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Frasi con maintain (in inglese)

  1. Now let us maintain unity.
  2. We need to maintain this.
  3. We maintain the first six.
  4. Irons we maintain a C % of 4.
  5. I maintain that the position.

  6. He tried to maintain his frown.
  7. Every business must maintain a.
  8. Maintain the hand position and.
  10. Maintain the health of your hair.
  11. Be careful to maintain good works.
  12. Castles cost too much to maintain.
  13. I do have a reputation to maintain.
  14. I still maintain that a number of.
  15. How would he maintain his sanity?

  16. Moral authority is hard to maintain.
  17. It makes traverse() hard to maintain.
  18. Mitch moaned and tried to maintain.
  19. I could not maintain my normal and.
  20. This helps maintain motivation and.
  21. Yogins can maintain their usual size.
  22. The ability to maintain an open mind.
  23. Critics maintain that it places too.
  24. She can maintain the ship without us.
  25. He will maintain close liaison with.

  26. They would maintain a constant vigil.
  27. Still maintain a fit and healthy body.
  28. Anyone can create and maintain a blog.
  29. So if you are Erdos you maintain the.
  30. It is kept separate to maintain core.
  31. He expects to maintain his family by.
  32. And almost as much effort to maintain.
  33. To maintain this flow they seek power.
  34. So to maintain the healthy, youthful.
  35. Maintain the melancholy souls of those.
  36. They maintain the idea that ―God‖.
  37. And yet you maintain that you loved him.
  38. To create and maintain his "image," or.
  39. It amazed him, her ability to maintain.
  40. Longest time to maintain a neck hang.
  41. It was sometimes difficult to maintain.
  42. It would be easier to maintain happiness.
  43. Then he said, We do not maintain that.
  44. He could maintain a level of detachment.
  45. Maintain an Open Posture with the coachee.
  46. We must maintain a powerful military to.
  47. The idea was, to maintain the regime of.
  48. Remember, calcium is used to maintain pH.
  49. Though our goal is to maintain a stable.
  50. I still maintain that fear is not a good.
  51. If we could maintain this speed we would.
  52. Judge Ellis struggled to maintain his cool.
  53. The subject was one difficult to maintain.
  54. Night fought so hard to maintain was lost.
  55. Christians have to maintain their control.
  56. To stretch or maintain length of the soleus.
  57. Maintain a temperature of about 70 degrees.
  58. Ware strives to maintain a diverse, harmo-.
  59. Those that actively sought to maintain the.
  60. Do your best to maintain high energy levels.
  61. Organic gardeners protect and maintain the.
  62. Critics, however, maintain that surgery—.
  63. Instruct the patient to maintain the position.
  64. Good gardeners have to protect and maintain.
  65. He must maintain communications at all times.
  66. They would always maintain a colony on Mars.
  67. Of course, I have my reputation to maintain.
  68. It's important for us to maintain good works.
  69. She wanted to maintain some distance from him.
  70. We need to care for ourself to maintain this.
  71. Strategies maintain the competitive advantage.
  72. And that's why you always maintain you don't.
  73. We've got to stay together and maintain unity.
  74. They can maintain the website for you, as well.
  75. To stretch or maintain length of the hamstrings.
  76. Live rock helps maintain stability in a FOWLR.
  77. Just maintain a 2:1 ratio of water to lentils.
  78. He was convinced that he alone could maintain.
  79. To stretch or maintain length of the pectoralis.
  80. Well, only a sniveling idiot can maintain that.
  81. Ben Shapiro struggled to maintain his composure.
  82. Our bodies need salt to maintain optimum health.
  83. At the same time it would maintain our present.
  84. And we know that, in order to maintain faith in.
  85. Your duties will be to file, maintain computer.
  86. It requires other practices to maintain such as.
  87. Maintain a monthly ACTIVITY card for each worker.
  88. Wickland took a deep breath to maintain his calm.
  89. It will help you maintain a clearer perspective.
  90. To stretch or maintain length of the hip flexors.
  91. But even they couldn’t maintain a relationship.
  92. It was necessary for a President to maintain 52.
  93. Forcing herself to maintain a stately walk, she.
  94. Well, naturally, it's to maintain the traditions.
  95. SSRIs help the body maintain a healthy level of.
  96. Turn right heading 278, maintain rate of descent.
  97. Diane struggles to maintain her new weight, has.
