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Frasi con interchange (in inglese)

  1. This interchange went on for minutes.
  2. Sarah Goldberg remained silent throughout this interchange.
  3. Lydgate noticed a peculiar interchange of glances when he and.
  4. But, looking up at his face in the interchange of the first few.
  5. Such interchange of pupils among the Masters, for special and temporary.

  6. It was the interchange of ideas about her that made her sensitiveness wince.
  7. There is a process of practical interchange between an inexhaustibly messy.
  8. It was basically just seats at the bus interchange outside a video game arcade.
  9. David observed the expressions on the two women and recognized the interchange.
  10. Krista watched the interchange between the man and the girl and relaxed inwardly.
  11. The interchange with the customs takes place in Spanish and goes completely over my head.
  12. Nearing the interchange, he spied a long, black limo pass beneath the freeway, having just exited.
  13. Wade said, when, the preliminary interchange of courtesies over, the three were comfortably seated.
  14. The point of human-computer communication—the interface—defines the quality and efficiency of the interchange.
  15. The happiest conversation is the one where there is no competition, no vanity, but a calm quite interchange of sentiments.

  16. And this interchange of strength for weakness, courage for fear, the will of God for the mind of self, constitutes worship.
  17. Cruncher's eyes seemed to get a little closer to one another, and to interchange the inquiry, "What do you think of this?".
  18. Samantha wanted to hit the road, to hurry back toward Abingdon where she had noticed several chain motels at the interchange.
  19. If by day they chanced to speak one word; by night, dumb men were both, so far as concerned the slightest verbal interchange.
  20. The ideal system would provide real-time video, voice, an electronic whiteboard, and text interchange with every member of the group.
  21. A new kingdom of expression came into being, and the three highest planes and the three lower were brought into a scintillating interchange.
  22. If I use the sixth stroke and interchange it with the seventh stroke of Ascending Cloud Breaker, it not difficult to break her stance.
  23. They shouted at one another for some time, and I thought the quarrel would finish like so many others of the same kind, by simple interchange of abuse.
  24. Evaporation, which is nil in the High Arctic regions and very active in equatorial zones, brings about a constant interchange of tropical and polar waters.
  25. This because there are the communication facility and interchange, because they speak the same language independently in which continental regions are located.

  26. Suzy almost wets herself when she sees the policemen at the front gate, watching the interchange between the policeman and the medic Suzy tries to calm herself.
  27. Flynn had seen the interchange with the giant occur and now he turned Polly’s wheel over sharply to line her up with the fast approaching swimmer in the water.
  28. Luckily, the whole interchange had the effect of making the camera-watching guard avert his eyes and return his attention to the celebrity magazine on his tablet.
  29. This third interchange of the Christian name was completed at the moment when Madame Defarge put her toothpick by, kept her eyebrows up, and slightly rustled in her seat.
  30. This comes out in the questions which They addressed to Him on one occasion when They met "under the eye of the Lord" to interchange Their plans for united, divine, harmonious action.
  31. We now know all we need to know to calculate the conditional probability P(T|B) for our conditional probability relation can be rewritten to interchange the roles of the two outcomes, giving.
  32. There is a company-wide collaborative system in place, for example, that provides an electronic whiteboard and text interchange to support virtual, impromptu meetings for communities of practice.
  33. When this interchange of Christian name was effected, Madame Defarge, picking her teeth with her toothpick, coughed another grain of cough, and raised her eyebrows by the breadth of another line.
  34. Shall I respect man when he condemns me? Let him live with me in the interchange of kindness, and instead of injury I would bestow every benefit upon him with tears of gratitude at his acceptance.
  35. At this second interchange of the Christian name, Madame Defarge, still using her toothpick with profound composure, coughed another grain of cough, and raised her eyebrows by the breadth of another line.
  36. His spiritual theology was not a hybrid and he did not believe that one could simply interchange religions, but Francis celebrated all that people shared in common and respected what was different from him.
