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Frasi con clasp (in inglese)

  1. His clasp of her slackened.
  2. Thanks! Yes, do clasp it on.
  3. She heard the clasp pop and.
  4. I can clasp the hand of an angel.
  5. And he handed him his clasp knife.

  6. The pin was probably a cloak clasp.
  7. Each answer made her clasp her neck.
  8. The clasp and hinges were solid gold.
  9. He fastened the clasp around her neck.
  10. He wore a new cloak with a silver clasp.
  11. She opened the clasp and lifted the flap.
  12. Michael undid the clasp, and opened the bag.
  13. They eagerly clasp the hand of familiarity.
  14. Then I put the clasp on the stud in the back.
  15. If it isn't possible to hold the toes, clasp.

  16. She fumbled with the clasp and I slid it down.
  17. She suddenly found the clasp difficult to manage.
  18. Diary, with the unlocked clasp swinging to and fro.
  19. There was a promise of protection in his iron clasp.
  20. Sam gave his friend a reassuring clasp on the shoulder.
  21. Habendard whispered in her ears, as her clasp tightened.
  22. She glanced at Jason and saw him clasp his hands as if.
  23. Clasp your toes with your hand, and bend them toward you.
  24. Joseph watched the Baron clasp his hands together tightly.
  25. I prop my elbows on the table and clasp my hands and wait.