  98. We, that are alive, and maintain the process of.
  99. I understand you want to maintain appearances.
  100. There is nothing to paint and nothing to maintain.
  1. Maintaining pressure was the problem.
  2. R: They’re maintaining the corridor.
  3. Beside helping kidney in maintaining the.
  4. The proper way of maintaining eye contact.
  5. Maintaining the usual distance between us.
  6. This is a big part of maintaining wellness.
  7. Maintaining your temper will be a challenge.
  8. She had a hard time maintaining eye contact.
  9. Lewis, maintaining the broad smile that had.
  10. Maintaining grasp using tweezers and a coin.
  11. They just find joy in maintaining its BEAUTY.
  12. They all did so while maintaining a healthy.
  13. Due to the fact that I was maintaining con-.
  14. Quarter Horse while maintaining the integrity.
  15. He had been charged with maintaining peace in.
  16. Maintaining these criteria would add about 40.
  17. She was still maintaining her standard, was not.
  18. Benevolence: Maintaining the happiness of another.
  19. Maintaining a relationship with her and getting.
  20. While maintaining this strength in the resistance.
  21. But he hung on for dear life, maintaining his seat.
  22. He said that maintaining public support: Ibid.
  23. It's maintaining godliness through our generations.
  24. You must be maintaining the Link with your own power.
  25. Now, while maintaining this low level of strength in.
  26. Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust.
  27. Creating and maintaining a healthy body is really this.
  28. This was mainly to offset the cost of maintaining the.
  29. You will also have responsibility for maintaining the.
  30. You can achieve it by maintaining eye contact with her.
  31. It is your perception that is maintaining this distance.
  32. The policeman was maintaining his stance towards Lucifer.
  33. The pair are maintaining that they heard about the gold.
  34. There are several ways of developing and maintaining a plan.
  35. Now this is cozy, she said, maintaining that position.
  36. Some nutritional and herbal recommendations for maintaining.
  37. Tibetan Buddhism have spoken of the importance of maintaining.
  39. When the coachee is incapable of establishing and maintaining.
  40. The product owner is responsible for maintaining the features.
  41. Griselda was still maintaining a pretence of injured innocence.
  42. Having understood the eight benefits of maintaining affection-.
  43. It’s the #1 enemy to health and maintaining a healthy weight.
  44. I’m going to collect the rent maintaining his composure.
  45. One of the primary reasons for not maintaining their weight is.
  46. There was something to be said for maintaining physical fitness.
  47. Carol sat in her office maintaining the responsible employee pose.
  48. It’s about existence and movement, about maintaining the engine.
  49. Maintaining a complicated life is a great way to avoid changing it.
  50. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin A is important in maintaining.
  51. The only chance of maintaining their blonde freshness is to add acid.
  52. Maintaining ‘level flight’ briefly, his head regained equilibrium.
  53. Still on approach and maintaining a constant altitude of 5,000 feet.
  54. Maintaining grasp of a fork using tweezers and a coin Therapist's aim.
  55. It is also important for maintaining the cultural fabric and integrity.
  56. Running helps lower blood pressure by maintaining the elasticity of the.
  57. Buttworst said, his eyes maintaining contact with the reluctant janitor.
  58. Instruct the patient to flex their knee while maintaining hip extension.
  59. In fact, maintaining authority and some form of discipline was a problem.
  60. The oil is monounsaturated and very good for maintaining a healthy heart.
  61. This saves costs associated with running and maintaining hardware locally.
  62. He specialised in maintaining radio links and worked in exchanges as well.
  63. Maintaining the amount of protein that you put into your diet is crucial!.
  64. And that was masterful work, Mark, in casting and maintaining the Link.
  65. That is, she can do it by maintaining stability in higher-quality Choices.
  66. Maintaining harmony in love and in your friendships is important all month.
  67. Collecting and maintaining all this information shouldn’t be viewed as a.
  68. You can keep this blood pressure number by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  69. The Guilds, being built on commerce, are very keen on maintaining the peace.