  37. Well, as they were having a little nap, poor things, I would tidy up the kitchen meanwhile, and by the time that was done they would be refreshed and ready for half an hour's agreeable interchange of gossip.
  38. This standard has been adopted by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) for the representation of its date and time data, so those in the pharmaceutical industry are particularly familiar with it.
  39. It was Dairyman Crick's rule to insist on breaking down these partialities and aversions by constant interchange, since otherwise, in the event of a milkman or maid going away from the dairy, he was placed in a difficulty.
  40. The old buildings on the site were demolished and at the same time London Underground was building an extension to the Jubilee line that included a new interchange station at Westminster station which occupied the same area.
  41. There was a frequent interchange of visits between her and the Farebrother family, which enabled her to say that she was not at all lonely at the Manor, and to resist for the present the severe prescription of a lady companion.
  42. Three or four minutes passed by, while Velchaninoff heard the rapid interchange of whispers going on, and an occasional rather louder sound of Liza's voice, apparently entreating her father to leave her alone—so Velchaninoff concluded.
  43. The great extension of means of communication and interchange of ideas has made men completely able to dispense with state aid in forming societies, associations, corporations, and congresses for scientific, economic, and political objects.
  44. In after years, whether he had forgotten this interchange of presents, which ought to have cemented our friendship, or whether he did not recollect me, he sought to take me, but, on the contrary, it was I who captured him and a dozen of his band.
  45. A message from the Senate informed the House that the Senate have resolved that two Chaplains, of different denominations, be appointed to Congress for the present session, who shall interchange weekly; to which they desire the concurrence of the House.
  46. If there was a time when people were so disunited, when they had so little means of communication and interchange of ideas, that they could not co-operate and agree together in any common action in commerce, economics, or education without the state as a center, this want of common action exists no longer.
  47. If there ever was a time when men had so little international communication, and were so unused to intercourse or interchange of thought that they could not come to an agreement on matters of general interest—commercial, industrial, or economical—without the assistance of the State, such is not the case at present.
  48. It is with a nation as with an individual, if he exchange luxuries for luxuries, or superfluities, such as ribands for ribands, which he consumes, he adds nothing to his wealth; but if he exchange his luxuries, or his ribands, for bread, or for such materials as give scope to his industry, he is then benefited, and enriched by the interchange.
  49. Lydgate found it more and more agreeable to be with her, and there was no constraint now, there was a delightful interchange of influence in their eyes, and what they said had that superfluity of meaning for them, which is observable with some sense of flatness by a third person; still they had no interviews or asides from which a third person need have been excluded.
  50. Life, sap, heat, odors overflowed; one was conscious, beneath creation, of the enormous size of the source; in all these breaths permeated with love, in this interchange of reverberations and reflections, in this marvellous expenditure of rays, in this infinite outpouring of liquid gold, one felt the prodigality of the inexhaustible; and, behind this splendor as behind a curtain of flame, one caught a glimpse of God, that millionaire of stars.
  51. Among the several States commercial intercourse is great, and daily increasing; the constant traffic which the different portions of the country maintain with one another, will give facility to the operations of the Government, and obviate the obstacles which are anticipated; the very commerce which enables the Treasury to remit with ease immense sums to every part of Europe is the result of this interchange among the States, and insures equal facility at home.
  52. But when the cobbler or any other man whom nature designed to be a trader, having his heart lifted up by wealth or strength or the number of his followers, or any like advantage, attempts to force his way into the class of warriors, or a warrior into that of legislators and guardians, for which he is unfitted, and either to take the implements or the duties of the other; or when one man is trader, legislator, and warrior all in one, then I think you will agree with me in saying that this interchange and this meddling of one with another is the ruin of the State.