  26. Leaning down I ripped several pavers away to reveal a clasp.
  27. The two clasp hands and hug, each suppressing a tear of joy.
  28. A tall man, dressed in a cloak and with a silver clasp at his neck.
  29. He closed his little black bag, buckling the golden clasp together.
  30. Then, with a last strong clasp, Dad was gone, the bedroom door shut.
  31. A horn-handled clasp knife was lying in a pool of blood beside him.
  32. The clasp was a simple device, decayed and rusted but still secure.
  33. It is the firm clasp of hands, the warm bread at the breakfast table.
  34. I sagged against Henry, and he turned his hand around to clasp mine.
  35. The clasp wasn’t broken, and he put the cross back around his neck.
  36. How we managed to clasp hands through the entire storm, I dont know.
  37. It was an unreal moment for her to finally clasp eyes on the man they had.
  38. No wonder her mouth was shut like a clasp and she would not open her eyes.
  39. Without much more delay, she flipped the flimsy clasp and opened the chest.
  40. He moves sinuously, reaching out to clasp the hand of the approaching man.
  41. Her fingers worked frantically on the clasp, but it refused to come undone.
  42. He reached out to clasp forearms with Cudd, and the seijin smiled back at him.
  43. Slowly, carefully, she undid the clasp of her seatbelt and held it by her side.
  44. Pushing the clasp aside, she opened the journal to find a note addressed to her.
  45. My hands went to the clasp of her cloak, but her hands came up and grabbed mine.
  46. Her hands went to the clasp and I read her intentions, You want to do it?
  47. His hands, crossed over his chest, clasp his arms so hard his knuckles are white.
  48. He drew near her, but when he was about to clasp her she fell into decay in his.
  49. The wolf snapped my stake in half with a single thrusting clasp through his teeth.
  50. Henry reached over and took hold of the zipper clasp and started to pull it closed.
  51. Suddenly the clasp around her neck tightened and her movement was chokingly-halted.
  52. He drew near her, but when he was about to clasp her she fell into decay in his arms.
  53. He looked at me: I happened to be near him, as I had been fastening the clasp of Mrs.
  54. Ralph pointed to the clasp, and Joan unlocked it with another of the keys on her belt.
  55. She let her clasp on the stripper pole relax as she slid down gracefully to the stage.
  56. Olivia stole close to clasp his arm and stare down wide-eyed at the sprawling monster.
  57. Instinctively the clasp on his wife's hand grew closer, till his knuckles looked white.
  58. Now her feet were as lead, and sank behind him; her clasp tightened about his shoulders.
  59. Our belts were the same as the Army issued, but blue in colour and without regimental clasp.
  60. He flips the locking clasp on his tool case over and over until Marie-Laure begs him to stop.
  61. He took a potato, drew out his clasp knife, cut the potato into two equal halves on the palm.
  62. I undid the delicate clasp of the necklace and I lifted it to drop it before her on the table.
  63. While resting on your knees, clasp your hands and place your forearms on the top of a Swiss ball.
  64. He hitched up his trousers, tightened the buckle clasp with a jerk, walked past Mother to the door.
  65. Aesa fumbled with the clasp on his cloak, trying to hurry until Loken clapped him on the shoulders.
  66. A girl as tall as Eugenie, with deep brown hair pulled back tight and fastened with a simple clasp.
  67. When earthly impulses are in a firm clasp, the spiritual fruit manifest within the spirit of humans.
  68. Lemme help you, he drawled as he reached over and fastened the clasp of the old woman’s bra.
  69. In contrast, we experience peace, calm, and comfort as the nature of the beast is under a firm clasp.
  70. With a click of a remote, the clasp on the ankle cuffs popped open and Dennis was free to move about.
  71. A Princess of Blood Royal may clasp the thorns without injury and release the last knight of Camelot.
  72. Sorren barely managed to escape from its clasp, but once again bounced off painfully from the impact.
  73. It was an elaborate dark box, covered in the leather hide of an animal, and sealed with a gold clasp.
  74. But she would often clasp her hands behind her head and muse when she was supposed to be working hard.
  75. Couldn’t yet get the clasp fastened (my fingers had turned to jelly) and prettily asked for his help.
  76. To help pass the time, Jitter pulled out a clasp knife and sliced up an apple and slowly ate each slice.
  77. In a minute or two her breathing became more regular, her clasp of his hand relaxed, and she fell asleep.
  78. I clasp my hands over my chest and press down, hoping the pressure will make me feel safe, like an embrace.
  79. His fingers longed to clasp it again, though this time his mind feared its enmity and turned away at the last.
  80. As he speaks, Hartstongue releases his clasp on Johan’s tunic and moves both hands across to grip his shoulders.
  81. Alicia turned and felt the cold handcuffs clasp into place over her wrists and knew she was more fucked than ever.
  82. The bus floor lurched and threw Barbara off-balance, allowing newly dead hands to clasp tightly onto her shoulders.
  83. Mori held his hand out, and when Thaniel gave him the watch, he twisted the clasp anticlockwise, and the back opened.
  84. Oh, oh!' As she said the words the brooch flew open, and the Queen clutched wildly at it, and tried to clasp it again.
  85. The aged sisters draw us into life: we wail, batten, sport, clip, clasp, sunder, dwindle, die: over us dead they bend.
  86. She leaped up from her chair, and flinging her clasp on the ground, she gesticulated rapidly with her hands and said:.
  87. He grasped her hand and they shook in a firm clasp, Thank you for the offer; and for passing it by me before the lad.
  88. Controlling himself, he tightened his clasp, and that made Sophia’s cheek press hard against his lean and broad torso.
  89. Don’t worry, Mahkbyth said, reaching out to clasp the priest’s shoulder, and there was something about his eyes.
  90. Bhaer, managing to clasp his hands in spite of the umbrella and the bundles, Jo, I haf nothing but much love to gif you.
  91. What she had found was a wide leather strap, the piece that closed over the top of a briefcase and buckled into the clasp.
  92. Even as their tears trickled down to their clasp to cement their fellow feeling, they shed more of them for the same reason.
  93. Some of the men clasp them in their arms, weeping, some put on a devil-may-care look, others make an attempt to console them.
  94. Dunk was too far away to hear, but he saw Pimm clasp an arm around the steward’s shoulders and murmur in his ear, laughing.
  95. Then there was the ring with the lion's head, which Caesar wore when he wanted to greet his friends with a clasp of the hand.
  96. It was a plain looking knife, with a bone handle, a blade about eight inches long, and broad in proportion, it did not clasp.