  70. By maintaining Π in relation to the same position Π had Π2 confirms time.
  71. Copper is vital in maintaining the production of antibodies and white blood.
  72. What then, Die? he replied, maintaining a marble immobility of feature.
  73. The best way to do this is by maintaining or adopting a healthier lifestyle.
  74. Manganeses also have a function in maintaining the levels of minerals in the.
  75. The cost of maintaining a larger military force was prohibitive at that time.
  76. Kidney is vital in maintaining it's function in regulating the secretion of.
  77. Nixon realized simply maintaining a hardline on Communism would not be enough.
  78. Instruct the patient to flex their shoulder while maintaining elbow extension.
  79. The difficulty was in maintaining the conviction quite so absolutely after Mr.
  80. What do you think is the secret of maintaining a harmonious, productive team?
  81. Pierre was maintaining that a time would come when there would be no more wars.
  82. The cost of maintaining us for the work I did couldn’t be justified any more.
  83. Vitamin B6 aids in the synthesis of DNA and RNA by maintaining the proper cell.
  84. Instruct the patient to extend their shoulder while maintaining elbow extension.
  85. Instruct the patient to adduct their shoulder while maintaining elbow extension.
  86. Practice maintaining the position without touching your other foot on the floor.
  87. Instruct the patient to abduct their shoulder while maintaining elbow extension.
  88. Other symbols are complex, with parts maintaining sub-associations of their own.
  89. Maintaining your emotional equilibrium has been a challenge for some years now.
  90. Communication is a key point in maintaining a great relationship with your partner.
  91. You cut immediate risk of additional losses by rolling and maintaining a position.
  92. He was surprised by the frozen ground and had a hard time maintaining his balance.
  93. Fluids play an important role in maintaining homeostasis within the body's systems.
  94. It seems scarce possible to invent a more equitable way of maintaining such works.
  95. The campaign in France had illustrated the decisive importance of maintaining speed.
  96. All of those descriptions are tenacious in maintaining their hold on consciousness.
  97. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin A is important in maintaining a healthy skin.