  53. Lydgate did not mean to be one of those failures, and there was the better hope of him because his scientific interest soon took the form of a professional enthusiasm: he had a youthful belief in his bread-winning work, not to be stifled by that initiation in makeshift called his 'prentice days; and he carried to his studies in London, Edinburgh, and Paris, the conviction that the medical profession as it might be was the finest in the world; presenting the most perfect interchange between science and art; offering the most direct alliance between intellectual conquest and the social good.
  54. There were riding parties about the environs; excursions to the forest or the river; picnics, dinners in the open air; suppers on the great terrace of the house, bordered with three rows of gorgeous flowers that flooded with their fragrance the fresh night air, and illuminated the brilliant lights which made our ladies, who were almost every one of them pretty at all times, seem still more charming, with their faces excited by the impressions of the day, with their sparkling eyes, with their interchange of spritely conversation, their peals of ringing laughter; dancing, music, singing; if the sky were overcast tableaux vivants, charades, proverbs were arranged, private theatricals were got up.
  55. Those who possess large estates and large capital, or who receive high salaries collected from the needy working-classes, from the people who often lack the necessaries of life; merchants, clerks, doctors, lawyers, artists, scientists, writers, coachmen, cooks, and valets, who earn their living in the service of rich men,—fondly believe that the privileges which they enjoy are not the outcome of violence, but the natural result of a voluntary interchange of services; that these privileges are by no means the result of the outrages and floggings endured by their fellow-men, such as took place last summer, in Russia, in Orel and elsewhere, as the like took place in many parts of Europe and America.
  56. If two strangers crossing the Pine Barrens in New York State, or the equally desolate Salisbury Plain in England; if casually encountering each other in such inhospitable wilds, these twain, for the life of them, cannot well avoid a mutual salutation; and stopping for a moment to interchange the news; and, perhaps, sitting down for a while and resting in concert: then, how much more natural that upon the illimitable Pine Barrens and Salisbury Plains of the sea, two whaling vessels descrying each other at the ends of the earth—off lone Fanning's Island, or the far away King's Mills; how much more natural, I say, that under such circumstances these ships should not only interchange hails, but come into still closer, more friendly and sociable contact.
  57. The frightful 18th of June lives again; the false monumental hillock disappears, the lion vanishes in air, the battle-field resumes its reality, lines of infantry undulate over the plain, furious gallops traverse the horizon; the frightened dreamer beholds the flash of sabres, the gleam of bayonets, the flare of bombs, the tremendous interchange of thunders; he hears, as it were, the death rattle in the depths of a tomb, the vague clamor of the battle phantom; those shadows are grenadiers, those lights are cuirassiers; that skeleton Napoleon, that other skeleton is Wellington; all this no longer exists, and yet it clashes together and combats still; and the ravines are empurpled, and the trees quiver, and there is fury even in the clouds and in the shadows; all those terrible heights, Hougomont, Mont-SaintJean, Frischemont, Papelotte, Plancenoit, appear confusedly crowned with whirlwinds of spectres engaged in exterminating each other.
  58. Yet again, Kara felt the impact of the massive divide between her culture and that of Earth – something the exploration of the seaside resort had highlighted; the sheer volume of … words failed her … stuff that was on sale in the shops … most of it completely superfluous … badly made, cheap (in every meaning of the word) ornaments of no practical use whatsoever and precious little artistic merit, deliberately manufactured to clutter up somebody’s home … and then there was the food and drink on offer! Everywhere she’d looked there had been foodstuffs on sale and people eating … battered fish, hot savoury smelling sausages, the tart scent of vinegar on chips fresh from the fryers … and ices of every conceivable flavour … and those unbelievable sweets in all shapes and sizes … and, according to Iain, this particular seaside resort was a relatively small one … by the time Iain turned off the motorway at the Taunton interchange, she had concluded that although it had been fun visiting, really, when it came down to it, she preferred her own world.