  97. I stretched out my arms to clasp her to my breast—then, oh horror! I saw the greenish-gleaming, empty eye sockets of the skull.
  98. Then in a true Fit of tender Affection, I reach’d to clasp his Hand, whereupon he drew it away with as great Dispatch as e’er.
  99. Martin Decoud called out from the lighter, Au revoir, messieurs, till we clasp hands again over the new-born Occidental Republic.
  100. They sat and looked at each other and Amanda knew that the vibrations of her fear could be felt by the other through their clasp.
  2. He stood for a moment clasping it.
  3. What? Joey said, clasping his head.
  4. Slow turning in the constant clasping round.
  5. Kifter! Tarmon said, clasping his forearm.
  6. Oh, said Kevin, clasping his hands, yeah.
  7. Reaching out and clasping his forearm, guilt about.
  8. Lost in the cleave of the clasping and sweet-flesh'd day.
  9. I crouched behind a parked Honda Accord, clasping my gun.
  10. Clasping my hands together, I closed my eyes and prayed.
  11. I shake my head a little, eyes on his hand clasping mine.
  12. Here, she turned to face him, clasping his other hand.
  13. She squeezed through the crowd, her hand clasping the gun.
  14. The Grand Wizard stood nearby, smirking and clasping some.
  15. The first of them who is clasping her hands is called Faith.
  16. He gasped and doubled up, clasping his face with both hands.
  17. Don’t worry, Anne, he said warmly, clasping her hand.
  18. Solo Ki hesitated only briefly before clasping the mage's hand.
  19. She had removed her coat and was clasping it tight to her chest.
  20. Ca knelt in front of her between her legs and clasping her hands.
  21. They were drowning and clasping at the lasts straws they could find.
  22. What’s that horrible sound? said one of the guards, clasping.
  23. Aya stood before her, clasping her hands, worry etched into her face.
  24. Dolly said, clasping her bony hands before her with a vigorous gesture.
  25. He knelt for a while, bent with weeping, still clasping Boromir's hand.
  26. Raoul and Christine, clasping each other closely, raised their eyes to.
  27. He made a mad dash back to his room, this time clasping his towel with.
  28. His mother was flushed, short of breath and clasping a bundle of papers.
  29. They moved toward the fire, where a ring of men sat clasping their knees.
  30. Her smile broadens, and she stands clasping my hands in her wrinkled ones.
  31. But instead of clasping the child to them, they start punishing the child.
  32. To Grushenka, then! Alyosha exclaimed mournfully, clasping his hands.
  33. She was lying on her bed clasping the old newspaper clipping in her hands.
  34. Her voice became choked, and clasping her hands, she looked upward, as if.
  35. She was clasping something and one of the men was trying to take it from her.
  36. Holland twisted his features and sat back, clasping his hands over his stomach.
  37. Clasping my hand, she leads me over to a two-seater sofa and sits down with me.
  38. The face is familiar, Tarmon said, clasping the Hite’s enormous forearm.
  39. Ishvara drew my eyes to him by clasping my chin and directing me to look at him.
  40. The table was cleared and the two men rested their elbows on it, clasping hands.
  41. Seconds later he sat up, clasping his left hand around the back of Travis's neck.
  42. I awoke with a start, clasping the window pane as my body hurled towards gravity.
  43. Jarvis, shifting the cushion at her back, and clasping her hands behind her head.
  44. Yes; now I will! answered the child, bounding across the brook, and clasping.
  45. The boy just sat clasping his hands as he leaned forward on his knees, head hanging.
  46. Pray, Sir, please reconsider, said I, Heart pounding, clasping Belinda tightly.
  47. It had altered its course and was almost on him, reaching out with its clasping claw.
  48. Well, praise Jesus that you’re alright, she said, clasping her hands together.
  49. He gave a gasp and struggled; but he remained bent, clasping the ball with both hands.
  50. He was frowning at them, clasping his lunch so hard his thumb had dented the sandwich.
  51. But clasping her hands, she ran beside me sobbing and gasping, and would not leave me.
  52. Then, clasping his sister in his arms, the two wept together in silence for some while.
