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Frasi con attach (in inglese)

  1. Attach a copy of any.
  2. I attach a print of the positive.
  3. What will it attach itself to?
  4. Remember to attach pictures of your.
  5. Attach the Perform __ sets of __ reps.

  6. He never wanted to attach unnecessary.
  7. They attach to the soul when incarnated.
  8. Attach a hook to the end of the spindle.
  9. This function allowed banks to attach a.
  10. I don't attach much importance to victory.
  11. Then attach the tapered end of the shower.
  12. Or you could attach yourself to some force.
  13. That need to attach yourself as His bond-.
  14. The antibodies attach to the blood cells (i.
  15. To what use can our breath attach the dawn?

  16. He had not given her time to attach herself.
  17. It’s best to attach the jump hoop with tape.
  18. There is a picture that I wanted to attach to.
  19. LP, run and attach the winch to the jail bars.
  20. But you should not attach such value to the gift.
  21. Do you have a radio transducer that I could attach.
  22. There is some truth to this; never attach any strings.
  23. It will attach directly into your spinal cord and brain.
  24. Attach 12 chocolate pieces, then roll in chopped peanuts.
  25. Her hair flew; pins seemed scarcely to attach the flying silks.

  26. I think she has metal bars in her legs that attach her to the.
  27. Macon,) the merit of the late negotiation, if it attach anywhere.
  28. Paul had gotten the idea to attach large metal wheels to the plow.
  29. What sense therefore we may attach to it in the writings of the N.
  30. There is no need to attach a death certificate or a proof of death.
  31. In fact, it’s your choice as to whether it can attach itself to.
  32. I’d wear the helmet so I had a place to attach my night vision to.
  33. It is better to attach the lead rope to the side ring of the halter.
  34. There were enough ports for all the ships in the task force to attach.
  35. Instead, you can attach the bill electronically to the account from.
  36. Rushworth appeared precisely the young man to deserve and attach her.
  37. If you attach the balloons by tying to fishing string a long line of.
  38. To speak of it would be to attach importance to what has no importance.
  39. That means, once we attach a new tip, we have to start a new bore hole.
  40. If you enjoyed this ebook would you tell others about it? You may attach.
  41. Weight one end of a length of line and attach hooks at intervals along it.
  42. True; both these and the opposite names will always attach to all of them.
  43. I’d wear the helmet so I had a place to attach my night vision to.
  44. She had never been able to attach even those she loved best; and since Mrs.
  45. Like others who attach themselves to a rising star, Jamal did so willingly.
  46. Attach the ends of the wire to the terminals of the battery for five minutes.
  47. You can attach your PI ships to it and tether the Class Five to make the run.
  48. Since the protein can attach to the sperm, it inhibits the sperm function in.
  49. This type of fibroids attach to the uterus by a stalk, and sometimes they are.
  50. Obviously if the money is in Europe it is much easier to attach and freeze it.
  51. I can't attach the child to anyone else in the community because I don't date.
  52. It should not be too difficult to weld on the axle and then attach the wheels.
  53. Many also attach material significance to growth trends compared to P/E ratios.
  54. They have a role to play to attach goods where needed during the squeeze process.
  55. Attach Instructions: Brown 1 pound ground beef or stew beef in a little olive oil.
  56. Ask the officer to attach or incorporate the ID Theft Complaint into their police.
  57. There's a three volume report on the whole dust-up, I'll attach a copy of that too.
  58. He has a machine with electronic sensors that attach to the front of your forehead.
  59. There were many possible meanings I could attach to his physical appearance—one.
  60. Attach this as a document in the email you send, so all they have to do is cut and.
  61. We did not attach any numeric guidelines, as should be done, for check boxes 2 and 3.
  62. Every act of his went to perpetuate the Union and to attach the States to each other.
  63. In point of fact, he did attach marvellously little importance to the approaching event.
  64. I don't think it's helpful to attach a label to day traders, which seems like a stigma.
  65. When you attach regularly to non-‐truth, you wil eventual y have negative.
  66. I beg you to note that I attach particular significance to compliance with this request.
