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Frasi con switch (in inglese)

  1. To it by a switch.
  2. And he hit the switch.
  3. A switch of the hand.
  4. To turn off the switch.
  5. We switch on the caller.

  6. One good switch is with.
  7. Try and switch it around.
  8. Snap off the master switch.
  9. I had Josh switch to them.
  10. I flipped the switch and.
  11. The woman took the switch.
  12. And the switch is flipped.
  13. They can then switch the.
  14. That is the Switch Pattern.
  15. Uh, is this the ON switch?

  16. Five strokes of the switch.
  17. He flipped the switch again.
  18. We could switch them off.
  19. Switch us on, switch us off.
  20. Switch off the lights, Mrs.
  21. A brain with no off switch.
  22. Switch off the heat source.
  23. He clicked the switch, but.
  24. I didn’t switch it off.
  25. The captain threw the switch.

  26. How did we switch places?
  27. I sold the PBX switch, the.
  28. I guess I bumped the switch.
  29. There was no reverse switch.
  30. He decided to switch tactics.
  31. While switch S2 is used for.
  32. Toggle the switch to receive.
  33. I reached to switch off the.
  34. I switch the video feed again.
  35. Time to switch over, ladies.
  36. Kandras touched a switch and.
  37. The switch lay in its Off bed.
  38. I can’t just flick a switch.
  39. No one likes a bait and switch.
  40. I switch off the bedside light.
  41. Step 2: Switch the Computer Off.
  42. The switch statement is a multi.
  43. He took his hand off the switch.
  44. Johnny's hand lay on the switch.
  45. Ah, here…he flipped the switch.
  46. He thumbed the switch and felt.
  47. He hoped to find a light switch.
  48. He flipped the engine-on switch.
  49. And then, she pulled the switch.
  50. Can you find a light switch?
  51. Does it switch its hips as lady-.
  52. Can I switch back and forth?’.
  53. To switch to the Advanced mode:.
  54. We can switch off the heater now.
  55. Now switch to your sense of smell.
  56. You can’t just flick a switch.
  57. She placed her thumb on the switch.
  58. I can probably switch it out for.
  59. Attack, switch sides and counter-.
  60. John Meredith threw down the switch.
  61. Oh… shouty capitals! I switch off.
  62. She walks over and flips the switch.
  63. The switch was to take place at St.
  64. Have you operated this switch?
  65. I wasn’t going to switch it on.
  66. Batistuta heard the hum switch in.
  67. You think it’s too late to switch.
  68. Christian flicks yet another switch.
  69. When I flipped the switch, nothing.
  70. Switch it off by unchecking the box.
  71. Switch to the real, wild-caught fish.
  72. Whilst I have not touched the switch.
  73. His hand was still on the wall switch.
  74. Josh pressed the roof switch on his.
  75. What’s this switch? he cried.
  76. Soon it would reach the power switch.
  77. She flipped a switch on the computer.
  78. This switch would not affect history.
  79. All three cars switch go radio silent.
  80. Have we convinced you to switch yet?
  81. Is there a light switch? I asked.
  82. Always switch off the TV when you eat.
  83. Not unless I turn the switch further.
  84. Puller swiped the switch with his hand.
  85. There is no switch statement in Python.
  86. Something flipped that switch for you.
  87. I switch the video feed and find Lucas.
  88. She flipped a light switch on the wall.
  89. Drive in front of him and switch it ON.
  90. Try resetting the switch, STARBLAZER.
  91. Sorry for the bait and switch, Maurice.
  92. Just let me switch the calls to county.
  93. In time you will have to switch to dogs.
  94. Just inside the door was a light switch.
  95. All they have to do is throw the switch.
  96. Bonds actually switch three weeks early.
  97. He patted the wall, looking for a switch.
  98. There was a master switch for the lights.
  99. He hit the switch down and back up again.
  100. A moment later, they found another switch.
  1. Try switching it on now.
  2. Switching his computer to MS.
  3. I’ve been switching sides for five.
  4. Switching roles between the God and human.
  5. He’s switching direction all the time.
  6. Ever thought about switching sides?
  7. We recommend switching off and ignoring it.
  8. Jason had been switching labels as he spoke.
  9. Plugged in the charger before switching on.
  10. Just think once before switching on the fan.
  11. There was no sense in even switching them on.