  53. Oh, she’ll understand, she’ll understand! cried the prince, clasping his hands.
  54. He remembers the way they clung together, Valli clasping his hands to Nari’s scabbard.
  55. Andersen saw the guard lift his hands and then sit down on the ground clasping his bosom.
  56. So what's going to happen to us now? Benjamin squirmed, clasping his hands around his.
  57. I won't; I won't! cried the child hurriedly, clasping her hands before her entreatingly.
  58. This exordium, and Miss Pross's two hands in quite agonised entreaty clasping his, decided Mr.
  59. Lorry, clasping his hands, that no one near and dear to me is in this dreadful town to-night.
  60. Grace cried ecstatically, clasping her hands together with excitement, her features triumphant.
  61. All the hands of comrades clasping, all the Southern, all the Northern, Pioneers! O pioneers!.
  62. But the morning, such a morning, she exclaimed, softly, and clasping her hands in ecstasy.
  63. He managed to descend safely by clasping his legs round the sides of the ladder and sliding down.
  64. One of the earliest boats to arrive was seen to contain a woman tenderly clasping a pet Pomeranian.
  65. I twirled in front of Tess and she jumped out of her chair clasping her hands together in appreciation.
  66. She clung to it, almost crying, clasping it with both of her own, bringing it to her face, kissing it.
  67. Astoundingly calm, Mitchell emerged near the surface, pulling off the fins, before clasping the ladder.
  68. She stood clasping him and caressing him, and he was something unknown to her--something almost uncanny.
  69. He settled the matter by clasping his arm round her as he desired, and Tess expressed no further negative.
  70. They both still had one hand at Oak's throat; Detroit's grasp upon it, Oak's still clasping to release it.
  71. His father quickly scurried around the vehicle, clasping his arm around the woman as they entered the hotel.
  72. She faltered promises of explicit obedience, clasping his corded neck as if seeking security from the contact.
  73. A match flared, he leaned back against a post and, clasping his hands about his knees, smoked a while in silence.
  74. She listened, looking imploringly at him, clasping her hands in dumb entreaty, as though it all depended upon him.
  75. This time he fell on his knees, and, clasping his hands convulsively, uttered a prayer intelligible to God alone.
  76. Flat on her back, her well kept hands clasping the wine glass poised on her stomach, she talked into the night sky.
  77. Tom’s right hand - that had been resting by his hip so casually - suddenly leaped up, clasping the gun, and fired.
  78. Stepan Trofimovitch uttered some exclamation in French, clasping his hands, but Varvara Petrovna had no thought for him.
  79. He could remember sitting for hours clasping his skull between rigid fingers feeling the throbbing and the swelling inside.
  80. With both arms clasping the branch, I scrambled hard with my feet until I had worked, first my body, and then my knees, onto it.
  81. When he finished describing how the luckless man trampled on the money, Lise could not help clasping her hands and crying out:.
  82. While I fed on Zacchaeus I could see Adrinius clasping his bleeding neck with his hands bent at the knees howling from the pain.
  83. Then—then—you won't come, will you? said Pavel once more, timidly and despairingly, and clasping his hands in entreaty.
  84. An explosion of light and pain overcomes him, and Sloth cries out, hands clasping at his head, trying to rid himself of the invasion.
  85. As the ambulance drove sharply on the course, the large man, still clasping the jockey in his arms, looked hard at the anguished face.
  86. He studied them in silence – especially the close-up of the osprey clasping a fish in its talons and surrounded by droplets of water.
  87. Every now and then she snapped a photograph, including a good one of an osprey clasping a fish in its talons as it rose from the water.
  88. Oh, child… He in turn shook his head sorrowfully, stepping past her and clasping his hands behind his back in gloomy rumination.
  89. Having done all she could, Macey backed away and slid down the wall, clasping her hands around her legs, hugging her knees to her chest.