  67. But Alexey Alexandrovitch did not now attach any special significance to this tone of hers.
  68. To put the issue into perspective and attach a value to it, I have listed an example here:.
  69. They tied them across the poles as before but this time there was nothing to attach them to.
  70. Then we continue searching, not for a meaning, but of the new fastener to attach our threads.
  71. My lips where still attach to hers the whole time then moving to nipple on her earlobe softly.
  72. They will now see what sort of woman it is that can attach me, that can attach a man of sense.
  73. Then attach a price or value to this item, not in currency but perhaps on a scale of one to ten.
  74. Souvenirs both respectful and affectionate, for they touch his mother, attach him to this past.
  75. So, with some reluctance, I attach my fathers last letter to you, written some eight years ago.
  76. True, later on, Jesus did attach a new and significant import to this lightly bestowed nickname.
  77. We need to be winched a little bit further, but cannot find a suitable place to attach the cable.
  78. Now we discover our error; a title and promotion attach you to the government we wish to overturn.
  79. Either he had very strong thighs, or he was using some sort of sticky substance to attach himself.
  80. Secure the middle with craft wire and leave some extra wire in order to attach it to the tulle base.
  81. It was very easy to attach the little metal things to the underneath of the poker table with screws.
  82. Anytime you think, speak, or write about a support area, attach the word potential to that definition.
  83. We shall see whether he cannot attach you to himself or find a place for you somewhere nearer the sun.
  84. He then reached out with the magnet and allowed its two prongs to attach to the end of the heavy track.
  85. One may, on hearing these whistles, attach to them no other meaning than that of the indication of time.
  86. It is not that the worthless attach themselves to the highest stratum of society, but, on the contrary.
  87. It had chains and cuffs attached at the four corners ready to attach to Bohdan once he was in position.
  88. In a matter which is perfectly clear they attach all the importance to the form and reject the appeal.
  89. As the bishop passed inside he saw a man attach the—to him—badge of iniquity to the lapel of his coat.
  90. And Robert Puller had plenty of mentors since everyone was racing to attach themselves to his coat-tails.
  91. Finally, it alters the womb lining in such a way that an egg is not able to attach itself and grow there.
  92. We will attach to these copies duplicates of this news clips and of the crime statistics dug up by Harry.
  93. And you can then reliably attach that feeling to the situation, so that in future you 'automatically' go.
  94. I could attach the Glock to the inside of my thighbone, it’s just I don’t have tape or a belt with me.
  95. Many trading systems allow you to attach a stop loss to the initial trade, and if yours does, then use it.
  96. How then are we to know the truth in order to attach this mechanism which will relate us to the Infinite?
  97. I had no reference point for it whatsoever, so I could smell, but there was no experience to attach it to.
  98. Attach the handle to a spring and adjust the stretch on the spring so that the forearm is held vertically.
  99. To a helpless being like this, whoever takes care of you is everything, so you attach your life to theirs.
  100. Once in the hall he began to attach the large buckle to his belt when a piece of paper slipped to the floor.
  1. Sci, attaching the photos of the bomb kit.
  2. Attaching an American probe to a Chinese booster.
  3. Attaching it to Rover 2, however, is another story.
  4. Holding on, or attaching, gives us a false.
  5. Attaching the word to the feeling will come in time.
  6. When we stop attaching ourselves to the results and.
  7. The blood knot is a knot used for attaching two pieces of.
  8. The perfection loop knot is used for attaching two looped.
  9. These are knots for attaching ropes to posts, bars and poles.
  10. After attaching it, I thought to Zem, Zem, are you in the.
  11. The Surgeon's Knot is a knot also used for attaching two pieces.
  12. Toward the fluid and attaching character exudes the sweat of the.
  13. The fluid and attaching character is the freshness and sweetness of.
  14. Kitty had repeated this without attaching any significance to the words.
  15. He found her in the near field, attaching a new door to the smokehouse.
  16. I’m also attaching an intermediate compilation of a fabrication file.
