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Frasi con humbug (in inglese)

Enough of your humbug.
There's no greater humbug in the world.
They crowd round me and I humbug away again.
The story of the ghost is all humbug, isn't it?
He jumped when Mori threw a mint humbug at the glass.
What more do you want? The fellow is a self-confessed humbug.
Thank you for sharing that, said Sim with no trace of humbug.

All that is humbug, or else simply anxiety to keep the slave fit to do his work.
Olin fellow at the Manhattan Institute, condemns critical studies as law school humbug.
There is no subject on which men talk, and think, more humbug than on that subject of morality.
Facing round, however, he said, "Tess, as God is my judge, I meant no humbug in taking your hand!".
This relieved me; and once more, and finally as it seemed to me, I pronounced him in my heart, a humbug.
Are you sure he really wished to blow his brains out, and that there was no humbug about the matter?
He agreed only too fully that all was humbug in the world in which he had lived and to which he was now returning.
Instead of telling the honest story of people who humbug Christmas because it is a total hypocrisy of the true teachings of Jesus.
Give you the land for nothing—you need only sign—have they not done the likes of us often enough? No, my friend, none of your humbug.
Humbug! Most things free-born will submit to anything for a salary; therefore, keep to yourself, and don’t venture on generalities of which you are intensely ignorant.
I needed a man who would tell me the bare truth without any humbug or ceremony—and so he did—indeed, almost with pleasure (which I thought was going a little too far).
Even Dorothy had hope that "The Great and Terrible Humbug," as she called him, would find a way to send her back to Kansas, and if he did she was willing to forgive him everything.
Elijah! thought I, and we walked away, both commenting, after each other's fashion, upon this ragged old sailor; and agreed that he was nothing but a humbug, trying to be a bugbear.
Well, though there is no such person as ‘Pavlicheff’s son,’ and it is all nothing but a humbug, yet I will keep to my decision, and I am prepared to give up ten thousand roubles in memory of Pavlicheff.
There was another attraction in his profession: it wanted reform, and gave a man an opportunity for some indignant resolve to reject its venal decorations and other humbug, and to be the possessor of genuine though undemanded qualifications.
Humbug! Nonsense! Humbug, humbug, humbug! cried Prince Bolkónski, frowning and taking his daughter’s hand; he did not kiss her, but only bending his forehead to hers just touched it, and pressed her hand so that she winced and uttered a cry.
But will helped me through it—though perhaps you think me a humbug for saying it—and immediately afterwards I felt that of all persons in the world whom it was my duty and desire to save from the wrath to come—sneer if you like—the woman whom I had so grievously wronged was that person.
Before I had been standing at the window five minutes, they somehow conveyed to me that they were all toadies and humbugs, but that each of them pretended not to know that the others were toadies and humbugs: because the admission that he or she did know it, would have made him or her out to be a toady and humbug.
Lubotshka always arranged her dress when sitting down just as Mamma had done, as well as turned the leaves like her, tapped her fingers angrily and said "Dear me!" whenever a difficult passage did not go smoothly, and, in particular, played with the delicacy and exquisite purity of touch which in those days caused the execution of Field's music to be known characteristically as "jeu perle" and to lie beyond comparison with the humbug of our modern virtuosi.
And why—why (Velchaninoff suddenly began to shout passionately)—why do you come hanging round the neck of a sick man, a worried man—a man who is almost out of his wits with fever and annoyance of all sorts, and drag him into this abyss of lies and mirage and vision and shame—and unnatural, disproportionate, distorted nonsense! Yes, sir, that's the most shameful part of the whole business—the disproportionate nonsense of what you say! You know it's all humbug; both of us are mean wretches—both of us; and if you like I'll prove to you at once that not only you don't love me, but that you loathe and hate me with all your heart, and that you are a liar, whether you know it or not! You took me down to see your bride, not—not a bit in the world to try how she would behave in the society of other men—absurd idea!—You simply saw me, yesterday, and your vile impulse led you to carry me off there in order that you might show me the girl, and say, as it were.

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