  90. He remembered a garbled conversation, then him and Fishmael clasping hands and shaking firmly, after the bloody signing of the contract.
  91. When Petra shook her head, the girl hesitated a fraction before clasping Petra’s elbow and steering her away from the man with the leer.
  92. Yes, revelations and things that were in the deep crevices of our minds that we never thought possible, Anna said clasping her hand.
  93. I hurry over to the other side and find him on the ground, his back resting on the front wheel of his car with hands clasping his right ankle.
  94. By then, the bouncers had reached them, and as Maria watched, Colin slipped his hands behind his back, clasping his left wrist with his right hand.
  95. Thomas turned to see his original pursuer still coming, though it had slowed a bit, clasping and unclasping a metal claw as if mocking him, laughing.
  96. Oh, how happy!—she went on, clasping her hands, with a return to that more childlike impetuous manner, which had been subdued since her marriage.
  97. On getting home, after three sleepless nights, Vronsky, without undressing, lay down fiat on the sofa, clasping his hands and laying his head on them.
  98. I won't attempt to describe what happened to mother: in mortal terror she stood clasping her hands above her, and she suddenly screamed after him :.
  99. Oh, no, Edmond, it is myself that I blame, myself that I hate! Oh, miserable creature that I am! cried she, clasping her hands, and raising her eyes to heaven.
  100. Helez sat in one of the comfortable chairs, her head against the high back and her eyes closed, clasping her hands together in her lap as her mind spun in turmoil.