  17. However, the act of attaching to a partner is real y a very.
  18. There were some wires attaching her to a machine but no tubes or oxygen masks.
  19. But the corporatenism lives on, attaching itself onto another human collective.
  20. Gone are the days when attaching a picture in a resume is of prime importance.
  21. This attaching negative magnetic vibration results in the ego, and is delusional.
  22. Uncle Frank, kidded with her about attaching the machine up to her, and you blow up.
  23. Bonuses are used to make custom powers by attaching them to Standard Actions or Powers.
  24. Negativity appears in life solely because of believing, attaching, resisting.
  25. They feed from the emotional realm attaching themselves and draining emotional charge.
  26. It has been found that by attaching sensitive machine to all the eggs except one in a.
  27. The perfection loop knot is used for attaching two looped pieces of monofilament together.
  28. One old colored man was attaching a feedbag to a fine brown horse hitched to a flat truck.
  29. Reuben and Rashi were assigned to join the team attaching the separated components of the.
  30. She focused on the colour of the mind-ribbon attaching the three of them, gold, green, ivory.
  31. Very high branches can be removed by attaching strings to the saw toggles to give extra reach.
  32. Grafting refers to the horticultural method of attaching the part of one plant to another plant.
  33. This can be easily achieved by attaching a user-supplied comment to the name of the zip archive.
  34. So Maniatis filed an amendment attaching the denial by the su perintendent dated October 20, 1987.
  35. It should eliminate a number of the abuses formerly attaching to receiverships and reorganizations.
  36. Colling returned to his quarters and set about attaching the new stripes to his jacket and one shirt.
  37. In fact, you cannot analyze without looking at all the terms and conditions attaching to a borrowing.
  38. I cannot avoid attaching more importance to these considerations than to the arguments advanced by Mr.
  39. He’s got his shirt on and is awkwardly attaching his breast plate when Amy turns onto the border road.
  40. Instead, I ready the machetes by attaching them to the backpack's sides, within easy grasp if required.
  41. Any surplus can be used for attaching the net to supports and weights to keep it in position when in use.
  42. When that is finished we will begin attaching and marking the sticks between each square and the clay face.
  43. But they are half correct while Newton still is completely incorrect by attaching mass to the entire idea of.
  44. Non-Attachment - the state of not attaching to anything such as relationships, material goods, ideas, beliefs.
  45. The nurses covered his eyes and fitted him in a strait-jacket, before attaching a hook to the back of the jacket.
  46. The Locals have this wonderful custom of floating flowers off to the sunset, and attaching a prayer to each flower.
  47. You see him keep attaching his mouth to the pipe and never leaves it or brings it out of his mouth for one moment.
  48. That means doing the forensic work and arresting the perpetrator and or attaching his property with a court order.
  49. Twoflower was feverishly attaching the cage of subdued lizards to the picture box, which he had mounted on a tripod.
  50. The harness attaching them stopped them filming the crawl on to the ledge, this had been done on a film stage earlier.
  51. Attaching a hothouse to the residence is a great idea if there may be not much room to construct a stand alone version.
  52. His father put a hammer in his hand and set him to pounding nails, attaching long flat planks to larger pieces of lumber.
  53. The blood knot is a knot used for attaching two pieces of monofilament together, primarily for rebuilding tapered leaders.
  54. Bobby Moch had a habit of calling for big tens by attaching someone’s name to the call—to give it more emotional impact.
  55. Love of life is a broad bi-product to deeper levels such as what he is associating, and attaching ‘loves’ to in his life.
  56. He finished attaching the safety chains from the trailer to the Pathfinder’s towing hitch when he heard his name called out.
  57. I sat watching silently as he banged and crashed about the barn, attaching various bits and bobs to the machine he was building.
  58. The familiar routine of attaching the wings and tail surface and conducting the preflight inspection settled Shapiro’s thoughts.
  59. There was something very attaching about him, his opinions and philosophies, his phrasing, his generosity towards all, his humour.
