us a lot of baloney, the school is in for a little sadness because Mr.
I mean to come in here, and act like you're a good wife - that's baloney; to go out there and actually live it - totally authentic.
As the enduring antidote to this kind of bull-market baloney, Graham urges the intelligent investor to ask some simple, skeptical questions.
Though he was angry at the perpetrators and their peers who didn't silence them, he was more angry at the military for not setting and enforcing higher accredi�tation standards as well as giving their briefers meatless baloney to hand out.
When she cooked for our family, we also ate meat for lunch in the form of sandwiches, including baloney, summer sausage, ham, turkey – but not liver sausage for me – and of course, tuna fish and egg salad, which are the non-meat offerings.
He never admitted that he himself did anything other than tolerate the interviews; he would spend the first ten minutes after Richard’s arrival puttering among the kitchen cabinets, amassing two baloney sandwiches on crustless Wonder Bread and a warty dill pickle and a can of Schlitz, all to preserve the conceit that this was merely lunchtime, he’d been planning to take a break anyway.

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