  1. I lay clasped in the.
  2. He clasped her very fast.
  3. He clasped her very close.
  4. Her arms clasped his knees.
  5. He clasped and unclasped his.
  6. With both hands still clasped.
  7. He quickly clasped them behind.
  8. She clasped her hands in prayer.
  9. He clasped his hands imploringly.
  10. The woman clasped Claire’s hand.
  11. She stared at her clasped fingers.
  12. Mitchell clasped her hand tighter.
  13. Hank grinned and clasped his hand.
  14. He gently clasped her hands in his.
  15. The girl’s hands clasped together.
  16. They clasped each other arm to arm.
  17. He clasped her close and kissed her.
  18. She reached out and clasped my hand.
  19. She clasped my fingers in the auto.
  20. He clasped Alice's hand and hung on.
  21. He clasped his injured arm and his.
  22. Lebedeff clasped his hands once more.
  23. He clasped it and pulled her to him.
  24. Lise clasped her hands at his story.
  25. I clasped his hand with my free hand.
  26. I clasped my hands together in sorrow.
  27. They stand in a circle, hands clasped.
  28. They had clasped hands unconsciously.
  29. He clasped the necklace around my neck.
  30. She clasped her knees and sat silently.
  31. By instinct, she kept the baby clasped.
  32. Ralph clasped his hands behind his head.
  33. He clasped his hands, feeling the cold.
  34. He reached back and I clasped his hands.
  35. I clasped my hands on top of the folder.
  36. He immediately clasped a hand over his.
  37. Clasped in his right hand was a Mauser 7.
  38. Yasmina clasped her ears, staring wildly.
  39. Hands clasped once more on the tablecloth.
  40. At morn, hand clasped in hand, they rove.
  41. He clasped his hands and flew to his son.
  42. She had her house key clasped in her hand.
  43. She and Sage clasped each other’s hands.
  44. Lebedeff clasped his hands in supplication.
  45. As they clasped forearms the Knight smiled.
  46. I nodded, looking down at our clasped hands.
  47. She clasped her hand to her mouth in shock.
  48. Valentine clasped her hands as if in prayer.
  49. She retrieved her cell then clasped his hand.
  50. He signed beside it and Guy clasped his arm.
  51. Randy fidgeted and clasped his hat nervously.
  52. He turned her to face him, clasped her close.
  53. He felt himself clasped in the Persian's arms.
  54. He sat with his hands clasped over his belly.
  55. She clasped her hand over her mouth in shock.
  56. This was no dream, and yet so he clasped her.
  57. Nolan clasped his hands together on the table.
  58. She clasped his hand and held it to her heart.
  59. Tom clasped her about her neck and pleaded:.
  60. Gareth sat, his elbows on knees, hands clasped.
  61. I clasped my mouth shut, stunned for a second.
  62. She clasped me to her as I hugged her tightly.
  63. She clasped her hands tightly, all her wish-.
  64. Brian clasped her arms in a comforting embrace.
  65. While they two clasped each other, and foresaw.
  66. Garcia looked at his feet and clasped his hands.
  67. He clasped Thanasi on the shoulder and grinned.
  68. Buddha lowered his head, and raised his clasped.
  69. Finally she just clasped her hand over his mouth.
  70. She nervously clasped and unclasped her fingers.
  71. Annalise dropped the sponge and clasped her hands.
  72. Then he clasped her with a great hug to his heart.
  73. Hands clasped [in prayer], they were kneeling on.
  74. Forty times? Maldynado clasped his forehead.
  75. Rick clasped his hands together so hard they hurt.
  76. He clasped her in his two feeble arms, sobbing:.
  77. Father Haralambos chuckled as he clasped his hands.
  78. The young children clasped their mothers’ hands.
  79. Colin clasped his hands together beneath the table.
  80. The major clasped his hands in token of admiration.
  81. She ran to her long lost brother and clasped his.
  82. Some clasped their hands together to conceal the.
  83. He clasped his fingers and rested his chin on them.
  84. For a moment, their hands met and clasped tightly.
  85. Lindsey rose and clasped her hands behind her back.
  86. Then he bowed again, the hat clasped to his bosom.
  87. They clasped and sundered, did the coupler's will.
  88. Thomas put out his one hand, and Merthin clasped it.
  89. I groaned my frustration and a hand clasped my arm.
  90. Colleen gasped and clasped herself across the chest.
  91. Hurd stood up and clasped his hands behind his back.
  92. Her brown, nervous hands were clasped over her knee.
  93. Jim shook his clasped hands together over his head.
  94. The old warden clasped his hands and exclaimed:—.
  95. Johnson clasped his cellphone shut and stuck it in.
  96. He clasped my hands as he had done with the others.
  97. The captain stood up and clasped his hands together.
  98. Her hands were clasped in front of her and she was.
  99. She clasped her knees but he forced his way onwards.
  100. There was something clasped tightly in his left hand.
  1. He clasps my hand.
  2. For what he clasps.
  3. She clasps my hands.
  4. Justice clasps her hands together.
  5. MATTHEW CLASPS HIS hands behind his back.
  6. For what he clasps, seems a very thin line.
  7. He clasps his left hand brutally across her mouth.
  8. It had impressive leather covers with metal clasps.
  9. He clasps me to himself like Life itself and he a Dying Man.
  10. Fizzicist snapped open the clasps and raised the lid gently.
  11. Once he’s done, he clasps my hair at the nape to hold me in place.
  12. She tugs at the hem of her shirt, then clasps her hands in front of her.
  13. As she jerked involuntarily the steel clasps around her wrists also bit.
  14. She multiplied clasps and pins where no one would have dreamed of looking.
  15. Although amply forewarned by the approaching clasps of thunder, the throng of.
  16. But then he clasps my hand and bumps my chest and says, Good to see you, Tom.
  17. BLOOM: (His eyes wildly dilated, clasps himself) Show! Hide! Show! Plough her!.
  18. Christian stops in the doorway and clasps my chin, forcing my eyes to meet his.
  19. These are again the words of Jarvis Lorry, as he clasps his hands, and looks upward.
  20. We were in the presence of a ship whose severed shrouds still hung from their clasps.
  21. One of the clasps must not have been latched closed because the briefcase popped open.
  22. There was a flurry of activity, as men began to open the metal clasps of each container.
  23. She clasps her shiny purse closed, and then nods her head quickly up and down several times.
  24. She took out her purse with the silver clasps and read again the words A Present from Belfast.
  25. She lets out a shrill scream as the Zombie clasps her head and lifts it off as if he was picking a.
  26. It was a big mirror, one of the older types that had a mirror held to a backing board by metal clasps.
  27. Once more she struggled with the bra and gave a few discontented words as she fiddled with straps and tiny clasps.
  28. Christian climbs in the other side and clasps my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze that I feel all the way though my body.