  98. Focusing at the centre means maintaining a middle position, between the two brains.
  99. Maintaining single-leg stance while rolling the other foot on a ball Therapist's aim.
  100. Peter was all about maintaining the status quo of the exact same message which Jesus.
  1. The tank is maintained at.
  2. He maintained that we behave.
  3. If left hand is maintained on.
  4. Maintained that only in reti--.
  5. She maintained her steely glare.
  6. Frances maintained her dippy smile.
  7. The wanderer maintained his silence.
  8. They concluded and maintained for.
  9. Your time line has been maintained.
  10. She maintained her innocent posture.
  11. All well maintained and gassed up.
  12. Historically, we have maintained a.
  13. It has not been maintained very well.
  14. While Lucy maintained her loyalty to.
  15. The Castle was well run and maintained.
  16. A balance must be maintained after all.
  17. Beijing has maintained, in fact, that.
  18. The ones that still maintained a rugged.
  19. Toney has always maintained his innocence.
  20. Therefore, when a balance is maintained.
  21. Their women maintained fierce households.
  22. The police merely maintained public order.
  23. Carol had maintained a great strength and.
  24. She’d barely maintained her form in the.
  25. Q: The body is built and maintained by food.
  26. Still being maintained by the respirator.
  27. She was an individualist who maintained a.
  28. Rex maintained the facts and made it quite.
  29. All memories and experiences are maintained.
  30. He wore glasses, smiled a lot, maintained a.
  31. The trailer was new and maintained quite well.
  32. Not really maintained at all, to be accurate.
  33. Until it began to be artificially maintained.
  34. I see that Agidodah has maintained his journal.
  35. Skinny shook her head, but maintained her smile.
  36. He could tell that it was very well maintained.
  37. The barge looked to be immaculately maintained.
  38. Finally, keep your fishing gear well maintained.
  39. The middle classes maintained higher standards.
  40. But Guo Yuxia maintained her posture and smiled.
  41. The majority of oocytes are maintained inside.
  42. The drivers maintained an average speed of 227.
  43. A balance needs to be maintained between water.
  44. Just ensure that the feeding time is maintained.
  45. Poised as always, she maintained her composure.
  46. She still maintained her elderly behavior to me.
  47. Jenkins maintained a satellite office in Winslow.
  48. She maintained that you forced yourself onto her.
  49. They maintained that they had not seen the money.
  50. They’ve maintained that resolve to this very day.
  51. The back yard they climbed into was ill maintained.
  52. His health is maintained by the drinking of blood.
  53. These squadrons were rested, maintained and ready.
  54. Our hearts should be well maintained and protected.
  55. The saint kept silent and maintained his poise at.
  56. She’s maintained a high temp, Kletsova said.
  57. Kaitlyn alone maintained her composure and answered.
  58. I was struck with the singular posture he maintained.
  59. While the sun was out, he had maintained confidence.
  60. He only half addressed me, and I maintained silence.
  61. Your spaceship is your planet, it must be maintained.
  62. This conversation was maintained, since it rested on.
  63. This fictitious identity state is maintained by fear.
  64. The chain of contact with Christ has been maintained.
  65. The main building is large and looks well maintained.
  66. The halflings maintained their barrage of round stones.
  67. Nevertheless, the company maintained a beta of about 0.
  68. The policeman maintained his position in front of them.
  69. This universe is merely a complex game maintained by.
  70. The Wise have maintained records since their creation.
  72. Anyway, he always maintained it was the CFO who did it.
  73. Outwardly, he maintained the cold exterior of a killer.
  74. Once breathing has been restored, it must be maintained.
  75. This is what I call prosperity maintained by the dragon.
  76. Netherlands andconstantly maintained a large force there.
  77. Recent exegetes…have maintained that the NT dose not.
  78. Her stare softened, but maintained its lock onto his eyes.
  79. Colling maintained his contacts with the German community.
  80. Throughout my life, I have consistently maintained that.
  81. Record of any incidents and injuries shall be maintained.
  82. Strict security was maintained throughout and there were.
  83. Bev and I said, You’ve maintained things very nicely.
  84. The illusion had to be maintained that the lives of the.
  85. Gavin settled into his seat and maintained a stony silence.
  86. Your previous pace of life probably can’t be maintained.
  87. Service continuity and availability plans to be maintained.
  88. Corrigan maintained his total concentration and continued.
  89. The latch was loose, the hinges old and poorly maintained.
  90. It is designed to be maintained as a position with 4 legs.
  91. Pestsov maintained that art is one, and that it can attain.
  92. Initially he maintained the semblance of a constitutional.
  93. There is usually an ancient link, maintained through many.