  12. And that's when the switch finished switching.
  13. She’s switching me to a chemistry schedule.
  14. Furthermore, the frictional cost of switching.
  15. It's probably a switching mechanism of some kind.
  16. How do you feel about switching vehicles?
  17. Switching off your television can help you avoid.
  18. Stand by, he said, switching to his implant.
  19. They were switching off the lights, almost out the.
  20. Hopefully you can see that by switching to a plant.
  21. Each did one day a week, switching days now and then.
  22. Switching Roles: The Long-Time Attorney Becomes The.
  23. He responded to her switching from English to Hebrew.
  24. This circuit is very useful in switching on/off a fan.
  25. Despite this innovative hack, switching from mode to.
  26. Switching off the alarm he started packing up the room.
  27. Stir well before switching the stove on to medium heat.
  28. The worst moment was, when I was finally switching on.
  29. Or, you could do the eggbeater checked, just switching.
  30. Changing the air filter and switching to cotton sheets.
  31. Switching the laptop off in a temper, I clamber into bed.
  32. Assholes! swore Biggs, switching off the television.
  33. Wexler trained as a lawyer before switching to psychology.
  34. It usually only required switching on and off again anyway.
  35. Switching it on, he typed ‘Noah Beerhouse’ into Google.
  36. Using the language class – switching languages on the go.
  37. That sports shirt, said Maguire switching the subject.
  38. Hurd quickly jabbed the button switching to the next screen.
  39. Principles and Problems of Systematic Supervision; Switching.
  40. Using the language class – switching a language on the fly.
  41. So what are you thinking of switching to? Your thesis?
  42. He lay still in the corner, and his tail had ceased switching.
  43. Switching on his most endearing smile he headed straight for.
  44. Switching off the lights, he left the room and closed the door.
  45. Allow everything to simmer while switching the stove to low heat.
  46. Switching to her lyre, she played a Celtic tune, singing in 222.
  47. One could see through the dust only the horse switching her tail.
  48. Switching from vinyl to CDs had nothing to do with sound quality.
  49. Switching it on, she saw the face of one of her sensors operators.
  50. He orchestrated Clegg’s death, the switching of the identities.
  51. Down below, a switching yard presents a wilderness of train tracks.
  52. In this arrangement, the organization does all of its own switching.
  53. These switching methods are not necessarily exclusive of each other.
  54. Fauxgan looked at Sake and winked, switching the eyeLink to his iCam.
  55. Crumley switched on the TV and began switching through the channels.
  56. It had the suddenness and completeness of the switching off of light.
  57. Figure 4-18 Matrix switching uses a grid of input and output circuits.
  58. Hence the switching of positions, Bismarck did not wish to lead blind.
  59. She was pissed that Ash was supposedly considering switching alliances.
  60. So what’s to stop the child switching it on again? asked Rupert.
  61. Switching to yet another line of thought Samara said, None of those.
  62. That is, matter as we know it is switching on an off for equal periods.
  63. What must I do? I asked, as he stood up switching his monitor on.
  64. What now? He said with annoyance while switching his videophone on.
  65. Carry out all electrical works after switching off the electrical supply.
  66. Jack faced the leading robot while switching his weapon to the stun mode.
  67. It was just a matter of switching off and going with the flow, as it were.
  68. Uncle Hobart pointed the remote control at the television, switching it off.
  69. Switching then her attention to Brother Erigène, Ann smiled amiably to him.
  70. Another possible state is switching from one FM/AM radio station to another.
  71. Quickly switching on the lamp by his bed, He saw the source of all the noise.
  72. By switching to a third publisher, he hoped to get the entire 1,000 in print.
  73. Switching the light on, she read for an hour until disturbed by the expected.
  74. Some women find that switching soap and detergent can help curb such problems.
  75. Donald Davies, A Historical Study of the Beginnings of Packet Switching.
  76. This is KRAP, he began again, switching on the microphone, the voice.
