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Frasi con twaddle (in inglese)

Don’t try to palm off that twaddle about the Cause to me.
I stopped listening to his vacuous twaddle, merely grunting when it seemed appropriate.
You were worth encouraging, not because of all that mystic twaddle, but because you cheer Teef.
After some twaddle the minister cleared his throat and got to the reason he'd invited her presence.
This twaddle about the Rue Blomet, Pamela, the barracks, the lancer, had passed before Marius like a dissolving view.
My goodness, what utter twaddle, and what may all this nonsense have signified, pray? If it had any meaning at all! said Mrs.
The spectacle presented by these men - some of them with grey heads and beards - as they marked time or tramped along singing this childish twaddle, would have been amusing if it had not been disgusting.

And we’ve no proof, twaddled Floy.

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