  29. The jacket was embossed, with silver clasps and small metal plates riveted down either side of the breast, engraved with entwined animals.
  30. The next few days saw my plan slowly start to set into motion it would be this plan that would finally break me from the clasps of Rick and G.
  31. He found her only a few yards away, a short, thin little waif, barely out of her mid-teens, with long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail by several golden clasps.
  32. He balanced his briefcase on the rounded top of a postal box and flicked open the clasps, and there inside lay the long, unmarked envelope he’d been supposed to deliver.
  33. She didn’t bother with any arm clasps, and Sarmouth hesitated as she hugged him with a familiarity which would undoubtedly have horrified eighty or ninety percent of her brother’s subjects.
  34. Eugene pauses in his act of tightening up Maximus' saddle, draws his eyebrows together, and watches her as she clasps her hands behind her back and rocks back on her heels with a smug look on her face.
  35. She deposits one can in each pocket of her uncle’s coat, and checks again for the little house in the pocket of her dress, and sits on a trunk and clasps her cane in both hands and tries not to think about her bladder.
  36. The camera callously and noisily pulled closer to them bringing them prematurely back to the scene in hand, on cue Byron unattached the actress’s white cotton robe at the shoulder clasps, baring the curve of her spine to the whirling lens.
  37. And now all the clasps are undone on his vest and her leg wraps around his hip and he's squeezing her ass with such a hunger, such a need to grip her flesh that she moans into his mouth, sending vibrations running straight down to his stomach.
  38. She saw the little Zouave, a split-oak basket over his unwounded arm, making the rounds of the crowd on her side of the hall and saw women, old and young, laughing, eager, tugging each other undo stiff necklace clasps, unpinning brooches from bosoms.
  39. Herewith I send you, my dear, a string of coral beads with gold clasps; I wish they were Oriental pearls; but "he who gives thee a bone does not wish to see thee dead;" a time will come when we shall become acquainted and meet one another, but God knows the future.
  40. And Albert took out of a little pocket-book with golden clasps, a remnant of his old fancies, or perhaps a tender souvenir from one of the mysterious and veiled ladies who used to knock at his little door,—Albert took out of this pocket-book a note of 1,000 francs.
  41. But the springs of the right side having at length given way beneath the weight of his corpulence, it happened that the carriage as it rolled along leaned over a little, and on the other cushion near him could be seen a large box covered in red sheep-leather, whose three brass clasps shone grandly.
  42. She wore a blue and white-striped vest, with long open sleeves, trimmed with silver loops and buttons of pearls, and a sort of bodice, which, closing only from the centre to the waist, exhibited the whole of the ivory throat and upper part of the bosom; it was fastened with three magnificent diamond clasps.
  43. Hoyt of Deerfield, three-fourths of an inch in diameter, and three inches long, closely tied by a string made of the hide of some animal, which string was encircled by brass or copper clasps greatly oxidized; but the hair and string were in a good state of preservation, though they must have lain there more than a century.
  44. How hurried was their first glance! But how they fix! How he starts! How he suddenly and vehemently clasps in both arms the form he dared not, a moment since, touch with his finger! How he calls aloud a name, and drops his burden, and gazes on it wildly! He thus grasps and cries, and gazes, because he no longer fears to waken by any sound he can utter—by any movement he can make.
  45. You know the scene where Averil makes the cake? Well, I just stated that she used the Rollings Reliable in it, and that was why it turned out so well; and then, in the last paragraph, where PERCEVAL clasps AVERIL in his arms and says, 'Sweetheart, the beautiful coming years will bring us the fulfilment of our home of dreams,' I added, 'in which we will never use any baking powder except Rollings Reliable.

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