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    1. There are many hose end sprayers that you can use that attaches to the hose

    2. He attaches self-adhesive electrodes to Leona's chest wall, one at the base and one at the apex of her heart, powers up the on board defibrillator and runs an analysis of her condition

    3. thought attaches onto others

    4. The smoke emitted from the burning attaches itself to the negative energy and moves it to another space

    5. Foreign attaches were amazed to find officers faring the same as their men

    6. The smoke attaches itself to negative energy

    7. He then attaches a wire to the electrode and switches on the heart monitor

    8. It extracts the mutations of the Enma it attaches to, and if I will it, takes their life

    9. The legs of the injured are not equal, so also is the parable in the mouth of fools; like he who attaches the stone inside the

    10. attaches to the main house

    1. As Nancy looked closely at Bread Crumbs, she noticed that there was a small speaker attached to the collar around her neck

    2. There is nothing wrong in having them but what is wrong is getting too possessive about them or getting attached to them

    3. Avoid plant boxes attached to the house unless it’s off the ground

    4. carrying his clipboard with attached files and documents

    5. Lucy was particularly attached to the

    6. attached to your shoulders

    7. - She attached the best rendering of the wagon that was headed across the sand toward the shuttlecraft's old resting site

    8. I’ve become very attached to this place and would hate to have to leave, especially if it was through my own incompetence

    9. From the four places on her torso where the artificial, machine limbs would have attached had they been represented, what looked like endless colored veins extended out from the neural interface ports, representing the connections between the breaching ship’s systems and the neural processors set in Chief Horcheese’s torso

    10. The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system

    1. Later in the week, Bahkmar was able to share a voyage with an astrophysicist/soldier friend named Enrico Hasheem who's mission was to attach the navigation motors to the asteroid

    2. By virtue of the addition of a new hub, borrowed from his place of work, Danny could attach his laptop to his domestic network in any one of the bedrooms, in the kitchen and even in the downstairs lavatory

    3. I don’t have time to go into the science of this right now, I'll attach notes you can read at your leisure

    4. There's a three volume report on the whole dust-up, I'll attach a copy of that too

    5. Once in the hall he began to attach the large buckle to his belt when a piece of paper slipped to the floor

    6. The more you attach to things,

    7. When you attach regularly to non-‐truth, you wil eventual y have negative

    8. I can't attach the child to anyone else in the community because I don't date

    9. I would attach hydrolytic sheers to one backhoe and the other a grappling claw to hold the piece being cut

    10. It was very easy to attach the little metal things to the underneath of the poker table with screws

    1. I’m also attaching an intermediate compilation of a fabrication file

    2. Negativity appears in life solely because of believing, attaching, resisting

    3. Holding on, or attaching, gives us a false

    4. bad as attaching to negatives; they both clog up the system

    5. However, the act of attaching to a partner is real y a very

    6. its presence without attaching to it (detached observation), you allow

    7. His father put a hammer in his hand and set him to pounding nails, attaching long flat planks to larger pieces of lumber

    8. Uncle Frank, kidded with her about attaching the machine up to her, and you blow up

    9. After he was securely up on the ledge, he pulled one of the ropes out of his pocket and set about attaching one end of it to the rock

    10. That would be a frightening proposition! By ―somebody‖, I mean the tendency many of us have of attaching far greater importance to ourselves than many of us justly merit, inclined as we oftentimes are of internalizing our self-importance

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    attach in English

    affiliate associate join forces with adhere belong accompany combine go with fasten bind connect affix hitch join stick on attribute charge assign impute ascribe pertain captivate charm enamour engage endear entail

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    attach confiscate impound seize sequester bind bond tie affiliate associate join forces with adhere belong accompany combine go with fasten connect affix hitch join stick on attribute charge assign impute ascribe pertain captivate charm enamour engage endear entail