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Frasi con bosh (in inglese)

When I first came into my money, at eighteen, when people said Guilt, I said Bosh.
I hear—they tell me—that you read her all that nonsense aloud? Stupid bosh it was—written in delirium.
Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier was killed in Washington DC by Cuban-American terrorists, CORU, led by Orlando Bosh and Luis Posada Carriles.
At Eton College, Pocock had found two of the men with whom he had worked as a boy—Froggy Windsor and Bosh Barrett—still at work in the old boat shop.
Everything is arbitrary here: it is an arbitrary invention to say that a fox could carry off a peasant's duck in winter, that peasants trap foxes, that a fox sleeps in the daytime in his lair (for he sleeps only at night); arbitrary is that hole which is uselessly dug in winter and covered with boards without being made use of; arbitrary is the statement that the fox eats horseflesh, which he never does; arbitrary is the supposed cunning of the fox, who runs past the hunter; arbitrary are the mound and the hunter, who does not shoot for fear of missing, that is, everything, from beginning to end, is bosh, for which any peasant boy might arraign the author of the story, if he could talk without raising his hand.

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