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Frasi con bilgewater (in inglese)

Bilgewater, too, found something useful.
But Bilgewater would have none of that logic.
Bilgewater and Biledumper followed him noisily.
Bilgewater showed off his item of manly apparel.
Bilgewater, he grabbed his own club from the rack.
Bilgewater, still all innocence, raised his hands and.
Bilgewater and Biledumper could tell he meant business.

Bilgewater and Biledumper retrieved the clubs they had.
As it approached, Hazel dropped back into the bilgewater.
Bilgewater responded with every bit of the innocence he felt.
Bilgewater, not to be corrected, offered an exasperated, What?
Bilgewater, seeing the two posing to admire themselves, had an idea.
But Bilgewater stubbornly kept the tie hanging limply down his chest.
Fortunately, Bilgewater and Biledumper were heading in his direction.
Obeast froze, and motioned for Bilgewater and Biledumper to do the same.
He shared this thought with Bilgewater and Biledumper, then said C’mon.
Bilgewater, grateful for his stomach’s interruption, said, I’m hungry.
The trolls didn’t much care for the shirt, but Bilgewater was struck by the tie.
Oh, they could see that Bilgewater and Biledumper had some small versions of clubs.
Clearly, Bilgewater had forgotten to grab a lungful of air before he left the underground cave.
What fun! He had seen Obeast since he was just a small troll, and of course he had grown up looking at Bilgewater, his best friend.
With a smooth precision that surprised even him, he quickly counted Oleo as number three, Bilgewater as number four, and Obeast as number five.
I'm in, up to the hub, for anything that will pay, Bilgewater; but, you see, I don't know nothing about play-actin', and hain't ever seen much of it.
Bilgewater allowed Biledumper to hit his head with his metal bat, so that the other trolls could appreciate the resounding kong sound that it made.
He and Bilgewater and Biledumper, having found common ground in facing down the big blue bug, had formed a small knot of trolls, and headed off on their own.
In the swift moment that the rock sailed toward the window, Obeast noted that the friends of this new enemy, oddly enough, looked like Bilgewater and Biledumper.
But the duke kind of soured on him, and didn't look a bit satisfied with the way things was going; still, the king acted real friendly towards him, and said the duke's great-grandfather and all the other Dukes of Bilgewater was a good deal thought of by HIS father, and was allowed to come to the palace considerable; but the duke stayed huffy a good while, till by and by the king says:.
Some person or persons invisible directed him to the male urinal erected by the cleansing committee all over the place for the purpose but after a brief space of time during which silence reigned supreme the sailor, evidently giving it a wide berth, eased himself closer at hand, the noise of his bilgewater some little time subsequently splashing on the ground where it apparently awoke a horse of the cabrank.

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