  60. As her car drove away, she walked towards her office doors attaching her ID to her breast pocket and plunged into the chaos of MI5.
  61. And I picture the swarm of nanoprobes attaching to the new links, coating them in golden armor to preserve the memory for eternity.
  62. Besides swinging a red lantern, a train could be signaled to stop by attaching three torpedoes to the rail spaced fifty feet apart.
  63. Fyodor Pavlovitch himself has so begged you to, he said at last, slowly and apparently attaching no significance to his answer.
  64. They tie a rope to the tractors bucket and by attaching it to one of the hind legs, raise up the animal for Rick to start gutting it.
  65. After he was securely up on the ledge, he pulled one of the ropes out of his pocket and set about attaching one end of it to the rock.
  66. When using it with a plastic stock the gun can become a bit barrel-heavy, so I compensate by attaching a Kick-Stop system to the stock.
  67. One of the reasons for attaching the qualifier potential to support and resistance is to remind us that these levels do not always hold.
  68. When Sally had seated herself, her attacker began attaching her wrists and ankles to the chair using duct tape he always seemed to carry.
  69. The same is true, to a much lesser extent, of the relation between the various types of structures and the fire hazard attaching to them.
  70. Nick removed the stainless steel knurled attaching screws and tilted up the white enameled grille, exposing the yard wide opening beneath.
  71. Fred Maddux, in attaching the four seat straps, the G-suit hose, and radio wires to Shawn and his equipment in the backseat of the F-100F.
  72. The process of attaching a BNC connector involved stripping the insulation off the cable end to expose both the copper core and the ground.
  73. Attaching great significance to his princely rank, he threw money a\\ ay in all directions although he was a beggar, and became involved in debt.
  74. This reduction would recognize the relative stability of retail business, after allowance is made for the special burden attaching to the rental factor.
  75. Residing in Being is correct, but attaching to Emptiness will leave you disconnected with physicality and perhaps a bit too spiritual and not fully awake.
  76. Hopper treats Hinckley by attaching biofeedback electrodes to his forehead and thermometers to his fingers in an effort to teach him relaxation techniques.
  77. These are liens attaching only to new property subsequently acquired, and their assumption is not regarded as affecting the position of the other bondholders.
  78. He talked to her as people commonly do talk in society—all sorts of nonsense, but nonsense to which he could not help attaching a special meaning in her case.
  79. He had had a difficult time attaching the shoulder harness to his lap belt which was tangled over the forty five strapped to his hip and the flak vest he sat on.
  80. The fly tying process is started by wrapping the thread around the hook and then attaching the appropriate fur and feathers, making sure they are secure as you go.
  81. At some point, trend lines will be more or less vertical, and it is important to avoid attaching too much significance to a break of a nearly vertical trend line.
  82. Thor favors attaching it to goats so he always has something tasty to eat, but the chariot is perfectly capable of flying on its own, and there are no goats today.
  83. It is chiefly at the moment when there is the greatest need for attaching them to the painful realities of life, that the threads of thought snap within the brain.
  84. He cut the manacles attaching Marianne to James and attached a new set to each of them separately, saying ‘I’m sure you’ll appreciate a bit of freedom now Mrs.
  85. This does not appear to us to be justified, since we have previously argued against attaching particular significance to the possession or lack of mortgage security.
  86. Yes, there it is, in nature’s beauty, in deep contemplation, in a baby’s smile; however, I failed in attaching myself to it like I was able to do with unhappiness.
  87. But there is a growing number of cases in which preferred stock is carried in the balance sheet at arbitrary values far lower than the real liability attaching thereto.
  88. On older Type 1 Token Ring networks, an administrator had to manually initialize each port in the MAU with a special key plug before attaching a lobe cable to it.
  89. Attaching a high price to a security in the hope of high growth may be risky because if the growth rate fails to live up to expectations, the price of the security can plummet.
  90. An excellent practical example of the theoretical advantages attaching to a well-entrenched participating security is afforded by Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company Preferred.