  94. He maintained that grip, then grabbed again at his tripwire.
  95. This site is maintained by the Senior Citizens Forum, Bhopal.
  96. These caverns are maintained at a constant 73 degrees, year.
  97. Deposit Accounts or Recurring Deposit maintained by the minor.
  98. From that point forward he maintained that normal allocation.
  99. The military government maintained by the US government in.
  100. The world had a world-class standard maintained by a balance.
  1. Nicole maintains that she’s innocent.
  2. RBI maintains the economic structure of.
  3. She maintains her average weight this way.
  4. The heat maintains the flame, the flame con-.
  5. I know there was no affair, he maintains.
  6. The NFA maintains a database on all its members.
  7. It has its headquarters where it maintains its sway.
  8. It is life that constructs the body, maintains the.
  9. Guatemala, who maintains an unsanctioned office there.
  10. It still maintains its distinctive Scottish ambiance.
  11. Today, Yahoo! is the only major SE that maintains one.
  12. Listen to that child! It maintains a constant wail---.
  13. Roberts maintains, or a translation from the Hebrew, as Dr.
  14. The Dalai Lama further maintains that the Chinese soldiers.
  15. The company owns and maintains control over the entire cloud.
  16. Though changed in essence to a man, he maintains many of his.
  17. He even stubbornly maintains he comes from across the sea.
  18. The hydraulic brake maintains constant descent of the weight].
  19. Craig maintains that she was murdered by ex-Viet Cong living.
  20. The free grace view maintains that regeneration or the new birth.
  21. Your reality maintains distance from wealth based on the original.
  22. The regulator 14 maintains constant rotation using air resistance.
  23. THIRTEENTH: Religious humanism maintains that all associations and.
  24. Yet, at the very same time, he maintains his stance as an outsider.
  25. Your grandmother always maintains her red hair, even in the deep sea.
  26. The woman maintains that she has no bites, but suffers from emphysema.
  27. Protein is what makes up and maintains most of the stuff in our bodies.
  28. When one maintains a deep complicity with the mother, it destroys the.
  29. A long black body forms in a downtrend, which maintains the bearishness.
  30. The military maintains the four soldiers died in combat with the Taliban.
  31. Israel still maintains her own identity in the plans and purposes of God.
  32. It is the instrument which executes and maintains all his other regulations.
  33. Thom maintains, they are net accountable for conduct which is not spiritual.
  34. It is very important to know that ChexSystems only maintains the database of.
  35. So while the Hon’ble PM maintains his silence over Raja, Mr Ratan Tata goes.
  36. The KCC maintains at least two connections to each domain controller at the site.
  37. Slavery is acquired by a beast which maintains that we are not born equal.
  38. It's proud of its history, and maintains it's old-world look throughout the hotel.
  39. The true teacher maintains his intellectual integrity by ever remaining a learner.
  40. She sells the goods back to the people here, and that’s how she maintains power.
  41. The federal government maintains that becoming a vegetarian will not automatically.
  42. A variable is receptive to modification yet maintains its identity as that variable.
  43. The Law of Gunmoney eliminates rights of all to ensure Wealth maintains its advantage.
  44. When one not only maintains this equilibrium, but furthermore employs their abilities.
  45. Allah and Elohim maintains the same relationship passing blood before it is understood.
  46. Now, I care not who maintains the contrary, but all this is both foolish and unnecessary.
  47. It does not snow a lot, she maintains, but there is much cold wind that blows furiously.
  48. This maintains sufficient pressure at the user drops to ensure adequate WFI flow and to.
  49. Once decided, he then maintains this fixed stop distance throughout the life of the trade.
  50. Testosterone maintains the bone and muscle mass in women, with an increase in their libido.
  51. Genetic engineering cut down on that dog smell but he maintains a certain pure bread scent.
  52. In the one way, besides, this expense maintains productive, in the other unproductive hands.
  53. The International Platinum Association maintains an updated database of the uses of platinum.
  54. Each step maintains a minimum spanning tree of the vertices that have been included thus far.
  55. What maintains this flow of energy though, is a never-ending succession of karmic experiences.
  56. In addition to the data itself, a FAT drive maintains the following information about each file:.
  57. Who maintains, cleans and reforms all these drains and underground passages of these polar waters?
  58. There is apparently a 6%+ dividend in the pipeline if the company maintains it, which would be nice.
  59. Lord Ashburn still maintains that his actions were a mistake after having misjudged the enemy forces.
  60. Space: In order that air circulates in the body and maintains a proper balance, there has to be space.