  59. At least there’d be some human interchange,.
  1. The most bewitching? and belonging to this place? Who can it be? cried the ladies, interchanging looks and signs.
  2. He’d turned the small hot spring pool into a veritable spa with underwater benches and interchanging shallow and deeper areas.
  3. There wasn’t any segregation or preference in the dance, all species, raizean, rapturan, largaph, yautgan and lazhinian danced with each other, interchanging between species as the song changed.
  4. A human being in this aged nation of ours is a very wonderful whole, the slow creation of long interchanging influences: and charm is a result of two such wholes, the one loving and the one loved.
  1. I derived that, from the look they interchanged.
  2. They interchanged expressions and acts of civility.
  3. Caderousse and his wife again interchanged a meaning look.
  4. We interchanged that confidence without shaping a syllable.
  5. Potentially more comments on the cherry moulds that interchanged with mahogany.
  6. Newsletters are sent out using a Listserver so the terms are sometimes interchanged.
  7. All present interchanged glances, but at last the old dignitary burst out laughing frankly.
  8. When countries negotiate, one talks while the other listens and then the roles are interchanged.
  9. So they soon forgot their pride and interchanged kindnesses without stopping to think which was the greater.
  10. The usual messages were interchanged with the Senate on the subject of their being formed and ready to proceed to business.
  11. At this critical moment a scanning beam recorded every atom of the crew members into a quantum computer (interchanged with the processing in over a trillion parallel dimensions).
  12. Tess's face and neck reflected the same warmth, which each gem turned into an Aldebaran or a Sirius—a constellation of white, red, and green flashes, that interchanged their hues with her every pulsation.
  13. In the United States, corn and soybeans are grown in similar locations during similar growing seasons and often can be interchanged for one another when farmers are deciding on how many acres of each to plant.
  14. I have a certain claim to at least an elementary knowledge of psychology, and in this matter I am convinced--as firmly as I am convinced of anything--that the Martians interchanged thoughts without any physical intermediation.
  15. Another person, who had not joined the group, or interchanged a word with any one of them, but who had been leaning against the wall where its shadow was darkest, had silently strolled out after the rest, and had looked on until the coach drove away.
  16. Rochester turn to Miss Ingram, and Miss Ingram to him; I see her incline her head towards him, till the jetty curls almost touch his shoulder and wave against his cheek; I hear their mutual whisperings; I recall their interchanged glances; and something even.
  17. The very fact of his proximity to Porphyrius, with whom he had scarcely as yet interchanged a word, had immeasurably increased his mistrust; he marked this in a moment, and concluded that such a mood was an exceedingly dangerous one, inasmuch as his agitation, his nervous irritation, would only increase.
  18. I have scarcely interchanged a syllable with one of them; and as to thinking well of them, I consider some respectable, and stately, and middle-aged, and others young, dashing, handsome, and lively: but certainly they are all at liberty to be the recipients of whose smiles they please, without my feeling disposed to consider the transaction of any moment to me.
  19. The two, the past and present, have interchanged,.
  1. The false interchanges of.
  2. What interchanges of looks took place between these three objects and Bloom?
  3. There were a few things I was attempting, with varying degrees of ham-handedness, to achieve in these interchanges.
  4. By words man interchanges thoughts, by the forms of art he interchanges feelings, and this with all men, not only of the present time, but also of the past and the future.
  5. In an interview with SAnews, Kwanele Ncalane, spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Transport, confirmed that an agreement had been reached by all parties involved regarding the funding of the future interchanges.
  6. Only insanity could have inspired the squandering of beautiful land on millions of acres of multilane highways, overpasses, gigantic interchanges, vast parking spaces for huge restaurants and service areas, with no thought for the obvious consequences.
  7. By the time he reached the mainland, the sun would be slipping down the sky, beckoning him past four-in-hand interchanges and the numberless gas stations of Jersey to where the earth broadened and softened and it was okay to eat when you were hungry, fuck when you were horny, rest when your loafers started to pinch.

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