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Frasi con switch (in inglese)

To it by a switch.
A switch of the hand.
And he hit the switch.
To turn off the switch.
We switch on the caller.
One good switch is with.
Try and switch it around.

I had Josh switch to them.
They can then switch the.
And the switch is flipped.
I flipped the switch and.
The woman took the switch.
Snap off the master switch.
Switch off the lights, Mrs.
We could switch them off.
Five strokes of the switch.
Switch off the heat source.
That is the Switch Pattern.
Uh, is this the ON switch?
A brain with no off switch.
He flipped the switch again.
Switch us on, switch us off.
I guess I bumped the switch.
I didn’t switch it off.
He clicked the switch, but.
How did we switch places?
He decided to switch tactics.
The captain threw the switch.
I sold the PBX switch, the.
There was no reverse switch.
I reached to switch off the.
Toggle the switch to receive.
I switch the video feed again.
While switch S2 is used for.
I can’t just flick a switch.
Kandras touched a switch and.
Time to switch over, ladies.
The switch lay in its Off bed.
No one likes a bait and switch.
The switch statement is a multi.
Try switching it on now.
Switching his computer to MS.
I’ve been switching sides for five.
Switching roles between the God and human.
He’s switching direction all the time.
Plugged in the charger before switching on.
Ever thought about switching sides?
Jason had been switching labels as he spoke.
We recommend switching off and ignoring it.
Just think once before switching on the fan.
There was no sense in even switching them on.
And that's when the switch finished switching.
Furthermore, the frictional cost of switching.
She’s switching me to a chemistry schedule.
How do you feel about switching vehicles?
It's probably a switching mechanism of some kind.
Stand by, he said, switching to his implant.
Switching off your television can help you avoid.
They were switching off the lights, almost out the.
Hopefully you can see that by switching to a plant.
He responded to her switching from English to Hebrew.
Each did one day a week, switching days now and then.
Switching Roles: The Long-Time Attorney Becomes The.
Stir well before switching the stove on to medium heat.
Switching off the alarm he started packing up the room.
Despite this innovative hack, switching from mode to.
This circuit is very useful in switching on/off a fan.
Or, you could do the eggbeater checked, just switching.
The worst moment was, when I was finally switching on.
Changing the air filter and switching to cotton sheets.
Assholes! swore Biggs, switching off the television.
Switching the laptop off in a temper, I clamber into bed.
Wexler trained as a lawyer before switching to psychology.
Using the language class – switching languages on the go.
Switching it on, he typed ‘Noah Beerhouse’ into Google.
It usually only required switching on and off again anyway.
That sports shirt, said Maguire switching the subject.
Hurd quickly jabbed the button switching to the next screen.
Principles and Problems of Systematic Supervision; Switching.
Using the language class – switching a language on the fly.
I switched on the TV.
I switched off the TV.
She switched to a leg.
I switched gears a bit.
She switched on the TV.
I switched off the tube.
I switched on the light.
He switched it on and.
She switched off the TV.
He switched on the light.
Then the TV switched off.
I switched on the lights.
I sighed and switched to.
She switched on the light.
He switched off the power.
And switched off the light.
He switched off the light.
But if he switched to his.
He switched the button on.
Ali switched on the phone.
I switched hands with the.
He switched on the machine.
He switched on and unpacked.
Then he switched on the UPS.
He switched the Fog Horn off.
They had switched to Scotch.
Reynolds switched on a light.
The TV video switched to a.
Uncle switched the stereo on.
He thus switched on his 148.
Smith switched the phone off.
Proud switched off the engine.
By that time I had switched.
He always kept it switched off.
Like he’d been switched off.
He switched on his suit radio.
He switched the television on.
She switched to the other ear.
I switched chips with him.
Friedman switched on the radio.
No switches to be seen.
But then it switches off.
He switches off the engine.
He switches on a sidelight.
He switches on the MP3 player.
He switches to another station.
He switches off the pen light.
He switches off the Carpenters.
Erin pointed to a row of switches.
Her face switches from grief to.
He switches from Arabic to English.
To his right was a series of switches.
There were light switches and motorboats.
No more switches, keystrokes, or screen.
Berndt immediately switches into Spanish.
Uses include bounce-free latched switches.
Don't touch switches / plugs with wet hands.
Young firan cane sprout switches did this.
Zitteraal switches off the light, a look of.
At this moment for some minutes switches in.
He feathers the tuner, switches bands: nothing.
He walks into the kitchen, switches off the radio.
Don't ignore switches or outlets that don't work.
She flipped switches on the wall, but the sound.
He switches on the sidelight, making me squint again.
Sleep, he commands, then switches off the light.
All the control levers & switches should in operation.
He fiddled with some dials and switches, picked up a.
Its four switches were down and the last round switch.
Music switches between commercial dance tracks and RnB.
Actually the attention switches off and on periodically.
All switches should be connected to circuit phase wire.
Configuring Hyper-V virtual switches and their properties.
Ilona switched all the toggle switches to the off position.
Iverson switches out the satellite images and replaces it.
The fireman hit the switches, and the pumps came to a halt.
Unks switches places with Margret by holding the door open.
One of the other men switches it on to North of Armageddon.
But a soul is outputs, not inputs! Upon death it switches.
The chief hit the switches, and the pumps roared into action.

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