  61. The Windows Object Manager maintains a hierarchical, global name space in which the objects are stored.
  62. Her hair is cropped, moon face, she maintains her bangs through the therapy, she is in full remission.
  63. Tote, however, sticks to his guns and maintains that the results of his experiments speak for themselves.
  64. Upon the basis of her commerce, Great Britain maintains a maritime force of 800 or 1,000 vessels of war.
  65. The same energy that created life, maintains life, so how could one preclude it from transforming life?
  66. He maintains that an economy and a society cannot be just unless wealth is shared equally by all and sundry.
  67. Simply put, Warner maintains that when we are in a confrontational conflict we are in the I-It mode of being.
  68. She walked towards us and I was a bit surprised that she still maintains her impassiveness even with Brandon.
  69. It still maintains the Eurozone principle, allows a face saver, and might get the world economy back on track.
  70. I had to congratulate the owner’s charming wife Nui on the beautiful gardens she maintains in the small complex.
  71. You can evaluate how customer oriented a business is by observing how management maintains its connection to customers.
  72. Therefore, Active Directory maintains the global catalog, which provides an overall picture of the directory structure.
  73. Europe maintains under arms at the present time more soldiers than were in the field during the great wars of Napoleon.
  74. Nevertheless, another legend of local folklore maintains that a series of relentless sea tempests had whipped Temasek.
  75. He maintains he was totally unaware of this and is shocked that his wife of only a few years should have behaved so badly.
  76. The way this works is that the sending system maintains a queue containing all of the segments it has already transmitted.
  77. That is a fallacy universally held as true, maintains Roger, because the public has been misinformed by vicious propaganda.
  78. The Company maintains a very liberal policy as to depreciation as shown by the annual profit and loss statement of past years.
  79. If the doctrine which he maintains were correct, gentlemen might be defeated in effecting the objects which they have in view.
  80. They first remove the skin and then place the cod with unfiltered olive oil in vacuum bags in a water bath that maintains 100.
  81. It maintains a naturally high acidity combined with earthiness from the beets and surprising tones of roses, coffee, and cocoa.
  82. Resistance creates the distance which maintains the separation from consciously processing, which adds to and keeps fear alive.
  83. The other type of server is the one that maintains the mailboxes and which the e-mail clients use to retrieve their incoming mail.
  84. She went on to say that he had loved Millennium magazine, the poet Leonard Cohen and Antonio Tabucchi’s novel Pereira Maintains.
  85. Mattathias cried throughout the city with a loud voice, saying, whoever is zealous of the law, and maintains the covenant, let him.
  86. But, Christianity maintains the potential for a bottom line based on truth because of the portions of the Bible that discuss Jesus.
  87. As there is an aversion to picturing and emotionally connecting to ones own death, then this maintains a natural level of resistance.
  88. Mars has no insects, parasites, or blights to deal with, and the Hab maintains perfect growing temperature and moisture at all times.
  89. The doctors claim Frederick retains no memories, that his brain maintains only basic functions, but there are moments when she wonders.
  90. But the whole produce of the land undoubtedly belongs to him, who can dispose of the labour and service of all those whom it maintains.
  91. The best management is willing to sacrifice immediate profits for long-term gains and maintains integrity and honesty with shareholders.
  92. Fractional Reserve Banking – a form of banking where the bank maintains reserves that are only a fraction of the customer’s deposits.
  93. Indirectly, perhaps, he maintains as great, or even a greater number of people, than he could have done by the ancient method of expense.
  94. Throughout the entire range, the indicator maintains the correct phase and amplitude relationship between the real and imaginary components.
  95. As mentioned, the meaning of the word ‘Soul’ is the part of the mystical Creator that maintains and sustains creation, evolution and life.
  96. Cheney defends torture or enhanced interrogation to this day and maintains that it led to saving lives and prevented terrorist attacks.
  97. Because no third party is needed to operate a personal hot wallet, using one maintains the spirit of decentralization that underpins Bitcoin.
  98. Medically, Yoga maintains the body parameters to a ripe old age (as the nature of yogic exercise is unlike other systems), which is anti-aging.
  99. When circumstances arise and a point of choice appears, a master always chooses the path which maintains peace or brings more peace internally.
  100. That scenario is analogous to a firm that maintains its stock price despite lower earnings; the effective result is a higher P/E and more risk.

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