  77. The hours went by, I had another scotch and soda, before switching to soda pop.
  78. Because of the additional processing involved, routing is slower than switching.
  79. But that would mean switching mounts, and I would not condemn my poor ride.
  80. He drew back and looked at me, his eyes switching back and forth across my face.
  81. By switching ON the hazard light, the driver reserves the right to park exactly.
  82. The vet, switching quickly from hypodermic to stethoscope, eventually announced.
  83. And that has many mining companies switching to the new it metal: platinum.
  84. In this situation the turbine owners receive compensation for switching them off.
  85. House alarms were blaring out and lights were switching on one by one in the road.
  86. After switching off the game, Grant walked over to his computer desk and sat down.
  87. Reinforce your VLAN and switching theory knowledge with this case study from Chris.
  88. The M9 is a pistol, one that the military kept switching in and out with the Glock.
  89. You sure? he asked, switching instantly to a stern and serious look, as if he.
  90. Switching attention and resolving interference: fMRI measures of executive functions.
  91. Switching to green tea is a great idea and it wil help you in our quest to getting.
  92. On the other hand, by switching to the economy mode, people with dead souls.
  93. Switching to my broadcaster, I said, You heard the deal – my friends and I go free.
  94. It was like pressing a button, she thought, to think of Job; like switching on light.
  95. He took her hand and gently squeezed it, switching to Russian and continued in a low.
  96. Either that, or they’re switching transportation, Carroll had another thought.
  97. We’re here, he smiled, switching off the engine and releasing the door locks.
  98. He swayed back and forth, switching the knife from hand to hand, eyes glued on Thomas.
  99. Switching the kettle on she returns to the sink and washes her face in the cool water.
  100. Indiana‘s late heroics, however, was reason enough for switching his vote to Nebraska.
  1. I switched off the TV.
  2. I switched on the TV.
  3. She switched to a leg.
  4. I switched gears a bit.
  5. She switched off the TV.
  6. I switched off the tube.
  7. She switched on the TV.
  8. He switched it on and.
  9. I switched on the light.
  10. He switched on the light.
  11. Then the TV switched off.
  12. I switched on the lights.
  13. He switched off the light.
  14. I sighed and switched to.
  15. She switched on the light.
  16. He switched off the power.
  17. And switched off the light.
  18. He switched the button on.
  19. But if he switched to his.
  20. Ali switched on the phone.
  21. I switched hands with the.
  22. He switched on the machine.
  23. Then he switched on the UPS.
  24. Reynolds switched on a light.
  25. He switched on and unpacked.
  26. Uncle switched the stereo on.
  27. They had switched to Scotch.
  28. The TV video switched to a.
  29. He switched the Fog Horn off.
  30. He thus switched on his 148.
  31. Smith switched the phone off.
  32. By that time I had switched.
  33. Proud switched off the engine.
  34. Friedman switched on the radio.
  35. I switched chips with him.
  36. He always kept it switched off.
  37. Like he’d been switched off.
  38. She switched to the other ear.
  39. He switched the television on.
  40. He switched on his suit radio.
  41. Fred had switched the engine on.
  42. Redleigh switched off the chart.
  43. Her TV was always switched off.
  44. Max switched out his dive light.
  45. Chang switched on her cell phone.
  46. He also switched to Kassidorian.
  47. We switched on the terrace bulb.
  48. He switched the lights off and.
  49. Caramarin switched off the radio.
  50. Williams switched to his pistol.
  51. I had switched places with Cliff.
  52. I switched on to other song for.
  53. Ben switched over to water colors.
  54. We switched off the lights at 10.
  55. Someone had switched out the bag.
  56. Saddlebrook switched on the radio.
  57. Ill keep the mobile switched on.
  58. And he hadn't switched a light on.
  59. The machine was still switched on.
  60. The operator switched the power on.
  61. In a flash, Samantha switched teams.
  62. I switched sides to sit next to him.
  63. He switched on the 6:00 local news.
  64. I suspect she was switched at birth.
  65. I texted then switched my phone off.
  66. We stopped, switched our lights off.