  91. In addition to the cable, a good vendor should have all of the equipment you need to attach the appropriate connectors, including the connector components and the tools for attaching them.
  92. It had apparently been converted to electricity since its original installation, and Colling circled, examining the wires that twined down the ornate gilt chain attaching it to the ceiling.
  93. The amount of speculative interest attaching to a convertible or warrant-bearing senior security is equal to the current market value of the number of shares of stock covered by the privilege.
  94. CSU has disinterred seven heads from the Ellsworth compound, all female, all unidentified, but we are working with forensics on attaching names to these victims and should have news later this week.
  95. At the age of fourteen he had escaped a Dundee slum and swarming brood of siblings by attaching himself to a touring theatre company run by Alwyn and his wife, who were then in their early thirties.
  96. Attaching the connectors to a cable requires a crimper tool, much like the one used for coaxial cable, except that the process is complicated by having eight conductors to deal with instead of only two.
  97. Since Helen could handle attaching the containers to the cargo ship while Greg flew the shuttle and the stevedores would do the load, it was decided that Helen and Greg should make this run by themselves.
  98. Of men like Dergatchev I once drew from him the remark that " they were below all criticism," but at the same time he added strangely that " he reserved the right of attaching no significance to his opinions.
  99. The investor has been spared even greater penalties for this error by the rather accidental fact that fraudulent security promoters have rarely taken advantage of the investment prestige attaching to the bond form.
  100. He stopped the wagon, rose from the driver's seat and stepped into the bed of the wagon to assist in attaching tackle lines about the wheels so that they could be pulled off and then allowed to fall upon the ground.