  67. Midge nodded and switched on the UPS.
  68. So, I switched to OpenOffice which.
  69. The Captain switched on the com-link.
  70. Sir Richard switched on the UV lamp.
  71. Quickly he switched off the machine.
  72. Then the man switched back to chatty.
  73. Then she switched off the cell phone.
  74. I switched our food source suppliers.
  75. Hartle switched songs again, quickly.
  76. Then Zem and Bev switched places as.
  77. Munmi switched off the lights in hurry.
  78. He walked over and switched on the TV.
  79. He switched out my pills regularly.
  80. He took out his UPS and switched it on.
  81. During this time, I switched jobs and.
  82. One of them switched on a glaring light.
  83. He switched to the next in the sequence.
  84. He slipped on his headphones, switched.
  85. He switched on a computer and logged in.
  86. He then switched his attention to Helez.
  87. Either one cup was switched, or one.
  88. I switched it out and went back to Bubba.
  89. He left the overhead light switched off.
  90. His attention had switched to my Jaguar.
  91. Then everything switched back to normal.
  92. Then she switched on the Android lessons.
  93. The other one switched off the television.
  94. They switched to ‘kill,’ she thought.
  95. He switched the ignition off and back on.
  96. He switched from his Harley to his Tahoe.
  97. I switched to my pistol as the others had.
  98. Fred switched on the kettle and emptied.
  99. I switched on my antenna to scan her aura.
  100. Its tail switched angrily among the straw.
  1. No switches to be seen.
  2. But then it switches off.
  3. He switches off the engine.
  4. He switches on a sidelight.
  5. He switches on the MP3 player.
  6. He switches off the pen light.
  7. He switches to another station.
  8. He switches off the Carpenters.
  9. Her face switches from grief to.
  10. Erin pointed to a row of switches.
  11. He switches from Arabic to English.
  12. To his right was a series of switches.
  13. No more switches, keystrokes, or screen.
  14. There were light switches and motorboats.
  15. Berndt immediately switches into Spanish.
  16. Uses include bounce-free latched switches.
  17. Don't touch switches / plugs with wet hands.
  18. At this moment for some minutes switches in.
  19. Young firan cane sprout switches did this.
  20. Zitteraal switches off the light, a look of.
  21. He feathers the tuner, switches bands: nothing.
  22. Don't ignore switches or outlets that don't work.
  23. He walks into the kitchen, switches off the radio.
  24. She flipped switches on the wall, but the sound.
  25. He switches on the sidelight, making me squint again.
  26. Sleep, he commands, then switches off the light.
  27. All the control levers & switches should in operation.
  28. He fiddled with some dials and switches, picked up a.
  29. Its four switches were down and the last round switch.
  30. Music switches between commercial dance tracks and RnB.
  31. All switches should be connected to circuit phase wire.
  32. Actually the attention switches off and on periodically.
  33. The fireman hit the switches, and the pumps came to a halt.
  34. Ilona switched all the toggle switches to the off position.
  35. Iverson switches out the satellite images and replaces it.
  36. Configuring Hyper-V virtual switches and their properties.
  37. One of the other men switches it on to North of Armageddon.
  38. Unks switches places with Margret by holding the door open.
  39. But a soul is outputs, not inputs! Upon death it switches.
  40. The chief hit the switches, and the pumps roared into action.
  41. He switches to a second frequency and repeats the transmission.
  42. Jaden switches to a nanoscanner and sees the ship heading down.
  43. Underneath the display, there are four push-button switches.
  44. England had moved automatically to operate levers and switches.
  45. I nod and glance at Glacia when she switches seats with the pilot.
  46. Insall a switches and plugs at a heights out of reach of children.
  47. He puts his headphones on and continues flipping various switches.
  48. The MACD divergence switches the review from two-sided to the upside.
  49. We’ve intercepted the last shipment of power switches, the Krytrons.
  50. These are two 2950 switches, and they're connected via two crossover.
  51. We have two routers (R2 and R3) along with two switches (SW1 and SW2).
  52. Kandras flicked a few switches and the image on the screen changed and.
  53. All on / off switches of electrical appliances should have easy access.
  54. Figure 4-17 Today, hierarchies of switches replace both hubs and routers.
  55. She started to sway back and forth like the switches of a sapling birch.
  56. Pulling over he switches the engine off and watches his rear view mirror.
  57. When Tony finally switches off the device, some have tears in their eyes.
  58. He uncoils the grounding wires, raises the aerials, and switches them on.
  59. Dozens of gauges, switches, knobs, and dials covered the walls and ceiling.
  60. He started flipping toggle switches and other buttons and I began to relax.
  61. Switches provide a dedicated connection to every device on the ATM network.
  62. He then attaches a wire to the electrode and switches on the heart monitor.
  63. Cisco routers and switches, and that's TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol.
  64. He said, I’m flipping the switches one set of systems at a time so you can.
  65. There were no light switches in the rooms, no electrical outlets of any kind.
  66. Switches implement these functions using one of three hardware configurations.
  67. For these routers to be able to ping each other, the switches must be able to.
  68. The copilot pressed buttons and flipped switches trying to restore the pressure.
  69. Unfortunately I’m no good with electric things like light switches or circuits.
  70. Jaden’s attention span is limited and his vision switches to outside the ship.
  71. The master's arm performed until it was tired and the stock of switches notably.
  72. Jaden switches between different nanoscanners spread out in different directions.
  73. She had pulled down shades, pinched out candles, turned switches, and--grown old.
  74. It had all the right switches and a speed dial that was permanently set at 100 m.
  75. I clambered out of bed then and dashed downstairs clicking light switches on as I.
  76. She had pulled down shades, pinched out candles, turned switches, and—grown old.
  77. There were rows of buttons and switches on the dash and beside the driver’s seat.
  78. Switches that support full-duplex are readily available, as are Fast Ethernet NICs.
  79. He switches on the microphone and says, 567, 32, 3011, 50506, 110, 90, 146, 7751.
  80. The BNN news channel switches to the President of the United States in Washington, D.
  81. Nice huh? She made her way to the sidewall where there was a series of switches.
  82. Of the last four non-cash switches post-2008 crash, two (T-bonds and gold) were losers.
  83. I was busy, too; I was breaking off switches from the nut trees to whip the frogs with.
  84. There are several vendors that sell routers and switches on ebay most of them sell CCNA.
  85. The default mode of these switches is for the ports to run in dynamic desirable trunking.
  86. As the device cools, indicating transmission is complete he switches off the viewing screen.
  87. Virtual machine networks and switches form the core networking component of virtual machines.
  88. It recovers and reevaluates the triggers and switches off all the ones that are not dangerous.
  89. Half the systems weren’t turned on yet, and the kid reached over and began flipping switches.
  90. Felix flicked several switches on the small console and then increased the thrust further still.
  91. Yes, she always has it with her, although she usually switches it off while she’s in class.
  92. It switches itself off if it detects a location beacon; then resets itself a few minutes later.
  93. He switches off the main light, and his voice is now coming from the opposite side of the chair.
  94. Connecting the mask to the oxygen cylinder Bill switches it on and Lewis breathes in gratefully.
  95. Once a signal reaches the POP, it moves through the telephone company’s switches at high speed.
  96. Jaden becomes nervous and switches back to his body on the side of the mountain thirty miles away.
  97. Grabbing the emergency launch checklist with one hand, he flicked switches rapidly with the other.
  98. He switches off the coolant and styrene okay but when it comes to the butadiene it won’t close.
  99. References to ATM systems and devices refer to switches and routers, as well as actual computers.
  100. Then he twisted to reach the light switches on the wall behind and switched off the central bulb.

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