  1. You are attached to a.
  2. A hook was attached to.
  3. I was too attached to it.
  4. To which Sue had attached.
  5. No blame attached to anyone.
  6. Attached to the top was an.
  7. I am not attached to her or.
  8. Attached is a copy of my resume.
  9. PROFITABILTY is attached to ORE.
  10. On the other end was attached.
  11. The silencer was still attached.
  12. No blame was attached by anyone.
  13. With a suppressor tube attached.
  14. He had grown quite attached to.
  15. We both were attached for years.
  16. He ploughs with a loop attached.
  17. Louis had been attached the ship.
  18. I’m rather attached to them.
  19. This one is attached to drug now.
  20. And there's a pump attached to it.
  21. The irony was that I attached my.
  22. But there are strings attached.
  23. A mother is attached to her child.
  24. Once attached, the result should.
  25. She was always very attached to me.
  26. Felt attached to the physical body.
  27. A new ID is attached to the bottom.
  28. He attached himself to the French.
  29. You seem pretty attached to your.
  30. The photo is attached to this blog.
  31. The stick has a rope attached to it.
  32. No strings attached, Garcia said.
  33. He was also deeply attached to his.
  34. Our motto is ‘No Strings Attached.
  35. Delos attached that to the log entry.
  36. Our motto is No Strings Attached.
  37. His doctor’s satchel attached to.
  38. He still had the handcuffs attached.
  39. Woodcock with earth attached to leg.
  40. She nodded, but stayed attached to me.
  41. You have two legs with feet attached.
  42. You see, I am attached to this place.
  43. The other two attached simultaneously.
  44. How strange it is, one grows attached.
  45. With a disclaimer attached to that.
  46. They are extremely attached to their.
  47. You need not be attached to the non-.
  48. He was really becoming attached to her.
  49. Attached are my address and directions.
  50. Many motels are attached to old hotels.
  51. Lucy was particularly attached to the.
  52. When it stopped, his body was attached.
  53. At first we become attached to Cain.
  54. BLOOM: There is a memory attached to it.
  55. The smaller ones were attached to the.
  56. Humans don't have weapons attached to.
  57. I attached the clearest of the pictures.
  58. The students are very attached to them.
  59. He then attached the flares to his belt.
  60. No, it is not even attached to a wire.
  61. But I was attached to my rep as a Zen guy.
  62. Turns out my audio had video attached.
  63. I see the light attached to the head car.
  64. The Thank You has nothing attached to it.
  65. The natatorium was attached to it behind.
  66. The word ORE has Economics attached to it.
  67. A small bomb attached to the terrorists.
  68. Once the canvas was attached around the.
  69. While there a hydraulic arm attached to.
  70. He attached the reins, then turned to me.
  71. There’s an awful stigma attached to it.
  72. Bael’s head, no longer attached to.
  73. He felt inexplicably attached to the girl.
  74. A wooden square with a rope attached to it.
  75. A note was attached and it was in English.
  76. Each pouch was attached to a Fairies belt.
  77. Attached to the sport, were both his lips.
  78. We all enter this world with ego attached.
  79. In our universe, we all have ego attached.
  80. The air lines are attached to an air pump.
  81. The tag is still attached to his new shirt.
  82. They had no slings attached to them either.
  83. Attached to your copy of the contract are.
  84. Neither address nor date is attached to it.
  85. Everything you see attached to the curved.
  86. Cuauhtzin remained attached to my shoulder.
  87. A hose was attached to a giant keg of beer.
  88. The sailor pulled on the rope attached to.
  89. Keratan sulfate I is attached to asparagine.
  90. After it has been attached to the fish for.
  91. It seems to have attached itself to a virus.
  92. I could not get attached to any other woman.
  93. Attached to the ring was a small flashlight.
  94. Attached to the message was a little package.
  95. Canines have weapons attached to their bodies.
  96. There was a banner attached to the flag pole.
  97. Attached by a cable dangled a tank holding 7.
  98. The children had got attached to the family.
  99. Normally, the airlock is attached to the Hab.
  100. It could also be used in attached greenhouses.
  1. It attaches to the rover’s airlock.
  2. The mecha attaches the cockpit as its head.
  3. He sets the slack and attaches the other.
  4. The smoke attaches itself to negative energy.
  5. It attaches only to the main body of the rifle.
  6. Epididymis is a tiny tube which attaches to the testicle.
  7. He attaches both the card and the picture to his locker.
  8. No special investment quality attaches to guaranteed issues as such.
  9. You loose hope, you loose everything because hope attaches to future.
  10. Foreign attaches were amazed to find officers faring the same as their men.
  11. There are many hose end sprayers that you can use that attaches to the hose.
  12. He then attaches a wire to the electrode and switches on the heart monitor.
  13. Thoughtfully he attaches his bag with rope to one shoulder and a bow to the other.
  14. Barnacle: small marine animal that attaches to the sides and bottoms of hulls and piers.
  15. It extracts the mutations of the Enma it attaches to, and if I will it, takes their life.
  16. The Standing and Irish are a short strap that attaches to the reins on either end with rings.
  17. It's the size of my laptop but much thinner and attaches to it with a USB cable, without a power cord.
  18. The smoke emitted from the burning attaches itself to the negative energy and moves it to another space.
  19. He grabs the piece for his forearm and attaches it best he can, without the anchor of the upper section.
  20. What amount of blame attaches to Napoleon for the loss of this battle? Is the shipwreck due to the pilot?
  21. They imagine that particles peel off momentum, and that the momentum moves from one particle and attaches.
  22. It is clear that considerable weight attaches to the working-capital exhibit in selecting speculative bonds.
  23. The launcher comes in two varieties, one that attaches under your rifle and another that is a stand-alone weapon.
  24. Every document that you create and every cookie that attaches itself to your browser is stored on your hard drive.
  25. I was happy having no strings attaches relationships with women; I was content living my happy bachelor life alone.
  26. The launcher comes in two varieties, one that attaches under your rifle and another that is a stand-alone weapon.
  27. The legs of the injured are not equal, so also is the parable in the mouth of fools; like he who attaches the stone inside the.
  28. The mystery of human motivation looms as a big, central question, I said, particularly when so much consequence attaches to what he did.
  29. Generally speaking, there are two types, one that attaches to the barrel of the weapon and another that’s integrated with the barrel itself.
  30. In addition to emphasizing strongly the current showing of a company, the stock market attaches great weight to the indicated trend of earnings.
  31. The example shown in the preceding screenshot attaches a set VHD to the system from a predefined location and gets the volumes associated with it.
  32. The unit produces a small, but very strong local field of gravity which attaches it to the object you wish to move, so they won't become separated.
  33. For example, if one desires to become a medical doctor, one attaches their Hope to that desire by affirming every day that they will become a doctor.
  34. In this passage no particularsignificance attaches to the names mentioned other than that theirhostility to Olivares was the cause of their removal.
  35. Additional interest attaches to these inscriptions owing to the fact that some of the characters are identical with those discovered on the Yenissei.
  36. As an example there might be mental energy that operates within the mental field and when this energy attaches, it feeds from a person’s mental thoughts.
  37. Neural binding attaches positive and negative reactions to images and ideas orbiting these attractors, thus making the latter triggers and the former conditionals.
  38. What can promote innocent mirth, and I may say virtue, more than a good riddle?—it hinders profane language, and attaches a man to the society of refined females.
  39. Moreover, in the railroad, public-utility, and municipal groups, no practical advantage attaches to the very largest units as compared with those of medium magnitude.
  40. The circumstance is that not infrequently luck attaches itself to, say, the red, and does not leave it for a space of say, ten, or even fifteen, rounds in succession.
  41. But it is not requisite to institute any association, because the man who labors, naturally and of himself, attaches himself to the existing association of laboring men.
  42. He attaches self-adhesive electrodes to Leona's chest wall, one at the base and one at the apex of her heart, powers up the on board defibrillator and runs an analysis of her condition.
  43. But in the first place, Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch attaches no sort of significance to the matter himself, and, besides, there are incidents of which it is difficult for a man to make up his mind to give an explanation himself.
  44. But in our chapter on comparative analysis we have alluded to the particular responsibility that attaches to the recommendation of security exchanges, and we have warned against an overready acceptance of a purely quantitative superiority.
  45. Junk activities produce pleasure which attaches itself to our need for connectedness, thus creating a sense of kinnectedness, but it does not create deeper, more profound intimacy or produce the vulnerability that flesh to flesh revelation does.
  46. Then on the other hand when anger attaches itself to a man in regard to any matter and he is embittered then grief enters into the heart of the man who was irritated and he is grieved at the deed which he did and repents that he has wrought a wicked deed.
  47. He caused them to recall what Jesus had taught them on former occasions, and before Jesus resumed speaking, Andrew arose, saying: I am persuaded that Thomas is right, and I would like to have him tell us what meaning he attaches to the parable of the sower.
  48. But I will tell thee why with good reason dishonour attaches to the husband of the unchaste wife, though he know not that she is so, nor be to blame, nor have done anything, or given any provocation to make her so; and be not weary with listening to me, for it will be for thy good.
  49. One needs but to take into consideration the important part which all religions, and especially Christianity, have played in the life of man, and the significance which science attaches to them, to see at once how impossible it would be to obtain any just apprehension of Christian doctrine through these conceptions.
  50. Why does Prince Andrew, who sees this, say nothing to me about his sister? Does he think me a scoundrel, or an old fool who, without any reason, keeps his own daughter at a distance and attaches this Frenchwoman to himself? He doesn’t understand, so I must explain it, and he must hear me out, thought the old prince.
  51. At length, when the little Creature attaches its tiny determin’d Mouth to our waiting Breast, we are wholly won o’er; and Mother and Babe become once more one Being, breathing in Tune with the Great Breath of the Universe, sucking the Sweetness at the Core of Life, with a Mouth whose Motions are not learnt but quite inborn, and strong as the Pulse of Nature itself.
  52. It will be argued, perhaps, that common-stock investments such as we have been discussing may properly be made at a considerably higher price than would be justified in the case of a private business, first, because of the great advantage of marketability that attaches to listed stocks and, second, because the large size and financial power of publicly owned companies make them inherently more attractive than any private enterprise could be.

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